Pink Room: 60 projects to inspire you today

The pink bedroom has long been synonymous with a children's room and exclusive for girls, but today we can find decorating ideas that work very well this color in environments for all ages.

In the decoration of a house the room is an environment where one must be very careful in the choices of style and also colors, after all it is in this room that we will have moments of rest and relaxation to recover the energies spent during the day. The color pink is associated with romanticism, youth and the psychology of colors is related to the sensations of care, protection and sensitivity, so it can be a great choice for the room to give a sense of coziness to this environment.

In today's post we'll talk a little bit about the different styles and tones that a pink room can have, with their combinations in a gallery full of images and full of inspirations.

Tones of rose for all styles and occasions

Since 2016, when Rose Quartz was chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, a reference in color cataloging for the industry, the various shades of rose have come back as a trend in interior decoration, whether as a wall cover, furniture and accessories of all kinds.

That's why pink has become no longer a color for children's rooms inspired by dolls or fairy tales, but a different color for contemporary environments as a basic color that can be used with a differentiated palette. For this, lighter shades such as "rose quartz", "millennial rose" and the more closed shades of pink work so as not to leave the environment with a childlike climate and to combine with colors considered more serious like gray, navy blue and help create a more sophisticated environment for adults.

Already more vibrant shades like pink, bring a more youthful and refreshing air to the room, with them turquoise blue, lime green or green flag, canary yellow, orange and red create a tropical and cheerful effect on the decor.

Gallery: 60 pink rooms in different styles

Picture 1 - Room in several shades of pink: from the wall to the bed linen in a successful combination.

Room in several shades of pink

Picture 2 - The pastel pink in an environment that follows the contemporary tendencies.

The pastel pink in an environment that follows the contemporary trends

Picture 3 - Pink and white in a super organic marbled effect on the wall: experiment with wallpaper or a work in paints.

Pink and white in a super organic marbled effect on the wall

Picture 4 - Rosinha well erased for baby room: delicate and quiet environment to guarantee the comfort.

Rosinha well erased for baby room

Picture 5 - For a touch of daring in the pink room: pink wall in textured wallpaper.

For a touch of boldness in the pink room

Picture 6 - Quarto Rosa Millennial: the color that is the trend of the last years and its interactions with green, gold and blue.

Rose Millennial Room

Picture 7 - Room pink for children: wallpaper with rose off-white as background for a geometric pattern.

Pink children's room

Picture 8 - Pink and white room: idea of ​​a room in minimal style with low bed and a super interesting striped wall painting.

Pink and white bedroom

Picture 9 - Room rosinha for who wants to attract much light to a super charming, delicate interior and full of small plants.

Pink room for those who want to attract lots of light for a super charming interior

Picture 10 - Old rose, white and golden for a contemporary decoration in boho chic style

Antique rose, white and gold for contemporary boho chic

Picture 11 - Match the rose with other warm colors to a room full of attitude and personality

Match the rose with other warm colors

Picture 12 - Pink and white pink room for children and young people: decoration based on the world of Barbie dolls

Pink and white pink room for children and young people

Picture 13 - Shades of light pink in the room to distribute the light in an environment with low natural light and a ceiling decorated with a special wallpaper

Light pink tones in the room to distribute light in low light environment

Picture 14 - Pink wallpaper to apply also on the doors of your wardrobe!

Wallpaper pink

Picture 15 - Contemporary light pink bedroom: Rose Millennial composition with rose gold!

Contemporary light pink room

Picture 16 - Pink and gray bedroom for baby: in addition to white, gray works very well as base and neutral color to be combined with colorful tones

Pink and gray bedroom for baby

Picture 17 - Room with wooden wall panel with antique rose finish.

Wood-paneled bedroom with antique rose finish

Picture 18 - Pink in its light and earthy tones as a perfect complement to a darker and full of personality

Pink in its light and earthy tones as a perfect complement to a darker and more personality-filled environment

Picture 19 - Pink and Blue Room: Turn these colors often considered opposite in a perfect combination for a quiet and super comfortable environment.

Pink and blue room

Picture 20 - To bring a more tropical mood to the room, the rose is a perfect choice of warm and clear color to serve as background or base for your composition.

Rose as background

Picture 21 - Pink rose bedroom and other vibrant colors: if you choose a stronger color to serve as background on the walls, keep the pattern of colors strong also in the composition of accessories and furniture.

Pink pink bedroom and other vibrant colors

Picture 22 - Children's room in soft colors: pink, lilac and red leave the environment delicate as in fairy tales.

Children's room in soft colors

Picture 23 - Choose lighter shades for a more classic decor and based on the castles of the princesses.

Choose lighter shades for more classic décor

Picture 24 - White and pink wall painting with geometric jigs brings a more relaxed and fun mood to the room

White and pink wall painting with geometric jigs

Picture 25 - On a neutral background, go inserting elements in shades of pink in the decoration and even in the color of the furniture of support.

Tones of rose in the decoration

Picture 26 - Light pink as a basic color to match with very colorful in yellow, blue, green and red in various shades for a young room full of personality and fun.

Light pink as a basic color

Image 27 - Light pink in an ambiance with light blue: bet on the combination of decorative elements and accessories.

Light pink in a light blue setting

Image 28 - Room based on the technique of patchwork : Choose flowery prints in various colors with pink flowers to maintain compositional unity.

Patchwork based bedroom

Picture 29 - The baby pink works not only with light colors, but also with darker shades, like wood.

Baby pink with light colors

Picture 30 - Pink and Red: In the same color palette, these tones commonly used to symbolize love create a stylish ambiance with a gray and white background.

Pink and red bedroom

Picture 31 - Pink and violet for those who want a darker style without giving up the delicacy in the room.

Pink and violet bedroom

Picture 32 - Pink room in a contemporary style and two-color wall.

Pink room with two-color wall

Picture 33 - Pink pink room: use this color on the wall and accessories to create a decorative unit in the room.

Pink bedroom pink

Image 34 - Rosé peach to give a youthful look and cool in this room of minimalist trends.

Peach Rosé

Picture 35 - Clean style with off-white rose and gray in a tone of ice to leave the monotony of the white.

Room with clean style

Image 36 - Room with bathtub in earthy tones.

Room with bathtub in earthy tones

Image 37 - Vibrant pink gives another mood to the room.

Vibrant pink to the bedroom

Picture 38 - Use other colors in light tones to match the delicacy of the rosé in the children's room.

Light shades in the room

Image 39 - Inserting plants or leafy arrangements in a predominantly pink environment creates a tropical contrast.

Arrangement with plants

Picture 40 - In addition to white, you can combine the pink color of the walls in the baby room with the woody tones.

Pink baby room with woody tones

Image 41 - Pink bedroom in a young mood with neon lamp.

Pink bedroom in a young mood

Picture 42 - In children's room, you can insert the rose in the accessories or auxiliary decoration like the bed linen.

Pink in the accessories

Picture 43 - Pink panel on the bed wall calling all colors.

Pink panel on the bed wall

Image 44 - Colorful bedside blending with the millennial pink color of the wall.

Colorful headboard

Picture 45 - Pink room with prints on the wallpaper, ceiling and floor.

Pink room from wall to floor

Picture 46 - You can create an environment in the mood of the fairy tales with a delicate rose shade on the walls and ceiling.

Fairy Tales in the Pink Room

Picture 47 - Create a romantic mood for your room in a blend of light tones and other beige tones.

Romantic room

Picture 48 - Give depth to a room with white paint inserting a darker shade on the background wall.

White paint in bedroom

Picture 49 - Pink floral wallpapers (especially those inspired by the Japanese cherry trees) work very well in rooms for young people.

Pink floral wallpaper in bedroom

Image 50 - Environment conjugated with unit of color: use several shades of pink in furniture, accessories and finishes.

Environment coupled with color unit

Picture 51 - Choosing two shades of the same color as the protagonists of the room helps to create an interesting effect between the background and the accessories.

Interesting effect!

Picture 52 - Children's room designed doll house type with pink as the main color.

Planned child's room

Picture 53 - Striped tie-dye style wall in warm and vibrant tones to raise the astral of the room.

Tie-dye style wall

Picture 54 - Bedroom with a very light pink paint that can almost be mistaken for beige.

Room with a very light pink paint

Picture 55 - Room light pink and dark blue in a contrast of colors.

Light pink and dark blue bedroom in contrasting colors

Image 56 - Pink bedroom in boho chic style with vibrant colors and many patterns.

Pink bedroom in boho chic style

Picture 57 - For the retro style a very light pink tone, like the raw tones, can be a good option to maintain the neutrality of the environment.

For the retro style a very light rose shade

Picture 58 - In the baby room these raw tones, in addition to neutrality, can also be used to create a calm climate.

Raw tones

Image 59 - Pink and blue bedroom in vibrant tones in a relaxed and fun combination.

Pink and blue bedroom in vibrant tones

Picture 60 - Another boho chic style room with combination in shades of pink and blue and various graphic patterns.

Another boho chic room

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