Pallet cabinet: the most amazing ideas and how to make your

We have already brought inspiration from pallet sofas , pallet beds , pallet benches and even pallet pools . But today's tip is the pallet cabinets. You will see in this post how it is possible to use these wooden slats for making cabinets for various environments of the house.

The pallets are big darlings of the current decor. With them it is possible to make a huge variety of useful, functional and very beautiful pieces for home. But it is not only why they are so successful. The pallets are up for the concept of sustainability that they print in the environment and because they fit in the most diverse styles of decoration.

Want more reasons? Well, the pallets are very inexpensive, making the project much more financially viable, and still has that DIY footprint - Do It Yourself - that has been super fashionable lately, that is, you can do it easily and quickly crafts with pallets.

The pallets are very durable and durable, since they were originally manufactured to aid in the transportation of heavy loads in logistics companies, factories and shops. Only after they no longer serve for industry and commerce that the pallets are discarded, being able to be reused for the creation of furniture and other crafts.

However, if you are not too keen to go out looking for pallets for donation you can buy a new one. The average price of a pallet is $ 20. In addition to the pallet, you will also need sawdust, nails, screws and some paint for the final finish, which can be varnish or latex.

We have selected three tutorial videos with step by step models of different pallet cabinet. Check out and transform the look of your home in a simple, cheap and stylish way:

Step by Step Bathroom Cabinet Pallet

See in this step by step how simple it is to make a pallet cupboard with a mirror for the bathroom. Besides functional, it helps to decorate and give that rustic touch to the environment. The option of the Hand Made Channel was to finalize the furniture with application of patina, but you can give the finish that you prefer. Follow the video.

How to make a sink counter with pallets

Did you get tired of that sink cabinet in your kitchen? How about investing in a new model all made of pallets? And you can do it for yourself. Check out this video tutorial with the complete step-by-step of how to make sink counter with pallets and try to make there in your home too.

Step by step multipurpose pallet cupboard / shelf

A multipurpose cabinet model is always welcome. You can make and use it wherever and however you want. Watch this video tutorial and see how simple and quick to have one of these for you to organize your things and decorate your home.

50 models and ideas of pallet cabinets for you to be inspired by the creation

Check out other beautiful inspirations from pallet cupboards to the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. Enjoy and begin to imagine how one of them would look in the decoration of your house:

Picture 1 - Kitchen with pallet furniture .

Kitchen with pallet furniture

Picture 2 - Basin of sink with drawers: everything in pallet.

Washbasin with washbasin cabinet

Picture 3 - Wardrobe of pallets with door: simple but extremely functional model.

Pallet wardrobe with door

Picture 4 - Personalized pallet closet: the advantage of the pallet is the possibility to customize it and leave it any way you want.

Custom pallet cabinet

Picture 5 - Multipurpose cabinet of pallets: an open part, another closed

Multipurpose pallet cupboard

This tall cabinet was all built with pieces of pallet. The option was to darken the wood with varnish, leaving with more rustic finish. The shelves can be placed at any time you wish.

Picture 6 - For a more stripped-down look, leave the pallets the way you found them.

For a more stripped-down look, leave the pallets the way you found them

Picture 7 - Cabinet of pallet for dining room: contrast between the delicacy of the white and the rustic of the wood of the pallets.

Pallet cupboard for dining room

Picture 8 - Cabinet of bathroom made of pallet with application of patina.

Bathroom cabinet made of pallet

Picture 9 - Since it will make the cabinets of pallet, complement the decoration using shelves.

Kitchen cabinets and pallet racks

Picture 10 - Doors and drawers of the cabinet of pallet.

Pallet cabinet doors and drawers

With a little more experience in joinery you can make a pallet wardrobe with doors and drawers, like the one in the picture. Stripped parts, different sizes and colors are the positive differential of this part.

Image 11 - Kitchen with pallet furniture.

Kitchen with pallet furniture

Picture 12 - Simple cabinet of pallet to be used in the room, like support next to the sofa.

Simple pallet cupboard to be used in the room

Image 13 - Pallet cupboard with drawers.

Pallet cupboard with drawers

Image 14 - A whole kitchen of pallets? Yes, it is possible!

A whole kitchen of pallets? Yes, it is possible

Image 15 - Uncomplicate the decoration with the pallets.

Uncomplicate the decoration with the pallets

In this room, the proposal was to use the pallets as a base for the closed cabinet and the shelves just below. The retro and rustic style is present in the decoration with the use of colors and iron finishes. In short, an unpretentious and full of personality.

Image 16 - Slats of pallets, a hinge and some nails are enough to build a simple cabinet like this.

Pallet slats, hinges and nails

Image 17 - Room of collective use bet on the cabinets of pallet to decorate and organize belongings.

Pallet cabinet in a collective room

Picture 18 - A touch of color on the doors of the pallet cabinet.

A touch of color on the doors of the pallet cupboard

Image 19 - Clothes pallet with door, clothes rack and shelves.

Pallet guard with door

Image 20 - Kitchen cabinet made with pallets; note that the handles with a more modern design take away some of the rustic effect of the material.

Kitchen cabinet made with pallets

Picture 21 - Already in this kitchen, the option was not to use handle of the cabinet of pallets.

Pallet cabinet in the kitchen without handles

Cabinet for sink, tower with drawers for the oven, shelves and an island. Everything done with pallets. You could see the versatility of this material, did not you? Highlight for the absence of handles that helps make the furniture more modern.

Image 22 - Want to give a touch of modernity and sophistication to the pallet cabinet? Paint it in black.

Pallet cabinet painted black

Picture 23 - Cabinet of kitchen of pallet inside and out.

Pallet kitchen cabinet inside and out

This kitchen cabinet was made with pallets inside and out. Remember to waterproof the wood so that it will not suffer from possible moisture problems, common in environments such as kitchen and bathroom.

Picture 24 - Fruit bowl of pallet in the style of grandma's house: with cloth curtain and wicker baskets.

Grandma's pallet fruit bowl

Image 25 - Pallets beyond the closet.

Pallets beyond the closet

In this room, the pallets were used in the wardrobe, in the chest and in the plaque that decorates the wall. In each of the pieces, a different finish was used: patina in the wardrobe, white painting in the chest and varnish in the plaquinha. A good way to compare each style in the same environment.

Picture 26 - Cabinet of pallet with plate door of eucatex.

Pallet cupboard with eucatex plate door

Picture 27 - Rustic and retro divide the same cabinet of pallet.

Rustic and retro divide the same cabinet of pallet

Image 28 - Multipurpose pallet cupboard with sliding doors.

Multipurpose pallet cupboard with sliding doors

Picture 29 - The doors can have a different effect, like those of the image, in which the slats were fixed in the diagonal.

The doors may have a different effect, such as those of the image, in which the slats were fixed diagonally

Picture 30 - Cabinet of pallet with glass doors.

Pallet cabinet with glass doors

Pure charm, this wall cabinet. Although small it is well divided allowing a good accommodation of the objects. The patina effect leaves the cabinet with a more delicate and soft effect.

Picture 31 - Cabinet of pallet: modernity of gray contrasted with the rustic tone of wood of pallets.

Pallet cabinet in contrast

Image 32 - Pallet cabinet: the solution you need to keep your tools organized and out of sight

Pallet cabinet: the solution you need to keep your tools organized

Picture 33 - And what do you think of organizing the toilet paper in a pallet cabinet like that?

Organize the toilet papers in a pallet cabinet

Image 34 - Pallet cupboard with blue patina finish door.

Pallet cabinet with blue patina finish door

Picture 35 - Cabinet of pallet in style dresser.

Pallet cabinet style dresser

Another possibility of pallet made furniture is this room rack. The shelves and the door allow you to organize and decorate the room. Highlight the neutral colors of the slats that form the door of the furniture, creating a color effect without weighing visually.

Image 36 - Pallets help make this kitchen more rustic and cozy.

Rustic kitchen with pallet cupboard

Image 37 - Different bar.

Pallet bar

Image 38 - Glass doors allow you to expose the objects you want.

Pallet cupboard with glass doors

Image 39 - Want to maintain the natural look of the pallets? It's all right!

Natural-looking pallet cupboard

It is okay to maintain the natural look of the pallets if it matches the style of your home. But it is important to sanitize the parts with a mixture of water, bleach and neutral detergent. This way you avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that may be on pallets, especially those that are being reused.

Picture 40 - Cabinet of sink made of pallets with wooden bench.

Wooden countertop and pallet cabinets in the kitchen

Picture 41 - Cabinet of bathroom made with pallets: black paint left the furniture more sophisticated, without losing the rusticity.

Pallet Bathroom Cabinet

Picture 42 - American kitchen made entirely of pallets; natural color of the slats was kept to leave the rustic environment.

American kitchen of pallet

Picture 43 - Black and white kitchen with pallet cupboard.

Black and white kitchen with pallet cupboard

Picture 44 - Pallet / stand cabinet: a simple and practical idea for you to store your drinks.

Simple and practical idea to store your drinks with pallet

Picture 45 - Between an open cupboard and an open cupboard, opt for both.

Closed and closed pallet closet

In this kitchen, there are two options of cabinet for you to choose: one closed, where is the sink and another open, next to. And for each cabinet a different top too. Over the sink, a granite top and over the open cupboard, the top is glass. But if you prefer, use both.

Picture 46 - Class of Snoopy decorates the door of this cabinet of pallet.

Pallet cabinet door

Picture 47 - For pallet fans, an entire kitchen made with the material.

All kitchen made of pallet with cupboards

Image 48 - Gourmet kitchen with pallet countertops.

Gourmet kitchen with pallet countertop

Image 49 - Pallet / dresser cabinet for a special corner.

Pallet cupboard for a special corner

A cabinet like this, made of pallet, leaves any corner of the house more cozy and beautiful. You can take advantage of the idea to make a mini bar, a coffee corner or simply enjoy the space of the mobile to display your best bibs.

Picture 50 - Under the rails: leave the pallet furniture more sophisticated using sliding doors.

Pallet cupboard with sliding doors

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