Planned Bathrooms: 60+ Incredible Models and Photos!

The bathroom is considered the smallest environment in most residences, because it is a reduced space it usually contains only the essential sanitary equipment like the sink, shower and the toilet. But for anyone who is planning on designing or remodeling a new bathroom, keep in mind that decor is part of having a beautiful, pleasant and functional space.

Depending on the area of ​​the bathroom, it is advisable to use planned cabinets so that the use of each space is well distributed, for example: the hydraulic walls (shaft) that cause difficulty in designing a suitable furniture.

Another advantage of the planned bathroom is the possibility to choose the internal partitions of the cabinets, the niches to compose and the materials that suit your style. When faced with ready furniture sometimes it does not fit as it should in the environment, so good planning of space always attracts good results.

60 bathroom ideas designed to inspire you

Let's check some ideas with some bathroom projects? And check out how to choose coatings, colors and lighting for the bathrooms planned in the gallery below:

Large designed bathrooms

Picture 1 - Use LED lighting on the bathroom mirror.


In a project that uses cabinets with glass doors, the lighting with LED lamps creates an interesting effect above the cabinet and in the lower part, has the function of letting the bench illuminated. The material used for the workbench was the travertine marble with carved vat. On the floor, the porcelanato was the design choice in conjunction with a modern toilet.

Picture 2 - Bathroom planned for couple.


This bathroom has a cabinet with mirror doors, bench with modern stone and double carved vat, so each one can have the own corner for hygiene with their own utensils. Below is a planned wooden furniture with drawers and shelves with baskets. This is another design that uses LED lighting as we have seen above.

Picture 3 - How about a mirror that starts from the floor to the ceiling?


The use of mirrors is an excellent decoration feature to increase the sense of amplitude. In this proposal, the mirror was cut into two pieces, one above the workbench and the other at the bottom, behind the toilet. Here, the highlight is the travertine marble, from the floor to the bench. Detail for wood cabinet with mirrored doors.

Picture 4 - Planned toilet with tablets


This bathroom uses a stone bench with color tone similar to the burnt cement and high pediment. The planned wooden cabinet follows the color white, with doors and a niche to store objects. On the walls, the application of white pottery together with a set of gray pellets, which follow up the box area in a strip.

Picture 5 - Planned bathroom cabinet with large drawer.


A planned bathroom design with white glass panel and dedicated lighting, including an extensive wooden niche for decorative objects. The application of the mirror in this design is interesting, following a vertical strip from the ceiling support cube, with the same width. Below the stone countertop and a cabinet with large drawer with side shelf.

Picture 6 - Planned bathroom cabinet with niche.


A planned luxury bathroom proposal: a bathtub large with exclusive space, glass window to the garden and TV embedded in stone cladding. The space still has two vats, cabinets planned with niches and mirrors in vertical bands from the bench to the ceiling.

Image 7 - Planned bathroom with bathtub.


Image 8 - The tear in the wall forming a niche in the box and in the sink follows the drawing with the pastilles along other walls, taking continuity the proposal

image 8

In this planned bathroom, the hexagonal inserts in black color are the highlight of the decoration. With white grout they stand out even more. To follow the same style, the cabinet with built-in tub follows with black material and metal handles. A decoration solution with few details but a lot of elegance.

Image 9 - Bathroom cabinet planned with glass.


A beautiful modern composition with wood tones, dark gray on the wall and covers on the mirror frame. This bathroom even has a modern bathtub near the window with shutters. The floor lamp and chair are prominent pieces with bold design.

Image 10 - White and beige planned bathroom.


In this bathroom, the material of the stone is modern, with high pediment and continuity on the side with the floor. On the side wall, green beige shades with white grout, in addition to the niche with wooden shelves with 4 compartments. The cabinet with drawers with white material, beautiful square stainless steel handles.

Picture 11 - Enjoy the extension of the bench to insert a single sink with two taps.


For couples who like more hygiene space, this bench has a large white built-in tanks with two taps, one for each member.

Image 12 - White planned bathroom.


White is able to increase the sense of amplitude in the environment. This bathroom utilizes this color feature in any space, from the planned cabinets, countertop stone and walls painting. The lighting project relies on plaster molding and spots.

Figure 13 - When choosing symmetrical drawers, try installing the damper in them.


This planned bathroom design uses the white color throughout the design, from the floor coverings, the bathroom walls and the countertop. The support tank was installed with a modern faucet with straight strokes. To add color, just the wooden baskets and the small potted plants.

Picture 14 - Planned bathroom with bench.


The finish of the concrete that walks the floor and walls leave the environment with a minimalist look, besides having few objects in the decoration, here, only towel racks and a wooden bench, installed all along the wall.

Picture 15 - Planned bathroom with niches.


Another example of a project with few details but with functionality. The wall has a niche in all its extension: with glass in the bench area, allowing the view to the bedroom of the couple and the bathroom area, as support for bath items. Instead of mirrors, the top cabinets were designed with mirrored doors.

Picture 16 - Large bathrooms ask for an extensive workbench with cabinets and drawers.


In this bathroom design, the countertop is extensive with light stones and two supporting tubs. The furniture planned with MDF has a niche with 3 glass shelves, in addition, the furniture has LED spotlights for the environment.

Picture 17 - To leave the bathroom with neutral look, one option is to use the cabinets in gray color.


This proposal has a jovial footprint, with gray cabinets, clear stone bench and subway tiles. With this neutral look, color is added with small decorative objects such as flower pots and toiletries.

Image 18 - Red Planned Bathroom.


For fans of red bathrooms , this project counts on a bench with pediment in the color, in addition, the niche of wall in the area of ​​the box also follows in similar shades. In the decoration, the red should be used with caution and in specific points to not leave the visual heavy or exaggerated.

Picture 19 - Create a geometric effect in the bathroom with a color composition and mirror.


One small detail can make all the difference in the bathroom decor. In this proposal, the cut in the ceramic diagonal allowed another coating with blue paint on the bathroom wall. Note that the same cutout follows the door opening line of the mirrored cabinet.

Image 20 - Planned bathroom with three-dimensional coating.


3D Finish is with everything in decoration! In this design, it was used on one of the inner walls of the bathroom stall, some ceramics already comes with the effect. The decor of the space is clean, with white stone countertops, large support tub and cabinets that follow the same color. At the top, cabinets with sliding sliding doors.

Picture 21 - Planned bathroom with rounded bench.


In a simple planned bathroom with the white color in evidence, the bench with the rounded shape helps to break the rectilinear look of the elements. Note that the plaster finish on the ceiling also follows the same proposal.

Image 22 - Join the functionality and the decoration with furniture that facilitate your day to day.


To have a stylish bathroom, it is necessary to leave the workbench organized, only with necessary items. This design focuses on the beige in its decoration, a detail for the bathroom floor, which follows the model of porcelain tile that imitates wood , adding the rustic effect to the composition.

Image 23 - Modern designed bathroom design.


Leave the colors more saturated for details such as cabinet doors or some architectural element on the wall. This bathroom has a beautiful modern chair, two black support vats according to the cabinet, bathtub and niches with lighting.

Image 24 - Because it is a wet environment, the areas (wall, box and floor) must be covered by impermeable coatings. For those looking for modernity, imitation wood porcelain tiles are a great option.


Porcelain tile that imitates wood can be found with different properties and finishes, some models even faithfully reproduce veins and knots of a real piece of wood. It can be wet and washed like an ordinary, non-damaged porcelain tile, an excellent choice for anyone who wants the wood finish in the bathroom.

Picture 25 - Or for those who look for joviality, the tiles and tiles are with everything in the decoration.


Found with the most varied prints and materials, the tiles and tiles can change the face of a project. Choose a print that suits you, be it a more sober geometric format like this one, or even a colorful or retro version.

Small designed bathrooms

Picture 26 - Provide lightness to your bathroom with an LED ribbon illumination bypassing the mirror.


Small changes can change the face of a bathroom simple decor planned. In this proposal, LED lighting below the mirror leaves the bench highlighted. As a wall and floor coating, the choice was white ceramic. The decorative objects are enough to decorate the bathroom, such as the vase of flowers in copper color and items such as candles, towels and etc.

Image 27 - The location of mirrors makes a difference, always place walls that expand the space.


As we saw earlier, the use of mirrors is a great feature to give the feeling of spaciousness in space. In this project, a large mirror was installed on the wall of the bench, up to the height of the plaster lining. As the space is small, only a few vases add color in this clean environment.

Image 28 - The proposal is to take practicality and keep your bathroom organized.


When planning a small bathroom, each space makes a difference. The furniture design features a sliding shelf in the side cabinet. A practical idea to leave these hidden objects and keep the place organized.

Image 29 - The dark color when applied to the wall in contrast to a light color creates a feeling of depth.


Picture 30 - The side niches offer continuity to the style of the bathroom and still gain an extra space to support sanitary items.


These side niches are the perfect solution for a countertop with little space to dispose of the decorative items, in addition to keeping the workbench well organized. Use creativity and choose from items that please your personal taste.

Picture 31 - Enjoy that dead corner of the bathroom to insert shelves with the function of organizing hygiene items.


In this design, the shelves are joined with the wooden panel in the bathroom stall and are used to store towels and bathrobes. The set of dark inserts were used for both the floor and the wall of the box.

Picture 32 - Decrease the size of your box to insert a cabinet, after all the more space to put the accessories, the better.


This design allows a side space next to the box to have a cabinet with mirrored doors. In it, the resident can store most of the objects in the bathroom, without having to use the countertop cabinet, keeping the place organized.

Image 33 - Use clear glass to extend the visual range of the bathroom area.


Another example of bathroom with clean decoration, where the mirror is used above the countertop and the toilet to keep the look wider, there are still glass shelves to hold vases and candles. The white stone bench has a square support cup and below, niches that store towels and baskets.

Image 34- Enjoy the lateral space to insert invisible cabinets.


Another feature of decor to make the look lighter is the choice of cabinets that do not have their apparent volume. To complete, the ideal is to choose for models without handles.

Image 35 - The sliding main mirror gained a niche on the wall.


Picture 36 - The air cupboard can be inserted into the top of the toilet, where it is often a forgotten space.


Image 37 - Enjoy the air space with shelves to organize basic hygiene items.


Picture 38 - Optimize every bathroom space.


Picture 39 - A full-length mirror is always welcome.


Picture 40 - The floor-to-ceiling mirror leaves the bathroom more sophisticated.


Picture 41 - Light colors favor small bathrooms, they have the ability to reflect light taking a sense of amplitude.


Picture 42 - For a very small bathroom, avoid the use of handles, keeping the cabinet look clean and minimalist.


Picture 43 - The small niche with shelves serves to support decorative objects, taking personality to the bathroom.


Picture 44 - To save space of opening radius, opt for sliding doors in the box.


Picture 45 - To make the bathroom functional, how about making a cabinet with mirrored doors?


Picture 46 - Opt for glass shelves not to weigh in the bathroom look.


Picture 47 - Plan furniture is functional and suits your taste! See the detail of the cabinet that already comes with a space for toilet paper.


Figure 48 - Prioritize mirrors that start from the ceiling to the end of the bench.


Picture 49 - The shelves are great for placing the organizer boxes, keeping the environment organized.


Picture 50 - Nice idea to gain extra space.


Picture 51 - The cabinets with sliding doors save space, besides being much more functional than an opening door.


Picture 52 - Enjoy the end of the cabinets to use as shelves, supporting pots or decorative objects.


Picture 53 - Bathroom of every woman's dreams!


Picture 54 - When making a mirrored niche, a space is gained in the base to support some objects of hygiene.


Picture 55 - Leverage the side of the cabinet to make a hidden niche (they are great for inserting objects that do not need to be exposed).


Image 56 - Mirrors are great allies to enhance the feeling of space, so use mirrored surfaces in the cabinet and extend it along the wall.


Image 57 - The support vats are on the countertop, which gives more space inside the bathroom cabinet.


Image 58 - Leaving the rolled towels takes up less space and leaves the bathroom looking organized.


Image 59 - The furniture with caster is great for taking flexibility in space and use.


Image 60 - Blue Planned Bathroom.


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