Kitchen with Hood: 60+ Projects, Tips and Beautiful Photos!

The hood is an indispensable accessory in the kitchen, as it produces ventilation to remove odors and smoke when cooking. In addition to functional, should accompany the style of decoration, so it is ideal to evaluate and search the models to see which best suits this room.

This item was created to carry two functions to the kitchen: the exhaust and the debugging. The former has the ability to capture air and drive out of the residence; the second one is aimed at filtering the hot air back into the environment through lateral openings.

How to choose the ideal model?

In small kitchens, the hood is always welcome, since the air in a restricted area tends to focus on the site itself or spread to other environments. If this is your case, be aware of the size of your stove so that the hood fits perfectly above it.

The site must support the weight of the product, so check the structure first, as well as the pipes to avoid problems in the work. In addition, the ideal distance between the cooktop surface and the hood is 65-75 cm, but try to check the manual as it is possible to change the dimensions according to the model.

And before starting the work?

Check on which wall the hood will be installed, either in the center of the kitchen or close to the wall. There are models for these two types of proposals. If you choose the central bench, prefer the island hood. For the wall-mounted bench, choose the wall model that has a straight surface to be properly seated.

The kitchen is still a meeting point with family and friends, so it should be a pleasant environment. The hood has an important role in this proposal, see which model fits your kitchen and is inspired below with more than 60 incredible projects:

Picture 1 - Harmonize the stainless steel of the appliances with the color of the hood


Picture 2 - The combination of stainless steel with glass takes modernity and lightness to the environment


Picture 3 - Hood with exhaust fan: the duct for passage of air was all covered in yellow, in which gave the great highlight of the kitchen


Picture 4 - What about coating your hood with mirror?


Picture 5 - The accessory follows the same proposal of the kitchen: clean and modern


Picture 6 - The rectangular model has a wide suction area and is ideal for kitchen with island


Picture 7 - The model with rounded detail combines with the retro style of this kitchen


Picture 8 - With small design it was made for smaller cooktops

image 8

Picture 9 - Give a color in your hood to accompany the style of the kitchen


Picture 10 - The kitchen with island can gain more charm with the hood installed in the center of the bench


Picture 11 - The hood with led lighting takes more comfort at the time of cooking


Picture 12 - The stainless model can fit in all styles of kitchen


Picture 13 - The white hood gave a balance to the kitchen's colorful carpentry


Picture 14 - Get inspired in a retro footprint for your kitchen


Figure 15 - The duct is ideal for a small cooking area


Figure 16 - To emphasize, use a wall covering up to the length of the hood


Picture 17 - A model with differentiated design, leaves accessory as the great highlight of the kitchen


Picture 18 - The bench and the hood follow the same finish in stainless steel


Image 19 - For a daring design bet on the colorful coifa


Picture 20 - The hood lets the integration of the environments more cozy


Picture 21 - The burttefly model opens automatically when activated and has a high tech design


Picture 22 - Follow the same model style as the cooker and hood


Picture 23 - Surprise your kitchen with an innovative design


Picture 24 - Ideal for those who love to cook


Image 25 - A kitchen with lots of personality


Picture 26 - The straight lines of the hood reinforce even more the proposal of the kitchen

Kitchen with Hood: 60+ Projects, Tips and Beautiful Photos!

Picture 27 - How about camouflage the hood on the wall?


Picture 28 - In this model it even comes with a support for the kitchen accessories


Picture 29 - For kitchen with central island it is possible to install two hoods for better suction


Picture 30 - The industrial style calls for a hood in duct


Figure 31 - Choose models that have adequate lighting


Picture 32 - The hood should follow the style of kitchen decoration


Picture 33 - Even with a more rustic touch, the composition of this environment achieved a modern and warm air


Image 34 - The rectangular model against the wall highlights the environment even more


Image 35 - There is also the possibility of coating the item to further harmonize with the environment, so that the product specifications are respected


Image 36 - Be inspired by a copper decoration


Image 37 - The model of the hood follows the proposal of the kitchen with orthogonal lines


Image 38 - Choose a model that can extend throughout the central bench


Picture 39 - The hood should follow the dimensions of the cooktop


Picture 40 - The suspended hood is a good option to give light to the central bench


Image 41 - Composing with materials and colors


Image 42 - Bringing more cheerfulness to this kitchen


Picture 43 - Simple model that fits all styles


Image 44 - Kitchen with island hood: accompanies the color of the countertop with the accessories


Picture 45 - In this design the hood combines with the kitchen decoration


Picture 46 - Light and minimalist


Picture 47 - Make a composition of hoods


Figure 48 - It is very important to check the height of the duct so that the performance is perfect


Image 49 - Enjoy the duct space to fit your joinery project


Picture 50 - Kitchen with wall hood: the wall model is ideal for those who have the cooktop close to the surface


Picture 51 - For a clean and colorful kitchen


Picture 52 - The glass finish highlights the modern air of the kitchen


Picture 53 - Follow the minimalist style with discreet colors and accessories


Picture 54 - Create an incredible effect in your kitchen


Picture 55 - For a high right foot invest in models in ducts


Picture 56 - With modern design, this model is ideal for small stoves, even more when the environment is integrated into the service area


Image 57 - Light luminosity with the glass hoods


Image 58 - Harmonize colors and materials in your kitchen

Kitchen with Hood: 60+ Projects, Tips and Beautiful Photos!

Image 59 - In benches that integrate environments the ideal is to use highlights


Picture 60 - A kitchen with industrial style, but with a touch of color


Image 61 - For a small investment space and an equipment with duct


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