Mezzanine: what it is, how to use and photos of projects

The newer buildings such as garden and loft apartments have one feature in common: the high ceilings. Thinking about out-of-standard solutions is a way of innovating the traditional style of housing, especially for young people seeking to combine dynamism and functionality in the same space. With this, the construction of a mezzanine creates this combination that allows for an extension of usable area while maintaining privacy.

What is mezzanine?

What is mezzanine?

Mezzanine is the pavement located in the middle of the right-hand side. It must necessarily be high so that it fulfills its functionality correctly.

How to use the mezzanine?

The mezzanine is ideal for small homes or offices that seek to optimize each m2, as they allow to create new environments with style. With it it is possible to transit over or under the structure, leaving this integration fun and perceived by all environments.

Mezzanine in the house

A mezzanine indoors can take style as well as endless possibilities of decoration. Thinking about the design is crucial for it to suit the resident's routine, which can have from a workspace to a fully open bathroom.

60 ideas of environments with mezzanine

If you want to know what functions a mezzanine can have, see some ideas below and get inspired to build your:

Picture 1 - For a children's room, choose an optimized bunk.

Optimized Bunk Bed

With the modernization of the bunks it is possible to separate the functions in a small space. While the lower part provides for study area, the top can count on the bed, or vice versa.

Picture 2 - Bodyguard creative.

Creative bodyguard

For those who want to optimize space, the idea of ​​a shelf-shaped bodyguard is an excellent solution! In other cases, you can use low cabinets or hanging bins that are also functional for the proposal.

Picture 3 - Total use of the residence.

Full use of residence

In this project, an attic-inspired space with a more modern footprint was created. Its triangular-shaped staircase and bookcase leave the place inviting and striking in the environment. As the area is small the reading space serves as resting place as well.

Picture 4 - Brinquedoteca aside.

Other toy room

Separating functions in a children's room is key to keeping the child disciplined. So it is possible to set up a reserved and playful place that marks the dorm in a different way!

Picture 5 - Sleeping in the heights ...

Sleeping on the heights

Taking advantage of the skylight of the room, the bed area was suspended forming the perfect setting for an adventurous child.

Picture 6 - Style in the right measure!

Style in the right measure

Living in a loft is synonymous with style! So demonstrate this urban personality in every detail of the house. The structure that most matches this type of dwelling is the metal one, as it expresses very well the style and the personality of the resident.

Image 7 - Work the multifunctionality in the decoration.

Work the multifunctionality in decoration

In this project we can observe the corner to sleep, work and meet in very little space. The mezzanine has this advantage, of joining several functions in a small useful area!

Picture 8 - Make an inviting attic.

Make an inviting attic

As space for a traditional ladder would be small, the solution was to take the model sailor to the environment. This element left the area more cozy, without disturbing the rest of the house circulation.

Image 9 - Extend the joinery to the ceiling.

Extend the joinery to the ceiling

Image 10 - Traditional loft layout.

Traditional loft layout

Image 11 - Home office stripped.

Home office stripped

Having the working space in the mezzanine is extremely functional as it is the ideal space to stimulate concentration, since it is separated from the rest of the house.

Picture 12 - Create an original and stylish bathroom at the same time.

Original and elegant bathroom

Image 13 - Mezzanine with medium height.

Mezzanine with medium height

The mezzanine can be used as a bedroom in smaller rooms, provided that the mattress is close to the floor.

Image 14 - Form a circulation hall in the mezzanine.

Form a circulation hall

Picture 15 - Pula-pula creative.

Pula pula creative

Create a space for children to play and for you to relax! After all, this network makes all the difference in space.

Image 16 - Mount a library on the mezzanine.

Build a library on the mezzanine

Image 17 - Mezzanine with metallic structure.

Mezzanine with metal structure

Picture 18 - A bench can be enough to give a feature in this space.

One bench may be enough to give functionality

Image 19 - For those who do not have a favorable height, bet on the mattress straight on the floor.

Mattress directly on the floor

Image 20 - Apartment with industrial and modern footprint.

Apartment with modern industrial footprint

Picture 21 - Choose a style of decoration to assemble in your home.

Choose a style of decoration for the residence

Picture 22 - Working with an inspiring view.

Working with an Inspiring View

The worktable at the edge of the guardrail provides a complete look of the house or the living room. An interesting idea for those who have children, so it is possible to work and observe the children at the same time.

Image 23 - Mezzanine with spiral staircase.

Mezzanine with spiral staircase

Picture 24 - Mezzanine style corridor.

Mezzanine in the corridor style

Picture 25 - Children's room with mezzanine.

Children's room with mezzanine

Picture 26 - Build a dream reading space!

Build a dream reading space

Image 27 - Several mezzanines with different functionalities.

Mezzanines with different functionalities

The view that the mezzanine provides is the advantage of being in a higher location. In the case of this project, each level provides a different view of the entire house.

Image 28 - Full of style, the solution was to create a home office suspended.

Home office suspended

Picture 29 - Make a living room on the mezzanine.

Living room in the mezzanine

Picture 30 - Single room with mezzanine.

Single room with mezzanine

Image 31 - If it is a circulation space, place only what is necessary.

Put only what is necessary in the circulation space

This way, it does not hinder the passage to other environments with free space to move comfortably!

Picture 32 - Office with mezzanine.

Office with mezzanine

If you have a small trading room, try solving the layout by building a mezzanine. It looks great for offices that require creativity!

Picture 33 - Mount your dorm in the mezzanine and leave the social area on the lower floor.

Dorm in the mezzanine

Image 34 - Choose a function that you want to have in the house and mount this space in the mezzanine.

Mezzanine: what it is, how to use and photos of projects

Image 35 - Double suite on the mezzanine.

Double bedroom on mezzanine

Picture 36 - Create an internal balcony inside the room.

Create an entire balcony inside the bedroom

Image 37 - Mezzanine with TV room.

Mezzanine with TV room

Image 38 - Mezzanine in corporate design.

Mezzanine in corporate project

In the case of mezzanines in commercial projects, this separation allows better management of your team with plenty of space to allocate new teams.

Picture 39 - With the large space, it was possible to build a small library with the help of a shelf.

Small library with ample space

Image 40 - Mezzanine on one side and room on the other.

Mezzanine on one side and room on the other

Image 41 - Mezzanine in U-shape.

Mezzanine: what it is, how to use and photos of projects

The interesting thing about this project was to make the most of the upper space. The idea of ​​creating a bedroom with the separate home office is perfect for those who work from home and need to have each space separate.

Picture 42 - The design of the cover gave the special touch to the room.

Cover design

Picture 43 - Mezzanine with bedroom and closet.

Mezzanine with bedroom and closet

Picture 44 - Create an access and an amazing bodyguard for your mezzanine.

Create a bodyguard access

Work with the combination of materials and coatings to complement your mezzanine. They are fundamental to make this place even more interesting!

Picture 45 - Let the structure be part of the decoration.

Let the structure be part of the decoration

Picture 46 - The large bookcase interconnects the two floors in a harmonic way.

Large bookcase interconnects all environments

Picture 47 - Mezzanine in L. format

L-shaped mezzanine

On L-floor, create a functional and decorative corridor through a shelf that extends from end to end. So you can spruce with decorative objects and store your belongings in the enclosed part.

Image 48 - Mezzanine with wooden structure.

Mezzanine with wooden structure

Picture 49 - The contemporary style predominates in all details of this construction.

Contemporary style in every detail of the décor

Image 50 - Mezzanine facing the living room.

Mezzanine facing the living room

Image 51 - Be creative in its construction.

Be creative in its construction

Architecture lovers may enjoy a monumental building in the middle of the residence. In the above design, the wooden parts are interconnected to create the basic structure of the mezzanine and which naturally form the staircase and the surrounding shelves.

Picture 52 - The mezzanine is the passion of the male apartments!

The passion of the men's apartments

Picture 53 - Create a very private room with the help of the mezzanine.

Private room with mezzanine

Picture 54 - For those who need more privacy, bet on the shrimp port.

Shrimp port for those who need privacy

Picture 55 - The glass bodyguard allows the total visualization of the residence.

Transparent glass guard

Picture 56 - With room only for bed.

With room only for bed

Image 57 - Office mezzanine.

Office mezzanine

Image 58 - Studio apartment with great solutions.

Studio apartment with great solutions

- Create the mezzanine to suspend the bed;
- The ladder has the function of niche and closet;
- The L-shaped kitchen provides better circulation in the residence.

Image 59 - Let the apparent space well decorated.

Space well decorated

Screenshot 60 - Create an open box for further integration.

Create an open box for more integration

Mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floor

The mezzanine has a structural system similar to that of a residential balcony where a part of the slab is in balance with respect to its structure. They are sometimes supported by beams and pillars, preferably metallic, that give the correct support for the extension.

The fundamental element in this composition is the staircase, where it gives exclusive access to the floor. It can be any format, as long as there is the correct calculation for the available space.

If you are charmed by our tips and want to build a mezzanine, seek the help of an area professional to ensure safety at all stages!

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