Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating

The niches became fashionable and invaded all the spaces of the house. But if you have a place that fit perfectly is in the kitchen. It looks like they were meant for her. The kitchen niches work very well for those who want to decorate and store objects, supplies and utensils in a simple and uncomplicated way.

In varied shapes - square, rectangular and even round - the niches bring practicality to the day to day and leave the kitchen with a relaxed look. And the cool thing about this idea is that you can make the niches yourself, with the material you want and that most suits the style of your kitchen.

The niches have their origins in the home of the grandmas (you must remember the crockery displayed on shelves) and help create an environment with one foot in the retro and another in the rustic. However, they still manage to add a touch of modernity to the kitchen. In short, niches are a harmonious combination of styles.

The colors, materials and shapes used for niches will determine your style. For example, a niche made with crates is more rustic while a niche made of glass is more elegant and sophisticated.

Be that as it may, make sure that it will help to make the look of your kitchen practical, functional and full of personality.

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It is worth noting just one care with this type of decoration: the organization. As objects are exposed, it is necessary to always maintain the organization of niches so that the kitchen does not look messy. Also try to align the colors of the objects with the colors of the environment or choose to make contrasts, which is also very interesting.

60 decorating ideas with kitchen niches

Check out now some models of kitchen niches and tips on how to use them in the decoration:

Picture 1 - Niches for drinks.

Niches for drinks

One of the most common types of niches we see out there are those of drink. They allow you to safely store the bottles at the same time as you expose them to the environment. Note that the cupboard has a niche for cups and cups that are protected by a glass door.

Picture 2 - Niches for cooking above the refrigerator.

Kitchen nibs above the refrigerator

You know that empty space that usually hangs over the refrigerator? Well, you can fill it with a niche. In the picture, the pots with food help decorate the kitchen

Picture 3 - Niche for kitchen turning shelf.

Niche for kitchen turning shelf

The niche of this closet turns into two shelves that follow the side wall. Shelves and niches often make a good combination in the kitchen

Picture 4 - Kitchen Niches in the lower part of the cabinet.

Kitchen Niches in the Lower Cabinet

Although they are commonly seen on the walls at eye level, the niches may also be on the bottom of the cabinets. In this project, for example, it replaces the door and leaves the kitchen cabinet lighter and more relaxed. Wooden crate boxes, similar to a crate, allow objects to be stored without exposure. Notice that the other part of the closet is also made up of niches.

Picture 5 - Niches for kitchen proposing a visual clean.

Kitchen Niches proposing a visual clean

In this kitchen, the air lockers were replaced by the niches. The option to leave the environment cleaner was to use few elements inside the niches.

Picture 6 - Throughout the closet extension.

Throughout the closet extension

The niches of this kitchen follow the whole length of the closet. In this model, they have a more decorative function and serve to organize books and decorative objects.

Image 7 - Niche for kitchen in the microwave.

Niche for kitchen in the microwave

This type of niche is very common and most current kitchens have it. After all, where else to put the microwave?

Picture 8 - Niches in the planned kitchen.

Niches in the kitchen planned

You can ask the cabinetmaker responsible for the kitchen design to make niches by following the cabinets, as in this picture.

Image 9 - Vertical cooking niches.

Vertical cooking niches

Any spare space left in the kitchen can be a great place to put a niche. It takes advantage of space like no one else and still gives a super personal touch to the environment.

Picture 10 - Niches in the foot.

Niches in the foot

The niches are great for optimizing spaces in the kitchen. In this model, up to the foot of the counter was functional with the installation of bottle niches.

Image 11 - Kitchen Niches in the corner of the door.

Kitchen Niches at the Door's Corner

The alcove next to the door was valued with this vertical niche. There, the dishes of the house are exposed with great charm.

Image 12 - Featured niches.

Featured Niches

The proposal for this kitchen was to enhance and highlight the niches. In vibrant yellow, these closet spaces bring life to the environment

Picture 13 - Kitchen Niches Matching with the Shelf.

Cooking Niches Matching with the Shelf

The niche attached to the sink closet holds bottles and some books. Just above, the shelf holds the cups and some other dishes. The niches combine and talk together

Image 14 - Kitchen niches between cabinets.

Kitchen Niches between Cabinets

The niches have a reasonable height between them, allowing the accommodation of dishes and larger and taller objects, such as the cups on the top. The place chosen for the niches this time was between the cabinets

Image 15 - Niches for cooking on the island.

Niches for cooking on the island

The niches are present at the bottom of this kitchen island. Notice that the objects within the niche have been chosen in colors that match the rest of the decor

Image 16 - Niche for side kitchen.

Niche for side kitchen

Size is no problem for the niches. Even in small spaces they are welcome, either to accommodate a spice jar or to store some dishes. They always fit well into the decor

Image 17 - Niches with sliding glass doors.

Niches with sliding glass doors

The placement of glass doors in the niches is an alternative to protect the dishes from the dust and fat that usually exists in the kitchen. Without, however, taking away the aesthetic characteristics of the niche. Highlight the bowls hanging on the bracket made at the bottom of the niche. Is it a multifunctional element or not?

Image 18 - Niche for kitchen storing groceries.

Niche for kitchen storing groceries

Invest in beautiful glass jars to expose the groceries in the kitchen. Notice how the kitchen looks beautiful with these details

Image 19 - Niche for kitchen: wrapping of bottles.

Niche for kitchen: wrapping of bottles

The wire took up the vacant space in the corner between the cabinets and served as a great bottle holder.

Image 20 - Niches for simple cooking.

Simple Kitchen Niches

The simple niche, following the same color and material of the cabinets, helped to make the kitchen more friendly and beautiful.

Picture 21 - Niche for kitchen with personality.

Niche for kitchen with personality

This niche has been decorated with cans, books and other objects that carry the identity and personality of the residents.

Image 22 - Side Niches composing the decor along with the shelf.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating

Picture 23 - Niches for a clean and sober kitchen.

Niches for a clean and sober kitchen

If you want to maintain the clean look of the kitchen, use objects with sober and neutral colors inside the niches and try to harmonize them by size.

Figure 24 - Niche between cabinets to create a breathing space.

Niche between cabinets to create a breathing space

Image 25 - Kitchen niche suspended.

Niche for hanging kitchen

In this kitchen, the niche comes from the ceiling. Suspended on high, the alcove accommodates bowls and glasses in a modern structure. On the opposite wall, another niche reveals some dishes and bowls.

Image 26 - Corner niche.

Corner Niche

In this project, the corner of the wall was used to make niches that extend to both sides of the wall, creating a very beautiful and differentiated visual effect.

Image 27 - Strategic niches.

Strategic niches

These niches are very functional because they are positioned so as to facilitate the handling of the objects when preparing meals

Image 28 - Hidden kitchen niches.

Hidden Kitchen Niches

In this project, some niches are apparent and others hidden inside the closet. Option for all tastes

Image 29 - Black side niches.

Black Side Niches

In this black kitchen, niches play an important role. The objects in it contrast with the surroundings and the lighting installed in the niches contributes to the clarity in the kitchen.

Picture 30 - Niches with compartments.

Niches with compartments

The niches may harbor small niches within themselves, as in this model. The niche in the left corner has smaller compartments that individually house each pot.

Image 31 - Kitchen with niches and shelves.

Kitchen with niches and shelves

This kitchen was designed for the niches and the shelves. They occupy a large part of the project and even appear in a differentiated way. Note that a translucent door allows viewing of the niches inside the cabinet. Highlight for wicker baskets being used as drawers.

Image 32 - Organization is everything.

Organization is everything

The niches of this kitchen have impeccable organization. Objects very well positioned and aligned by color, size and type. The glass door secures the niche.

Image 33 - Kitchen counter serving as niche for living room.

Kitchen counter serving as niche for living room

Image 34 - Kitchen Niches with different internal color.

Kitchen Niches with Different Inner Color

The inside of these niches was coated with a woody tone that contrasts nicely with the white of the cabinets. Once again the niches contributing with the decoration of the environment

Picture 35 - Discrete niches in the center of the closet.

Discrete niches in the center of the cabinet

Picture 36 - Pots of varied sizes composing the interior of the niches.

Pots of varying sizes composing the interior of the niches

Image 37 - Different blue for the niches.

Different blue for niches

In this kitchen, the niches stood out for being in a shade of blue stronger and more vibrant than the rest of the cabinets.

Picture 38 - Breaking the monotony of the kitchen.

Breaking the monotony of the kitchen

Even small, these niches managed to break the monotony of the white kitchen. This is one of the advantages of the niches: to brighten the environment, precisely by presenting the objects in a relaxed and unpretentious way

Image 39 - Niche for single bathroom.

Single Bathroom Niche

This unique piece was divided into several smaller niches to accommodate crockery and other kitchen utensils. The proposal left the kitchen light, without the need for heavy air cabinets

Picture 40 - Niches with dividers for dishes.

Niches with tray dividers

Image 41 - Cut in the mobile.

Trim on mobile

The niche of this kitchen is simple and unobtrusive, just a cut in the center of the blue furniture. But his presence is important to break the uniformity of the closet.

Image 42 - Niche for plants and spices.

Niche for plants and spices

Want to give a rustic and interior touch to your kitchen? Then bet on the niches decorated with plants and seasoning pots. The kitchen is charming and cozy

Picture 43 - Niches and supports.

Niches and holders

Enjoy the space of your kitchen with niches and supports. Like the shelves, the brackets fit nicely with the niches and help organize the kitchen in a practical and smart way.

Image 44 - Rustic niche made of wood.

Rustic niche made of wood

Image 45 - Niches following the row of the closet.

Niches following the line of the closet

These niches look like cabinets without doors, because they follow the same line and proportion of the closet that accompanies it. The proposal creates a continuous and uniform effect on the kitchen

Image 46 - Niche built into the wall.

Niche built into the wall

You can be inspired by this image and do the same in your kitchen, if you have an unused space left over there. A good idea, is not it?

Image 47 - Niches to appreciate unique pieces.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating

Just like in this image, you can use the niches to enhance and highlight unique pieces of your kitchen, such as hand-made crockery, family collections or some other piece of sentimental importance

Picture 48 - For any style.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decor 1

Any kitchen of any style can count on the presence of niches. Note that this photo kitchen has a very modern and bold proposal and yet the niche is present.

Image 49 - Vertical niche of wood.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decor 2

Has the wood niche valued or appreciated this kitchen? If your in need of a revamped bet on that element, you will not regret it

Image 50 - Oven niches.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 3

Oven niches have also been used a lot lately. In this model, the niches accommodate, with plenty, the oven and the microwave. Notice that at the counter, just below the cooktop they come back to appear by exposing decorations that fill the house of personality

Image 51 - Niches matching the colors of the closet.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decor 4

To make the kitchen all combine, use niches of the same colors as the cabinets. Currently, there are several niche options ready in the market. But if you are planning your kitchen you can insert the niches into the project, so you do not run the risk of running out of the color you want

Image 52 - Illuminated Niches.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 5

The idea of ​​points of light within the niches is decoration trend. Bet on it to make your kitchen more cozy and beautiful.

Picture 53 - Cookware on display.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 6

Generally the pots are confined under the sink, without even a space in the decoration. But you can reconsider this by betting on niches especially for them.

Picture 54 - Pink Niches.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 7

The suspended niches follow the same pink of the closet. On the other hand, the black and white objects inside them combine with the other decoration elements

Image 55 - Idea to copy at home.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 8

This is an interesting idea and can be easily reproduced at home. Just make an iron structure as a base and square wood as niche. Leave some spaces and decorate as you prefer

Image 56 - Yellow niche to highlight the microwave

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 9

Image 57 - Simple wooden niche.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decor 10

How can a simple idea make so much difference in an environment? In this kitchen, a simple niche of wood was decorated with glasses and glass bowls on the inside. The space above the niche was also used to accommodate - in order of size - the pots with groceries.

Image 58 - Niche for books in the kitchen.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 11

If you do not know where to leave your cookbooks and recipe books, you might consider arranging them in a niche, just like the one in the photo. Always stay on hand for any time you need

Image 59 - Niches in place of the air locker.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decorating 12

Minimize your kitchen and keep only what is essential. Count on the help of the niches for this.

Image 60 - Retro style kitchen with niches.

Kitchen Niches: 60 Creative Ideas in Decor 13

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