Pallet pool: creative ideas and how to make your

Ever thought of having a pool at home spending around $ 500? This is perfectly possible if you opt for a pallet pool. Yes, the same pallet used to make furniture and a hundred crafts can also be used to make pools. They are cheap, versatile and sustainable. Now there is no excuse for not having a pool at home.

And best of all, you can build the pool yourself in the good old-fashioned "Do It Yourself" style. With a simple step by step (which we'll have to teach here) your pool will be beautiful and ready for the summer.

There are several models of pallet pools that can be made. The most common are high, built above ground. This model allows the creation of a high deck to accompany the pool, leaving the look even more beautiful.

Pallet pools can be round, square, oval or oval and in the size you desire. Usually, the inside of them is made of canvas. But there are also models with swimming pools made of plastic, fiber or masonry lined pallet. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on the project.

No matter the size or the way your pool is built, the pallet will always value the environment where it is inserted, giving a rustic and cozy atmosphere to the house.

Check out now how to make a pallet pool and then beautiful designs images ready for you to get inspired. And if you want, see other ideas with pallets like sofas , panels , beds and racks .

Step by step to make a simple pallet pool

List the materials you need to start making your pool:

  • 10 pallets;
  • Varnish or stain;
  • Towels, sheets and cloths;
  • Nails, screws, hammer and drill;
  • Strap with ratchet to secure the frame;
  • Two large polyethylene tarpaulins (plus or minus 5mx4m);
  • Strong adhesive tape;
  • Water to fill the pool;

Now check out the step-by-step

  1. Before starting, make sure that the ground where the pool will be assembled does not have any sharp objects or elevations. It is advisable to give a "fluff" on the ground to ensure that no stone or other object harms the pool
  2. Once done, prepare the pallets by sanding them and passing two to three coats of varnish or stain. This step is important to ensure the durability and strength of the material
  3. The next step is already assembling the pool. Begin by lining the floor with one of the polythene tarpaulins. Next, attach some pallets and fasten them with nails and screws so that they are securely attached to each other
  4. After attaching all the pallets to one another, reinforce the structure using ratchet straps for loading;
  5. Wrap the entire interior of the pool with rags and sheets that are not used or are already well beaten. Whatever you have at home, the important thing is to ensure that the swimming pool tarp does not come into contact with any rough surface
  6. Take the other polyethylene tarp and throw it over, securing it to the pallets with a strong adhesive tape
  7. Finish the top with wooden boards or whatever you prefer
  8. Finally, fill the pool with water. Now it's just fun!

Inspire yourself with beautiful designs of pallet pools

Picture 1 - Pallet pool with deck and bamboo flooring.

Pallet pool with deck

The round plastic pool gained a pallet deck, allowing access through the top of the pool. The sides were lined with bamboo. A beautiful project to enjoy nature.

Picture 2 - Metal staircase gives access to the swimming pool; the umbrella inside the pool lets you escape a little from the heat.

Metal staircase gives access to the pool

Picture 3 - Pallet pool with wooden deck.

Pallet pool with wooden deck

Picture 4 - Elevated pallet pool.

Pallet raised pool

The pallet pool built above the floor allows the use of a deck which, in addition to being very charming, is also super useful for separating the pool area from the rest of the yard

Picture 5 - Pallet pool with very rustic look.

Pallet pool with a very rustic look

Picture 6 - Remember to reinforce the structure of the pool so that it can be used without worry.

Pallet pool

Image 7 - Pallet deck on the side of the pool.

Deck on the side of the pool

If you already have a large plastic pool at home, it is even easier to apply the idea of ​​the pallets in it. In this image, for example, the pallet side structure works just like a deck, leaving the entire pool exposed.

Picture 8 - Large pallet pool made with canvas.

Large pallet pool made with canvas

Picture 9 - Pool of square pallet.

Square pallet pool

Picture 10 - Even in the pool, the pallets show their versatility.

Versatility of pallets in the pool

In this project, the edges of the pallet pool turned into a flower bed. Once again, the pallets displaying all their versatility

Image 11 - Pallet pool allows you to enjoy the country house even more.

Pallet pool for country house

Picture 12 - In larger swimming pools it is important to use filters to guarantee water quality.

Filter in large pallet pool

Picture 13 - One swimming pool, two decks.

Two deck pool decks

This project has two decks. The first on the ground, leads to the pool ladder. Already the second deck was built from the structure of the pool. Which one do you prefer?

Image 14 - Fiber pools can also be lined with pallets; they get a rustic feel.

Pallet coated fiber pool

Picture 15 - Pool halfway: one half was buried in the ground, the other half was raised and gained a pallet coating.

Swimming Pool Pallet Coating

Picture 16 - Small, but perfect for moments of leisure.

Small pallet pool

Pallet pools are fully adaptable to the size of the area you have available. So do not worry about space.

Picture 17 - Perfect for a sunny day.

Pallet pool for sunny day

Picture 18 - Masonry pool coated with pallet.

Masonry pool lined with pallet

Image 19 - Plan your pool the way you want.

Plan your pool the way you want it

Rectangular, round or square. No matter the format, as long as it brings good moments of fun for the family. The pool of this image was built in the only place available and it was perfect. To complete the finish, potted plants were added on the sides of the pool.

Image 20 - Lights on the deck to enjoy the pool at night.

Lights on the deck to enjoy the pool at night

Picture 21 - Octagonal pool is one of the simplest to be built with pallets.

Octagonal pallet pool

Image 22 - Luxury and refinement in the pallet pool.

Pallet pool: creative ideas and how to make your

How about using cascades to sophisticate the pallet pool? The idea proves that it is possible to blend styles and trends to achieve a spectacular end result.

Picture 23 - With the pallet pool it is possible to customize all measures, from height to length.

Pallet pool with customizable height

Image 24 - A pool that looks more like a pit.

Oboe style pool

Image 25 - Small deck gives access to a pool of pallets.

Small deck for access to the pallet pool

This project shows how the pallet pool is something simple and easy to do. Once finished, you can choose the type of finish you want.

Figure 26 - Use heavy-duty tarps for the pallet pool.

Resistant canvas for pallet pool

Image 27 - Pallet pool with filter and cleaning system.

Pallet pool with filter and cleaning system

Image 28 - Pallet structure ready to receive the pool.

Pallet structure ready to receive the pool

If your idea is to assemble a pool of square pallets, watch this structure closely. In it, you notice how the pallets were united and how the structure is before receiving the canvas.

Picture 29 - Orange wood boards give the final finish to the pool of pallets.

Finishing with orange planks in the pallet pool

Picture 30 - Pallets cater for all tastes and pockets.

Pallets for all tastes and pockets

Picture 31 - Empty the pool periodically to clean the canvas.

Pallet pool with canvas

Image 32 - Painting the pallets with varnish or stain ensures greater durability and strength of the material.

Pallet painting with varnish

Picture 33 - For the little ones, a mini pallet pool.

Mini pallet pool

Image 34 - If you can, invest in a deck.

Pallet pool with deck

The deck marks the wet area of ​​the backyard and allows people to better enjoy the pool. So consider lovingly having a deck attached to the pool, even if it is not as large as the picture.

Image 35 - Dark varnish gave a more cozy tone to the pallet pool.

Pallet pool with dark varnish

Image 36 - Around the pool, a garden.

Around the pool, a garden

Image 37 - Pallet pool with whirlpool.

Pallet pool with whirlpool

It is possible to sophisticate the design of the pallet pool and even use hydromassage jets. This one in the photo is more like an ovoid, but larger pools can also benefit from the

Image 38 - Barbecue and swimming pool: preferred combination of Brazilians.

Pallet pool next to barbecue

Image 39 - Simple pallet pool to brighten sunny days.

Single pallet pool

Picture 40 - And what about this idea?

Indoor pallet pool

If you love swimming and want to make use of it at any time of year, you can bet on that idea. A simple plastic cover already provides protection for rainy and windy days. If you want to go further, consider heating the water.

Image 41 - Where has swimming pool has fun.

Pallet pool in the garden

Image 42 - To accompany the style of the pool, the ladder was also made of pallet.

Ladder in the pallet pool

Picture 43 - There are no limits to the size of the pallet pool.

Large size of pallet pool

Picture 44 - And what about a chubby model?

Round pool model pallet

Image 45 - To avoid getting your feet dirty before entering the pool, use the path of stones.

Stone path to pallet pool

Image 46 - Sticks around the pallet pool.

Pebbles around the pallet pool

To avoid contact of water with the earth, this project used pebbles. So the water does not get dirty.

Picture 47 - To strengthen the structure of the pallet pool, use metal feet.

Metal feet in the pallet pool

Picture 48 - Water filter on the outside ensures the pool water always clean.

Filter for pallet pool

Image 49 - Finishing with canvas.

Pallet pool with canvas finish

The very canvas that lines the pool was used as a finish for the edges of the pool. An option to save even more on the project.

Picture 50 - In the simplest and most luxurious houses, the pallet is always welcome.

Simple pallet pool for home

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