Pre-cast Barbecue: advantages, how to assemble and 50 photos

The equipped leisure area is a desire of the vast majority, after all there is nothing more fun than receiving friends and family with a beautiful barbecue. The barbecue can be seen in the traditional model, where it is custom built in masonry on the spot, or in the pre-cast version that comes with a variety of sizes and prices.

Precast grill or masonry?

The masonry barbecue has a greater durability in relation to excess heat, but its cost is higher. In addition to the material for its execution also it is necessary to count on a specialized labor for this type of service. The precast, as its name implies, is a ready-made module that can receive another finish (granite, porcelain tile, paint, tile, etc.).

The characteristics of each constructive model should be taken into consideration when choosing, so check which is the barbecue that fits your needs. If you are one of those who uses a lot, once a week, the first option is more indicated. Now if it is an occasional use, the second one offers great advantages!

Advantages of the precast grill

1. Practicality and speed in construction

Because it is a model purchased in the construction shop, just choose and install in the desired location. The interesting thing is that once installed can be used immediately, not requiring time for drying the material, unlike masonry.

2. Reduced price

The price is what most attracts the choice, which varies from R $ 400,00 to R $ 1000,00. You can opt for refined models like metal and glass, with higher prices, or those of the traditional brick that follow the basic pattern of barbecue.

3. Templates for all proposals

Regardless of the size of your area you can find the ideal model that fits into space. The variety is so great, whether of material and sizes, that have become the best choice for traditional and differentiated.

4. Versatility in decoration

It can be coated with materials that follow the decoration of the rest of the environment, gaining a unique look that demonstrates the style of the outdoor area.

Prefabricated barbecue coverings

1. Stone

When it comes to the precast concrete grill, we can also create another finish on top to leave the look harmonious with your proposal. The stone is a modern and practical option for the barbecue, they are easy in cleaning and resistant with the heat.

2. Porcelanato

Strong in decoration and flooring, porcelain tile is a practical option for coating the barbecue. The model that simulates wood and burnt cement are the most appropriate to make the outdoor area more beautiful!

3. Tile

The tile came in and won the decorative market! For those who want color in space, you can find geometric, floral, abstract and minimalist models that offer personality to the environment.

4. Tijolinho

This is the best option for a classic look of a barbecue. Because they are found with the finished finish, their installation is faster than the previous ones.

After these tips, the options of precast grills can be checked in the selection below:

Picture 1 - Wood and concrete, the perfect balance!

Barbecue with wood and concrete: perfect balance!

Picture 2 - Preformed base with metallic hood.

Barbecue with metal hood and pre-shaped base

Picture 3 - In residential balcony is also welcome!

Prefabricated Barbecue on Residential Veranda

Picture 4 - The finish in concrete accompanies well the rustic style.

Barbecue with concrete finish

Picture 5 - Even the bench receives the same finish as the barbecue.

Bench with the same finish of the barbecue

Picture 6 - Small precast grill.

Small pre-molded model

Image 7 - The idea here was to hide the original finish with stone and glass inserts.

Hide the original finish with pads or stones

Picture 8 - Barbecue with ares praianos!

Precast grill in the beach climate

Picture 9 - The white paint of the grill is balanced with the rest of the kitchen.

White paint balances with the rest of the kitchen

Image 10 - The brick model is classic and matches in any decorative style.

Classic Tijolinho on the barbecue

Image 11 - Precast concrete barbecue.

Precast Concrete Grill

Picture 12 - The composition of the materials talked among themselves, leaving the place cozy and modern at the same time.

A cozy and modern place

Figure 13 - Concrete also offers rusticity depending on the proposal.

Rusticity of concrete in the proposal

Picture 14 - Barbecue pre-molded in stainless steel.

Pre-cast stainless steel barbecue

Picture 15 - The tiles give life to space!

The tiles give more life to the space

Picture 16 - Barbecue preformed with oven and stove.

Precast grill with oven and hob

Image 17 - Porcelain-coated precast grill.

Pre-cast coated with porcelain

Image 18 - Precast brick barbecue.

Precast brick barbecue

Image 19 - For those who have small space, opt for compact models.

Compact models for those with small footprint

Picture 20 - Barbecue pre-molded with long hood.

Pre-cast grill barbeque with long hood

Picture 21 - Leave the receptive area with a beautiful table to welcome the guests.

Beautiful table to receive guests

Picture 22 - The bench with high benches is also an indispensable element in this place.

Bench with high benches

Picture 23 - A pergola cover promoted more coziness for the barbecue.

More coziness in the barbecue with pergola

Picture 24 - Prefabricated barbecue with painting.

Prefabricated barbecue with painting

Image 25 - The glass balances with the rusticity of the brick.

Rusticity of brick with glass

Picture 26 - Likewise it offers more charm to outside areas.

More charm for the outside areas

Image 27 - Highlight the barbecue with a different treatment on the wall.

Barbecue with differentiated treatment on the wall

Image 28 - Barbecue equipped with oven and wood stove.

Barbecue equipped with oven and wood stove

Picture 29 - The hydraulic tiles brighten and color the space of the barbecue.

Hydraulic tile to color and brighten the barbecue area

Picture 30 - To follow the clean style of the area, the option was to paint the base with a neutral color.

Base with neutral color for area

Image 31 - The brick with the tiles are present in this space.

Tiles with tiles

Picture 32 - Mix concrete and glass to modernize!

Mix concrete and glass to modernize

Picture 33 - Inox combines very well with gray elements like concrete.

Inox blends well with gray elements

Picture 34 - Neutral shades decorate this barbecue area for a modern air.

Neutral tones to decorate the barbecue

Picture 35 - Complete model with barbecue and stove, forming a single bench.

Complete model with barbecue and stove

Image 36 - Pre-molded base with the rest in stainless steel.

Pre-molded base with the rest in stainless steel

Image 37 - The brick can be painted with the color of your choice.

Tijolinho with the color of your preference

Image 38 - Pre-cast grill covered with porcelain tiles.

Pre-cast grill coated with porcelain tile

Picture 39 - Contrast materials and finishes.

Contrast materials and finishes

Picture 40 - Paint the walls with the same tone of the barbecue.

Wall painted with the same shades of the barbecue

Image 41 - The tile on the floor gave the highlight to the barbecue area.

Highlight for the barbecue

Picture 42 - Barbecue pre-shaped with gourmet kitchen.

Prefabricated Barbecue with Gourmet Kitchen

Picture 43 - Decorate the walls of the grill in a thematic and fun way.

Decorate the walls of the grill in a thematic and fun way

Picture 44 - For the space of cooking mount a covered area of ​​the rest.

Covered area with barbecue

Image 45 - Complement the brick barbecue with a granite countertop.

Granite countertop for brick barbecue

Picture 46 - The porch of house can turn into a beautiful area of ​​leisure with barbecue.

Balcony: a beautiful play area with pre-shaped barbecue

Picture 47 - Granite is widely used to frame the mouth of the barbecue.

Granite used to frame the mouth of the barbecue

Picture 48 - Coated with canjiquinha.

Pre-cast Barbecue: advantages, how to assemble and 50 photos

Image 49 - For the residential leisure area, the brick model is the darling!

Pre-cast Barbecue: advantages, how to mount and 50 photos 1

Picture 50 - Barbecue preformed glass and stainless.

Pre-cast Barbecue: advantages, how to mount and 50 photos 2

Pre-cast grille models

This type of barbecue can be purchased at building materials stores, warehouses or online trading. We separate a preview of what can be found, from the simplest to the most sophisticated models, check below the one that best fits your proposal:

1. Modern Prefabricated Barbecue Grill: Granite, Glass and Stainless Steel

Modern Precast Barbecue

2. Pre-cast brick barbecue

Precast brick barbecue

3. Compact precast grill, without the traditional base.

Compact Precast Grill

4. Preformed complete model: barbecue, oven and stove.

Pre-molded complete model

5. Precast concrete grill.

Precast Concrete Grill

6. Barbecue pre-molded with glass and metal hood.

Pre-cast Barbecue with Glass

7. Painted precast grill with black paint coating.

Painted Precast Grill

How to Build a Precast Grill

After checking the tips, the projects and choosing the model, it's time to know how to assemble a precast grill.

The assembly is practical and fast, and occurs from the bottom up, as shown in the figure below:

How to mount precast grill

Reproduction: Concrete

Note that fixing the parts is what will structure the barbecue, which must be properly coupled in the correct order.

Remembering that the model can change depending on the manufacturer, but the assembly takes place in the same way. Dismantling is done in reverse order, and can easily be taken to another location, as in the case of a change of residence. '

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