Modern Dining Tables: 60+ Projects, Tips and Photos!

To set up a dining room is to stimulate the coexistence of the residents of the residence. At the time of the project everything that surrounds the environment is important and makes a difference in the final result, whether in the choice of the floor, the wall finish, the decorative accessories or the choice of the dining table with chairs. So it is necessary to harmonize all these items to have a modern and cozy space.

The ideal is to start this step by defining a style for the room: it can be jovial, clean, classic, Scandinavian, industrial and etc. The market is very expansive and offers varied tables for all tastes and styles of decoration.

For those who do not want to miss the choice of the dining table, the most versatile models are the white table and the glass table. The more neutral and clean the better it can fit the proposal of the environment. Firstly because the white table has a basic color in the decoration and in the second case, the glass is a translucent material that does not stand out in the visual.

For those who prefer to dare, a tip is to blend materials into the base and table top. There are endless combinations that marry very well in the final composition. A well-known example is the stainless steel base with the glass top. In addition to being modern, it offers the flexibility for a future change with a wood or stone top.

The final tip is to combine the modern table with chairs that follow the same style. After all, it's no use having an elegant table with chairs that do not fit the bill. Acrylic chairs are simple, economical and combine with most styles.

Remember that for a beautiful room you need to use furniture with good materials and great finishes. Want to check out more? Visit the gallery below with more ideas and models of modern dining tables:

Picture 1 - The table with stone top leaves the contemporary atmosphere.


Picture 2 - A tip is to combine a white table with modern chairs.


Picture 3 - The oval dining table is an alternative for those who want to escape the rectangular format.


Picture 4 - The base with a differentiated design takes a lot of charm to the dining table.


Picture 5 - The wood is still a classic option for the composition of the furniture.


Picture 6 - The combination of the colored chairs is great to bring joy to the space.


Picture 7 - To leave the modern table opt for finishes and materials of high quality.


Picture 8 - The metallic material can be seen on the table and on the chairs.

image 8

Picture 9 - The idea here is a taller dining table, made up of benches and also with casters to give flexibility.


Picture 10 - For a modern wooden table opt for the lighter shade.


Picture 11 - The white lacquer finish takes elegance and sophistication to the dining table.


Image 12 - To keep the metallic look, the material also appears in the rest of the decoration.


Picture 13 - Round table with stone top.


Image 14 - Color Fendi is a trend in decoration, especially when the finish of the wood is lacquered.


Picture 15 - The square table is a great option to leave the modern environment.


Picture 16 - Match the color of the base of the table with the chairs.


Image 17 - Opting for a different design is synonymous with elegance.


Picture 18 - The colorful dining table leaves the atmosphere cheerful and welcoming.


Picture 19 - A very beautiful finish is the external top in lacquered wood.


Image 20 - Another proposal is to opt for a colored table and neutral chairs.


Picture 21 - The darker models are also modern, but combine in lighter environments so the look does not get heavy.


Picture 22 - Two in one: dining table and pool table.


Picture 23 - For a white table mix different chairs in the composition.


Picture 24 - A modern model is the base in stainless steel and the white top! To compose in this proposal the colored armchairs are welcome.


Picture 25 - Large rectangular dining table.


Image 26 - How about innovating in the color of the dining table?


Image 27 - To leave the modern look on the oval wooden table, insert stamped chairs.


Picture 28 - Modern colored table for dining room.


Picture 29 - How about blending two different models in the dining room?


Picture 30 - The triangular table is little used, but when inserted in the environment stands out more than the other models.


Picture 31 - Dining table with base of demolition wood and glass top.


Picture 32 - Want a clean decoration? Make a clear glass acrylic table and chairs composition.


Image 33 - Modernize the wooden top with a metal base.


Image 34 - Dining table with black metal base and wooden top.


Screenshot 35 - The round table integrates more users than other models.


Picture 36 - The tulip version also leaves the modern dining table.


Image 37 - The mirror is synonymous with modernity, how about opting for a mirrored table?


Picture 38 - To let the modern glass table blend with signed chairs.


Picture 39 - To leave the visual harmonic place in some finish of the chairs the same material of the table.


Picture 40 - If the room has the coating in burnt cement , do not be afraid to dare at the colored table.


Image 41 - Rectangular glass table.


Image 42 - Round glass table.


Picture 43 - The wooden toothpick base is the latest trend in decoration.


Image 44 - To emphasize the environment value with a different basis.


Picture 45 - The rectangular table with glass top is a neutral and contemporary version that looks great in any style of decoration.


Picture 46 - Even more when combined with a trimmer of the same color and finish.


Picture 47 - The design of the table makes all the difference in the final result of the room.


Picture 48 - Match the color of the table with the same for the chairs.


Picture 49 - The base with bold format is beautiful and demonstrates personality in the dining room.


Picture 50 - Play with the tone on tone, making a contrast with the table and the chairs.


Picture 51 - For small room, opt for the small glass table that leaves the decoration lighter.


Image 52 - Yellow modern dining table.


Picture 53 - Glass dining table with wood finish.


Picture 54 - In addition to sophisticated materials, the orthogonal design of the table leaves the table elegant and modern


Image 55 - Modern wooden table.


Picture 56 - The stainless steel finish on the feet combines with the black top.


Image 57 - The concrete also won a dinner table version.


Picture 58 - Round dining table with 6 seats


Picture 59 - The white table is versatile and combines with all the decoration styles.


Picture 60 - When setting the dining room, see the composition of the rest of the environment so that the choice of table is harmonious in the visual.


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