Modern rooms: 60 ideas to decorate a room in this style

A modern room is not difficult to decorate. It guarantees the functionality, simplicity and organization of space, and for those who like this style, some basic rules are fundamental to ensure that modern style will be contemplated.

But, after all, what is modern style? Is talking in a modern style different from talking in a contemporary style? The answer is yes and in this post we'll talk a little about this style that still leaves a lot of people in doubt, but that is easily recognizable from some features. In addition to a definition of what this style is, let's talk about why choose it and present a gallery with only modern rooms to inspire you and renew your decor! Come on!

The modern style: the keywords of this style

The modern décor has attracted a lot of attention since it was used by modernist architects, with its innovation being based especially on the functionality of the environment, allied with an innovative design of the time.

When we think of this style, we often come to mind, for example, diverse uses of traditional materials such as concrete and wood, materials considered heavy and difficult to work on large constructions, with new cuts that allowed to create rounded patterns. But who certainly shines in this kind of environment is the straight line, used in many directions to ensure a simplified design for furnishings and decoration accessories.

Simplification is one of the words that best define this style that seeks to find comfort in an environment with easily obtained shapes. And when we speak in modern style, we can choose some aspects that best define this style, especially speaking in types of furniture and decoration, layout and quantity of elements in space.


In the idea of ​​keeping the decoration simple, the modern style usually does not work so much the ornamentation, or of its furniture, that unlike the classic baroque and rococo styles, it dispenses subjects its floral decorations or based on the nature carved in the doors, and in the use of purely decorative elements.

With a few exceptions, such as frames and mirrors, the decorative elements almost always come out of this style. But that does not mean that the environment is without personality or very cold: the elements can be inserted but with caution and balance.

In this way, the organization of the environment is also prioritized, keeping everything in its place and, in general, enclosed in cabinets and drawers, without exposure on shelves, very common nowadays.

Hard materials vs. comfortable materials

Although it is in modern times that the concrete elements are able to acquire more organic and curved forms (it is worth remembering the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer to remember this), what prevails in the modern decoration are the straight lines, be they horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

The use of these lines, while they may give the appearance of a harsh and uncomfortable environment, are balanced with other types of materials that give the opposite impression, creating a balance in the environment.

Therefore, materials such as wood, leather and suede make a good contrast with iron and glass. In addition, the more yellowish lighting can also end up giving a feeling of warmth and comfort to the environment.

Why choose modern style in your decor

The modern style is a type of decoration dating from the twentieth century but that talks very well with the current contemporary style, especially the trends minmalistas and clean.

And this is not without explanation: these new styles of decorating that are catching the attention of everyone today were greatly influenced by the modern style that innovated in decorating, removing excessive and flashy ornaments that diverted people's attention to how furniture and other items of design performed their function.

The modern style also talks to who wants to go back a little in time and give some retro touches in the decoration, it can be a style that is on a threshold between current and former, perfect for those who do not want to return so much.

Now that you know a little more about this style, take a look at our gallery of modern rooms!

Gallery: 60 modern rooms to be inspired by the time to assemble your

Modern double rooms

Picture 1 - Modern double room in cold colors with few ornaments and a different yellowish illumination

Modern double room in cold colors

Picture 2 - Modern double room: attention to the always straight and geometric patterns of the bed, pendant lamp, table and wall panel

Modern double bedroom with straight lines

Picture 3 - Two distinct environments: separation of spaces from the wall and ceiling

Two distinct environments with separation of spaces

Picture 4 - Wall, bed and curtain in the same color: unit in the modern double bedroom

Wall, bed and cork in the same color

Picture 5 - Mirror to enlarge the room: use of this accessory of the two sides of the bed for a perfect balance of the elements of the room

Mirror to enlarge modern rooms

Picture 6 - Double room: also emphasizes for the choice of bed linen in geometric patterns and contrast between light, dark and vibrant color

Modern Double Room

Picture 7 - Gray, red and black as the predominant colors of this modern double room with highlighted vertical lines

Gray, red and black in the double room

Picture 8 - Double room planned with half wall in MDF imitating a pattern of wood and painting in dark gray

Modern double planned room

Picture 9 - Double room based on cement and black: breaking dark colors with vibrant hues of blue, yellow and red of the lower elements

Modern bedroom based on cement and black

Picture 10 - Modern double room in shades of gray and woody with focused lighting of spots embedded in the ceiling

Modern room with shades of gray

Picture 11 - Double room based on wood: from the panel on the wall, floor, to the corridor cabinet in this rustic pattern that contrasts with the bed

Modern double room based on wood

Picture 12 - Modern double room in gray, black and gold: balance between colors throughout the room

Gray, black and gold in the double room

Women's Modern Rooms

Picture 13 - Modern female room in gray, pink and gold in a mix of straight and organic lines that flow to perfection

Gray and pink in the modern female double bedroom

Picture 14 - Modern female room in green and rose gold for a sophisticated and delicate environment

Modern female rose gold room

Picture 15 - Female room in a space with original decoration based on the themes of rococo: reelaboration of space and styles

Original rococo decoration in modern female bedroom

Picture 16 - Modern female room in a minimal space: from furniture to decoration, only what is needed

Minimum space for modern female room

Image 17 - Curvilinear elements to break the prevalence of straight lines in the environment: plants, wires and luminaire that attract attention

Curvilinear elements in modern double bedroom

Picture 18 - A tip for those who access much of the upper part of the planned cabinets: a staircase built into rails that travel throughout the furniture structure

Modern room with planned closets

Picture 19 - Female room: atmosphere of study and rest in the same room.

Modern female room

Picture 20 - Modern female room with half wall as shelf and a geometric pattern on wall paper.

Half wall as shelf in modern double bedroom

Picture 21 - Painting not intended to be linear: diagonal stripes pink and blue in the modern female bedroom

Diagonal Banners in Modern Female Double Room

Picture 22 - Niches on the wall: take advantage to give a different depth in your environment and even an alternative background.

Niches on the wall in modern double bedroom

Picture 23 - Female room with predominantly straight lines: pictures with cute characters to break the serious tone of the environment

Straight lines in modern female double bedroom

Image 24 - Vibrant colors with decorative and auxiliary room objects that break the monochrome gray.

Vibrant colors in modern female double bedroom

Modern male rooms

Picture 25 - Modern male bedroom in cool colors and featured wall in style burnt cement and the low illumination that gives a more intimate air to the environment.

Modern male bedroom

Picture 26 - Male room in shades of dark gray and wood with the bed wall highlighted

Gray shades in modern male bedroom

Picture 27 - Modern male room in a more relaxed and colorful style: two environments integrated in one room only.

Relaxed style for modern men's room

Image 28 - Male bedroom with enamelled surfaces: reflections also as a contrast to the dark tones of the room.

Modern male bedroom

Picture 29 - Modern male bedroom based on straight lines and perfect symmetry between decorative objects.

Straight lines and symmetry in male double room

Picture 30 - Male room with an industrial touch: central red brick wall and pendant iron lamps

Men's Industrial Room

Picture 31 - Modern masculine room in light shades: still with the gray color as protagonist, this is an alternative with more light for a male room, always giving priority to functionality and comfort.

Light tones in the male double bedroom

Picture 32 - Fully planned male room: furniture in the same style and color on all sides ensures the unit of the room.

Totally planned and modern room

Picture 33 - Modern male room with low bed and pictures on the floor: changing the usual ordering of room decor in a more dynamic style.

Low bed in male room

Picture 34 - Super comfortable bed and a mega frame based on abstract expressionism drawing the attention of who enters this room

Mega picture in male double room

Picture 35 - Basic masculine room: without ornaments or decorations more for the composition of this room.

Basic modern room

Modern rooms young / child

Picture 36 - Modern room for young people divided in sections by the walls: one side for the desk and creative study space and another for the bed.

Modern room for young people

Picture 37 - Male single room with inspiration also in the classic furniture in a mix of styles

Modern single room

Picture 38 - Modern room for young and children: bring the color from functional objects, turning them into decorative elements too!

Modern children's room

Picture 39 - Room for young people and children with a highlighted color: in this case vibrant yellow breaks the neutrality of B & B.

Yellow highlighted in modern bedroom

Picture 40 - Modern shared children's room: think of disposing of the furniture closest to the wall to create a central circulation area in the room, making it more airy.

Modern shared room

Picture 41 - Room for young people: minimalist style in shapes and colors.

Modern room for young people

Picture 42 - Modern room for young explorers: In addition to pictures with nature theme, try to bring some small plants into the environment.

Room young explorers

Picture 43 - Room for young people: modern style mixed with industrial and the concentration of decorative and furniture elements in the lower part of the wall.

Modern style in room for young people

Picture 44 - Modern room for youngsters and children with bed-cabinet: planned furniture in an entire wall with closet and beds that can be stored.

Bed for children's room

Picture 45 - Small room for young people and children: in smaller environments, concentrate the decoration on a single wall.

Small modern room

Picture 46 - Modern room for children: environment with colorful and with few items of furniture.

Modern children's room

Picture 47 - Modern shared room for children and young people: in a larger space, it is worth sharing the environment between study and entertainment area and the sleeping area.

Modern shared room

Picture 48 - Modern room for young people with a completely different and creative lighting.

Different and creative lighting for bedroom

Small, modern rooms

Picture 49 - Modern room in minimal space: attention to the optimization of space with a headboard that can support books and other objects.

Minimum space for modern bedroom

Picture 50 - Small modern room that prioritizes the passage of light to the environment: white to draw light and black as an interesting contrast to the decor.

Light switch in small modern room

Picture 51 - Small modern room planned: solving space issues with cabinets that go up to the ceiling.

Small modern designed room

Picture 52 - Small modern room for the couple and the baby: the minimum of furniture to leave the comfortable atmosphere and with a good circulation.

Modern room for couple and baby

Picture 53 - Small modern bedroom with a platform below the bed with drawers.

Small modern room

Picture 54 - Another planned platform with space for the bed and use of shelves or headboards for decorative and functional objects.

Another planned platform with space for the bed

Picture 55 - Small modern room with office partition: the secret is to divide the spaces well to keep everything organized.

Division for office in the modern bedroom

Image 56 - Small modern room within a loft: the choice of the color palette can also delimit environments.

Modern loft room

Picture 57 - Small modern creative room: give preference to all objects that can be placed on the wall instead of a desk, such as shelves and lamps.

Creative modern bedroom

Image 58 - Small and planned modern room: the design that puts a closet or wardrobe next to the bed can help open the space.

Modern rooms: 60 ideas to decorate a room in this style

Picture 59 - Modern small symmetrical room: to ensure a good distribution of space for the couple, it is worth leaving the layout of the room symmetrical and egalitarian.

Small symmetrical room

Picture 60 - Small modern optimized room: bedside of the planned bed that goes up to the ceiling with niches and narrower closets to store smaller items such as decorations, books and etc.

Small room optimized

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