Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire

The use of red in architecture is a way to bring power, love and vitality to the environment. And in the bedroom it is an inspiring color that leaves the space cheerful and with a special touch for a clean space. Being a strong tone it is necessary to moderate in the use of it, because it can become disharmonious with the rest of the decoration and even cloying.

To use it properly it is recommended that it be applied to items such as rugs, curtains, walls, a furniture, cushions and lamps. They make a perfect match for a neutral room and leave that color as a highlight. And there is no restriction as to the type of the room user, we can see both in children's rooms as couples. It can be applied in various shades: wine, burgundy, magenta, marsala etc. This will depend on the taste and the proposal you want for the room.

Choosing a wall to paint red will be the punctual detail of the room. It's a great idea to choose the bedside wall as it's a way of attracting the eye to anyone who walks into it. Before the final painting is necessary to consult the catalog, because depending on the brand the tonality changes. And preferably choose a lighter shade of the chosen, because the paint with many applied coats tends to darken.

60 decorated red room ideas

A red room is synonymous with warmth and energy and will bring the touch of modernity. Check out the ideas that you can use with this beautiful color in your room:

Picture 1 - Room with red bed set.

image (1)

This room has red details, including striped bedding with red and white. In addition, the garments arranged in the closet also follow the same pattern of color. Checking red as layout highlight.

Picture 2 - Room with bicama and wallpaper with red stripes.

image (2)

For a children's room with a featured look, this design focuses on the white and red stripes, be it on the wallpaper or the bunk bed linen. The cushions complement the composition.

Picture 3 - Female room with red decoration.

image (3)

Forget the walls with the color: you can create a red room with the use of armchairs, fabrics, benches, pictures and other accessories that add color in a white environment. In this proposal, the flowery bedding has the red in evidence, as well as the pillows, the picture on the wall and the armchair.

Picture 4 - Room for child with red bookcase.

image (4)

In this proposal, the set of decorative objects add the red color in the environment. Both the shelf and the desk that follow the red, as well as the rug, the bedding and the shelf at the top of the bed. The wallpaper follows with dashes of color.

Picture 5 - Room with red wall.

image (5)

Change the look of a double room with the color red. This design takes advantage of the neutral colors of the environment, keeping one of the walls highlighted with red. It's the one at the head of the bed.

Picture 6 - Room for woman with red lamps.

image (6)

In this proposal, bed linen and light fixtures positioned at the headboard bring the color as a highlight.

Picture 7 - Baby room with red armchair.

image (7)

Red can even be present in a baby's room: here, the armchair and cushions receive this vibrant color in the decor.

Picture 8 - Room of girl with red pouf.

image 8)

In this girl's bedroom design, the red color is evident in the central pouf, the decorative objects, the blanket of the bed and the cushions.

Picture 9 - Baby room with red and white striped rug.

image (9)

Add a decorative object with the color: in this baby's room, the striped rug has red as a highlight color, besides the mobile that follows the same color.

Image 10 - Room with red nightstand.

image (10)

This romantic room receives the vintage red bedside table, plus the ottoman and details in the bed, such as the cushion and the blanket.

Picture 11 - Double room with wall in red paint.

image (11)

One of the most practical ways to decorate with this color is by choosing a prominent wall to receive the painting. Here, the cushions also have a touch of red stripes.

Picture 12 - Room of child with red decoration.

image (12)

Bet on differentiated bedding to add color to the room. In this children's bedroom design, the red appears in the chess bedding.

Picture 13 - Room with bed base and red bed set.

image (13)

In this design, the white room is highlighted with the set of bed in the red color, in addition to the side poufs that receive the same color.

Picture 14 - Room with industrial style and red mobile.

image (14)

In this room with an industrial style, the red color appears on the furniture and decorative details.

Picture 15 - Room with red lining.

image (15)

In this proposal, red appears on both the wall and the bedroom liner. A different way to present the color in your drawing.

Image 16 - Room with a built-in red niche.

image (16)

On the wall of the headboard of this room, the presence of a niche inlaid with the red color that stands out in the environment. In addition, the cushion in the same color complements the decor.

Picture 17 - Double room with red wall.

image (17)

In this proposal, the red wall is the highlight of this stylish and comfortable room. Note that the shade of red follows the dark tones and the cushion complements the décor.

Picture 18 - Modern room with red decoration.

image (18)

A super cheerful room proposal with red highlighted on the wall. In addition to it, bed linen follows the same proposal with geometric shapes in red and white colors. The luminaire also reinforces the color, as well as the boxes on the white furniture.

Image 19 - Oriental style bedroom with red wallpaper.

image (19)

For fans of oriental decor, how about reinforcing the style with a stylish wallpaper with curved shapes? The bedding complements the decor with the Chinese characters drawn.

Picture 20 - Room for boy with red decoration.

image (20)

It is foolish to think that the color red is only suitable for couples rooms or women's rooms. She may be able to be present in a teenage or boy's room, here, it matches the boy's musical taste.

Picture 21 - Room with red shelf.

image (21)

Not only can the wall be decorated with color, red can be present in decorative and movable objects, as this design demonstrates: here the irregular wooden shelf receives the paint with the color.

Picture 22 - Room with modern red bookcase.

image (22)

Highlight the room with an item that has the color red: in this proposal, the modern bookcase in a room with high ceilings receives the color red.

Picture 23 - Room of child with red bed.

image (23)

In this proposal, the furniture that supports the built-in bed receives the red paint, as well as the bed linen from the mattress of this bed. This is a very vibrant children's room with the combination of yellow on both the walls and the floor carpet.

Picture 24 - Clean room with red wallpaper.

image (24)

It does not take a vibrant red to add color to the décor; in this proposal, the room receives a wallpaper as a cover up at the head of the bed, with softness and yellow strokes.

Picture 25 - Room of girl with background of red niche.

image (25)

Another option is to add the color red in small details of the decoration: in this proposal, the color was applied to the bottom of the shelves above the desk, as well as part of the head of the bed. The room still receives a red carpet and a bedding with color details.

Image 26 - Double room with wood and red decoration.

image (26)

One option always giving in decoration is to match the red with dark wood tones. In this room, carpentry follows this proposal at the head of the bed, frame frames, armchair and other decorative details.

Image 27 - Red and beige room with wardrobe and bed in highlight.

image (27)

In this proposal of boy's room, red is the highlight of the painting of this retro metal bed, in addition, the metal cabinet was reused receiving a vibrant painting in the same color. To counteract with the red, the rest of the decor has sober color tones such as gray, beige wall and demolition brick wall.

Image 28 - Room with red desk.

image (28)

In this room, the wooden furniture is designed to house a small desk that receives the red on the counter, as well as on one of the top shelves. The composition still counts on a beautiful chair of the type Charles Eames.

Picture 29 - Room with red roof.

image (29)

To escape the basics of painting the walls, this proposal uses the color red unusually: on the ceiling! How about using a similar proposal to leave the room with a different look?

Picture 30 - Room with red headboard.

image (30)

In a room with neutral colors such as white, choose some details to add with the color red. In this design, the headboard gets the color, as well as some small pictures.

Image 31 - Room with red desk.

image (31)

In this room design, the combination of red comes with the white in evidence on the bed with stairs. The proposal also follows a London theme with references of the city, such as the phone booth and wallpaper with color details

Picture 32 - Room of boy with red decoration.

image (32)

In this proposal of children's room for boy, the positioning of the decorative objects were thought to balance with the red color, such as the chandelier, the cushions, the armchair striped, the puffs and the rug.

Picture 33 - Double room with red pendant lamps.

image (33)

In this white room, the detail of the red color is subtle: only the lamps have the color of vibrant shape. The cover of the pillows on the bed also contains a print between white and red.

Image 34 - Room with flexible red furniture.

image (34)

A beautiful design that combines functionality and space saving: here the furniture that houses the bed has a sliding panel with shelf that fits the situation and provides privacy.

Picture 35 - Room of child with red bicama.

image (35)

For this children's room, the red stands on the wooden bunk with stairs. To match the color, bedding with shades of navy blue and light blue.

Image 36 - Bedroom with red leather headboard.

image (36)

This white bedroom design features red details on the pillowcases, as well as the wallpaper with stylized typefaces, bedside, curtain and books.

Image 37 - Room with bedside table and red bedside table.

image (37)

In this project, the bedside cabinet was designed in conjunction with the bedside table. The furniture receives the red paint and makes this room much more vibrant.

Picture 38 - Double room with red bed set.

image (38)

Want to add color without too much work? Choose a bedding that follows the color according to this design.

Image 39 - Room with wallpaper in red details.

image (39)

This room has a wallpaper with soft details of red color, with geometric shapes and straight lines. The bed linen also has a blanket, in addition to the design chair that follows the color.

Picture 40 - Room for boys with red bed.

image (40)

This children's room for siblings receives color at the base of the beds, as well as at their bedside in fabric. The rest of the decor uses white as focal point and navy blue accents.

Image 41 - Room with red dividing curtain.

image (41)

In this proposal, in addition to the ceiling that receives the color red, we have a curtain used to block the lighting in the color.

Picture 42 - Room for young people with red roof.

image (42)

Another room option that follows the color red in the ceiling painting, now on a more jovial proposal.

Picture 43 - Room of girl with red chair.

image (43)

In this proposal of room with predominance of the white color, the red appears in small details of the wallpaper, lamp, cushions, shelf and acrylic chair with the color.

Picture 44 - Room for children with red stairs.

image (44)

In a neutral room where gray is predominant, both on walls and bedding, red is used to make the place more vibrant. Here, the stairs, the cushions and the lamp follow the color.

Picture 45 - Room with vintage wallpaper with red detail.

image (45)

How about using a fun wallpaper? Here the red color prevails and the white balls leave the atmosphere relaxed.

Picture 46 - Room of two beds with finishes in red color.

image (46)

In this room with two beds, the red appears on the head of the bed, the lamp and the chair, balanced with the wood and white tones of the desk.

Picture 47 - Room with two beds and red canopy.

image (47)

The canopy is perfect for leaving any bed much more luxurious. Here the woodwork of the beds receives the red paint, as well as its covering in fabric with red and white stripes.

Image 48 - Room with writing desk and red paint.

image (48)

This room has some red details such as the wooden desk, the side niches of the panel near the headboard, the cushions and the wall sticker.

Picture 49 - Double room with red armchair.

image (49)

In addition to the wall of the double bedroom have the red paint, the armchair also follows the same color. An interesting contrast to the neutral colors of the rest of the decor.

Picture 50 - Male room with red paint.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire

In this male bedroom, the wall painting is the focal point with the vibrant red, highlighted by the lighting. To balance the composition, white niches and colorful pictures.

Picture 51 - In this project, the wallpaper is the highlight of the composition.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 1

This wallpaper is the highlight of the room, with ramifications that refer to elements of nature like leaves and flowers. To compose with the red, the brown makes the balance in the lamp, the curtain and the bed linen.

Image 52 - Here the red gets even more vibrant on the wall with the lighting.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 2

This proposal leaves the room even more vibrant with red highlighted on the wall. Combine other colors like white, black, decorative objects and frames.

Picture 53 - Red and white room: use the color on one of the walls of the double room.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 3

To highlight a room with neutral decor, the best option is to use the color on one of the walls of the room. This example focuses on this proposal without leaving the environment visually heavy.

Image 54 - The red color on a wall with textures.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 4

A large room with great focus of white, here, one of the walls with textures received the color red to bring more life to the environment.

Picture 55 - Bet in a darker shade of color to have a sober environment.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 5

For those who do not want a vibrant red in the room, bet on a color tone more towards the brown or even the wine. It does not weigh in the visual and it keeps the environment neutral.

Image 56 - A red pulled to the brown on the bedroom wall.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 6

Picture 57 - Bet on pictures with lighter colors to make the composition.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 7

Image 58 - Vibrant red is the highlight of the wall of the double room.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 8

Picture 59 - Here, the decorative objects balance the composition.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 9

Image 60 - Vibrant red paint on wall with wooden panel.

Red Rooms: 60 decorating projects to inspire 10

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