Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor

Success between boys and girls, the sleepover is a more intimate choice for birthday parties or meeting of the gang to have fun. The goal is to bring everyone home and take great advantage of the relaxed look and comfort to spend an evening full of jokes, goodies and exciting activities.

This kind of children's party is perfect for various age groups precisely because it has such an adaptable format, you can start with the sleepover for guests from 4 or 5 years of age and go into early adolescence.

Before you start planning your party and collecting pillows, check out our tips to make your sleepover the feast of dreams:

  • Do not overdo the number of guests : since the proposal is for everyone to sleep at home, a meeting with only the closest friends will be much more fun and comfortable for everyone. Think small ones usually have a dose of extra energy and need organization so that everything flows well.
  • Questions for parents and guardians : Use the pajama party invitation to combine some basic things with the parents of the little ones before the party: pajamas, toothbrush and teddy bear can make a difference at night. Do not forget to check if any of the guests have any allergies or food restriction, so your pajama party will be quiet, quiet.
  • Soft colors and a cozy atmosphere : The perfect pajama party decor should balance the soothing tones and the variety of colors in the décor. When preparing environments, think of everyone's comfort with soft cushions, mattresses and cabanas (more elaborate or improvised).
  • A custom party : The children's pajama party is a theme in itself and does not need add-ons, but can be combined with several other elements. Think of all this fun as involving smaller themes such as camp, cartoon characters or favorite movies of the class, baladinha or what you and your birthday party prefer.
  • Bet on simpler foods : pajama party foods should be based on simpler items like healthy sandwiches, baked snacks, pizza, and other practical choices that kids love. So much more time for you to have fun with them.
  • Games and games : You can organize the evening schedule by setting schedules and thinking about the energy that everyone will be. Start with lively childhood games such as chair dancing, hopscotch, hula hoops, ciranda, hide-and-seek, and the classic pillow fight, then move on to games like treasure hunting, mime, forca, stop (adedanha).
  • Activities for all tastes : Kids love to let go of creativity and give their special touch to things, so your party can still have manual activities that involve cooking (such as a currying and decorating workshop, brigadeiros and other delicacies that are easy to prepare) or even some crafts. To help them calm down when it's time to sleep you can include storytelling and movie time.
  • Leave the popcorn session to the end of the night : A great meeting between friends makes everyone very excited, so let them have fun and spend energy before putting on a movie.
  • Congratulations time : As the pajama party has a longer duration, you can decide to sing the congratulations at night or in the morning. Setting the time will help you choose between more traditional treats like sweets, or more morning items like fruits and cereals.
  • An unforgettable farewell : Ask the parents to pick up the kids a little later, so everyone wakes up unhurriedly, and breakfast can be a quiet and pleasant closing time.

60 stunning ideas of pajama party decoration to have as a reference

For easy viewing, we've selected the best ideas and decor references to organize an incredible and lively pajama party. Check out all the photos below:

Cake and candy table for pajama party

Image 01 - Sweets, dreams and soft colors.

Soft candy and colors in the decoration

Play with the mood of dreams through soft colors and many candies in the decoration

Picture 02 - When the pillow war is the most important.

Focus on pillow war

Image 03 - Already thinking about breakfast.

Thinking about breakfast

Bring the breakfast star straight to your party! This is a fun option for those who want to innovate and make the table of the congratulations after the mess, when everyone wakes up.

Picture 04 - A table as smooth and cheerful as a child's room.

Soft and cheerful table for pajama party

Image 05 - Sleeping under a starry sky.

Sleeping under a starry sky

A simple decoration with moon and stars is enough to leave the table with the face of the pajama party.

Image 06 - Sleeping in a camp.

Sleeping in a camp

Image 07 - All ready for breakfast time.

All ready for breakfast

Add a little color to your kitchen counter with a simple decor, spread out the sweets, and wake everyone up for that breakfast mixed with congratulations.

Image 08 - Colors and patterns in the pajama party.

Colors and patterns for pajama party

Personalized food and drink for the pajama party

Here are some interesting ideas to add to the pajama party menu:

Image 09 - Popcorn station.

Popcorn Season Template

Popcorn ready

More details

Make popcorn one of the main attractions of your party, offer flavors and mixes to surprise everyone with this tasty little snack.

Picture 10 - Cute little goats.

Cute little goats

Image 11 - Mason jars decorated.

Mason jars decorated

Mason jars are fun glasses with lid that give a cool touch to any party.

Picture 12 - Pajamas, hearts and cupcakes in cookies.

Pajamas, hearts and cupcakes

Picture 13 - Panquequinhas of dreams.

Dreamy pancakes

Custom packaging for pancake syrup

Main item of those movie breakfasts, the pancakes can not be left out of your pajama party.

Picture 14 - The party is more delicious with the friends.

The party is more delicious with friends.

Image 15 - Fresh, mouth-watering fruit.

Bet on fresh fruit on the menu

As candy in the evening, or as part of a healthy morning, the fresh season fruits will make everyone's day lighter and more enjoyable.

Image 16 - Fun Sandwiches.

Fun Sandwiches

Image 17 - Did someone say morning cereal?

How about serving morning cereal?

Another icon of the children's mornings, cereals can make a souvenir or snack face for the party.

Packing details with cereals

Picture 18 - A little bedtime bed.

Bottle with milk and colorful donuts

Image 19 - Yogurt station: each one takes yours.

Each one takes yours at the yogurt station

Everyone loves to customize their own food, so how about leaving your guests at ease to make the mixes they prefer?

Image 20 - Camp eating.

Eating camp

Picture 21 - A kit of food for each one.

A food kit for each

Food Kit Details

Whether it's movie time or a break between activities, a combo of food is always welcome.

Pajama party decoration

Check out more tips for decorating the pajama party environment:

Image 22 - Each with its tent.

Each one with its tent

Image 23 - Tent of dreams.

Dream tent for pajama party

One of the many options for your pajama party may be this dream tent that is a little bigger and can stand in the middle of the room or bedroom as a setting for class jokes or resting space.

Picture 24 - Bring the party to the balcony.

Pajama party on the porch

Image 25 - Pajama Party Harry Potter Camp.

With the sub-theme of Harry Potter's camp

If your birthday is a fan of the Harry Potter saga, this is a great opportunity to replicate the Quidditch World Cup camps or even make a cheerleading camp for the Hogwarts Houses.

Picture 26 - Simple pajama party decoration: balloons, lights and many pillows.

Pillows and balloons

Image 27 - A pajama party with lots of fun.

Super fun pajama party

Mix elements and include tents, balloons and lights for your pajama party.

Image 28 - Camp in the room.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor

Decoration Details

Picture 29 - Star Wars Pajama Party.

Star Wars theme pajama party

One more saga of success at pajama parties, Star Wars will leave children and adults drooling over themed bedding and characters in their plush versions.

Picture 30 - A nap after party disco pajamas.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor

Image 31 - Welcome corner.

Pajama Party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 1

Spread comics and welcome items in one corner of the party to welcome all the guests.

Image 32 - Let the production begin.

To do the production

Picture 33 - Breakfast table full of nature.

Coffee table surrounded by nature

Breakfast table details

Your celebration can integrate nature through the garden and bring all the colors of the flowers to the party.

Image 34 - Sleep stories.

Sleeping tales

Image 35 - Stars shining on the wall.

Stars shining on the wall

Paper stars with different colors, glitter and other textures are an inexpensive and simple option for your decor.

Picture 36 - To fit everyone.

To fit everyone

Picture 38 - The room decor goes to the table.

Room decoration for the table

Lamps and bedroom decor items can brighten the other moods of your pajama party.

Image 39 - Thematic pots.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor

Picture 40 - When the bed turns to the dream table.

Pajama Party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 2

Take the concept of coffee in bed to another level by decorating your table like a real bed.

Image 41 - Top 10 favorite movies by the gang.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tease the decor 3

Picture 42 - Balloons and hives to color the dreams.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 4

Picture 43 - A magic carpet to take everyone.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 5

In addition to mattresses and mattresses, you can use rugs as centers of your camping tents at home.

Cakes of dreams

Picture 44 - Colorful as a child's dream.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 6

Image 45 - Minimal tendinee.

Pajama party: 60 ideas to tear up the decor 7

Simple and minimalist, your cake can bring subtle elements to refer to the theme.

Picture 46 - Pajama polka dots and pancakes.

Pajama polka dots and pancakes.

Image 47 - Moon and stars transform any cake.

Moon and stars transform any cake

Glittery paper and your creativity can add a lot of charm to your cake top.

Image 48 - Pompoms and hives to cheer.

Pompoms and hives to make the party livelier

Picture 49 - A little diva.

Cake for a little diva

If your little birthday girl diva does not give up on feathers, jewelry and pink, this is the perfect cake for her.

Image 50 - A good evening cake.

A good evening cake

Pajama Party Souvenirs

Picture 51 - Mask to sleep and make to remember.

Make-up sleeping mask

All items that remember the ambience of the room and the warmth of sleep yield perfect keepsakes for your pajama party.

Picture 52 - Souvenir of mug for breakfast.

Coffee mug souvenir

Picture 53 - Personalized pins and brooches for those who really like it is to stay in pajamas.

Personalized pins and brooches for the pajama party

Picture 54 - A teddy bear to sleep together and remember forever.

A teddy bear to remember forever

Nothing like sleeping hugged with a teddy bear full of meaning and stories.

Image 55 - Sweets and accessories for the BFFs.

Sweethearts and accessories for the best friends

Image 56 - Books with lullabies.

Book with lullabies

The story in bed before bed is part of a very delicious childhood that is certainly a tradition that passes from parents to children.

Image 57 - Pajamas themed as souvenir of the party.

Pajama party themed pajamas

Image 58 - Capriche in the little souvenirs with accessories for bedtime.

Capriche in the souvenirs with accessories

Slippers, sleeping masks, pajamas ... all these items can be part of your souvenirs and enchant everyone.

Picture 59 - Cakepops sleepers.

Cakepops sleepers

Image 60 - A pot with sleeping kit.

A pot with a sleeping kit.

If you are keen to innovate in the packaging, an acrylic pot makes sure to put everything you dream and imagine.
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