Pallet Bench: See 60 creative ideas with photos and step-by-step

The main function of pallets is to assist in the loading of heavy loads in factories, markets and logistics companies. However, with the need for reuse of materials, the pallets have gained a new function and have become synonymous with sustainable decoration, becoming a trend in interior decoration. Learn more about the pallet bank:

Nowadays it is possible to find the most diverse objects made with these wooden slats, from beds to swimming pools. But in today's post we will focus attention on a very useful and important mobile for homes, businesses and businesses. We're talking about the pallet banks.

And if you are thinking that pallet benches only cater for rustic style decor is cheating. The material can be used in different decoration proposals, you simply adapt the colors and the shape of the bench to the style that most matches your home.

Pallet benches are very simple to make. But it is also possible to buy a ready, if you prefer. On the internet, the price of a pallet bank is around R $ 300.00. If the intention is to make one at home, this value reduces significantly, especially because you can get the main raw material for free. The higher cost will possibly be with the cushions that usually accompany the seat. But they can also be made at home.

Keep following the post that we will teach you how to make a pallet bank and present you very original ideas of benches made with this material. To start a very simple step-by-step how to make a pallet bench to use indoors, in the garden or wherever else you want:

Materials needed to make a pallet bank

  • 01 pallet in the measure of 1,30 x 1,00;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Hammer;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Ink;
  • Paint roller;
  • Brush;
  • Screws;
  • Hinges;
  • Cushions in the colors and prints that you prefer;

Begin by dividing the pallet into three parts, one larger for the backrest, one slightly smaller for the seat, and the other for the footrest. After splitting, sand and paint the desired color on all parts of the pallet.

Wait for it to dry, and then use the hinges to secure the seat to the part that will be used as the feet. Use a screwdriver to make it easier to work, but if you do not have the hinges can be fixed manually. After the seat and front foot are secured, do the same procedure to secure the seat on the backrest.

Once all the pieces are fixed, the bench is almost ready. You can enhance the look and functionality of it by installing casters on the foot for easy movement.

To finish, put a upholstery on the seat and two cushions on the backrest. The suggestion is to use cheetah cloth, but you can use the fabric and the colors you want. Now yes! The bank is ready for use.

Step by step how to make pallet bank

Check out the video below and see the final result of this step by step:

60 models and pallet bank ideas to inspire

See how easy it is to make a pallet bank? Now that you've learned, check out some creative ideas from pallet banks for you to try as well:

Picture 1 - Black pillows give a touch of sophistication to the pallet banks; note that the coffee table was also made of a pallet.

Pallet bench with black cushions

Picture 2 - A creative and very cool idea: the base of this pallet bench is made with plant pots, which in addition to supporting the bank still contribute to the decoration of the space.

Bank of pallet with potted plants

Picture 3 - Double functional: besides bench, this pallet structure still serves as a shoe rack.

Pallet bench as shoe rack

Picture 4 - Here, the pallets were used only in the upper part of the bank.

Used top pallets

Picture 5 - Bank of pallets with cushions; the go under the bank stores organizer baskets.

Pallet bench with cushions

Picture 6 - Pallet bench with casters; the natural color enhances the rustic look of the furniture.

Pallet bench with casters

Picture 7 - Comfortable and comfortable pallet benches for poolside enjoyment; wooden spool tables complement the proposal.

Comfortable and spacious pallet bench

Picture 8 - Pallet bench decorating the balcony of the apartment.

Pallet bench decorating the balcony of the apartment

Picture 9 - This pallet bench received a layer of skates on the seat.

Pallet bench with patina layer

Picture 10 - Pallet bench with metal base; in this environment the pallets are used up in the wall decoration.

Pallet bench with metal base

Image 11 - Two stacked pallets form this bench; the white cushions complete the furniture and harmonize with the rest of the décor.

Two pallets stacked on this bench / sofa

Picture 12 - entrance hall decorated with bank of pallets.

Entrance hall with pallet benches

Picture 13 - Rustic style kitchen won two pallet benches under the bench; notice that the colors of the seat are the same as the rest of the kitchen.

Rustic kitchen with pallet benches

Figure 14 - The side of this pallet bench was used as a ferns .

Side of the pallet bench with ferns

Picture 15 - Pallet stools add a special touch to this modern decoration.

Modern decoration with pallet benches

Image 16 - Corner pallet bench.

Corner pallet bench

Image 17 - Leaked model of pallet bench; the lateral was also used as a vessel.

Leaked model of pallet bench

Picture 18 - White pallet bench for garden; the seat was used as a bib for delicate blue florets.

White pallet bench for garden

Image 19 - Bench scale made of pallets; plus a brilliant idea of ​​how to use this versatile material.

Scale with pallet bench

Picture 20 - Do you like to paint and draw? Then risk a few strokes with spray paint to finish the pallet bench.

Pallet Bench: See 60 creative ideas with photos and step-by-step

Picture 21 - Brick underneath, pallet on top and small plants between them: reuse and conscious use of spaces are trends in decoration.

Re-use with pallet bench

Image 22 - To enjoy the fresh shade of the tree, a pallet bench in a circular format.

Pallet bank in circular format

Image 23 - Pallet slats were painted in black; the base remains in the natural color of the wood.

Pallet with slats painted black

Picture 24 - White and pink: pallet benches decorate the outside area of ​​this house.

White and pink pallet bank

Picture 25 - On the pebbles of the garden, a very stylish blue pallet bench.

Stylish blue pallet bank

Picture 26 - Fit and mount: one on top of the other, the pallets settle and form a multi-seat bench.

Multi-seat bench with pallet

Picture 27 - Give a more modern face to the pallet bench by painting parts of it in black.

Pieces of black painted on the pallet bench

Image 28 - Pallet bench with back and arm.

Pallet bench with back and arm

Image 29 - In this image the pallets go far beyond the bank, they are also present in the potted plants.

Bank of pallet with potted plants

Picture 30 - And why not fill the pallet bank with color?

Colorful pallet bench

Picture 31 - Yellow pallet bench has gained a reinforcement in the decoration with the colorful crocheted pads.

Yellow pallet bench

Picture 32 - But for those who prefer something more discreet and reserved, you can choose neutral color pillows, like the ones that illustrate this image.

Neutral color pads on the pallet bench

Picture 33 - Cheetah and chess: common and well-priced fabrics complement the look of this pallet bench.

Decoration with cheetah and chess

Image 34 - Ferns give an effect both on this bench of pallet

Bank of pallet with ferns

Image 35 - Natural pallet wood color matches very well with pastel tones decoration.

Pallet bench in environment with pastel tones

Image 36 - Simple and easy to do pallet bench, but with a marked presence in the environment.

Simple and easy-to-make pallet bank

Picture 37 - Invest in seat and soft cushions to make the pallet bank more comfortable.

Comfortable pallet bench

Picture 38 - Wide bench, almost a bed, is an invitation for moments of relaxation and relaxation.

Long pallet bench

Image 39 - All pallet in this image; the white color and the ferns soften the natural look of the pallets.

White color and ferns on pallet bench

Picture 40 - Low pallet bench with backrest and sides.

Low pallet bench

Image 41 - A simple, functional and uncomplicated idea: just stack the pallets and you already have several seats.

Several seats stacked with pallets

Picture 42 - A small pallet bench to be used in the lobby, in the home office or in the garden.

Small pallet bench for use in the lobby

Picture 43 - Contrasting colors mark this pallet bench; side table was also made with the material.

Contrasting colors on pallet bench

Image 44 - Pallet benches made for outdoor area should receive a layer of varnish to waterproof and protect the wood.

Pallet bank for external area

Picture 45 - To give an aged air to the pallet bench wear the wood in a similar way to the skating effect.

Patina on the pallet bench

Picture 46 - Pallet bench elongated and with seat.

Pallet bench elongated and with seat

Picture 47 - You can choose to make a pallet bank more elaborate, reclining the backrest, for example.

More elaborate pallet bank

Picture 48 - Wooden crates and pallets form a perfect combination for decoration of external areas.

Wooden crates and pallets in the decoration

Picture 49 - Inspire yourself in this image and change the face of your yard: bench, walls and light pole made of pallet; the herb bedding was also made with the material.

Bench, wall and lighting

Image 50 - A different format for the pallet bank.

Pallet bank with different format

Picture 51 - On one side or the other: on this pallet bench it is possible to sit on both sides.

Sit both sides on this pallet bench

Image 52 - Areas of coexistence can also benefit from the use of pallet banks; to differentiate them and give life to the environment, bet on colorful cushions.

Living area on the pallet bench

Image 53 - Mini pallet bench marked with the recycling symbol.

Mini pallet bench with recycling symbol

Picture 54 - A charming and colorful pallet stool for the garden.

Charming pallet stool

Picture 55 - To receive with style and comfort your guests bet on the pallet banks; and the best of all this is that you will spend quite a bit.

Pallet seats to receive with style and comfort

Image 56 - Want to give a more refined face to the pallet bench? Make the seat with MDF sheets Colored lacquer.

Pallet bench with MDF sheet seats

Picture 57 - Pure comfort: upholstered seat and roll for the backrest.

Upholstered seat and roll for backrest

Image 58 - Puffs and pallet benches decorate this rustic lounge.

Rustic lounge with pallet benches

Image 59 - Simple but lovely visual.

Simple and charming pallet bench

Picture 60 - Sitting or lying down: you choose the best position to stay on this pallet bench.

Choose your favorite position on the pallet bank

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