Planned Couple Room: 60+ Projects, Photos and Ideas

The planned double room is an environment that should provide romanticism and comfort. That's why the decoration helps to take these characteristics while maintaining the personality of the owners of the environment. Remember that every detail demonstrates the taste of the couple and can also tell a bit of the story of the two through decorative objects or a photo mural.

To create an elegant decoration, it is necessary to harmonize all the elements and accessories of the environment. Most couples seek neutral colors because they end up appealing to both styles. For those who want more color, the ideal is to use in some point of prominence, it could be a wall, a carpet, the head of the bed or other objects.

With the furniture planned you can customize the room according to your area. In addition to offering a quick design, the furniture adapts to your needs without much detail in the joinery.

After choosing the bed model, have drawers or niches under the bed. This is ideal for storing books, bedding, suitcases, coats and so on. The wardrobe is another important item, although it occupies a large space, it can be used in a functional way: with drawers, internal partitions or entire and mirrored doors.

Try to invest in a beautiful composition of bedside table and bedside table. The bedside table may be small, but it is important that you have drawers or shelves. Another option is to choose a small desk instead of the bedside table.

60 decorating ideas for planned double bedroom

Finding the perfect balance between functionality and design is paramount! Check out some projects and ideas on how to set up a planned double room:

Picture 1 - Plan the closet according to the needs of the couple.


Each item that makes up the decoration of a planned room makes the difference. This design focuses on the neutral tones in the colors of floors and walls, the bed is supported by a broad bedside table with small table and nightstand. Mirrors are present in interior design and reinforce the sense of spaciousness.

Picture 2 - Sliding doors without apparent details contribute in a small space.


One smart feature in decorating a room with restricted area is the use of sliding doors in cabinets, with few apparent details. In addition to being practical to use, its opening does not occupy the circulation space. Another popular solution is to use the mirrored doors to have more amplitude in the room.

Picture 3 - Harmonize the look of the room with the same finish of the wood.


Among the advantages of performing a custom and planned design for the bedroom is the harmony between all the materials, plus the size of the furniture that fit perfectly into the space. Here the finish of the wood is evident in the wall panel and the bedside table. Soft colors are the focus of the project.

Picture 4 - The mirrored cabinet door offers more amplitude to the room.


Note that in this proposal you can hardly notice the presence of the closet in the bedroom design, because its doors are mirrored. The headboard is used as a separation element between the bed space and the closet. The wooden tables take the place of the nightstand. In the window, there is still room for the cobogos.

Picture 5 - For small rooms, enjoy the space above the headboard to insert cabinets.


Picture 6 - Not all the nightstand must be the same on both sides.


This design bets on different compositions of the bedside table on each side of the bed, the play with two or more rugs is high in the decoration. Make the combination by keeping the harmony between the tones.

Picture 7 - The entire doors lined with the same material harmonized the look of the room background.


Picture 8 - Leave a necessary space around the bed for circulation.

image 8

This planned room design focuses on the circulation space for a TV environment. The shelf is designed to occupy the entire wall area with shelves and the LED tapes are responsible for the furniture's illumination. In the ceiling, the plaster area uses an inverted crown molding with indirect lighting for the environment.

Picture 9 - Picture frames decorate and leave the most romantic mood in the room.


Another bet for those who want to leave the personalized room is to use photographs of the couple and dispose in the design of the room

Picture 10 - The closet corner has gained a niche with space for a bar and desk.


In this project, the cabinet was planned to occupy the central area of ​​the furniture, in addition to being positioned as a built-in area. Next door, cupboards and table with desk and small bar.

Image 11 - Incorporate niches and shelves into your project.


In this project, the panel that supports the TV also has small washers for lighting the internal space. On the side wall there is also a desk and niches with lighting points for decorative objects.

Picture 12 - Modern designed double room.


Room designed with neutral base tones and LED strip lighting above the headboard, where the wall still receives a wallpaper patterned with flowers.

Picture 13 - Here the furniture that supports the bed has gained drawers and a bold design.

Planned Couple Room: 60+ Projects, Photos and Ideas

In this project, the bed is fixed on a base of the furniture that still has drawers to store objects such as blankets, towels and bedding.

Picture 14 - Small planned double room.


In a small room, it is essential to use mirrors to ensure visual amplitude. This design utilizes this feature in the area above the headboard of the bed.

Picture 15 - The glass doors give lightness to the environment.


In cabinet composition, this design uses sliding glass doors to maintain transparency and leave items exposed.

Picture 16 - Double room planned with mirror.


In this project, besides the bed arranged on an invisible base, the design counts on a beautiful chandelier of crystals. The carpet is used as a base on the floor and the mirror appears on the sliding door of the planned closet.

Image 17 - Neutral colors always prevail in the proposal for the double room.


As we've seen previously, the neutral decor style is a sure-fire choice to have a pleasing look to look at, great for resting and resting.

Picture 18 - Mount a prominent headboard with wood and wallpaper.


In addition to the traditional headboards, the wallpaper can be used as a feature to replace the item.

Picture 19 - Double room planned with large closets.


In this design, the bed is laid out on a base with feet with a decoration based on shades of brown and blue details. The closet design is ample, with plenty of storage space.

Image 20 - If you do not want a whole door, you can mix the lacquered finish and the mirror.

Planned Couple Room: 60+ Projects, Photos and Ideas

The mirror feature on the cabinet door can also be applied on a strip, contemplating the full extent of a cabinet with lacquered material base.

Picture 21 - Double room planned with clean decoration.


To have amplitude, make a project with a light and clean decoration in the environment.

Figure 22 - The TV panel decorates and carries movement to the bedroom wall.


The panel can have an essential function in the decoration of the room, in addition to housing the television in a built-in way, it includes the attachment of cabinets and other items for storage.

Picture 23 - The drawers under the bed make all the difference in small rooms.


An excellent solution in a small room design is the use of drawers for storage in the bed mobile. Use this feature to gain more space and break, make the place more organized day by day.

Picture 24 - Double room planned with closet.


Picture 25 - The headboard can be a great space divider in the room.


For environments with reduced space, this decoration feature can be used to make the spaces delimitation: the use of a bedside with the bed back to the closet.

Image 26 - Simple planned double room.


A design of decoration with the simple style alia the functionality with few elements. In this proposal, only decorative objects such as frames, vases and books stand out in the decoration.

Image 27 - Double room planned with modern decoration.

Planned Couple Room: 60+ Projects, Photos and Ideas

Picture 28 - Enjoy the bedside wall to decorate with mirrors and shelves.


This design uses a headboard that extends up to the ceiling, with side mirrors, nightstands and top shelves.

Picture 29 - Make a harmonious composition with the colors of the furniture and the coverings.


Picture 30 - Put a dot of color on some detail of the joinery.


A great option for breaking with the lighter shades of a clean room is the use of striking colors for some decorative detail. In this case, the yellow color was applied to the doors of the planned cabinet.

Picture 31 - TV panel for double room.


For movie lovers, music lovers and those who like to watch TV in the comfort of the room: the panel can be planned to accommodate all electronics and other decorative items, keeping everything organized.

Picture 32 - With the built-in cabinet and mirrored doors, the look is cleaner.


Picture 33 - Double room planned with minimalist decoration.


Picture 34 - The TV built into the mirror is modern and optimizes the space for small rooms.


Some of the most modern sliding door cabinets have the option of installing a built-in LED TV, saving space in the organization of the room.

Image 35 - Small planned double room for studios.


Studio apartments require special attention to compose the living room with the bedroom, since the environment is often completely open, as shown in this example.

Image 36 - Inspire yourself in this closet with internal partitions.


Picture 37 - It is possible to assemble a beautiful dresser in place of the bedside table.


Picture 38 - To enjoy the space, insert niches in the aerial part of the environment.


Every corner of space can and should be taken advantage of. In this proposal, the niche in the aerial part comprises books, magazines and other decorative objects.

Picture 39 - Simple and modern planned double room.


Picture 40 - Sliding doors are the best option for the small room.


Image 41 - For economical décor, place wallpaper behind the headboard.


A practical tip to decorate the room by spending little: use a wallpaper as a coating, keeping the wall colorful and more vivid.

Image 42 - The mirror in the aerial part gives the sensation of a bigger environment.


Picture 43 - Double room planned with small closet.


Picture 44 - The low bed is ideal to leave the visual aspect lighter.


Picture 45 - Double room planned with neutral decoration.


Picture 46 - For a wide space, make an entire wall with cabinet from end to end.


Picture 47 - Enjoy the composition of the bedside table and bedside to make a small desk.


Picture 48 - The cabinet was mirror-coated on the back to finish the bed headboard.


Picture 49 - Double room planned with closet.


Picture 50 - Planned white double room.

Planned Couple Room: 60+ Projects, Photos and Ideas

Image 51 - In addition to the planned furniture incorporate puffs in the decoration.


Picture 52 - The finishes of the doors make all the difference in the look of the room.


Picture 53 - Double room planned with industrial style.


Picture 54 - Luxury planned double room.


Picture 55 - The location of the mirror helped to give amplitude to the room.


Picture 56 - The cabinets are almost invisible on the head of the bed.


Image 57 - Make a different composition with the shelves.


Image 58 - The cool thing about this project are the shelves that can be moved in relation to the height.


Image 59 - Not every cigarette needs to be on the wall.


Picture 60 - To enjoy the space insert cabinets on the headboard so that they incorporate in the wall decor.


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