Laminate flooring: guide with tips and 60 project inspirations

When we deal with wooden floors, we soon remember the high cost of this material. There is nothing more beautiful than a whole environment coated with natural wood, however, cost-effective is one of the most important requirements in the decoration. Especially when it comes to a market where news does not stop!

The trend of wood-flooring is here to stay. It's the laminate floor is a popular choice! Its thin thickness, quick installation and the reduced price is what most pleases the users of this material.

Despite all its benefits, there are frequent questions about laminate flooring, which need to be remedied prior to material purchase. Check out:

How much does the laminate flooring cost?

The price of the m² of laminate flooring may vary by model. The brands recognized in this area as Durafloor and Eucafloor start from R $ 30,00 up to R $ 150,00.

Can I install laminate flooring in wet areas?

Laminate flooring is not suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor areas. Its sensitivity is so high that even splashes or excess water during cleaning can steady the material. Therefore, when cleaning, wipe a damp cloth (almost dry) with specialized products for this type of floor. They are easily found in supermarkets or building material stores.

How long does the laminate flooring take?

Its installation is fast and does not dirt. Starting from an apartment of 60m², its installation lasts an average of 5 hours.

What is the difference between vinyl and laminate floors?

The vinyl floor has a higher resistance to water, also installed in the system click or glue. But the biggest difference is in the sound comfort, where the laminates lose to the vinyl. Remembering that the laminate can be installed on top of another floor (ideal for those who want to change the floor of the house), the vinyl has a greater requirement for its installation.

60 ideas of decoration with laminate flooring

Models and specifications of use should be followed according to the environment and the project proposal. Check with the professional for the best indication for the location you wish to install. That way, your flooring will last for years in your home!

Delight yourself with the world of laminate flooring with 60 exciting projects that misuse this material correctly:

Picture 1 - Mix two different floors for an original proposal.

Mix two different floors for an original proposal

This detail on the floor is a trend in decoration. Besides innovating in the finishing of your house, it is possible to delimit two spaces of the same environment. For residences, try to install in social areas such as living room or kitchen. Already in commercial projects, like restaurants or cafes, make a game that follows the layout of the tables.

Picture 2 - Softness in the look and in the day to day.

Laminate flooring: softness in the look and day to day

The floor has the power to leave the environment soft and inviting. Bet on clear laminates with less rustic face for a lighter and more modern look. In the above project, he even gave up pulling a chair to sit, did not he?

Picture 3 - Restriction: wet areas!

Restriction: Laminate flooring should not be installed in wet areas

This is another example that can be done to delimit room and kitchen: hexagonal inserts and laminate flooring. The interesting thing is that the tone of the joinery is the same as the floor, leaving the integration harmonic and smooth.

Picture 4 - Commercial projects also abuse laminates.

Perfect for business projects

An office or clinic with laminate flooring is synonymous with beauty and cost savings. They are practical for this type of use and can bring new air to your working nook!

Picture 5 - The tone on tone that deserves respect.

The tone on tone that deserves respect

You can blend the materials with the headboard in MDF and the laminate flooring, following the same color pattern.

Picture 6 - There are models that faithfully simulate the appearance of the wood.

The laminate floor can reproduce the look of the wood

Image 7 - Serious atmosphere, but full of refinement and good taste.

A sober environment with refinement and good taste

Picture 8 - All the elegance of laminate flooring.

All the elegance of laminate flooring

For a sophisticated ambiance, bet on the dark tones that are pure charm in the proposal.

Picture 9 - Perfect for any environment: from jovial to intimate.

Laminate flooring: guide with tips and 60 project inspirations

The market offers several types of laminate floors with sizes and colors for all proposals. Try going to the store and know the options that can be applied in your project and who knows take a sample to the site to be sure of the choice.

Picture 10 - Exuding warmth in every detail.

Cozy in every detail with laminate flooring

Picture 11 - Take a touch of comfort to the environment.

Add a touch of comfort to the environment

Image 12 - The pagination is at the discretion of each one.

The pagination of the floor can suit your taste

The environment gains more charm with a different pagination! Just as porcelain tiles are positioned at 45 degrees, laminates can also be installed that way. No matter the direction, but the one that pleases you the most!

Image 13 - Choose a dark color tone for extended environments.

Choose a dark color tone for extended environments

Image 14 - The right choice to compose with burnt cement .

Room with laminate flooring and burnt cement

Image 15 - Available in the market also in the black version.

Laminate floor available in the black version

Image 16 - Light shades leave the environment larger.

Clear tones increase the amplitude of the environment

For small environments, always choose lighter shades of laminate. The white falls well in the rooms and gives the feeling that the space is larger.

Picture 17 - Do not know how to decorate? Use the tone on tone.

Tom on tone in the decoration

Image 18 - The Scandinavian style is the darling of the moment.

Scandinavian style is the darling of the moment

Image 19 - Social areas with the same laminate floor.

Social areas with the same laminate floor

Image 20 - The almond shade brings many benefits to the environment.

Laminated floor with almond shade

They are warm and neutral in any type of occasion and style. If you do not want to go wrong in the decoration, opt for the brown tones that marry in any environment.

Picture 21 - And still make up with different styles of decoration.

Almond tone blends in with various decorating styles

Picture 22 - Explosion of colors!

Explosion of colors in the decoration

Picture 23 - The combination of the white brick with a floor off white is a success.

White brick with offwhite floor

Picture 24 - Make the extension of the balcony with the same type of internal floor.

Extension of the balcony with the same floor of the internal environment

Image 25 - Woody shades for a classic ambience.

Woody shades for a classic ambiance

Figure 26 - Clarinho to match the teen proposal.

Clarinho to match the teen proposal

A child or teen bedroom asks for a more delicate look, so bet on a light laminate floor. In the decoration, combine with details and objects in candy colors like blue, water green and pink.

Image 27 - And the pagination of the fishbone leaves a distinctive touch in the environment.

Laminated floor with fishbone pagination

Make discreet, well-planned cuts so there are no mistakes in the middle of the job.

Picture 28 - The laminate leaves the room even more cozy.

The laminate flooring makes the room even more cozy

Picture 29 - Dark floor, light walls!

Dark floor, light walls!

Image 30 - The demolition wood is still high in the decoration.

The wood demolition still remains high in the decoration

Picture 31 - Each one in your square!

Separation between room and kitchen: each in its square

Image 32 - The clean coming out of white.

Clean environment coming out of white

Image 33 - Highlight the colors of the floor with the pagination in scale.

Enhance your flooring with scaling

This kind of pagination is original and creative! Mix two colors of the same model to make this finish in your home.

Image 34 - The ivory tone of the floor heats the rooms of this apartment.

The ivory tone of the floor heats the rooms of this apartment

Any room that has TV calls for a touch of warmth! The suggestion is to opt for a laminate floor in warm tones such as brown or coffee. Observe the contrast of the floor with the rest of the environment, the balance is the correct path for any decor.

Picture 35 - For a contemporary touch, bet on this composition of colors and materials.

Contemporary decor with laminate flooring

Image 36 - Flooring and joinery.

Flooring and joinery

In square rooms, use the laminate cut of the sofa toward the television. Choose furniture in the same tone or with colored details.

Image 37 - Exhaling wood on the floor and details.

Exhaling wood on floors and details

Picture 38 - Choose a tone that matches the style of a loft.

Choose a tone that matches the style of a loft

For large, open environments such as lofts, opt for darker colors for the floor. The boards can be wider and of colors like coffee, brown and even black.

Picture 39 - This laminate tone is neutral in any environment.

Neutral laminate flooring tom

Picture 40 - The floor and the woodwork gain the same tone, leaving the uniform look.

Floor and joinery with the same uniform tone

Image 41 - Room with laminate flooring.

Room with laminate flooring

Picture 42 - Increase the sensation of amplitude with the laminates.

Increase the feeling of amplitude with this type of floor

Opt for a clear floor, with rulers towards the door and that extend to the maximum by all the environments of the house. In the above case, we can observe the floor running through the living room, dining room and traffic until you reach the entrance door.

Picture 43 - The choice of the darkest laminate leaves the room much cozier!

The darker laminate leaves the room cozy

If your room is rectangular, place the floor toward the larger wall and use details that reinforce that. This will leave the atmosphere charming and harmonious! In the above design, the countertop and shelves follow the same direction as the laminate rules.

Image 44 - Leave the room with your own identity!

Give identity to the room with laminate flooring

Picture 45 - Footboard and floor with the same finish.

Footer and floor with the same finish

Image 46 - Its striking finish with apparent creases bring the original feel of the wood.

Its striking finish with apparent creases brings the original feel of the wood

Image 47 - Cutouts indispensable for small apartments.

Essential cut-outs for small apartments

Image 48 - The shafts and knots of this laminate leave the environment with a natural look.

Natural look with shafts and knots

Picture 49 - Be careful with the extension of the floor to the kitchen.

Be careful with the extension of the floor to the kitchen

If you use the kitchen a little, there is not much problem in opting for the laminate in that area. Seek to match your needs with the beauty of the environment in a functional way.

Picture 50 - This floor is a great thermal insulation for the room.

Laminate flooring: guide with tips and 60 project inspirations

Picture 51 - A flexible floor for different styles.

A flexible floor for various styles

For a modern, discreet, cozy and clean air, escape from the traditional white, with a color like light brown or even in the grayish tonality. In the design above, the darker veins on the floor give a dynamic touch to the environment, leaving the feeling much more pleasant.

Image 52 - Rolled trend in 2018: continuous designs, invisible seams and wider rulers.

Trend: continuous drawings, invisible seams and wider rulers

Picture 53 - Combines even in a darker decor.

Combines even in a darker decor

Picture 54 - Integrate the dining room and be with the laminate floor.

Integrate the dining room and living with laminate flooring

To integrate these two spaces does not take many artifices in the decoration. In addition to a good layout, it is also necessary to install the same type of flooring. This uniformity ensures harmonious integration and the extension of the social area.

Image 55 - Areas of common use of a building require a high circulation floor.

Common areas of a building require a high circulation floor

Picture 56 - This laminate has a soft texture that leaves the environment pleasant and relaxed.

This laminate has a soft texture that leaves the atmosphere pleasant and relaxed

Image 57 - The shafts of the laminate floor are similar to wood.

With shafts similar to wood

Image 58 - Reinforcing the direction of the floor with the carpet.

Reinforcing the direction of the floor with the carpet

Image 59 - Extension up the corridor.

With extension to the corridor

Do not use different types of laminates around the house. The ideal is to opt for a model that fits for all rooms. If you want to innovate, change the pagination or the direction of the boards, according to the transition of the environments.

Image 60 - For a more industrial footprint!

For an environment with industrial footprint

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