Kitnet & Studio Decoration: 60+ Designs & Photos

The new trend of the real estate market are the micro apartments - also known as studios or kitnets - that have all the comfort in an area of ​​up to 45sqm. This model of housing came to meet the needs of those who live alone and / or have a hectic routine of big cities.

Although it is coherent to divide the rooms, the studios avoid this pattern since they diminish the useful area and it makes difficult adaptations. Integrate is part of the concept of this project, so that the visual aspect gives the impression of greater breadth and functionality.

Some particularities are important and fit into any model / case. Try, for example, to install mirrors on cabinet doors and panels, as it is a way to extend the space. Sharing the spaces using furniture - such as counters or shelves - gives a sense of privacy and flexibility in the event of future changes in these rooms. In addition, retractable furniture is an excellent choice for people who need to behave differently throughout the day. So, a dining table, sofa bed, screens and a small table office They are welcome!

Practical and versatile, the property should express your style and personality. And remember to optimize all spaces since it has a restricted area. Check out more than 60 creative and functional ideas on how to decorate your studio or kitnet and get inspired here:

Picture 1 - The raised bed allows a space for the large drawers

Picture 1

Picture 2 - Give your own style to your studio!

Image 2

Picture 3 - How about inserting the space for laundry in the bathroom?

Picture 3

Picture 4 - Place a furniture that integrates and at the same time separates the environments

Image 4

Picture 5 - The sofa bed is a good alternative for small spaces

Picture 5

Picture 6 - The current models of sofa bed are increasingly adapted to this new housing proposal

Picture 6

Picture 7 - The retractable table is a great option to hide it when it is not necessary

Kitnet & Studio Decoration: 60+ Designs & Photos

Picture 8 - The retractable bed also comes into this concept!

Image 8

Image 9 - The sliding door can separate the social area from the private

Picture 9

Picture 10 - The less room dividers in the environment, the greater the feeling of amplitude in the apartment

Picture 10

Image 11 - The mural manages to supply the needs of the kitchen and the bedroom

Image 11

Picture 12 - Studio for modern men!

Image 12

Picture 13 - The curtain can take privacy to the environment and occupy less space than a conventional door

Picture 13

Picture 14 - The bed / sofa can be hidden in the closet, offering a larger space to the apartment

Picture 14

Picture 15 - This sliding panel can adapt according to the use of the resident

Picture 15

Picture 16 - Flexible and modular furniture allows infinite uses and combinations

Picture 16

Image 17 - The wooden slatted porch is a way of dividing the environment in a light and modern way

Picture 17

Image 18 - The rotating television is a proposal that fits very well for this model of dwelling

Picture 18

Picture 19 - A small studio, but very well planned!

Picture 19

Picture 20 - This partition model can integrate and also bring privacy to the room

Image 20

Picture 21 - The glass panel is an alternative for small apartments

Picture 21

Figure 22 - In addition to delimiting the spaces, the slats give passage to the power cabling

Picture 22

Picture 23 - Use your balcony to make a social space to receive friends and relax!

Picture 23

Picture 24 - The television supported on the tube takes flexibility to all the corners of the house

Picture 24

Picture 25 - Get inspired in the studio with industrial decoration!

Image 25

Picture 26 - The bed can be removed integrating together with the closet

Image 26

Picture 27 - Add a touch of color and personality to your studio!

Image 27

Image 28 - Studio with feminine and delicate touches!

Image 28

Picture 29 - The workbench fits for both home office and for meals

Picture 29

Picture 30 - With the concept of retractable furniture, this bed can be suspended, so that it guarantees more space

Picture 30

Picture 31 - Colorful and jovial studio!

Picture 31

Picture 32 - Studio kitchens ask for utensils with small dimensions

Picture 32

Image 33 - Prioritize an environment that fits your need. In this case the room has gained a large sofa that integrates the balcony and the kitchen which is ideal to receive friends!

Picture 33

Picture 34 - In addition to the divider, the large furniture gives room for shelves, seats and drawers

Image 34

Picture 35 - Modern and clean studio!

Picture 35

Picture 36 - The finishes make the difference for a nicely decorated corner!

Picture 36

Picture 37 - This environment manages throughout the day to adapt as a living room, and the night as a beautiful and cozy room!

Image 37

Picture 38 - The suspended bed is a good alternative for those who have very small footage

Picture 38

Image 39 - Empty shelves play a great role in integrating the living room and bedroom

Image 39

Picture 40 - Studio with Black decoration for single men

Picture 40

Image 41 - An intimate air with a set of lights on the wall of burnt cement !

Picture 41

Picture 42 - Enlarge the area of ​​your apartment by removing the doors from the balcony!

Picture 42

Picture 43 - Cobogos can be used to share some environment of your studio

Picture 43

Picture 44 - Tips for small apartments: glass wall + swivel TV

Picture 44

Picture 45 - The sliding stand is ideal for circulating the television inside the studio

Image 45

Picture 46 - Modern, clean and cozy!

Picture 46

Picture 47 - The mirror is a great material to cover the walls of small spaces

Picture 47

Image 48 - One way to optimize space is to leave the apartment with the integrated environments

Image 48

Image 49 - Choose light colors and light materials in the decoration!

Picture 49

Picture 50 - This small kitchen has all the necessary equipment for the resident!

Picture 50

Picture 51 - Giving a cheerful and jovial air with a graphite in the wall

Picture 51

Picture 52 - Small but very stylish!

Picture 52

Picture 53 - The bottom panel was mirror-coated to bring the feeling of amplitude in the apartment

Picture 53

Image 54 - Do you want a quick work without much dirt? Opt for drywall partitions!

Picture 54

Picture 55 - Simple and cozy!

Picture 55

Image 56 - Choose vibrant colors and youthful decoration for this model of dwelling

Picture 56

Image 57 - Innovate in the choice of materials! This metal grid partition made all the difference in the apartment!

Image 57

Image 58 - Make a simple decoration with furniture of pallets, boxes of fair and the bicycle making part of the descolada ambiance

Image 58

Image 59 - Revise your Closet Doors with Mirrored Finish

Image 59

Picture 60 - A small room, however with space for drawers, bookshelf and a reading corner

Image 60

Screenshot 61 - The sliding door is the key point of this project!

Picture 61

Picture 62 - The large wall made room for a cabinet, kitchen counter and TV panel!

Picture 62

Screenshot 63 - B & W decoration also comes in for the proposal!

Image 63

Image 64 - The monochromatic decoration leaves the apartment with the broad aspect

Picture 64

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