Living Room with Ladder: 60+ Amazing Ideas and References!

The ladder is an architectural element whose main function is to interconnect the floors. Its importance is given by being the focal point of any environment. Therefore, before starting the project you need to carefully analyze its design and color chart so that it harmonizes with other elements of the decoration such as composition of furniture and ornaments.

A small room with a staircase, for example, should have the minimum of finishing so that the environment does not get so heavy. A good alternative is to choose lightweight materials such as glass, steel and light-colored stones.

In addition to this, it is essential to check the space that the ladder occupies. Try to enjoy the free span that is left underneath. After all, every area should be optimized providing a functional corner for all residents. Have you thought of setting up a mini-office?

With the trend of the apartments style loft , the interior designs of rooms with stairs are becoming more common. For anyone who is in doubt about how to assemble and decorate it, we have selected 60 amazing and creative ideas with photos and tips. Check below and get inspired:

Picture 1 - Living room with stairs


Picture 2 - The snail staircase occupies less space than the traditional straight, in U and L. This way it should stand out forming an architectural work in the living room


Picture 3 - To emphasize the access of the stairs, the steps of the first bids may be different from the rest


Picture 4 - How about taking advantage of the ladder to insert some niches of support for the room?


Picture 5 - A functional and decorative way to integrate the staircase with the room is to form partitions leaked along the staircase


Picture 6 - With the great free space, the wine rack dominated the place turning the span into a cellar


Picture 7 - The tip is to occupy the space with some furniture below the stairs, serving as an aid for a dinner, a home office or a rest space


Picture 8 - For small room, the idea is to position the sofa in the free span, so as to integrate the living room to the upper floor

image 8

Picture 9 - Integrate the ladder into the environment by extending the steps forming shelves to your wall in the living room


Picture 10 - For small rooms, avoid handrail and guard bodies, the bet is to use steel wires


Image 11 - The structure of the staircase can integrate with the rest of the decoration of the room following the same standard of finish, in this case was the white paint and furniture clean


Image 12 - Leaving the ladder without body guard leaves the visual of the room wider


Image 13 - The use of glass and marble


Picture 14 - Living room with concrete stairs


Picture 15 - For small apartments the space under the stairs can form a large workbench for the kitchen


Picture 16 - Living room with decorated staircase


Picture 17 - Abuse of a vibrant color on the stairs to give the stake in the room


Figure 18 - Using the same finish on the living room wall and staircase structure is a great way to integrate


Image 19 - Not to lose space the bet was to transform the support rack on a step to the ladder


Image 20 - How about using the span to position a rack with niches and ornaments that can decorate the space


Picture 21 - Leave the ladder slightly away from the wall so that the room looks lighter


Picture 22 - Make a mix of materials on the stairs!


Picture 23 - The niches supported the decorations for the small living room


Picture 24 - Small living room with staircase


Image 25 - Enjoy the structure of the staircase to put hanging furniture to the room


Picture 26 - She must follow the same style of decoration of the environment


Picture 27 - It is possible to compose different materials in the ladder, as long as the combination is nice for the space


Figure 28 - See that the integration is greater with the room, because the ladder does not have body guard on one side


Image 29 - The ladder when positioned in the middle of space, can function as a room divider


Picture 30 - One way to integrate all the space is with the wall covered with decorative stones that appears near the stairs and can be seen in the living room fireplace


Picture 31 - The large bookcase forms a beautiful panel for the living room and support for the staircase


Picture 32 - Living room with white ladder


Picture 33 - Living room with straight staircase


Image 34 - Living room with wooden staircase


Picture 35 - The ladder without handrail is elegant, but should be avoided for those who own children


Picture 36 - Enjoy the structure of the ladder to position the TV, following the appropriate distance according to the size of your television


Image 37 - If the staircase appears in integrated rooms, a great idea is to insert an internal garden to decorate this environment


Picture 38 - Be creative and original in the proposal


Picture 39 - Optimize space! See the space for drawers that can be made in this low rack


Picture 40 - Living room with wooden staircase


Image 41 - The cool thing is that the view from the room shows a part of the staircase closed by a black wall


Image 42 - The staircase without a handrail is indicated for those who want to show this decorative element in the environment


Picture 43 - Living room with U-shaped staircase


Image 44 - Decorate the living room with ladder with vertical garden


Picture 45 - Slats take sophistication and privacy to rooms


Picture 46 - Enjoy the space under the stairs to insert a TV sideboard


Picture 47 - Living room with glass staircase


Image 48 - Harmonize the desired furniture with the ladder, a good carpentry project makes a difference in the result


Image 49 - For those who do not want a handrail or body guard, one option is to use steel wires in order to give visibility and sophistication to the environment


Picture 50 - Stairs in the dining room


Picture 51 - Living room with metal stairs and vertical garden


Picture 52 - Living room with marble staircase


Picture 53 - Living room with stairs to Loft


Picture 54 - Living room with single staircase


Picture 55 - The spiral staircase with metallic structure is ideal for pleasant proposals


Picture 56 - The combination of the metal handrail with the marble floor is a classic and matches any style of decoration


Image 57 - Small room with spiral staircase


Image 58 - The glass body guard provides security and visibility


Image 59 - A good tip to keep the environment illuminated and with a good circulation is to opt for cast models, such as iron


Image 60 - The first step suspended to the floor makes this detail different and original in the decoration


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