Milk Carton Craft: 50 Ideas and Step by Step

Have you considered reusing the empty milk cartons and are usually intended for disposal? Know that you can take advantage of them to make crafts and smart creations for your home, and even, for sale (with dedication it is possible to earn some extra money).

The milk carton is versatile and you can use it to make the base of a coated object such as boxes, wallets, purses, carrying cases and others. If you prefer a simpler option, you can just make cutouts and still get interesting results.

50 craft inspirations with milk cartons

To be inspired, we separate the most beautiful references of handicrafts with milk cartons from the internet. At the end, also see the step by step to make your own art! Check out all the ideas and references below:

Picture 1 - Beautiful example of using the milk carton to make a small bird house.


This kind of cottage is great for anyone who has one or more birds at home. With the hole in its surface and the support with popsicle stick, it serves perfectly for this function. It was still painted blue and received yellow balls.

Image 2 - Simple use of boxes as pots of plants.


Instead of spending money on new pots, enjoy the milk cartons to create your own pots. You can use a more elaborate and decorated option or a simpler one just for recycling.

Picture 3 - Boxes decorated and hanging.

Milk Carton Craft: 50 Ideas and Step by Step

Create decorative objects using painted milk cartons, with embellishments and prints. In this example, each one received a different finish to compose in the decoration of the decorative clothesline.

Picture 4 - How about using them for lighting?


This is a smart solution for anyone looking to innovate. Put an artificial lighting inside the package, so you can elaborate in the holes creating different shapes.

Picture 5 - An unusual use: to use parts of the box to make a bag.


Although it gives more work, it is possible to make beautiful crafts such as bags and wallets to store objects. Abuse creativity in this hour.

Picture 6 - Another colorful option to create vibrant vases.


Try to use a material to coat the boxes, such as the fabric. So you can leave them with the color or the print that suits you the most.

Image 7 - Different boxes used with the same packaging format.


Picture 8 - How about turning the box of milk into a beautiful package to store sweets?


The little boxes are great options for any type of object, besides being a practical option for day to day. This example uses the bottom of the box to make a box for the candy.

Picture 9 - Another option is to use the box of milk to create a beautiful vase.


Picture 10 - To store Easter eggs.


This example shows how you can save Easter eggs by using a basic cutout of the milk carton using its bottom.

Picture 11 - In this example of crafts, the milk carton was used to make a door scraps and as illustrations.


Image 12 - Milk cans transformed into decoration for Halloween party.


Another idea is to use the milk cartons to make creative designs to use in parties. Use your creativity to enjoy the material and complete your decor.

Picture 13 - How about composing clippings of the material to make pendurals?


Image 14 - Boxes of milk used as packaging for sweet souvenirs.


Coated with the right paper, they can serve as a beautiful packaging for sweets and salty as a gift. The above example uses the packaging as a souvenir.

Picture 15 - Box of milk coated with fabric embroidered in the container.


Another object that can be made with the milk cartons is the door objects. This example uses the embroidered fabric and a pink lace to make the craft.

Picture 16 - A simple clipping can turn into a box.


Image 17 - Colorful milk cartons as a vase and decorative pieces.


Using the correct painting and decorative items, these boxes became decorative objects with toy birds, preachers and a plant inside.

Image 18 - Use the coatings on the box to create colorful and vibrant vases.


Image 19 - Boxes converted into characters. Use the dash to make your creations.


Only a few strokes can change the face of your craft with milk carton. The above example shows how to make faces of fun characters to make the item even more charming.

Picture 20 - Piece coated to place as support on the door.


The door support can be made with a piece of felt-covered carton, as the example.

Picture 21 - Another example of boxes to decorate a Halloween party.


Image 22 - Wallet made with boxes of milk and coated with printed fabric.


Picture 23 - Simple box to put pencils and pens.


Use the milk carton to form an object holder box as shown above.

Picture 24 - Small stamped houses made with boxes of milk.


Make the ideal embellishment using milk cartons to form beautiful houses lined with the paper of your choice.

Picture 25 - Great option to use the milk carton: store tea or coffee sachets.


Image 26 - With small pieces of wood, these boxes have been transformed into a small birdhouse.


With the right trimming, these boxes are transformed into small birdhouses, using the wood as a liner and a twig as support.

Image 27 - Boxes of milk with traces and face of owl.


How about sprucing up a tree with custom boxes and cropped as the example? They receive traits and lines that refer to an owl.

Picture 28 - Box of milk transformed into a gift or gift box.


Another common option is to make packages for various party favors or baby showers using the milk cartons as a base.

Picture 29 - How about creating funny pots with characters faces or cartoons?


Use your creativity to create beautiful gifts and souvenirs with painting and illustrations. This example shows how putting faces can make the box much more joyful.

Picture 30 - Beautiful Christmas craftsmanship made with milk carton.


Use the felt to achieve this. In the crafts above, the box was lined with blue felt and other shades, in addition to being accompanied by small decorative trees for the Christmas mood.

Picture 31 - Simple solution to make a hanging garden: use the boxes as pots.


A practical and easy to do option: use the boxes with cutouts coated with a strong paper. They can serve as a garden suspended by strings on the wall of your yard.

Image 32 - Boxes of milk used as boats.


Make beautiful toys and ornaments for children: this example shows how to use the milk carton to make small boats.

Picture 33 - Cutouts of boxes of milk to make a package for Easter.


This example uses box cutouts with brown paint to make beautiful rabbit-shaped Easter gift boxes.

Image 34 - Coated milk box was used to make a small wallet.


Image 35 - London telephone booth made with milk carton.


This box was used as decorative lamp made with the milk carton.

Image 36 - Simple craftsmanship to use them as a pot.


A simple task: Use the milk cartons cut out as small pots for your outer area. Great reuse of resources!

Image 37 - Small boxes cut out like toy houses. Detail for painting.


Creating toys by reusing crates is certainly an economical option to have fun with the kids.

Image 38 - Handicraft with milk cartons using maps paper as a coating.


Picture 39 - Turn a box of milk into a small objects door. Use the lid to close it!


This box of milk was used with wallet and money door. How about using this option for your crafts?

Image 40 - Vase with printed paper outside


Image 41 - Another example of milk carton transformed into a bird's nest.


The little birdhouse is a popular choice when it comes to crafts. A great choice for those who have these pets.

Picture 42 - How about building a beautiful city with crafts?


Use the milk cartons to decorate a birthday table and other spaces of your choice. In the example above, they are used to make beautiful houses.

Picture 43 - Boxes of colored milk.


In this example, the colored felt was used to coat the milk cartons with style and harmony. To complete, personalized messages.

Image 44 - The milk cartons were used to store women's makeup.


Another option is to use milk cartons to assemble a beautiful door make-up and beauty items from day to day for the woman.

Image 45 - Another option of coated box to use as party favors.


Take advantage of unused milk cartons and use them as gift wrappers at children's parties. This example makes the object more fun with stamped papers, flowers and a thank you message.

Picture 46 - Boxes together can form a great pot for storing remote controls.


This example uses milk cartons joined by a checkered fabric, with embroidered detail to be used as remote control ports.

Picture 47 - How about decorating the desk with reused boxes to keep pencils, papers and other items?


Milk cartons may also have a paper in the office, such as pencils, cards and paper.

Image 48 - Small decoration bees made with milk cartons.


Picture 49 - Craft with box of milk to make small houses / buildings for children.


Image 50 - Boxes lined with paper and colored preachers.


Craft with milk carton step by step

Although some examples require more complexity and a greater number of materials to use, you can follow the step-by-step videos to make creations with the milk cartons.

In the first example, see how to make decorated boxes:

1. Boxes decorated with milk carton

In this first example, watch how to make a box decorated with milk cartons. The first step is to remove the lid from the milk carton and after washing, the bottom should be opened and cut with stylet. So, the picture is completely removed and after that, just follow the following video walkthrough:

2. Cutlery holder with milk carton

See also in the video below, the step by step to make a cutlery door with milk cartons. Using two boxes, the cut is made at the top with stylet and the scissors to trim the ends. Following all the cutouts according to the video, the boxes are coated with contact paper stamped to have a flowery coating. Then a piece of EVA is applied inside the box with glue to make it more rigid. Check all the steps below:

3. How to make a tote bag with milk carton

Want to know how to create a bag bag with milk cartons? See in this step by step how to make a bag using the boxes. According to the video, you need 3 boxes of milk and after making all the cutouts, they are coated with decorative paper. The felt is used as liner and bond between the ends and are glued with hot glue. Check out all the steps below:

4. How to make a wallet with milk carton

In the next example, check out how to make a wallet with milk cartons:

4. How to make a box with milk cartons

In this example, watch the step-by-step to make a box with milk carton:

5. Learn how to make a purse from milk cartons

To make a bag from the milk carton, following the step by step, you need to use: a milk carton, ruler, scissors, cloth, paper or contact . In addition, white glue, crepe tape, brush and foam roller. Check out all the steps according to the explanatory video below:

6. Here's how to make a souvenir carton with milk carton

In this video you will learn how to make a gift box, gift box or gift box using milk or juice. They are decorated with EVA, pearls, ribbons, crowns and small plastic shoes. To make this craft it is necessary to use a ruler, scissors, glue or hot glue. Check all the steps below:

7. How to make a drawer with milk carton

The drawer is an interesting option to keep all objects organized, including for those who like crafts and need a place to store all objects. To do this craft, you will need cardboard, fabric, scissors, stylus, ruler, pen, tape measure, tape crepe, hot glue gun, pliers, pebbles, wire and a sharp object. Check out all the steps in the video below:

8. Here's how to make a case with milk cartons

The case is a practical object for every woman's day-to-day life. See in this example how to make a box with milk carton. You will need a box of milk, fabric, EVA, white glue, brush, hot glue gun, crepe tape or Durex, elastic, scissors, pen, ruler, stylus and cardboard. Check out all the steps in the video below:

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