Marmorato: know what it is and how to apply the marbled texture on the wall

A simple and economical way to change the look of the house is by painting or texturizing the walls. For this, you can opt for a hundred products available: from the good old latex paint up to the textured masses. But if you are looking for something different, you can bet on the marble effect, a type of texture that when applied to the wall resembles marble. The decorative effect was launched by the Suvinil brand of paints and serves commercially by the name of Marmorato.

Keep following this post that we will explain everything, tim tim por tim tim, marmorato or marbled painting, as it is also known. In addition, of course, to teach the step by step so that you can apply the technique yourself in your home. Check out:

What is marmorato?

For those who like marble but are not in a position to pay a high value for the stone can obtain the same elegant and sophisticated effect with the application of marmorato, which is nothing more than a texture applied on the walls in order to obtain a marble effect , bright and glazed.

There are several colors available from marmorato so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and the style of your home. It is worth noting, however, that marmorato should only be applied to the walls, its use is not recommended for other surfaces, such as the floor, since the texture can wear away easily and lose its effect quickly.

But in compensation, you can use the marbled effect on both the internal and external walls of the house.

What is marmorato's price?

One of the great advantages of marmorato in relation to marble is the price. The textured effect is much cheaper when compared to natural stone. To get an idea, the price of a 2.88 liter Marmorato Suvinil can is $ 161.00. A can yields enough for a wall up to 12 square meters, however, three coats are required to achieve the desired effect. That way, if you own a wall of exact 12 square meters you will need three cans of 2.88 liters and will spend $ 483.

Did you find much? Imagine now that you will clad this same wall with a carrara-type marble stone, one of the most known and sought after. This stone costs, on average, $ 900 per square meter. Soon, you will have a cost of $ 10,800.00 to cover the same wall with marble. Did you notice the difference? Is it worth the investment in texture?

If you are already convinced of the beauty and economy you have opted for for a marbled painting, then it is time to check step by step for the application. There are two steps to obtaining the effect. The first is the application of the textured mass and the second is the polishing to ensure the smooth and shiny effect of the wall. But do not worry, it's all very simple, just follow the guidelines and the necessary care to make everything as expected.

The next step is the one recommended by Suvinil herself

Materials needed for texture:

  • Marmorate texture;
  • Stainless steel cutter with rounded corners;
  • Steel spatula.

Materials required for polishing:

  • Paste colorless wax;
  • Polishing or flannels for manual polishing;

The first step is to prepare the wall that will receive the marble effect. It is important that the surface is smooth and uniform, previously prepared with running mass or acrylic mass. If your wall is already there, be sure to apply only one or two coats of white latex paint.

After preparing the wall, begin the application of marmorato with a steel trowel with rounded edges. Spread the texture, leaving the surface uneven with small reliefs.

Let it dry for about six to eight hours before applying the second coat. It is very important to respect the intervals between coats. Complete the areas where the texture was not applied to level the surface.

Wait to dry again and apply the third coat in warped motions to create spots and level the surface. Do not worry if the wall gets stained, the intention is the same.

Wait for the drying period and start the second stage of the marbled effect. To do this, apply the colorless paste wax to the entire surface with the help of the trowel or a soft sponge. Let it dry for about fifteen minutes.

To finish, hand polish with a flannel or use a polisher. Your wall is ready!
For any questions, watch the video below:

In addition to marmorate, it is also possible to effect marble on the wall in other ways, such as mixed or with running dough. Check out the tutorial videos below and learn these two other techniques:

How to make marmorato with pasta race

How To Make Mixed Marmorato

Now that you know what marmorato is, how much it costs and how to apply, check out some environments decorated with it. See which one has more to do with you and bring this idea to your home:

Picture 1 - Modern room chose by the sobriety of the gray color for the marmorato; yellow makes contrast in the environment.

Modern room with marmorato

Picture 2 - For a noble and sophisticated environment, bet on a marble effect of earthy tone; notice that the lighting on the wall appreciated the texture.

Wall texture in marmorato

Picture 3 - For the white room , the option was to wear a gray marmorato

Gray Marmorato in the White Room

Picture 4 - Light gray tone of marbled paint enhanced the neutral and sober style of this double room.

Marbled paint in light gray

Picture 5 - Effect marbled in all the walls and until in the ceiling; the architecture and the classic decoration leaves the texture even more like real marble

Architecture with marmorato

Picture 6 - Room of gray tones gained sophistication with marbled wall

Marble wall

Picture 7 - Wall of the corridor or the entrance hall is one of the options where to apply the marble effect

Marmorato effect in the entrance hall

Image 8 - Depending on the lighting that the wall receives, the marble effect changes

Marble effect on the wall

Picture 9 - Marble effect in bed color of this room

Marble effect in bedroom

Picture 10 - The dark tone of the marmorato left the room refined and elegant.

Refined and elegant room with marmorato

Image 11 - Marble, generally used as a wall covering, was replaced by marble with no detriment to the aesthetics of the bathroom

Marmorato in the bathroom

Image 12 - Marmorato of this room was applied to serve as a panel for TV

TV panel with marmorato

Image 13 - Marmorato is not the most suitable technique for tread, since it can wear easily with the flow of people.

Marmorato on the floor

Picture 14 - Bathroom dignified of royalty: marble effect guarantees the same beauty and sophistication as the marble

Beauty and sophistication of the marble effect

Picture 15 - High right foot of this room received application of marble painting throughout its length

High heel with marbled paint effect

Image 16 - Gray everywhere in this room, including the marbled wall

Wall with marble in the room

Picture 17 - Notice how polishing is important to brighten the wall and leave the effect even more like real marble

Wall with marble and polish

Picture 18 - Marbled wall darker than the rest of the room

Wall with marmorato in the environment

Picture 19 - For the double room of rustic style, the option was by the marbled effect dark blue

Blue Marmorato in the double room

Image 20 - Reinforce the lighting near the marbled wall; the light highlights the texture and brightness of the painting

Lighting is important in environment with marmorato

Picture 21 - Black and white dining room received gray marmorato effect

Gray Marmorato in Black and White Dining Room

Image 22 - Brilliance of the marmorato stands out in the home decoration .

Home decoration with marmorato shine

Picture 23 - Classic and light colored bathroom with a white and gray marmorato

Classic bathroom with marble

Picture 24 - Marble effect also looks great on the wall of offices and commercial rooms

Marmorato in commercial offices

Image 25 - Natural lighting of this room highlights the marble effect of the wall

Room with marbled texture

Image 26 - Marmorato can be used in internal and external areas, in this model the texture was applied next to the barbecue

Marmorato in external area

Image 27 - Marmorato helps modernize and give that touch more in the decoration of the clothing store

Clothing store with marmorato

Image 28 - The combination of marbled effect and paintings results in a modern and stylish atmosphere

Marmorato and pictures in the decoration

Picture 29 - Instead of using headboard behind the bed, choose to texture the wall with marmorato.

Wall texture with marmorato

Picture 30 - Earthy shades add elegance to the dining room; on the wall, the gray marble completes the proposal.

Earthy shades with gray marmorato

Image 31 - Marmorato and brickwork composes the visual of this gourmet balcony .

Marmorato and brick on the gourmet balcony

Image 32 - Marble effect was applied on these walls that bypass the ladder; the use of the washers creating even more shape and volume for the wall

Marmorato on the walls

Picture 33 - In this bathroom, the marble effect was applied to the wall where the sink

Marble effect on the wall of the sink

Picture 34 - Environments integrated with a single wall of marble effect

Environments integrated with marmorato

Picture 35 - Rustic, classic and modern share this same environment; the marbled wall in the background decorates with charm and elegance

Rustic, classic and modern room with marmorato

Image 36 - Wall with mixed marble effect.

Wall of mixed marmorato

Picture 37 - In the room, the wall of marble effect contrasts with the rusticity of the bricks

Marmorato wall in the room

Picture 38 - Room of vintage style, slightly romantic, bet on the wall of the bedside to apply the effect marble.

Vintage room with marmorato

Image 39 - Mode of application of marmorato determines the more or less textured points of the wall

Marmorato on the wall

Picture 40 - Gray marbled effect wall creates a modern combination with black details

Gray marbled effect wall

Picture 41 - Marmorato gray in the double bedroom white and blue.

Gray marmorato in the double bedroom white and blue

Picture 42 - Dining room with gray marbled wall.

Dining room with gray marbled wall

Picture 43 - Niche where the Cuba is fully coated with marble effect.

Marmorato in the bathroom tub

Picture 44 - Wall of the double room with marbled effect mixed in gray and blue colors.

Wall of double bedroom with marmorato

Picture 45 - To combine with the decoration, the marble effect follows in the same tone of the decoration of the room.

Marmorato: know what it is and how to apply the marbled texture on the wall

Picture 46 - Wall with marmorato gained an extra touch with the mirrors and the sign of LED.

Marmorato: know what it is and how to apply the marbled texture on the wall 1

Picture 47 - Marmorato blue makes an ideal combination with the tone of the sofa and carpet of that room.

Marmorato: know what it is and how to apply the marbled texture on the wall 2

Picture 48 - Room of modern and romantic influences won a gray marbled wall.

Wall with marmorato in the double room

Picture 49 - Bathroom with marbled effect in the color of concrete.

Bathroom with marble effect

Picture 50 - In this bathroom, the marmorato in tone of beige predominates.

Marmorato in Beige Tone

Picture 51 - An exquisite decoration demands a finish to the height.

Finishing of marble in the room

Picture 52 - Marmorato gray decorates all the walls of this house of integrated environments.

Gray marmorato in the room decoration

Picture 53 - Marmorato gray combined with the black decoration details confers a modern style to that room.

Modern style in living room decor with marmorato

Image 54 - White ceiling highlighted the marble effect of the wall.

Marble effect on the wall

Image 55 - TV panel created with marble effect.

TV panel created with marble effect

Image 56 - Combine the color of marmorato with the colors and tones of the environment; in doubt follow the palette that predominates in the place.

Combine the color of marmorato with the colors and tones of the environment

Image 57 - The clearer the color of marmorato, the more discreet the texture of the wall.

The clearer the color of marmorato, the more discreet the texture of the wall

Can you combine textures? Yes you can! In this model, the gray marbled wall was combined with a white 3D panel

Wall with marmorato

Image 59 - To break the gray tone of marmorato and sofa, colorful cushions .

Collared and marbled pillows on the wall

Image 60 - The elegance of the texture of the marble combined with the sophistication of the velvet creates an atmosphere beyond that of refined.

Fabric velvet with marmorato

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