Prefabricated houses: know the advantages and how they are made

Prefabricated houses are common in Europe and the United States, a type of construction not yet widely used in Brazil. However, the benefits and technology has pleased many professionals in the civil area, bringing an increase in the number of buildings. With this trend taking over the market, it is interesting to learn what the advantages are and how a prefab house works.

What is prefabricated house?

As the name says, the prefabricated house is a method of construction produced industrially before the work begins.

Each project has its particularity in question of the architectural form, materials and specifications of the terrain. And with this technique it is possible to adopt any type of desired style, from a container house even the most traditional ones. After this initial information collection, the production of the components that result in modules to compose a building begins.

Picture of prefabricated houses

These precast pieces can be made of wood, steel, bricks, concrete or with a blend of all these materials.

7 advantages of prefabricated houses

1. Lower time than a conventional construction

As the parts are manufactured previously, the work time is shorter for the assembly. A reduction of 40% of the time is an advantage for those who have a short schedule.

2. Customization of project

The needs of the owner comes first. Therefore, the layout, materials and operation of the house are elaborated according to the routine of who lives in the residence.

In addition, the flexibility to reform, without the need to break structures and walls, allowing the addition of a dormitory in a much more practical.

3. Fixed budget

By having a construction standard, its value is stable until the end of the work. The change is due to the final finishes that can be included in the choice of suppliers and materials.

4. Agile approval in the city hall

The standard of construction is the same for most homes, so the construction model is similar to the preparation of documentation in the city hall, which reduces time and money in the end.

5. Sustainable construction

Since the assembly is done cleanly, waste of water and energy is much less than a traditional method. Another advantage is the small amount of waste produced, which favors the choice of this type of construction.

6. Excellent quality

By having a standardized method, its quality is superior, so that the parts do not fall into production. Factory-produced models help keep a clean work without the final product spoiling due to weather conditions.

7. Zero Waste

Without debris at the end of the work, the amount of leftover material is reusable for other constructions. Since the pieces are custom made, their use is total for the construction.

How to Build a Prefab House?

In any type of construction is necessary to hire a professional team, and in the prefabricated is no different. The supervision of a civil engineer and architect, as well as specialized professionals to provide prefabricated parts is fundamental.

All this reinforcement also assists in the approval of the construction in the city hall, as well as the licensing of the regional organs.

After this process, it is necessary to check the displacement of the transported parts to the ground. As well as checking a good space for the equipment to enter safely in place!

60 designs of prefabricated houses with their own style

With a range of users of this type of construction, it is possible to have a variety of final results, so we separate a gallery with 60 designs of prefabricated houses that lavish beauty and style:

Picture 1 - Model in container modernized.

Modernized container model

Container construction is no longer new to many people. Using this model for a more architectural side can result in beautiful constructions for the dwelling.

Picture 2 - Module in wood with concrete structure.

Wooden module with concrete structure

The wooden box was framed with a concrete structure that lets you play with the shapes and highlight the materials for the facade.

Picture 3 - The meeting of the modules in an architectural composition.

The meeting of the modules in an architectural composition

To leave the house with a more contemporary look, try to compose the modules in a functional way and accompany the interior layout.

Picture 4 - Prefabricated house with roof two waters.

Prefabricated house with two-storey roof

The construction of the roof is also important for the prefabricated model, after all, its entire structure was previously thought for the production in the factory. The traditional roof conveys more warmth to the residence and is ideal for those who seek the traditional style of a house.

Picture 5 - Metal structure is the trend of the moment!

Metal structure is the trend of the moment

The combination of the metal structure and the glass is the perfect pair! While the sober of the metal structures the construction, the glass allows a lightness and functionality for the interior. This junction forms the balance for precast architecture.

Picture 6 - Prefabricated one-story house with traditional roof.

Prefab house with traditional roof

The design with traditional architecture in apparent roof and glass vents, results in a common construction. The natural lighting for the environments and the contrast of finishes are the highlight of this proposal.

Figure 7 - Straight lines demonstrate the appearance of a prefabricated construction.

Straight lines demonstrate the appearance of a prefabricated building

Its appearance is easy to identify, however, its versatility of finishes allows it to apply something different such as a paint, ceramic, automated systems, plaster linings and even panels for thermal and acoustic comfort.

Figure 8 - The traditional model in the prefabricated method.

The traditional model in the prefabricated method

Precast houses can receive almost the same finishes and materials as masonry. It is not necessary to maintain the modular structure that comes from the factory, unless the residents wish this architectural proposal. In the above project, we can see the pre-fabricated model with a masonry house treatment.

Picture 9 - Small prefabricated house.

Small prefabricated house

Stylish and modern in style, the small prefabricated house has coatings that enhance the decor of the design, as well as the pergola cover that takes warmth and sophistication.

Image 10 - Contemporary architecture is your forte!

Contemporary architecture is its strong point

Because the modules are made in cubic format, usually their result is a lighter look. The personal touch is due to the materials, which most of the time, wins the wood as the highlight of the work.

Image 11 - Prefabricated house with several materials.

Prefabricated house with several materials

Image 12 - With conceptual volumetry.

With conceptual volumetry

Image 13 - Facade with white paint.

Facade with white paint

Figure 14 - Plan a rooftop porch.

Plan a rooftop porch

Picture 15 - Simple prefabricated house.

Simple Prefabricated House

Image 16 - Prefabricated house with brick.

Prefabricated house with brick

Image 17 - Wooden details enhance the façade.

Wood details enhance the facade

Picture 18 - Prefabricated house with traditional style.

Prefabricated house with traditional style

Image 19 - The openings in glass give lightness to the final construction.

The glass openings give lightness to the final construction

Image 20 - The perfect model for a single-family residence.

The perfect model for a single family residence

Image 21 - Customize your facade with different materials.

Customize your facade with different materials

Image 22 - A large balcony to enjoy the outdoor landscape.

A large balcony to enjoy the outdoor landscape

Picture 23 - The rustic style also takes care!

The rustic style also takes care of

Picture 24 - Prefabricated house of wood.

Prefabricated wooden house

Image 25 - Create a unique architecture that best suits your terrain.

Create a unique architecture that best suits your terrain

Image 26 - Prefabricated house in container.

Prefabricated house in container

Image 27 - Prefabricated house with large and integrated environments.

Prefabricated house with large and integrated environments

Image 28 - With young and current architecture!

With young and current architecture

Picture 29 - Prefabricated house in masonry.

Prefabricated masonry house

Picture 30 - The plankton allows a clean and modern look for the construction.

The plankton allows a cleaner and more modern look for the construction

Picture 31 - Prefabricated sobrado.

Prefabricated house

Image 32 - Elegance and sophistication in this construction.

Elegance and sophistication in this building

Picture 33 - Prefabricated house in straight and modern lines.

Prefabricated house in straight lines and modern

Image 34 - How about a building inspired by the lofts?

How about a building inspired by the lofts

Image 35 - Mixing of finishes and coatings for a custom home.

Mixing Finishes and Coatings for a Custom House

Image 36 - The high ceiling is the highlight of the facade.

The high ceiling is the highlight of the facade

Image 37 - Prefabricated house with balcony in the bedroom.

Prefabricated houses: know the advantages and how they are made

Image 38 - Stone, wood and glass in a pre-fabricated design.

Stone, wood and glass in a pre-fabricated design

Picture 39 - Dancers to decorate your façade!

Dressing gowns for your facade

Image 40 - Prefabricated compact house.

Compact Prefabricated House

Image 41 - Prefabricated house on wide ground.

Prefabricated house on extensive grounds

Image 42 - With striking and modern architecture.

With striking and modern architecture

Picture 43 - Prefabricated house with black facade.

Prefabricated house with black facade

Image 44 - Minimalism also has its place here!

Minimalism also has its place here

Image 45 - Using other sustainable devices.

Using other sustainable devices

Image 46 - White facade with highlights for the finishes.

White facade with highlights for the finishes

Picture 47 - Puxadinho residential with prefabricated method.

Residential pudding with prefabricated method

Image 48 - Country house made with prefabricated method.

Country house made with prefabricated method

Image 49 - Construction is only part of the end result.

Construction is only a part of the end result

Picture 50 - Prefabricated house with contemporary style.

Prefabricated house with contemporary style

Picture 51 - Prefabricated house with modern style.

Prefabricated house with modern style

Image 52 - Shingles to highlight the facade.

Shingles to highlight the facade

Picture 53 - Prefabricated house in metallic structure and finishes in wood and glass.

Prefabricated house in metal structure and finishes in wood and glass

Picture 54 - With central opening for circulation.

With central opening for circulation

Image 55 - Module on another module.

Module on another module

Image 56 - One part in concrete and another in metal.

One part in concrete and another in metal

Image 57 - Modern as a traditional building.

Modern as a traditional construction

Image 58 - Small and well planned house.

Small and well planned villa

Image 59 - Prefabricated house with two floors.

Prefabricated house with two floors

Image 60 - Modern and cozy!

Modern and cozy prefabricated house

Price of a prefabricated house: how much does it cost?

The value of a prefabricated house can vary depending on the characteristics of the work, such as: the location and size of the land, chosen materials and contracted professionals. If you wish to acquire this type of construction, search in your city for the final value, which varies from R $ 400.00 to R $ 1000.00 per square meter.

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