Outdoor Wedding: Tips for Organizing and Decorating the Special Date

Outdoor weddings are snatching the bride and groom's heart. And no less. In outdoor weddings all the exuberance of nature comes into play and becomes an indispensable element of the ceremony and feast. The bride and groom can choose the sunset, the sea or the mountains as witnesses, promoting unforgettable moments and cinematographic scenarios.

As a rule, outdoor wedding lavish relaxation. But make no mistake about the seemingly informal aspect of this type of marriage, that does not mean in any way that such a special day will be scheduled anyway.

Far from that, if the celebration is not well planned the whole wedding can go down. See in this post how to plan, organize and decorate an outdoor wedding so that it is everything you have ever dreamed of. Check out the tips:

How to Plan and Organize an Outdoor Wedding

Start by choosing the date

The first thing to be set in outdoor wedding is the date. The summer and winter months are not very advisable due to extreme temperatures, which can generate discomfort for the guests. What's more, Brazilian summer is usually rainy, which also does not match an outdoor party at all.

Prefer to mark the date in the fall or spring, the most indicated being the months of April, May, September, October and November. Even so, to make sure, arrange a covered space at the party site, which can protect everyone from the intense sun, the rain or from the cold outside.

Set the location

Outdoor wedding on the beach

After deciding the date, choose the location. Of course, you should have an idea if you want to get married on the beach, in the country or on a farm. But, this is the time to give name and address to the wedding.

For weddings on the beach it is necessary to have a permit from the city hall, be prepared also to deal with curious looks. If they prefer to escape the bureaucracy and lack of privacy, the couple can opt for a hotel or inn for the wedding. Many destinations have the appropriate structure for ceremonies of this size. Another important detail to take into consideration is the date. Extended holidays or months of high season leave the coastline busy, which can be a nuisance especially for the guests, as they will have to face congestion, crowded hotels and higher prices.

Marriages in farms, farms or farms also need to be prepared in advance. However, unlike beach weddings, celebrations in the countryside are less bureaucratic. The couple will need to rent a space or, if possible, borrow from a family member or friend. The closer to most guests the better, so you ensure greater attendance at the party.

Whether on the field or on the coast, find out what the weather is like on the spot. Some cities are extremely hot even in the fall and spring months, especially in the hinterland. Already on the coast, the wind and the tide can blow against the wedding. Find out how these phenomena behave throughout the year on the chosen beach.

Another important detail is to verify if the place chosen has all the necessary infrastructure for an event of this size. In this item include accessibility for people with special needs, ample parking, covered area, sufficient amount of toilets and equipped kitchen. A space for children is also welcome.

Lunch or dinner?

Outdoor Wedding at Night

Date and location set, now it's time to choose the best time for outdoor wedding. Also included in this item are some important care. Weddings where you will be served lunch, the most advisable is to perform the ceremony until 10 o'clock in the morning. Serve an enhanced breakfast for the guests when they arrive so they are more at ease until the time of the main meal.

Morning weddings have a light aura, soft and very romantic, and combine especially with more intimate ceremonies with few guests. However, be forewarned for the heat of the time, the tip is to reserve umbrellas or mount lightweight tents for the guests to settle and protect themselves.

Now if you prefer a marriage later, choose to hold the ceremony around 4:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. Thus, you will have the privilege of saying the long-awaited "yes" under the blessing of the setting sun. The photos will certainly look beautiful.

Another advantage of wedding at this time is that both grooms and guests can enjoy the natural beauty of day and night. However, be prepared for cooler air at the end of the day, common in natural environments. Have a covered space or, if the weather forecast indicates sharper drops in temperature, consider even distributing mini blankets or scarves to the guests.

Budget for outdoor wedding

Wedding Budget

It may seem more expensive to an outdoor wedding, but know that this type of party may be more economical than a conventional celebration. This is because as the style of the wedding is more relaxed and even more rustic, you can save with several items and can even make the decoration and party favors, for example.

The natural environment also saves a lot of expenses related to the decoration, since the place itself already functions as the setting for the wedding.

Either way, it is important for the couple to define a value to be spent for the marriage. This will impact the choice of venue, the number of guests, the decoration of the party and the choice of buffet.

Tips for Decorating an Outdoor Wedding

After reviewing all of the above issues, you can relax a bit and start thinking about the hottest part of the party that is decorating. Take note of the tips below:

Wedding Style

Rustic outdoor wedding

One of the most common styles in outdoor weddings is the rustic one. But it is not a rule, the bride and groom can opt for various wedding styles. There are options of minimalist decoration, romantic, Provencal, simple and even classic. Choose the one that fits you best and better portrays the bride and groom's personality. See also how to decorate a wedding in the Beach , rustic , with blue Tiffany, ideas cockroaches and trends 2018 .

However, this type of marriage does not mix with excesses. Therefore, no ostentation. Leave this style for weddings in the city.

Color palette

Colorful Outdoor Wedding

Another advantage of outdoor weddings is the possibility of using more varied colors and fleeing from the ordinary. Grooms can choose more vibrant combinations, such as orange and pink, blue and yellow or red.

If the choice is for stronger tones, use more neutral colors such as white or beige, just so as not to overload the decoration too much.

But if you want a more classic and traditional wedding, Off White tones are the right choice.

Flowers, leaves and fruits

Wedding table with flowers

An outdoor wedding needs flowers, leaves and even fruits. The very nature of the place will probably give that to you, but it does not cost anything to reinforce a little bit.

The arrangements may be more garbled and informal, with field flowers or foliage, for example.

If you want to save a little on this item, choose flowers from the station. They are cheaper and look prettier too.


Wedding lighting

If the party is scheduled to take place between the afternoon and evening, capriche in the lighting. One tip is to use lamp poles that are high in decor and match perfectly with the outdoor proposal.

Call the trees to join the party and decorate them with lanterns or lamps. Indirect lighting helps to enhance the beauty of flower beds as well. On the beach, lanterns on the sand complete the decor with a lot of charm.

Do it yourself

DIY for wedding

DIY - Do It Yourself - can be applied with great success in the decoration of outdoor weddings.

With some tutorial videos you learn how to make centerpieces, panels, souvenirs and even invitations.

Enjoy and enter the green wave, bringing to your wedding the concept of sustainability. It is possible to turn glass bottles, pallets and wooden crates into beautiful decorative objects. Let go of your imagination and go out looking for ideas.

60 Creative Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Decorating

Take advantage of the tips and start planning your wedding outdoors, remember that in advance is key to everything coming out as expected. But first, what about giving a check on the beautiful selection of images below outdoor weddings?

Picture 1 - Outdoor wedding very tropical, decorated with pineapples, Adam's ribs and ferns.

Tropical wedding outdoors

Picture 2 - Pendants of light on the table of the guests.

Pendants of light on the guest table

Picture 3 - Outdoor lounge.

Outdoor Lounge

Picture 4 - Oca of straw for the moment of "sim".

Goofy for the moment of "yes"

Picture 5 - White flowers rescue the classic style of weddings.

White flowers rescue classic weddings style

Picture 6 - Enjoy the scenery and let her decorate your wedding; In this photo the altar was set facing the lake.

Altar mounted to the lake / dam

Picture 7 - Wedding on the beach simple, but very beautiful.

Simple Beach Wedding

Picture 8 - Hire good photo and video professionals to ensure the best record of your wedding.

Hire good photo and video professionals to ensure the best record of your wedding

Image 9 - Clothesline crossing the party.

Clothesline crossing the party

Picture 10 - If the sun comes strong, protect the guests with umbrellas.

If the sun comes up strong, protect the guests with umbrellas

Image 11 - Trees integrate the decoration in a special way.

Trees integrate the decoration in a special way

Picture 12 - Be careful not to disturb the conversation of the guests with arrangements.

Arrangements for outdoor wedding table

Picture 13 - Instead of several tables, use a single table for the guests, it is more economical.

Single table for guests

Image 14 - Sustainable arrangements made with glass pots and lace flaps.

Sustainable arrangements made with glass pots and lace flaps

Picture 15 - Well-kept lawns do not use carpets.

Carefully lawned lacks the use of rugs

Image 16 - Under the shade of a tree, the party bar.

Under the shade of a tree, the party bar

Picture 17 - If the place where the wedding will be realized does not have a covered area, create a tent of light and light fabric.

Clear lightweight wedding tent for wedding

Picture 18 - Outdoor wedding with black and white decoration.

Outdoor wedding with black and white decoration

Picture 19 - Metal chairs create contrast with the coastal landscape.

Metal chairs create contrast with the coastal landscape

Picture 20 - Outdoor wedding and rustic decor form a perfect match.

Outdoor wedding and rustic decor

Picture 21 - Plaquinhas signalize every space of the party for the guests.

Plaquinhas signal each space of the party for the guests

Image 22 - Bandstand of this chateau was used as an altar for the ceremony.

Bandstand of this chateau was used as an altar for the ceremony

Picture 23 - Simple outdoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding with simple decor.

Picture 24 - Centennial palm trees create an incredible setting for outdoor wedding.

Centennial palm trees in the wedding scene

Image 25 - Wedding on the beach, but without foot in the sand.

Marriage on the beach, but no foot in the sand

Image 26 - Outdoor Wedding: Adam's rib bow.

Outdoor Wedding: Tips for Organizing and Decorating the Special Date

Picture 27 - Outdoor wedding: on the towel of three colors, flower arrangements assembled in a relaxed way.

Flower Arrangements for Outdoor Wedding

Image 28 - Pool has gained special illumination with the lanterns.

Special lighting with lanterns in the pool

Picture 29 - And for the newlyweds, a pair of wooden chairs with the phrase of the couple.

Pair of chairs for the bride and groom at outdoor wedding

Picture 30 - Romantic tent to welcome the guests.

Romantic tent to receive guests

Image 31 - Wooden deck leads the bride and groom up to the altar at the beach's edge.

Wooden Deck at Outdoor Wedding

Picture 32 - Classic and sophisticated decoration for this outdoor wedding.

Classic and sophisticated decoration for outdoor wedding

Image 33 - Use rustic and simple fabrics for decoration like raw cotton and jute.

Rustic fabrics for decorating outdoor wedding

Image 34 - A photo booth in the middle of the trees.

Photo Cabin at Outdoor Wedding

Image 35 - A monumental outdoor wedding.

Monumental outdoor wedding

Picture 36 - On each plate a little glass of succulents.

Vase of succulents in outdoor wedding

Image 37 - A path to the fragrant altar: vases of lavender, sage and basil.

Path to the fragrant altar

Picture 38 - For outdoor weddings, bet on a laid-back decor.

Relaxing outdoor wedding decoration

Image 39 - Beauty dwells in detail (and simplicity).

Beauty of Details in Outdoor Wedding

Image 40 - Decoration of this ceremony is the green wall.

Decoration of this ceremony is the green wall

Image 41 - Rustic and cozy outdoor wedding.

Rustic and cozy outdoor wedding

Picture 42 - Chandelier made in boat format leaves the theme of the party in sight.

Chandelier made in boat format makes the theme of the party

Picture 43 - Way made of flowers, literally!

Path with Flowers for Outdoor Wedding

Image 44 - Few guests guarantee a more intimate atmosphere for the party.

Outdoor wedding with few guests

Picture 45 - All magic of the evening.

Dusk Magic in Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Picture 46 - With such a reception, the guests may not leave.

Reception for the guests

Image 47 - Reception is on account of the plaquinha at the entrance of the ceremony.

Plaquinha at the entrance of the outdoor wedding ceremony

Image 48 - The simple and delicate flowers of the field.

Field flowers at outdoor wedding

Picture 49 - Heart filled by the landscape of the place.

Heart filled by the landscape at the party place

Image 50 - Ceremony with panoramic view.

Ceremony with panoramic view

Image 51 - Spiral of tables in outdoor wedding.

Spiral of tables in outdoor wedding

Picture 52 - Bar in a quiet place of the outdoor wedding party.

Bar on the party spot

Picture 53 - And what do you think of decorating with crocheted cloth varnishes?

Crocheted wadding rails

Picture 54 - Outdoor wedding: refreshing drinks for a wedding during the day.

refreshing drinks for a wedding during the day

Image 55 - Outdoor Wedding: drinks menu on wood.

Wooden Menu for Drinks

Image 56 - The stones form the setting for this outdoor ceremony.

outdoor ceremony with stones

Image 57 - Tribal outdoor wedding.

Image 58 - Outdoor wedding: altar in front of the water cascades.

Altar facing the water cascades

Image 59 - Outdoor wedding: to refresh, popsicles of fruits and flowers.

For refreshing, fruit popsicles and flowers.

Image 60 - A bar made with stairs and board table.

Bar with ladder and board

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