Kitchen with counter: 60 ideas of different projects with balcony

Along with the American kitchens came also the counters. At first they have the function of demarcating and dividing the environments, but anyone who has a kitchen counter at home knows that they will go far beyond that.
The kitchen counters are useful, functional and already integrate, almost obligatorily, the current projects of kitchen with counter.

To get the best out of them it is important to carefully choose the type of material that will be used as well as set the height and width ideal for the routine of the house.

And options and models are what they do not miss. Countertops can be integrated into the sink countertop, cooktop support, or become islands in the center of the kitchen.

The counter can also be used for meals, in which case you just need to have some chairs or tall benches around.

The colors and materials are a chapter by piece. The counters can follow the design of the kitchen, following the same color, texture and material of the cabinets or be a highlight in the environment with a contrasting color and / or material.

Some of the material options for the counter include wood, marble, granite, brick, Silestone, glass, acrylic and concrete.

60 pictures of kitchen with counter to inspire you

In the midst of so many options it's hard to decide, is not it? But nothing that a selection of inspiring images is not able to solve. So roll the page and check out 60 kitchen counter pictures that will make you set today how it will look:

Picture 1 - Kitchen corridor with lateral balcony.

Hallway kitchen with side counter

It is worth investing in a counter, even if the circulation area is reduced significantly, as in this case. After all, the piece brings a lot of functionality to the day to day.

Picture 2 - American kitchen with wooden balcony.

American kitchen with wooden counter

Small kitchens can benefit (and much) from a counter. They serve as a place for snacks and quick meals to aid in the preparation of food, and yet fulfill their primary role is to set the limit of each room.

Picture 3 - Kitchen with counter made of white marble.

Kitchen with white marble counter

Picture 4 - Kitchen with narrow counter for appliances.

Kitchen with narrow counter

The narrow and tight retro-style kitchen was best enjoyed with the side counter. It serves as a cupboard for groceries and other utensils and also houses the electric oven. The stone top works as a sideboard and, why not, to make some meal throughout the day.

Picture 5 - Kitchen with counter: more functional than this impossible!

Kitchen with more functional counter

This counter with casters is the override of functionality. It can be moved through the kitchen, in addition to having cabinets with doors to better organize the environment. Not to mention that, with the free top, it is possible to use it for a multitude of other things.

Picture 6 - Balcony on the island of the kitchen.

Balcony over the kitchen island

Picture 7 - American kitchen with balcony.

American kitchen with balcony

The American-style black and white kitchen has a leaky counter to split the rooms. The sidewalks signal that the place can also be used for meals or whatever else is needed.

Image 8 - Kitchen with island and brushed steel counter.

Kitchen with island and balcony

In this kitchen design, brushed steel is the star. He is present on the sink counter, on the hood, on the island, and on the counter that accompanies it. The orange color gives the touch of liveliness that gray steel can not give.

Picture 9 - Kitchen with simple balcony in L.

Kitchen with single counter in L

Picture 10 - Chandeliers to appreciate the kitchen with balcony.

Kitchen with counter and chandeliers

You can see that in this project the counter has a prominent place. No wonder the chandeliers are positioned beneath it.

Image 11 - Coffee corner on the balcony.

Kitchen with counter and coffee corner

If the size of the counter allows you to mount a fixed nook for the coffee, or a mini bar. Note that the objects do not disturb you decide to sit there for a snack.

Image 12 - Kitchen with counter integrated to the cabinet.

Kitchen with counter integrated to the cabinet

Image 13 - Kitchen with wooden balcony circling the island

Kitchen with wooden counter

Do not you want to have a table or do not have room for it? Take a breath at the counter of that image. It quietly accommodates locals and guests for a full meal.

Picture 14 - Between having or not having, better opt for a reduced version.

Kitchen with reduced countertop

The small kitchen could not accommodate a wider counter, but it did not fail to have one. Even narrow the counter is still very useful to demarcate the environments and assist in the preparation and the fastest meals.

Picture 15 - Kitchen with island balcony in Gray Silestone.

Kitchen with island balcony in Gray Silestone

Picture 16 - Kitchen with counter in rustic wood without finishing.

Kitchen with rustic wood counter

The counters are versatile elements and can transform the face of the kitchen, as in this case. The option to use rustic wood brought extra charm and exuberance to the environment.

Image 17 - Kitchen with multipurpose counter.

Kitchen with multi-purpose counter

The word multipurpose makes a lot of sense to this counter. It has a retractable part that can be picked up when not in use, thus increasing the kitchen area. On the side, the niches accommodate drinks and dishes.

Picture 18 - Kitchen with wooden balcony leaves the kitchen sophisticated.

Sophisticated kitchen with wooden counter

Picture 19 - Place for the seats under the counter.

Seat for seats under the counter

The wooden counter seats the benches perfectly. In the upper part, the white top harmonizes with the color of the furniture. To complete the look, the pendants under the counter.

Image 20 - Wide counter for the large kitchen.

Large counter for the large kitchen

The large kitchen would be very empty without the counter. The light wood furniture contributes to fill the space, among other features.

Picture 21 - Counter with drawers serving two environments at the same time.

Counter with drawers serving two environments at the same time

Image 22 - Brick kitchen with balcony.

Brick kitchen with bevelled counter

The L-shaped kitchen ends at a counter measuring more than the closet. The hollow part below allows you to seat the seats and sit more comfortably.

Image 23 - Counter in the middle of the kitchen can be used on both sides.

Balcony in the middle of the kitchen

The wide counter can be used as a table, on both sides. The gray granite stone contrasts harmoniously with the black furniture

Picture 24 - Raw wood counter takes shelves on the side to accommodate kitchen utensils.

Raw wood counter takes shelves on the side

Image 25 - Kitchen with balcony cabinet.

Kitchen with built-in cupboard

A good choice for the narrow kitchens are the low cabinets with top. They become a highly functional and environmentally friendly counter

Image 26 - Kitchen with balcony under the window.

Kitchen with counter under the window

In this kitchen the balcony is under the window, receiving all the light that passes through it. Who sits there still has the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from the outside.

Image 27 - Kitchen with minimalist style counter with straight desk and clean look.

Kitchen with minimalist style counter

Image 28 - Counter with table.

Balcony with adjoining table

Picture 29 - Glass legs for the balcony.

Glass legs to the balcony

The marble stone seems to float in this kitchen. The effect is thanks to the discreet and almost imperceptible glass foot. The counter in this project integrates and demarcates the space between the kitchen and the living room.

Picture 30 - Gourmet kitchen with integrated balcony and island.

Gourmet kitchen with integrated balcony and island

Image 31 - Counter follows the sink counter in this kitchen.

Counter follows the sink counter in this kitchen

Picture 32 - Counter: perfect solution for small kitchens.

Countertop: perfect solution for small kitchens

The counter-table integrates with the island with the cooktop. The rectangular countertop shape allows the kitchen to gain more space and become more welcoming.

Image 33 - Crockery and other objects in the kitchen serve as decorative pieces inside the niche of the counter.

Decorative parts and organization on the counter

Image 34 - Yellow from the counter and the counter bring the mood to the navy blue kitchen.

Bench and bench with yellow

Image 35 - Customized furniture allows the unification of the kitchen.

Unified kitchen with custom furniture

Tailor-made kitchen designs allow the furniture to follow the same visual identity of colors and textures, as well as in this project, where the same woody tone is present at the counter, cabinets and niches.

Image 36 - Kitchen with balcony in shades of gray and yellow.

Kitchen with balcony in shades of gray and yellow

Picture 37 - Between the living room and the kitchen, the counter seats chairs of different styles.

The counter seats chairs of different styles

Picture 38 - Counter to the oven and the cooktop.

Counter for oven and cooktop

The retro style kitchen features an island balcony in the center to accommodate the oven and cooktop. Attached to it, a rectangular table to serve meals.

Picture 39 - Instead of coming to the wall, this sink was installed on the kitchen counter.

Kitchen counter with sink

Image 40 - Countertop countertop divides the kitchen from the living room.

Counter that turns counter in the kitchen

Image 41 - Luxury kitchen.

Luxury kitchen with balcony

The marble throughout the kitchen, from the floor to the counter and the counter, leaves the kitchen luxurious. The details in gold complement the proposal of refinement and sophistication.

Picture 42 - Kitchen with high counter that works in this kitchen as a plate.

Kitchen with balcony

Picture 43 - Kitchen with counter in an integrated environment in the industrial style.

Kitchen with counter in an environment integrated in the industrial style.

Picture 44 - Balconies make up the kitchen narrow and long.

Narrow kitchen with balcony

Environments like this one of the image need to be planned so that the space is well used. The white color imparts a sense of spaciousness, while the gray tone of the cabinets in combination with light-colored wood leaves the kitchen more sophisticated.

Image 45 - Modern and wide design uses the balcony as a room divider.

Kitchen with counter to divide environments

Image 46 - Kitchen with counter to serve a tea.

Kitchen with counter to serve a tea

Picture 47 - Kitchen with balcony valuing small environments.

Kitchen with balcony valuing small environments.

Small kitchens are most benefited by the use of counters. It is in this type of project that all its functionality and importance is perceived. The white color is the basis of the whole integrated environment, contributing to increase the sensation of space.

Image 48 - Balcony extends the kitchen to the outside area of ​​the house.

Balcony extends the kitchen to the outside area of ​​the house.

Image 49 - Kitchen with counter hidden by the sliding door.

Kitchen with counter hidden by the sliding door

Image 50 - Kitchen with counter coated with tile.

Kitchen with counter topped with tile

Impossible not to notice the influence of the retro decor in this kitchen. The tiled counter is part of this proposal and serves as a table in the room.

Picture 51 - Kitchen with concrete counter that confers charm and elegance.

Kitchen with concrete counter

Image 52 - Granite on the island, wood on the balcony.

Granite on the island, wood on the balcony

Image 53 - Kitchen with counter: inverted project.

Kitchen with counter: inverted design

The cooktop that usually comes on the counter, in this project, has changed places with the sink. On a daily basis it may not be a very practical option.

Image 54 - Creative and functional idea: retractable counter to prepare meals.

Retractable counter to prepare your meals

Image 55 - Rustic kitchen with brick and wood counter.

Rustic kitchen with brick counter

Image 56 - Balcony for kitchen of neutral tones.

Neutral tones kitchen with counter

The white kitchen with highlights in light wood is a classic composition and can be used whenever it beats doubt of which color to use in the design. For the counter, the choice was for light wood with white chairs.

Image 57 - Pastel colors of the kitchen contrasted by the dark tone of the wood of the balcony.

Kitchen counter with pastel tones

Image 58 - Kitchen with counter that follows the same sober tone of the rest of the environment

Kitchen with counter: 60 ideas of different projects with balcony

Image 59 - Kitchen with white counter top for the kitchen that mixes the industrial style with a more delicate decoration.

White-top counter for the kitchen

Image 60 - Kitchen with simple counter to divide the conjugated environments.

Kitchen with simple countertop

Even small rooms were clearly defined only by the presence of the counter. The black chairs contrast with the light shades creating a more modern ambience.
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