Plaquinhas para festa: learn how to do, see phrases and ideas

Surely you have already come across party cards out there. They have become fashionable and are present on the most varied occasions, from baby showers to wedding parties. But what is the reason for such success?

The little plates bring a hint of humor and unparalleled relaxation to the parties, the guests have fun, take good pictures and, best of all, they are super easy to do and has a cost almost zero.

Are you thinking of adopting the idea for your party too? So check out the tips below on how to make party cards and what phrases to use on the cards of each occasion. Oh, do not forget to also check, at the end of the post, a selection of images of plates that will leave you not knowing which one to use.

Tips for how to make party cards

Party Plates

Making the party cards is something very simple, easy and does not require many materials. But there are some details that must be taken into consideration so that your pictures are a real success. Take note of the tips below:

  • First of all, define the model and size of the inserts. The most common is that they are more than 20 centimeters so they can appear legibly in the photos. The template is also important. Usually they are made in the form of phrases in the balloon (speech, thought, etc.), emoji, arrows or masks;
  • After you have defined the size and model, decide whether to use the templates for ready-to-print party cards available on the internet, in which case you just download them, or else you will create your own from scratch, which is also a process very simple. It is possible to create the inserts in Microsoft Word or Power Point (see the video below step by step to use the program) or, if you prefer, more elaborate programs like Photoshop;
  • Take care to use colors and a design that has to do with the theme of the party, so the inserts are inserted in the decoration of the event;
  • The type of paper that will be used is also important. Fine paper such as sulfite can compromise the durability of the insert, since the thicker ones you can not print at home. The most suitable is to use a paper with weights of 180g to 200g, this way you can use home printers, without the need to take to a printer, which would make the cards more expensive. To ensure they last the entire party, stick them in a firm support like EVA, styrofoam or cardboard. The most suitable roles for this purpose are couchê, canson or card, bet on them to ensure a more beautiful look for your plaquinhas;
  • At the time of the party, you can choose to distribute the cards to the guests or leave them in a basket at the party entrance or near the photo area;
  • Ensure a sufficient number of inserts for the party guests so that everyone can make various photos.
  • You can merge sentence cards with masking inserts, making the party even more fun;

Step by step to create a party plaque

Materials for making party plaques

After looking at all the items listed above, it's time to put your hand in the dough. Check out the step-by-step below and make your own party plaque yourself:

Necessary materials

  • Paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Styling;
  • Barbecue stick;
  • Hot glue;
  • Card template for printing;
  • Support for the inserts (EVA, styrofoam, cardboard);

With the card ready on the computer, print the required amount. Carefully cut the inserts so that the final finish looks very good. Glue the inserts to the chosen media, previously cut to the desired format. In this case, he can follow the drawing of the plate being the same size, or larger in another format, you decide. And also see: tips for a children's party decoration , June party , simple wedding , and how to make a cheap wedding .

With the help of the stylus cut the ends of the barbecue sticks and glue them on the back of the stand. To make the plaque even more beautiful, wrap the toothpick in some tape or paper. Ready! Your sign is ready.

The video below exemplifies this step by step. Give play and remove any doubts that may have arisen:

Now look at suggestions of party phrases:

Birthday party invitations for adult birthday party

  1. "Mom passed sugar on me".
  2. "The most beautiful person in the party"
  3. "Look at her!"
  4. "Mother's treasure"
  5. "Photo with the zamigas"
  6. "Filma nos"
  7. "It's all ours"
  8. "Hold the tram"
  9. "Sweet and abused"
  10. "I left the drink ... I just do not know where"
  11. "Keep calm and fill my cup"
  12. "You do not go in here drunk, you just leave"
  13. "Suddenly …. (age of the birthday girl) "
  14. "I miss the 18"
  15. "I left the drink just do not remember where"

Birthday party invitations for children's birthday party

  1. "Mom will put on the Face"
  2. "If they already spoil me like this, imagine when I grow up"
  3. "Can I have the cake already?"
  4. "Fan # 1 of (birthday name)"
  5. "Where are the sweets?"
  6. "This charm I pulled from Mom"
  7. "I want a party like that too"
  8. "I look nice, but I stole the brigade before Congratulations"
  9. I just want chocolate

Baby shower card phrases

  1. "Auntie Owl"
  2. "The next mom is me"
  3. "I bet it's going to be the face of the father"
  4. "Baby coming! "
  5. "90% loading"
  6. "Daddy from heaven protect my cheeks"
  7. "It even gives you the desire to have a"
  8. "Watch out, Daddy, jealous"
  9. "Diva in development"
  10. "I swear to change my diapers"
  11. "This house will never be the same"

Phrases for tea pot

  1. "Unmarried team"
  2. "I undercut"
  3. "The time is coming"
  4. "Only the divas"
  5. "I wash, step, cook ... only after shopping"
  6. "Where's the go go boy?"
  7. "I have no diet today"
  8. "In this tea there is no tea"
  9. "A kiss for those who did not come"
  10. "Thank you for unraveling my friend"
  11. "Forbidden men"

Party card phrases for graduation party

  1. "Mission Accomplished"
  2. "Looking for job #recemformada"
  3. "They did not count my cunning"
  4. "It's cool, it's good"
  5. "Status: formed"
  6. "Family Pride"
  7. "Thank you Google"
  8. "Where's my diploma?"
  9. "Finding yourself"

Wedding party plaques phrases

  1. "Civil Status: Waiting for a miracle"
  2. "I already know how to fry an egg"
  3. "I am part of this story"
  4. I also want to get married
  5. "Santo Antonio add me"
  6. "Tomorrow I will not remember anything"
  7. "Phew ... the groom came"
  8. "Selfie of the divas"
  9. "I'm the next one"
  10. "Sogrão caprichou"
  11. "We lost a soldier"
  12. "The Bouquet is mine"
  13. "If drinking do not go into Whatsapp"
  14. "Game over"
  15. "One more glass and I also case"
  16. "No more cursing"

Want more amazing suggestions to make your little plates? So check out a selection of creative and original wedding card images below and tips on how to use them during the party:

Picture 1 - Distribua plaquinhas for children too.

Hand out little signs to the children too.

Picture 2 - In doubt have both: party plaques and masks.

Party Plates and Masks

Picture 3 - Plaquinhas para festa: arrows also yield good and fun photos.

Arrows on the plates

Picture 4 - Plaquinhas para festa: Bet on various masks and accessories to make the fun of your guests.

Masks and accessories on party inserts

Picture 5 - Plaquinhas para festa: You can also use slate paper to create the little plaques.

slate paper to create party cards

Picture 6 - Plaquinha rustic and relaxed with the initials of the bride and groom.

Rustic and relaxed plate

Picture 7 - Plaquinhas para festa: decorate the plate at the entrance of the party with a frame of colorful flowers.

Wedding Reception Plaque

Picture 8 - Invest in plates for the photo session before the wedding.

Plates for the photo session before the wedding

Picture 9 - Plaquinhas para festa: mount the plate with moving letters.

Mount the plate with movable letters

Picture 10 - Party Plates: Engagement rings are also a good choice for the moment of the selfies.

Engagement rings are also a good choice for the moment of selfies

Image 11 - In the party cards, the famous Bible verses accompany the bride and groom to the altar.

Biblical verses on party plaques

Picture 12 - Plaquinhas para festa: create a visual unit between the little plaques.

Visual unit in party inserts

Picture 13 - Plaquinhas para festa: cute phrases for children.

Cute phrases for children

Picture 14 - Party Plates: Polaroid style photo frame.

Polaroid Photo Frame

Picture 15 - Have a sufficient amount of party cards that all guests can do selfies.

Plates for guests to take selfies

Image 16 - Plaquinhas for party printed in handwriting.

Party Plates printed in handwriting

Picture 17 - Plaquinhas para festa: call the guests for photos well relaxed.

Call the guests for well-relaxed photos

Picture 18 - Plaquinhas para festa: instead of phrases, only figures.

Instead of phrases, only figures

Picture 19 - What if one of the couple's children is the bride? The suggestion is to wear a plaque like that.

Plaque for the bride and groom

Image 20 - The design of party cards is also important.

The design of party cards is also important

Picture 21 - Plaquinhas para festa: different formats, but all in the same color and font style.

Different formats, but all in the same color and font style

Picture 22 - Plaquinhas for party: figure of nozzles accompany the plaquinhas of this marriage.

Figure of nuns accompanying the wedding signs of this wedding

Picture 23 - For the guests do not get lost, distribute party favors along the way.

Hand out party favors along the way

Image 24 - Ice cream sticks give the support for these party cards.

Ice cream sticks give support for these party plates

Picture 25 - Plaquinhas para festa: three charming little plaques welcome the guests.

Charming little plaques welcome the guests.

Picture 26 - Plaquinhas para festa: the more fun, the better.

Party Plates for Fun

Picture 27 - Plaquinhas para festa: humorous and funny expressions of love are also welcome.

Humorous and funny love statements are also welcome

Image 28 - Informal language can be used without fear in party cards.

Plaques for party with informal language

Picture 29 - Customize the party cards with the name of the bride and groom.

Custom Party Plates

Picture 30 - For rustic weddings, invest in party cards printed on a paper in the same style.

Rustic Wedding Plates

Image 31 - Capriche in the holder of the party cards; this one won ribbon and satin bow.

Card holder for party

Picture 32 - Plaquinhas para festa: bouquet for girls and hat for boys.

Bouquet for girls and hat for boys

Picture 33 - "Party of the year", "bride of the year" and "wedding of the year" are the most traditional phrases of the plaquinhas and can not miss.

Traditional phrases for party plaques

Image 34 - Metallic paper leaves the party cards with a more elegant look.

Plates for party with metallized paper

Picture 35 - Plaquinhas para festa: masks to characterize the guests at the time of the photo.

Masks for the party guests

Image 36 - Assorted flowers make the background of these little plaques for a wedding party.

Assorted flowers make the background of these wedding party inserts

Image 37 - Plaque for simple party, but marking presence.

Plaid for simple party

Picture 38 - Party plates and masks for the guests to make faces and mouths at the time of the photo.

Plaques for party and masks for guests

Image 39 - Choose with affection the figures for the plaquinhas; they will be eternalized in the photos.

Choose with affection the figures for the little plaques

Picture 40 - Plaquinhas para festa: cauldron of ideas.

Plaquinhas para festa: cauldron of ideas

Image 41 - Party plaques inspired by comic books and super heroes.

Party Plates inspired by comics

Picture 42 - In the signs for wedding party, bet on the sentences for single friends and friends.

Wedding Party Plates

Picture 43 - It is important that the letters stand out on the board so that they are legible in the photos.

Photo-readable plates

Image 44 - No need to ask for the wi-fi password, enjoy the wedding.

Enjoy the wedding with fun signs

Image 45 - A special party plaque for the newlyweds.

A special party plaque for the bride and groom

Picture 46 - Dedure the friends at the time of the photos with the signs in arrow format.

Arrow shaped plaques

Picture 47 - Rustic plate welcoming the guests.

Rustic plaque welcoming guests

Picture 48 - Plaquinhas para festa: delicate manuscript.

Party Plates: delicate manuscript

Image 49 - Sources and figures varied in the plates, but maintaining the same pattern of colors.

Various fonts and figures on the plates

Image 50 - The entrance and exit of the bride and groom can also be marked by the party cards.

Entry and exit of the bride and groom with plaques

Image 51 - The choice of paper is fundamental to creating memorable inserts.

Memorable Party Plates

Image 52 - Create plaques for every moment of the party: ceremony, reception and dance.

Create plaques for every moment of the party

Picture 53 - The party cards announce: finally married!

Plaquinhas: at last married!

Picture 54 - Tastes of each one put to the test in the plates of the photographic essay.

Plaquinhas para festa: learn how to do, see phrases and ideas

Picture 55 - Plaquinhas for party of the lovers of coffee.

Plaquinhas for party of the lovers of coffee

Image 56 - Rustic party bowls in the shape of arrows.

Rustic party bowls in the shape of arrows

Image 57 - Celebrate the wedding date on the wedding cards.

Plaquinhas para festa: learn how to do, see phrases and ideas

Picture 58 - And what about butterflies?

Butterflies on the plates

Image 59 - Together, the little plaques form the famous and most traditional phrase of weddings.

Plaquinhas for the famous phrase of marriage

Image 60 - To escape the emoji, bet on casual and original faces.

Relaxed faces

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