Little Prince Party: unpublished ideas to decorate with the theme

The Little Prince, book written by French author, illustrator and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, enchants not only children, but adults too! It was released in 1943 and has since been translated into more than 220 languages, reaching the mark of the third best selling book in the world. Today we will talk about Little Prince party decoration !

The character has become one of the most famous in the world and enchants several generations of readers! The narrative revolves around the aviator who, like Saint-Exupéry, gets lost in the Sahara desert after the crash of his plane and meets a boy, the little prince, inhabitant of the asteroid B-612. The two begin to share their stories and memories.

By the popularity of this character who lives in a magical world full of creativity, he has become more and more present in the theme of children's parties, especially in the early years of his little ones!

That's why we brought in today's post 60 ideas for you to set up little prince's party Perfect! Here are some initial tips:

  • Be inspired by the starry sky : The story of the prince living on an asteroid brings a scenario completely different from fantasy stories for children: space. Amidst the stars and planets that surround the asteroid B-612, invest in a decoration with enough imagination, creating your own galaxy! In the images below, you will mainly find various ways of doing and composing with these items.
  • Characters important to the plot : Some key characters for the story can be used in decorating the environment, food, cake and even in souvenirs. Plush, biscuit dolls, printed on paper, on stickers, are very present in the decoration of parties and can work very well in the decoration. Use the drawing of the rose, the ram, the fox and other characters that can be included in your celebration!
  • Use your favorite phrases from the book : Phrases such as "You become eternally responsible for what you captivate", "All the great people were once children - but few remember it", "Only you see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes", are some examples of phrases from The Little Prince that are reproduced all over the world. In a children's party with a literary theme, it is very common to print and frame some important sentences or passages of the plot or that can serve as a message for your guests. Spread the comics, write messages in packages and encourage your guests to read the book and fall in love with these characters too!
  • Lightness and delicacy in the choice of colors : All drawings of the book were made by Saint-Exupéry in watercolor and they gain a tone of special delicacy because of this technique. As the colors are softened by the dilution in water of the ink, the palette is predominantly off-white, like the green and yellow of the character's gold-colored hair and the stars of the sky, although they still have some touches of more vibrant colors, such as blue of the starry sky of the Prince's coat and the red of his scarf.
  • Modify if necessary : Of course these shades of color can be altered to become more vibrant, as we can see in some products found in party shops, but the mood of the character and the history of Saint-Exupéry matches very well with the lightness that the Watercolor colors bring to the construction of the narrative.
  • To decorate the first little party of your little : This is one of the characters who inspire generations and generations of readers for their delicacy and magical way of seeing life. So it is a very suitable theme for the first years of children's lives, especially in the big event that is the first party! In addition to the values ​​that the Little Prince brings in the narrative, the superdelicated drawing done in watercolor and with colors predominantly off white brings to the decoration of the environment and the food an atmosphere of tranquility and fun.

60 ideas for decorating the Little Prince's party

Now take a look at these party inspired images!

Table of cake and sweets

Picture 1 - Simple decoration with space wall and with many stars!

Picture 2 - Main table with several sweets, roses and stars.

Picture 3 - Feast of the Little Prince: use several materials to give more dynamics and texture to your wall decoration.

Dynamics and texture for the wall with different materials

Picture 4 - Main table of the celebration of the Little Prince and an auxiliary furniture to put the sweets.

Picture 5 - Minimalist style with a curtain of stars and natural flowers to bring lightness to the environment.

Picture 6 - Visual super colorful with vibrant tones with many elements on the table and a comic book wall of memories.

Image 7 - Matching dolls with decoration on American cake paste.

Matching dolls with decoration

Picture 8 - Luxury: white, gold and light blue as the main colors.

Picture 9 - Feast of the Little Prince: wall of colored bladders to liven up the scenery.

Picture 10 - Giant Toten of the character as central decoration.

Sweets and snacks for Little Prince party

Image 11 - Toppers super cute: cupcake top with biscuit or American paste.

Toppers super cute

Image 12 - Cake pops of planets covered with metallic dye.

Image 13 - Feast of the Little Prince: glass bottles and colored straws to serve along with the drinks.

Image 14 - Little plastic bottles in the middle of Paris.

Balloons in plastic bottles

Image 15 - Feast of the Little Prince: chocolate dumplings on the stick with special American pasta decoration.

Chocolate cookies on the stick

Image 16 - Buttered biscuits cut in star shape.

Image 17 - Mason jar with healthy snack: yogurt, granola and red berries.

Picture 18 - Cupcakes blue as the sky decorated with printed plates.

Picture 19 - Cakepop of sheep: make with American paste and sugar-sweetened confections!

Image 20 - Macarons of the Prince: After baking, use food coloring to paint the character.

Image 21 - Edible rose on the top of bonbons and brigadeiros.

Edible rose on the top of the chocolates

Image 22 - Individual portion: coconut candies in the acrylic bowl.

Image 23 - Healthy snack: invest in natural juices served in glass filters.

Picture 24 - Brigadiers decorated in the stick for party of the Little Prince.

Image 25: Cupcake with Whipped Cream and Little Prince themed rice paper.

Details that make all the difference

Image 26 - Plaquinhas printed in the paper vase as centerpiece of the guests.

Plaques printed on the paper vase

Picture 27 - Special room for the guests to leave their messages for the birthday boy.

Picture 28 - Composition with bladders: various sizes, colors and even small plants form a ceiling and wall decoration.

Picture 29 - Memory corner in clothesline: remember the last year of your little birthday girl with pictures, objects and even clothes.

Memory corner on clothesline

Image 30 - Special dice with the Little Prince's watercolors for fun.

Special piece with Little Prince watercolors

Picture 31 - First birthday for first-time parents: all items for your party come from specialized stores.

First birthday

Image 32 - Tree of dry twigs decorated with paper stars.

Tree of dry branches

Picture 33 - Book pop-up with the original watercolors of the book to decorate the table and give your guests at the end of the party.

Picture 34 - Lovely ceiling decoration: galaxy full of planets and asteroids made with painted Styrofoam balls.

Lovely ceiling decoration

Picture 35 - Frame the original illustrations and most striking sentences of the book to decorate your walls.

Frame the original illustrations

Image 36 - Drained almonds: a treat for your guests at the dinner table

Image 37 - Paper crown for all little ones become little princes!

Paper crown for all small

Little Prince Cake

Picture 38 - 1-year birthday: centerpiece with the prince, noteworthy items from the book and a portrait of the birthday girl.

Image 39 - Two layers covered with stars of American paste and a center of biscuit

Two layers covered with American pasta stars

Image 40 - Minimalist cake with two layers with marbled cover.

Picture 41 - A floor with space decoration with American paste, rice paper and a giant prince living in the asteroid B-612.

Picture 42 - Fake cake decorating ribbons and fluffy stars made of felt.

Picture 43 - Cake with colored cover with irregular blue dye and many, many stars!

Image 44 - Cake covered with American binder molded with references from the author's original watercolors.

Image 45 - Each layer of cake referring to a different time of the book.

Each layer of the cake refers to a moment in the book

Image 46 - Themed biscuit plate used as a two layer cake topper.

Picture 47 - Prince Charming Cake: golden decoration and natural details in a cake tower with whipped cream.

Prince Charming Cake

Image 48 - Two layers covered with lots of American paste: the stars of the universe and the asteroid B-612, abode of the Little Prince.

Two layers covered with lots of American paste

Image 49 - Simple square cake with toasted meringue on the top and a topper themed with the name of the book.

Little Prince's Little Things

Image 50 - Paper bags with different prints and theme colors

Image 51 - Creative labels within the theme to distribute in candies and industrialized bottles.

Creative and in-theme labels

Picture 52 - King's demarcated can with crown sticker.

Royal's Latte

Image 53 - Confection tubes with character phrase on the label.

Image 54 - The Little Prince's book as a gift to all your guests captivate themselves with this story.

The little prince's gift book

Picture 55 - Well-baby style cookies wrapped to take to the house and eat after the party.

Cookies in the well-born style

Image 56 - Brown paper bag printed with illustration of the Little Prince and the birthday boy's name.

Brown paper sachet

Image 57 - Little Prince Party: a rose for each guest to decorate their house and talk to her.

One rose for each guest

Image 58 - Majestic crown pendant to wear and carry everywhere for the Little Prince party.

Image 59 - Butter and confectionery biscuits to eat later.

Butterscotch biscuits

Image 60 - Leave messages for your guests at the Little Prince party!

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