Mini wedding: learn how to organize and decorate the intimate ceremony

Mini weddings are getting more and more popular in Brazil. Whether for financial reasons or a stylistic choice, mini wedding is a type of wedding with ceremony and more intimate party, generally held in cozy surroundings that serve a maximum of 100 people. The European influence, with its ceremonies more closed and discreet.

With this new trend in the market, many doubts can arise from the decoration that can be used in space. In this post, we will talk a little about the organization and decoration of this ceremony that has everything to be super special.

How to organize your mini wedding

A smaller wedding can be the ideal format for those who want to lower their budget and save money without losing the style of a perfect wedding, but can also be used as a way to invest even more in quality in party services and celebrate with the family alone and the closest friends. Whatever your choice, take a look at these tips on how to organize and decorate a ceremony and mini wedding party:

Invited : getting the list of guests for a wedding can be relentless, after all, there is always someone from the family or friend of work to include and with that, the list does not stop growing! In mini wedding the idea is to call only the fundamental people to accompany you on this important day.

Therefore, those cousins ​​that you do not have much contact or the colleagues you only see at work should not be called. Difficult as it may seem, try to think only of the people you most want to be together with you. To be considered a mini wedding, the list should not exceed 100 people between guests and companions, but ideally it should remain in the 70's. For those who want an even more intimate ceremony, the micro wedding serves up to 40 people.

Place of ceremony or party : As the guest list is reduced, you can dispense with the grand salons and think of more welcoming surroundings such as restaurants, country houses or even the beach! Everything will depend on your dream wedding style, be it rustic, traditional or even super modern. But for those who want even more affectionate memories, weddings in the backyard, in that mood of various American comedies, work very well and already relieve the payment of space!

Ideal time : For mini weddings, the most common is for the ceremony to take place during the afternoon and the party to last until the evening. Of course it is not a rule, but there is a certain magic in the ceremonies that accompany the sunset, especially in the more intimate outdoors.

Personalized decoration and intimate atmosphere : For those who are organizing their wedding, every detail of decoration counts, and if the proposal is to do something more intimate, some types of items are wild!

An example of this is the lights in garlands or even blinkers, which can be used to create a special and low illumination on the walls and even on the ceiling. In that case, opt for the yellow lights, they leave the atmosphere cozier! Another example is the rustic furniture or even the family silverware. If your mother, grandparents, aunts have any special items that will make all the difference in the decoration of the party, it's time to borrow, after all, no one says no to the bride and groom!

Another detail are custom or handmade items : For those who are trying to save money, it's worth organizing some of your family and friends to help you make some items handy. Godmothers and godparents are always at your service!

To complete the intimate decor, think about the layout of the tables at the time of the party and the meal you offer. For a list with fewer guests, worth thinking about a single table to behave everyone, so you keep everyone together and celebrating together with the bride and groom. If the guest list does not include a single table, divide the cores into separate tables, but in a small number to improve circulation and for whom the couple can get through, paying attention to everyone.

Food, drinks, cake and sweets : At the idea of ​​reducing costs with the size of the salon, the part that can most benefit from this is that of food and drinks. Investing in the quality of meals (lunch or dinner), snacks, drinks and even candy can transform your celebration and create more incredible memories. Here is the time to look for a special buffet or even a chef to create your menu with the quantity you prefer of dishes. In those cases, one might think of a lunch or dinner complete with starter, main course and dessert for everyone to eat together.

Music for a special climate : The economy in other aspects of marriage can also give you a greater range of options when choosing other important details like music. In that case, hiring a DJ or a band to play live can make the mood even more special, regardless of the type of music you choose.

60 inspirations from miniweddings that you will fall in love with

With these tips, take a look at our inspirations in mini weddings in the complete gallery we've separated!

Picture 1 - Mini wedding with the right decoration with natural leaves and candles on the path of the bride.

Mini wedding with the right decoration with natural leaves

Picture 2 - Mini rustic wedding in beachy and super organized climate: map of seats already at the entrance of the hall.

Rustic mini wedding in beach climate

Picture 3 - Unique table for the grooms and guests and a lush floral decoration!

Single table for the bride and groom

Picture 4 - Cake table in a minimal tone and inspired by nature.

Cake table in a minimal tone

Picture 5 - Minibar in a climate self service for the guests to enjoy and celebrate the event!

Minibar in a self-service climate

Picture 6 - Buttery biscuits with cover of American paste marbled to serve to the guests like souvenir.

Buttered biscuits with American paste cover

Picture 7 - Outdoor mini wedding: corner for photos inside a super prepared van.

Mini wedding outdoor

Picture 8 - Wedding for a few guests with a simple and super delicate decoration.

Wedding for a few guests

Picture 9 - For those who want to celebrate the wedding at home, it is worth giving a special touch to the existing decoration of the room with a sign in the dressing room style.

Mini wedding sign in dressing room style

Picture 10 - Another souvenir for the guests full of affection: flowers to bring more delicacy to the life of all.

flowers to bring more delicacy to the life of all

Picture 11 - Cake table in a simple style: small table and floral decoration ideal for Mini wedding.

Cake table in a simple style

Picture 12 - Well set table in white and gold with menu and a treat for the end of the dinner.

Well set table in white and gold

Picture 13 - Shared Adventures: besides a book of signatures for the guests, how about asking directions for places to visit and sightseeing?

Mini wedding: how about asking directions for places to visit and sightseeing

Picture 14 - Perfect Mini Wedding on the beach: platform as altar for the bride and groom, many light fabrics and flowers to leave the environment even more perfect.

Perfect Mini Wedding on the Beach

Picture 15 - Mini wedding restaurant with single table: organic design to improve the placement of conversations between the guests.

Mini wedding restaurant with single table

Picture 16 - Individual portions and simple snacks with a touch more: for less guests, capriche in the choice of food.

Single portions and simple snacks with a touch of more

Picture 17 - Cake table with a natural and super special flowery panel: choose your favorite flowers and colors to decorate the wall simply and cheaply.

Cake table with a natural and super special flowery panel

Picture 18 - Wall decorations with words and phrases in MDF: a simple decoration full of meanings.

Wall decorations with words and phrases on MDF

Picture 19 - A detail in the bride and groom's dining chair: another way of demarcating places at the tables.

A detail in the bride and groom dining chair

Picture 20 - Memory panel with two: printed photos are increasingly rare, so make them an even more special element for your decoration.

Two-way memory panel

Picture 21 - Demarque the way of the bride in different ways: worth the rose petals, rugs and even a strip of fabric of your choice.

Demarcate the way of the bride in different ways

Picture 22 - Easy sweets to take home: from chocolate droplets, confectionery, even jellybeans as wedding souvenirs.

Easy sweets to take home

Picture 23 - Special theme for the wedding: drawing with chalk on the wall with blackboard paint done by an artist leaves the environment and the day even more special.

Special theme for wedding mini wedding

Picture 24 - Wall decoration with flasher : another idea of cheap decoration and simple for a mini wedding.

Mini wedding with flasher

Picture 25 - For the parties in the late afternoon, the candles work to create an even more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Mini wedding in the late afternoon

Image 26 - Chocolates full of love to accompany a coffee at the end of the party.

Chocolates at the end of the mini wedding party

Picture 27 - You can also expose your photos in more elaborate frames in a mix of shapes, colors and textures.

You can also display your photos in more elaborate frames in a mix of shapes, colors and textures

Image 28 - Nature as the great honoree of the ceremony: path of rose petals and green wall to formalize the wedding vows.

Nature as the great ceremony honored mini wedding

Picture 29 - In a more sophisticated tone, it is worth betting on the great fabrics like cover of table and wall panel.

Large fabrics in mini wedding decoration

Picture 30 - Graceful in every detail: from the flowers in glass cups to the colored letters forming the name of the bride and groom.

Grace in decoration mini wedding

Picture 31 - Another creative and unusual way to advertise the menu: work on lettering on brown paper type bread bag.

Lettering on paper in mini wedding

Picture 32 - For a wedding on the beach, a table of tropical food: bet on the super colorful and refreshing fruits to eat or turn into drinks.

Mini wedding for beach wedding

Image 33 - Cheap, home-made and full of delicacy and charm mini: bow with flowers, leaves and voil curtain to make the marriage official.

Mini cheap homemade wedding

Image 34 - Wall light: to highlight the cake table and sweets, a wall full of flashing lights.

Mini wedding with light wall

Picture 35 - Have an entire wall shelf? Decorate it with many little plants and candles to turn the space into the perfect wedding background.

Little plants and candles in mini wedding

Image 36 - Another idea of ​​long table decoration with flower arrangements.

Long table decoration in mini wedding

Picture 37 - In the pot ready to be eaten: homemade edible souvenir for your guests.

Edible remembrance at mini wedding

Picture 38 - Another way to form sentences on the wall: organization type examination of sight for the most attentive!

Organization type eye exam

Picture 39 - Board with skewers to be delighted: create options of portions for a self-service style.

Board with skewers

Image 40 - Mirrored bar with flower arrangement and tower of bowls: sophisticated decor ready for the great toast.

Mirrored bar in mini wedding

Image 41 - Another surprise snack: colorful white chocolate and with phrase for the lovers.

White chocolate on mini wedding

Picture 42 - You can also separate the guest area and the altar path with large pots of your favorite plant.

Vases on the path of the altar of mini wedding

Picture 43 - Celebration lunch in the largest style fairy tales: long table for all the guests in the greatest Provencal romantic climate.

Lunch in mini wedding fairy tale style

Image 44 - Garden signage plate for no guest to get lost.

Garden signage board for mini wedding

Image 45 - Turkish Eye Pendant in well-married wrapping to protect the bride and groom from any evil eye.

Turkish Eye Pendant

Picture 46 - Garlands of flowers and metallic balloons for a mini wedding decoration homemade and super romantic.

Garlands of flowers in mini wedding

Picture 47 - Central table of the party with food self-service buffet typical of the region of origin of the newlyweds.

Self-service buffet in mini wedding

Image 48 - Mini wedding with decoration in industrial style with contrast between wood and metal.

Mini wedding with industrial style decoration

Picture 49 - One more thing to inspire yourself: on wooden boards, organize small portions of fruits, vegetables and other easy, light and refreshing ingredients.

Petite for mini wedding

Image 50 - Special balloons for the newlyweds: a super cheap celebration of the new formed family.

Special balloons for the bride and groom

Picture 51 - Message from the bride and groom to the guests on the wall in a decorated and perfumed space.

Message from the bride and groom to the guests on the wall

Image 52 - Champagne for everyone! Individual bottles for all guests toast together the happiness of the bride and groom.

Champagne for everyone

Picture 53 - Suspended cake table in a swing style with ribbons for a surprise element in the decoration.

Suspension table in a swing style with ribbons

Picture 54 - For mini weddings held in the open at night, it is worth investing in a uniform and strong illumination in current.

Mini wedding in the open air at night

Image 55 - Mini wedding with coastal decoration inspired by the California region: very sea and well colored flowers.

Mini wedding with coastal decoration

Image 56 - Engagements everywhere: decoration even drawn in chocolate.

Engines in all places of decoration

Picture 57 - Curtain of tsurus: simple decoration, colorful and full of symbology for your party.

Tsurus curtain

Image 58 - Use your shelves to accommodate more flowers and candles in the complete romantic-style décor.

Use your shelves to accommodate more flowers and candles

Image 59 - Personalized topper for cake: catch with bride and groom photos.

Personalized topper for cake

Image 60 - Watercolor panel with a wedding theme art to complete the personalized decoration.

Watercolor panel with a wedding theme art

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