Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration

The use of wooden pallets is an increasingly popular choice when it comes to decorating the environment: it is a reuse material, its cost is very low, and can be found in open markets, markets and commercial establishments. Due to the popularization and the great demand, it can be a little more difficult to find pallets in good condition and in this case, the best choice is by direct purchase of the material, ranging from $ 15 to $ 40 per piece. In this article, we cover the choice of pallet headboards, their advantages, ideas and how to install step by step in your room.

The task of installing a pallet as bed headboard can be simple, varying according to the desired style. However, when handling the part, follow these recommendations:

Essential Tips When Treating a Pallet Piece

To get started, pay attention to the features of the part you bought or found:


  • Sanding : The wood of the pallet used may contain barbs and traces of the use in its fibers, so the importance of sanding the part well to leave it uniform and smooth. If you watch for moisture, with use, pallet parts may exhibit this condition: expose to the sun and allow it to dry completely.
  • Apply varnish : To protect and increase the durability of the part, apply the lacquer of your choice to finish and shine. The varnish may require more than one coat, expect to dry and sand again between applications.
  • Or paint the piece : to avoid the traditional finish of the wood, whether natural or with varnish, the option is to apply specific paint of wood with the color of your preference. In this case, enjoy the choice to have a piece in harmony with the decoration of the room.
  • Remove imperfections : After assembling, screwing and securing the part to the environment, apply the wood correction mass to these points: a small detail that finishes and corrects these holes.

About the pallet headboard

The pallet can be found with different types of wood such as mahogany, pine and oak and it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of each of them. Among the most common styles are: the use of the entire piece, only fixed to the wall. The dismantling of the pallets to form a panel, there is worth picking up different slats of different species, cutting and forming an irregular set with the pieces, avoiding the geometric format. When painting, you can give a vintage finish to the piece with just one coat of paint, leaving some of the color of the material still apparent.

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40 creative ideas from pallet bedside and step by step tutorial

The options to use in the decoration are different and to facilitate your understanding, we gathered 40 creative ideas of headboards with the material:

Picture 1 - A versatile item in the decoration, the pallet headboard is a simple solution to decorate the corner of the room.

Room with single pallet headboard

Reuse and sustainability is one of the strengths of using pallets in the decoration. In the bedroom, this solution is perfect for those who have a box type bed and do not want a upholstered headboard or fabric. In this solution, only one large piece is fixed to the wall, remember to treat the wood with sandpaper, sealant or varnish.

Picture 2 - Add charm and a rustic touch with the head of pallet.

All the charm of a bedroom decor with a pallet headboard

The use of pallets is part of the cheap decoration and accessible and the wood brings a touch of rusticity to any environment. In this example, a charming corner with bedside table, vase and decorative objects and of course, an elegant bed linen.

Picture 3 - Painting the pallet part is a practical and versatile choice.

Pallet head painted white

The great advantage of pallet painting is the wide range of color palettes that can be employed, suiting the decoration of the room, as well as the personal taste of the residents. After choosing a piece of pallet, just treat it with sandpaper, then apply the appropriate paint to wood. Choose your favorite color!

Picture 4 - Disassemble the pallet and fit the pieces as panel.

Panel fixed as pallet headboard

To escape the traditional geometric shape of the piece, it is possible to disassemble the pallet and take advantage of the slats of the wood to mount a panel fixed to the wall. In this example, the parts are fitted in an irregular shape, with a different height for each of them. Use a saw to cut according to the desired size.

Picture 5 - Great for a simple and economic decoration.

Single room with bedside table

Picture 6 - Charming room with bedside of pallet.

Charming room with a pallet bed

Picture 7 - Add lighting!

Pallet headboard with light

Important for those who enjoy a good reading and even to have a more pleasant and suitable lighting at night: the articulated washers for headboards can be installed and fixed to the wood.

Picture 8 - A touch of charm for a clean decoration.

Headboard highlighted in room with clean decor.

In this room with predominantly neutral colors, the headboard can be the focal point with the details of the wood.

Picture 9 - With slats of different pieces of pallet.

Pallet slats

Another idea is to join slats of different pieces of pallet, each with its coloring and treatment characteristics.

Picture 10 - Room with decoration in the beach style.

Beach-style room

Picture 11 - With neutral visual allied to wall painting.

With neutral visual allied to wall painting

This is another interesting artifice in the use of the pallet headboard: in this design, the wall receives paint with tone similar to the color of the wood, leaving a more neutral look to the headboard.

Picture 12 - With irregular painting.

Headboard with irregular paint

The differentiation of each piece of wood with the painting is a way to bring dynamism to the composition and to have an exclusive and differentiated piece in your room.

Image 13 - Highlight even in narrow environments.

Highlight even in narrow environments

Image 14 - Customize with the color of your choice.

Marine blue pallet headboard

For a style more aimed at the decoration navy, the choice was given by the painting of the piece in navy blue.

Image 15 - A panel applied to a narrow wall.

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration

In rooms with windows near the bed, the use of a traditional model may not be the most appropriate. This example shows the use of slats according to the width of the wall.

Picture 16 - A model softer.

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration 1

In this room, the choice of headboard with the material has reduced dimensions, accompanying the height of the bed.

Image 17 - Highlight the wood with contrast paint.

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration 2

To highlight the pallet wood, the choice of wall painting was given by the black color, keeping the headboard in evidence!

Picture 18 - A rustic touch for the decoration of the room

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration 3

Picture 19 - In the traditional style with natural finish.

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration 4

Picture 20 - Double room with bedside of pallet.

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration 5

Picture 21 - Customize the headboard with drawings or stickers.

Headboard with stickers

Image 22 - Pallet headboard with illumination through washers.

Headboard with washers

Picture 23 - Simple pallet headboard for double room.

Single pallet headboard for double bedroom

Picture 24 - Room with headboard fixed to the wall.

Bedroom with wall mounted headboard

In this proposal, the headboard is fixed to the wall, at the height of the bed, according to the dimensions of the pallet piece.

Picture 25 - Environment with neutral decoration, bed of wood and bedside in the material.

Environment with neutral decoration

Picture 26 - Add the functionality of the bedside table!

Add the functionality of the bedside table

In this piece of pallet, a wooden slat was installed at the height of the bed that has the functionality of the pillows, as well as objects and lamps.

Picture 27 - Decoration around the bed!

Decoration around the bed

Enjoy the headboard and use it as a support for decorative items. This room was a lot more fun with a wooden mural and pictures.

Image 28 - Simple pallet headboard for bedroom.

Simple pallet headboard

Picture 29 -

Pallet headboard: 40 creative ideas to use the item in the decoration

Picture 30 - Floor to ceiling!

Headboard from floor to ceiling!

Figure 31 - With entire pieces of material, joined side by side.

Whole pieces of material side by side

Picture 32 - A simple option to decorate your room in a practical and cheap way.

A simple option to decorate your room in a practical and cheap way

Picture 33 - Add adornments and decorative objects to personalize the item.

Headboard with ornaments and decorative objects

Image 34 - A panel with different slats of wood.

Panel with different slats of wood

Picture 35 - A model with the most rustic style for the room.

A model with the most rustic style for the bedroom

Image 36 - Edges cut and installed irregularly.

Shingles cut and installed irregularly

Image 37 - All the charm of the light wire to increase the decoration.

All the charm of the light wire to increase the decoration

Image 38 - Another model with panel from floor to ceiling.

Other model with floor-to-ceiling panel

Picture 39 - You can mount a large wooden panel.

You can assemble a large wooden panel

Image 40 - Light pallet head: detail for the small washers fixed to the piece.

Pallet headboard with light

How to make a simple pallet headboard step by step

There are a myriad of ways to mount a pallet headboard, however, we will deal with the most practical model to install, the one with the entire piece attached to the wall. This tutorial of Dadica channel explains from the sandpaper, the application of the varnish and the fixation on the wall to a single bed:

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