Porcelanato wood: floor that imitates the material with much charm

Imagine a material that imitates wood to perfection, but much more durable, practical and versatile? This material exists and is known as wood porcelain. You've probably heard of him out there, after all, it's not today that he helps to compose decorating projects.

But with the increasing innovations in the area of ​​construction, this material has been presented in formats, textures and colors more and more varied. One of these presentations, which has conquered architects and decorators, is the woody.

If you like the idea and want to invest in a porcelain tile that imitates wood, then read carefully all the information and tips below so you do not make mistakes when buying yours. Also check out the beautiful designs inspired by the woody porcelain tile.

Advantages of porcelain tile that mimics wood

Durability and resistance

One of the main advantages of wood porcelain tile is with regard to its durability. Porcelain tile by nature is already a durable floor, but when compared to the hardwood floor the advantage is even greater.

The wood porcelanate practically does not need maintenance. Very different from a hardwood floor that needs to be treated and cared for periodically.

It is also much tougher than wood. It does not scratch, it does not tumble, it does not suffer from moisture. For those who have children and pets at home you can stay carefree. The wooden porcelanato resists the pranks and peripécias of children and pussies.

Want another advantage over the wood floor? The wood porcelain tile does not run the risk of suffering with termites and other insects that take advantage of the wood.

Beauty and versatility

The porcelain tiles that imitate wood are so realistic that it is possible to find in the market options of floors that even highlight the veins of the wood. With texture and everything. Therefore, they are very suitable for those who want to join the beauty of the wood with the functionality of the porcelain tile.

Wooden porcelain tiles are also available in different shades - from light to dark - to suit all tastes.

And it is not only as flooring that it can be used. Porcelain tiles have also been widely used to create panels and wall coverings.

Speaking of versatility, porcelain tiles fit into every pocket. Depending on the texture, color and size of the part, the values ​​vary greatly. Just look for the one that most suits your needs.

In any environment

Wooden porcelain tiles fit in any environment, unlike wood that can not be installed in damp, wet locations.

For this reason, wood porcelain tiles can and should be placed in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. One should only take care of areas that receive intense heat, such as grills and ovens. Exposure to very high temperatures can damage the floor.

Cleanliness and practicality

One of the best parts of having a porcelain tile that mimics wood and the ease of cleaning. Just a damp cloth with a bit of neutral soap and that's it. All clean!

Forget the waxes, polishes and other specific products to treat wood. And the best part is that more time is left to enjoy the house.

Tips on buying wood porcelain tile

1. Tones

Before buying your wood porcelain tile, decide the style you want to give to the decor. Lighter woody tones are great for small areas as they enhance the visual feel of space. The medium and dark tones can be used in smaller areas, but as a detail or a track, so they do not overwhelm the environment.

The tones closest to the natural wood refer to more rustic environments, while the grays tones bring a touch of modernity. Review beforehand which print you want to print.

For wall panels, medium and dark-colored porcelain tiles contrast better and guarantee a more attractive end result. But if the idea is to completely coat the wall, the tip is to choose only one side to do this.

2. Installation Locations

Wooden porcelain tiles can be installed without error in any environment of the house. It all depends on the style you want to give the rooms.

In damp interior places, such as bathroom and kitchen, the porcelain tile can come both on the floor and on the wall. In outdoor places such as balconies, backyards and swimming pool borders the porcelain tile also drops super well. However, you can opt for non-slip models that guarantee more freedom, comfort and safety.

3. Sizes

Wood-based porcelain tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. The square plates for this type of proposal (imitate the wood) is not very indicated. The ideal is to opt for the rules that most resemble the wooden floor.

An important detail to note is the size of the ruler and its positioning - vertical or horizontal. The direction in which it is installed can bring the sense of amplitude or reduction of visual space. And one final detail: the smaller the spacing between the more realistic parts the floor will look like.

60 ideas of environments with wood porcelain: the floor that imitates the material with much charm and sophistication

With all these tips at hand, now just check out some projects and get inspired to make yours:

Picture 1 - Porcelanato wood on the wall and on the floor.

Porcelanato wood on the wall and on the floor

The option of using porcelain tile in this design extends from the floor to the wall, creating an interesting visual continuity. Note that the same tone used in the porcelain tile is also present in the wood of the roof.

Picture 2 - Porcelanato wood on the facade.

Porcelanato wood on the facade

The modern style house has gained a rustic touch with this range of porcelain tile in wood that follows from the floor to the walls.

Picture 3 - Porcelanato woody in line desform.

Porcelanato woody in deformed line

Picture 4 - Porcelanato woody gray.

Gray Wood Porcelain

Note that in this project the option to use a more gray floor left the environment more modern, without, however, losing the warmth (imitation of) the wood provides.

Picture 5 - Porcelanato immitating wood in the bathroom box.

Porcelanato imitating wood in bathroom stall

For the unsuspecting, this coating easily passes as natural wood. But only a material such as porcelain tile to create such a look.

Picture 6 - Panel of porcelain wood.

Wood porcelain panel

Picture 7 - Porcelanato of medium tone in the bathroom.

Medium-sized porcelain tile in the bathroom

The middle tone of this woody porcelain tile made the bathroom cozy and very beautiful. The option for not visually overloading the space was to use the coating only on the walls of the box.

Picture 8 - Porcelanato wood on the diagonal.

Porcelanato wood on the diagonal

Another way of installing the floor is in the diagonal direction. This guidance visually expands the space and is one of the most modern options nowadays. However, this type of placement requires more pieces, which can make the project a bit more expensive.

Picture 9 - Rustic of the materials contrasting with the modernity of the black.

Porcelanato wood in rustic environment

Picture 10 - Box with wooden porcelanato.

Bathroom cabinet with wooden porcelain tile

The wood-paneled porcelanate inside the box balanced with the white shade of the rest of the bathroom. Note the grout used. The lighter color of the finish left the spacing more to show, if you want a finish without grout marks, opt for a grout of the same tread.

Image 11 - Woody porcelain for an elegant and sophisticated bathroom.

Porcelanato wood for elegant bathroom

Picture 12 - Porcelanato immitating wooden block.

Porcelanato immitating wooden block

Picture 13 - Porcelanato woody rustic.

Rustic woody porcelain

The look of this porcelain tile resembles a demolished wooden floor or even a floor with skating effect. The fact is that the floor, by itself, is already able to guarantee the decoration and the rustic look of this environment.

Picture 14 - Porcelanato of wood in the balcony.

Wooden porch on the porch

Picture 15 - Porcelain wood to create a rustic urban environment.

Porcelanato wood to create a rustic urban environment

Picture 16 - Porcelanato imitating wood in the room.

Porcelain tile imitating wood in living room

Image 17 - Porcelain woody in external areas.

Porcelain woody in external areas

The imitation wood porcelain gave a welcoming air to this external area, contrasting with the vertical garden and with the brick on the wall.

Picture 18 - Porcelanato woody in the edge of the swimming pool.

Woody porcelanato by the pool

Picture 19 - Porcelain woody in conjunction with textured wall.

Woody porcellanato in conjunction with textured wall

The porcelain tile of this bathroom divides space with a white wall with textured coating. Although they were different proposals, the combination worked.

Image 20 - Porcelain wood to coat oven tower.

Porcelain wood for coating furnace tower

Picture 21 - Porcelanato wood to coat box e bathtub .

Porcelanato wood to coat box and bathtub

Image 22 - Woody porcelain to create contrast.

Woody porcelain to create contrast

The blue of this kitchen has created an interesting and modern contrast with the porcelain floor imitating wood.

Image 23 - Porcelain wood for details.

Porcelain wood for details

Versatile, the porcelain tile in this example was used to create a special detail in the bathroom.

Picture 24 - Porcelanato immitating wood in the barbecue.

Porcelanato imitating wood on the barbecue

Picture 25 - A rustic and modern kitchen.

A rustic and modern kitchen

When the environment is well planned, the porcelain tile adds beauty and style. In that case, it brought a bit of rusticity to the environment, but it did not detract from the modern face of the rest of the kitchen.

Image 26 - Woody porcelain of light tone.

Wood tone porcelain tile

To create a cleaner, more neutral environment, opt for the lighter shades of porcelain tile. They create an elegant look.

Picture 27 - Porcelanato wood on the TV panel.

Porcelanato wood on the TV panel

Picture 28 - Porcelanato wood: in two styles.

Porcelanato wood: in two styles

In this bathroom were used porcelanatos with different designs in the floor and in the wall. Highlight the dark tone of the grout that did not leave out the spacing between the rulers, leaving the porcelanato still more like the wood.

Picture 29 - Porcelain woody to resist water and sun.

Woody porcelain to resist water and sun.

Picture 30 - Between the environments.

Porcelanato wood among the environments

The possibility of installing the porcelanato in any environment allows a visual unit throughout the house. In this project, kitchen and living room share the same floor.

Picture 31 - Woody porcelain in perfect combination with gold.

Wood porcelain in perfect combination with gold

Picture 32 - Covering the entire wall of the kitchen.

Porcelanato wood coating kitchen wall

Picture 33 - Clean but very striking.

Wood porcelain in clean environment

The light tone floor matched perfectly with the clean proposal of this environment. But not at all, it failed to be noticed.

Picture 34 - A bathroom of many shapes and tones.

Bathroom with wood porcelain tile

The porcelanato in this project marks presence in the floor and the walls, in different shades and formats. Contrasting even with the other textures of the bathroom.

Picture 35 - Woody porcelain serving as panel for the luxurious mirror.

Porcelanato wood in bathroom

Picture 36 - Simple but very tasteful atmosphere.

Simple environment with wood porcelain tile

The simplicity of the environment does not stop you from wasting good taste. Choosing the right materials and valuing space are the great trick to decorate small homes.

Picture 37 - All attention to him.

All attention to the wood porcelain tile

This porcelain tile imitating wooden stick draws all attention to it. The environment has gained in sophistication and beauty with choice.

Picture 38 - Following the tone of the furniture.

Porcelanato wood following the tone of the furniture

Picture 39 - A balcony all in wood.

Porcelain wood balcony

The wood and the imitation of it is everywhere on this porch. On the ceiling, the dark wood lining contrasts with the lighter shades of the woody porcelain tile on the floor and the grill. The blue of the chairs gives life and modernity to the environment.

Picture 40 - Vertical garden made with woody porcelain.

Vertical garden made with wood porcelain

Image 41 - Porcelanato imitating wood to create an intimate and cozy climate.

Intimate and cozy climate with wood porcelain tile

Picture 42 - Porcelanato woody black: modern and striking.

Black Wood Porcelain

Picture 43 - Composing wide spaces.

Porcelanato wood composing large spaces

Picture 44 - Charming bathroom with wood porcelain.

Charming bathroom with wood porcelain tile

The imitation wood porcelain flooring harmoniously combined with the white brick coverings and the soft touch of pink on the floor and walls. The result was a charming and romantic bathroom.

Picture 45 - Porcelanato wood under the bathtub.

Porcelanato wood under the bathtub

Image 46 - Clean environment with wood porcelain.

Clean environment with wood porcelain tile

The white walls and the absence of decorative elements highlighted the wooden porcelain floor.

Picture 47 - To see until the veins of the wood.

Porcelanato wood to see up the veins of wood

This porcelain tile so perfectly mimics the wood that leaves anyone in doubt about the material of the floor. Even the wood shafts stand out.

Picture 48 - Porcelanato wood for an interior style kitchen.

Porcelain wood for external kitchen

Image 49 - Imitation wood porcelain creates warmth and warmth in the external areas.

Porcelanato wood in outdoor areas

Picture 50 - Two models together.

Porcelanato wood for pool area

The porcelanato that surrounds the swimming pool is different than that covers the rest of the area of ​​that yard. Despite the mixture, the two have the same pitch and thus do not interfere with each other.

Image 51 - Stripes of shades with wood porcelain tile.

Tone stripes with wood porcelain tile

In this project, the proposal was to create two-ton horizontal lines on the floor. One light and one dark. The result was different and unusual.

Picture 52 - Porcelanato wood for a minimalist room.

Porcelanato wood for a minimalist room

Picture 53 - A tone to sophisticate the environment.

A tone to sophisticate the environment

A dark and closed porcelain tile like this, leaves any project with a level of sophistication.

Image 54 - Gray on the walls and wood on the floor.

Gray on the walls and wood on the floor

Image 55 - Woody porcelain for a young design.

Woody porcellanato for a young project

Picture 56 - Porcelanato wood in white kitchen.

Porcelanato wood in white kitchen

The highlight of this white kitchen is the wooden porcelain tile. The floor gave charm and beauty to the space.

Image 57 - Porcelanato wood: light floor to appreciate the rest of the decoration.

light floor to enhance the rest of the décor

Image 58 - Porcelanato wood to create rustic environments.

Porcelanato wood to create rustic environments

Image 59 - Porcelanato imitating wood to surround the pool.

Porcelain tile imitating wood to surround the pool

Image 60 - Wooden porcelain to create a comfortable and cozy outside area.

Wooden porcelain tile to create a comfortable external area

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