Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal

Nowadays mirrors do more than reflect our image when we are putting on a look or makeup, especially when we talk about bedroom mirrors. For small environments, mirrors are being used, coupled with other elements such as lighting and ambient colors, to create a sense of spaciousness in space, drawing that feeling from a very small, enclosed and claustrophobic room. Also, depending on their shape and frame, they can become great decorative items of the environment.

In this post we will talk about how the mirrors can give this effect in the room and how to use it to bring more style, functionality and breadth in your space!

Mirrors for room and the feeling of space enlargement

After all, how can the mirror do this? They function as a window or door, depending on the size, shape and position in space, for an environment or part of an environment - your own room, with a depth folded by the reflection of the mirror. In addition to reflecting this image, the mirror ends up reflecting and emphasizing enlightenment, one of the most important elements for the sense of spaciousness of a space.

Some positions, in this sense, are the most strategic for this sensation to be potentialized, as on the side or in front of the bed, in the corner of the room and next to the bed.

Optimizing spaces with mirrors

Mirrors, traditionally made to be suspended from the wall, are being used in even more innovative positions to help optimize spaces, especially in small rooms. At the head of the beds, above dressers and on the side walls of the bed (which are usually not so much seized), at the doors of wardrobes and closets. There are several ways to optimize space and experimenting to change a little the traditional setting of a mirror in an empty corner of the wall can make all the difference in your environment.

Decoration with mirrors for bedroom

Another aspect that is catching on lately is the idea that the mirror need not only be useful, but can also become a decorative object for your room! Many designers are using makeup mirrors as if they were pictures on the wall, using them not so much for their function but for the effect they can give to the decor. The different formats come in the same idea and can already be found in various decoration shops and even in glazing.

And of course, in the same wave of the decorative mirror, the frames (when used), can be thought of a simpler and minimalistic or even super adorned and flashy. It goes of the style of each person and the decoration that one wants to make.

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To see how these positions and others work, take a look at our selection of images, with many tips and uses of mirrors for rooms!

Picture 1 - Elongated Mirror for Bedroom: Use the tallest mirrors against the wall instead of hanging for a more casual contemporary style.

Elongated Room Mirror

Picture 2 - Large round mirror for bedroom: positioning above the bed occupies a useful space and helps in the visualization of the whole body.

Large Round Mirror for Bedroom

Picture 3 - Mirror for illusionista lateral room: the mirrors of whole wall help to extend the space of the room creating the illusion of a double.

Mirror for side room illusionist

Picture 4 - Mirror for fragmented side room: Using a double mirror also works super well and can further amplify the illusion of amplitude.

Mirror for fragmented side room

Picture 5 - Mirror for octagon room in the dresser: for beauty environments, the mirrors in small size are the most indicated for helping to focus on makeup or hair.

Mirror for octagon room on the dressing table

Picture 6 - Large round mirror without border in the room: the mirrors without border or frame are great to give the sensation of amplitude and are being used more and more.

Large round mirror without edge in the room

Picture 7 - Another long mirror leaning against the wall.

Another long mirror leaning against the wall

Picture 8 - Fake windows: mirrors on the wall of the bed reflect the opposite wall and give that feeling ample in the environment.

Mirror to form false window in bedroom

Picture 9 - Mirror for room with rounded edges and without frame: in mirrors that do not have strong delimitations, a good idea is to go to other formats or finishes.

Mirror for bedroom with rounded edges and without frame

Picture 10 - Mirrored against the wall: with a thin black border, this mirror creates practically a window in the space.

Mirror leaning against the wall

Picture 11 - Comforter-type dressing table integrated into the planned bed for children's bedrooms: the lights around the mirror help in the production of make-up to sweep!

Dressing table with dressing-room mirror

Picture 12 - Rectangular mirror above the bed with border and a message: with a more aesthetic than functional function, another incredible style.

Rectangular mirror above bed with edge

Picture 13 - Use the doors of your closet integrated into the wall as large mirrors: a great way to optimize your space.

Mirror for closet room

Picture 14 - On the side of the bed, creating a reflective strip.

Mirror for bedroom on side of bed

Picture 15 - Mirror with super frame: in another use more aesthetic and decorative than functional, this mirror type sun only adds in the decoration.

Mirror with super frame

Image 16 - Mirror suspended on the wall to test and approve your looks.

Mirror suspended on bedroom wall

Picture 17 - Mirror of true love: in heart shape for a romantic look.

Mirror of true love for bedroom

Image 18 - Mirror Screen: another way to optimize space by using the mirrored surface on other objects and furniture in the room.

Mirror screen for bedroom

Picture 19 - Environment with everything low: round mirror on the floor leaning against the wall.

Round mirror leaning against the bedroom wall

Picture 20 - Take advantage of empty spaces and niches to position your mirror.

Take advantage of empty spaces and niches to position your mirror

Picture 21 - Mirrors, my mirrors: composition cut out on the wall with several mirrors with a frame that mimics famous mirror of the bad stepmother.

Composition cut out on the wall with multiple mirrors

Picture 22 - Simple ambience with a striking mirror for the bedroom: super delimited frame with a more classic and pompous air as a decorative element of the room.

Impact mirror for bedroom

Picture 23 - The classic mirror with support on the floor: in double rooms are quite common and are currently gaining a cleaner and simpler look.

The classic mirror with floor support

Picture 24 - Mirror for triple room for vanity: in these traditional mirrors with side angulation, you have a complete visualization of the face to apply makeup perfectly.

Mirror for triple room for dressing table

Picture 25 - Another idea on the whole wall: mosaic with mirrors on wood panel for the bed.

Another idea on the entire wall

Image 26 - Triangular triptych: fragmentation of the image and a super different and psychedelic effect.

Triptych triangular for bedroom

Picture 27 - Mirror for room with mirrored frame: heavy structure to be pressed against the wall.

Mirror with mirrored frame

Image 28 - Mirror for modern round room and an effect of magnifying the space by reflection.

Round mirror for modern bedroom

Picture 29 - Mirror for long rectangular double bedroom: another way to create a window increase to the environment in a more subtle and elegant way.

Mirror for long rectangular double bedroom

Picture 30 - Another mirror with mirrored edges: this time in a small model and great to finish makeup and hairstyles.

Another Mirror with Mirrored Edges

Picture 31 - Large mirror for double infantile room: in a style of ballet studio with bar of support, this mirror still helps to open the space.

Large mirror for double children's room

Picture 32 - Mirrors for double bedroom in wardrobe doors at different angles: a full view of the environment in some modules.

Mirrors for double bedroom in wardrobe doors at different angles

Picture 33 - Mirror in a different and innovative design: half-moon shaped with fringes, wall a piece of art on the wall.

Mirror with different and innovative design

Image 34 - Closets with mirrored and darkened doors: another way of using the mirror inside the room.

Wardrobes with mirrored and darkened doors

Picture 35 - Mirror for female room: above the side table of the bed, forming a set with pot and rose gold lamp.

Mirror for female bedroom

Picture 36 - Perfect for hallways: Large mirrors in hallways duplicate space and take away the sensation of tight space.

Large mirror for bedroom corridor

Picture 37 - Small round mirror on the bed wall: a way to optimize spaces within the small room.

Small round mirror on bed wall

Picture 38 - Full of sparkles and attention: large mirror to room leaning against the wall and the perfect angle to visualize your looks.

Large mirror for bedroom leaning against the wall

Picture 39 - Mirror and a super frame: in this case, with a more decorative function, the frame gains main paper.

Mirror and a super frame for bedroom

Picture 40 - Mirror for single room: on the entire wall of the bed, the mirror reflects the room and enlarges the space.

Mirror for single room

Picture 41 - Irregular Room Mirror: At the idea of ​​testing new shapes in the frameless mirror, they can become super interesting and stylish pieces to have inside your room.

Irregular Room Mirror

Picture 42 - Side mirror to enlarge the room and break the dark of the wall surface painted black.

Side mirror to enlarge the room

Picture 43 - Mirrors everywhere possible! Created mute mirrored leaves the environment with a more sophisticated touch and glam.

Mirrors in all possible places

Picture 44 - Floor mirror for children's room: in the right position, it opens the room and allows many poses and compositions.

Floor mirror for children's room

Image 45 - High bell-shaped mirror on the wall to reflect the light environment on the other side of the room.

High bell-shaped mirror on the wall

Picture 46 - Mirrors by the room: Double of mirrors in formats and different sizes for different angles of visualization of the room.

Double mirrors through the bedroom

Picture 47 - Contemporary and innovative super contemporary mirror rack: a narrow vertical mirror strip can also help you feel the spaciousness of the space.

Mirror coat rack with contemporary and innovative

Picture 48 - Set of mirrors for children's single room: in the different cutout of the mirror surface, an even more fun decorative element for the bedroom.

Set of mirrors for children's single room

Picture 49 - Mirror for small room: Mirrored whole wall cabinet doors help to give greater sense of spaciousness in the room with reduced dimensions, especially the double.

Mirror for small room

Picture 50 - Set of round mirrors for room forming a cloud on the bedside wall of the bed.

Set of round mirrors for bedroom

Picture 51 - Another simple way to enlarge spaces in a different and fun way: large mirror for cheap, long and narrow room.

Large mirror for cheap, long and narrow room

Picture 52 - Above dressers, the perfect place for mirrors for female room without dressing table.

Mirrors for women's room

Picture 53 - Set of mirrors against the wall: in this contemporary trend of positioning mirrors, you gain new angles and positions of reflection.

Set of mirrors against the wall

Picture 54 - From desk to dresser in a second: At your work desk, you can add a mirror to turn it into the perfect workbench to produce your makeup and hair for when you leave.

In-room childcare (surcharge)

Picture 55 - Simple functional mirror for a minimalist environment: the traditional vertical rectangular mirrors are the most useful ones for day to day use and without the frame, they gain an even more minimal face.

Functional simple mirror for bedroom

Image 56 - Adult dressing room mirror: within your planned design, attach the electrical part to install spots of light around the mirror.

Mirror for adult dressing room

Picture 57 - Adornment for wall with mirrored dots: in another object that works much more like a decoration, mini round mirrors are used in the finalization.

Adornment for wall with mirror dots

Image 58 - A lush mirror for a princess room.

A lush mirror for a princess bedroom

Picture 59 - Mirror for large room: in relation to the whole wall mirrors, you can make small breaks with it, like this with a strip in the middle, and still achieve the amplitude effect in space.

Mirror for large bedroom

Image 60 - Elongated vertical mirror breaks the intense blue of the wall to reflect the white of the opposite wall of the room.

Elongated vertical mirror breaks the intense blue of the wall

Picture 61 - Unfurnished mirror against the wall: in a sophisticated environment in light tones, a new opening of space.

Frameless mirror on the wall

Picture 62 - Large round mirror on the side of the bed in a light black and white setting.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal

Picture 63 - Play with the idea of ​​a dark part and a clear part of the room with mirrors!

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 1

Image 64 - Another idea for mirrored door cabinets: The separate sections of mirrors do not interfere with the magnified effect it gives the room.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 2

Image 65 - Room designed with makeup niche: General rectangular mirror for the bottom of the niche and a smaller mirror to focus on specific points.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 3

Picture 66 - Diptych of mirrors for the head of the bed: in the same style of hanging comics, this time with mirrors.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 4

Picture 67 - Big hexagonal mirror above the chest of drawers: plus a full cutout style for your room.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 5

Image 68 - Wall of frames and mirror with special illumination.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 6

Picture 69 - Mirror corner panel with three modules for large rooms: another opening for the already ample environment.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 7

Image 70 - Round mirrors in a compositional set for the wall.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 8

Picture 71 - Sliding mirror doors in a built-in closet for the bedroom and the effect of space enlargement.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 9

Picture 72 - Oval mirror next to the bed: another strategic point to reach the amplitude effect.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 10

Image 73 - Mobile mirror leaning against the wall.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 11

Image 74 - Irregular mirror formed by mirrored rectangular blades.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 12

Image 75 - Another huge vertical mirror leaning against the wall and a continuation of different wall painting.

Mirror for room: 75 ideas and how to choose the ideal 13

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