Kitchen models: 60 ideas for all styles

The kitchen models has gained more and more prominence in residential projects. The search for a healthier food or even the simple pleasure of preparing a meal has taken more and more people to this space of the house.

And for this reason, the kitchen needs to be thoughtfully planned and cared for, so that it satisfies the needs of the family and also reflects the spirit and personality of its residents.

With that in mind, we prepared a selection of photos with kitchen models that promise to please the most different styles (and pockets):

Models of American cuisine

American cuisine became popular and came to stay. In the past, the kitchen was the place where meals were prepared and served, and usually separated from the rest of the house.

In the American kitchen, this separation does not exist. Kitchen and living room share the same space, separated only by a half wall that has the counter function. It is a kitchen made to integrate environments and people.

This type of kitchen is also very suitable for small environments as it gives the feeling of spaciousness to the space. One of the disadvantages of small american kitchen is related to the emission of grease and odors in the air, which usually spread more easily throughout the house.

Check out some models of this type of kitchen:

Picture 1 - Model of American kitchen with wooden balcony

American kitchen with wooden counter

The wooden counter with the stools in the same tone invite for a chat while the meal does not leave.

Picture 2 - Mesa circling the American kitchen.

Table around the American kitchen

In this project the table with chairs was arranged around the kitchen counter, making better use of the space.

Picture 3 - Small American kitchen.

Small kitchen

Even with a small space, this American kitchen was well used to place the table next to the counter.

Picture 4 - American kitchen with island.

American kitchen with island

Picture 5 - Modern American kitchen.

Modern kitchen

The distinctively designed copper cook top and cooktop stole the attention of this super modern kitchen.

Picture 6 - American kitchen in shades of brown.

American kitchen with brown tones

Picture 7 - American kitchen with bar counter.

American kitchen with bar counter

Notice the bar inside the counter. Another way to enjoy the space with refinement and good taste.

Picture 8 - Spacious American kitchen.

Spacious American Kitchen

Gourmet kitchen models

This cuisine is fashionable and is dedicated to the chefs and their guests. THE gourmet cuisine is a place designed to cook, receive visits and enjoy meals - from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Therefore, in this type of kitchen the counters are indispensable. It is there that the guests talk, pinch something and watch the chef perform.

Although it is also an integration environment, just like American cuisine, gourmet cuisine does not necessarily have to share space with other rooms in the house.

Another characteristic of this type of kitchen is the harmonious and functional arrangement of furniture and utensils, so that they facilitate the preparation of meals.

Anyway, this is a cuisine for those who enjoy and appreciate gastronomy.

Here are some gourmet cooking models:

Image 9 - Gourmet kitchen mixing styles.

Gourmet kitchen mixing styles

The barbecue of burnt cement , the shades of blue and white and the wood of the chairs create an industrial environment, modern and cozy at the same time.

Image 10 - Modern and rustic gourmet kitchen.

Modern and rustic gourmet kitchen

The wooden demolition table contrasts and harmonizes very well with the mirrored glass from the cabinets in the background. The pendants create a charm apart.

Picture 11 - Gourmet kitchen in the details.

Gourmet kitchen in details

The subtle touch of colors such as red and blue ensure the look of this gourmet kitchen.

Picture 12 - Clean American kitchen.

American kitchen clean

Image 13 - Gourmet industrial kitchen.

Industrial gourmet kitchen

The electrical installation of the ceiling and the hood refer that kitchen to the industrial pipes. Highlight for the metallic furniture and the floor that resembles burnt cement.

Picture 14 - Spacious gourmet kitchen.

Large gourmet kitchen

Spacious, this kitchen has an island with the right garden and a balcony that is consistent with the space.

Picture 15 - Gourmet kitchen black and white.

Black and white gourmet kitchen

Models of L

THE kitchen in L , as the name itself suggests, forms a design that resembles the letter L. It is very suitable for small environments and for those types of kitchen corridor.

In this type of project it is important to optimize and value the corners, because they are the ones that will enlarge the space, when well used. Set one side to form a 90 ° angle and distribute the appliances so they are accessible and easy to use.

L-shaped kitchens usually have the free environment just to widen the space.

Take a look at the ideas below:

Image 16 - Kitchen in blue L.

Kitchen in L blue

Picture 17 - Kitchen in rustic L.

Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen was on the refrigerator. Look at the little table set up right on the side of the room, making room for circulation.

Picture 18 - Kitchen in charming L.

L Charming Kitchen

The mixture of tones of this kitchen in L gave it a touch of charm and grace.

Image 19 - Kitchen in white L with balcony.

Kitchen in white L with balcony

Image 20 - L-shaped kitchen built into the wall.

L-shaped built-in wall kitchen

To give more free space for circulation, the cabinet of this kitchen has been fully embedded inside the wall.

Picture 21 - Kitchen in romantic L.

Romantic L Kitchen

Image 22 - Kitchen in L wide.

L wide kitchen

A characteristic of this type of kitchen is the use of aerial cabinets as a way to optimize space.

Picture 23 - Kitchen in L young and modern.

L Young and Modern Kitchen

The white and black tones of this kitchen give way to the blue-green tone of the wall and the chairs. The game of colors gave freshness and joviality to the project.

Picture 24 - White and green online kitchen.

White and green kitchen in line

Image 25 - Small online kitchen.

Small kitchen in line

Notice how in this type of kitchen everything is located in the same space. In this picture, cooktop, refrigerator and sink aligned next to the closet.

Image 26 - Modern online kitchen.

Modern kitchen in line

The beige cabinets contrast with the black elements of this kitchen. Also note that there is no half wall between living room and kitchen. Highlight for the wall-mounted tablet, letting hand recipes and culinary tips.

Image 27 - White line kitchen with black background.

Kitchen in white line with black background

Image 28 - Vintage online kitchen.

Vintage Kitchen Online

This online kitchen incorporates vintage elements such as the refrigerator and stove, yet it does not lose its modern features.

Picture 29 - Large online kitchen.

Large Online Kitchen

The large wall was fully clad in cupboards, freeing up space for the table.

Picture 30 - Kitchen in line with vegetable garden.

Kitchen in line with vegetable garden

The cabinets in this kitchen accompany the height of the wall, making them spacious. The leftover wall was taken to a small vegetable garden.

Picture 31 - Kitchen in line with service area.

On-line kitchen with laundry area

Very common in apartments, this type of project adds kitchen with service area, taking advantage and gaining space. Highlight for indirect lighting.

Fitted kitchen

One of the great advantages of opting for a fitted kitchen is the possibility of leaving the place with your face, respecting your needs.

The planned kitchens suit in every way. You can choose the color, material, quantity of cabinets doors, drawers, size and layout of each piece.

However, for all the advantages, this type of design is often much more expensive than a ready or modulated kitchen.

Inspire yourself in some planned kitchen models:

Image 32 - Kitchen planned in L.

Kitchen planned in L

Image 33 - Planned kitchen with separate sink.

Planned kitchen with separate sink

In this planned kitchen model a special area was created just for the sink, isolating it from the other elements of the kitchen.

Image 34 - White planned kitchen with black details.

White planned kitchen

Image 35 - Highlight for the packaging of food and utensils.

Storage in planned kitchen

The advantage of the planned kitchens is to make the most of the spaces available without giving up the design.

Image 36 - Large planned kitchen.

Large planned kitchen

This planned kitchen takes advantage of all the spaces available with cabinets and appliances.

Image 37 - Design and functionality.

Design and functionality in the planned kitchen

It's not just about design that you live a planned kitchen. Functionality is an indispensable item in a good project. In this model, the drawers accommodate spices, cutlery and utensils in an independent and practical way for use.

Image 38 - Kitchen planned corridor.

Kitchen planned hallway

Optimizing the lateral spaces, this planned kitchen values ​​the environment with the aerial cabinets leaving the free passage for the circulation.

Image 39 - Planned kitchen with island.

Planned kitchen with island

The kitchen design contemplates an island in its central area. The service area, integrated with the kitchen, accompanies the same design, reinforcing the versatility that the planned furniture has.

Little kitchen

The kitchen is an indispensable environment in any residence. Small or big it needs to be there. But it is not because it lacks space, that the kitchen will cease to be beautiful, pleasant and functional.

The great trick of small kitchens is to know how to enjoy the spaces in the best way possible. Valuing brackets, shelves and air cabinets.

Check out some ideas to set up a small kitchen:

Image 40 - Small blue kitchen.

Small blue kitchen

With a unique cabinet that integrates the sink, this kitchen, although small, was valued by the tone of blue contrasting with the white of the wall.

Image 41 - Small aerial kitchen.

Small aerial kitchen

The furniture on the wall organizes and stores utensils and food. Highlight for the sink and small cooktop.

Picture 42 - Small kitchen in L.

Small Kitchen in L

In L-shape, this kitchen uses its spaces using shelves and supports for utensils. The option to save even more space was to use a mini fridge.

Picture 43 - Functional small kitchen.

Functional small kitchen

Picture 44 - Rustic small kitchen.

Rustic small kitchen

Rustic in appearance, thanks to the brick, this kitchen has built-in cabinets to enjoy the space. Highlight for the counter that seats as a table.

Picture 45 - Modern small kitchen.

Rustic small kitchen 1

Picture 46 - Small but cozy kitchen.

Small cozy kitchen

The clean side of this kitchen gains freshness and joy with the citrus tones present in the refrigerator and in the furniture.

Picture 47 - Black small kitchen.

Small black kitchen

Simple kitchen

An simple kitchen it need not necessarily be bland. On the contrary, a more minimalist style will cherish for what is essential inside a kitchen, without exaggeration.

A simple kitchen can be large or small and to get the decor right, the tip is to invest in pastel colors and more rustic textures that reinforce the idea of ​​simplicity. Another option is to use and abuse shelves instead of cabinets. They leave the utensils and crockery on display to add extra charm to the decor.

More modern appliances can also result in interesting contrast with the rest of the environment.

Here are some simple kitchen models:

Image 48 - Simple kitchen with shelf.

Simple kitchen with wood

Image 49 - Simple white kitchen.

Simple white kitchen

The white of the furniture refers to simplicity, but the details in this project are what make the difference. Note the use of shelves and niches instead of cabinets.

Image 50 - Simple kitchen with pendants.

Simple kitchen with pendants

Picture 51 - Kitchen of crates.

Kitchen with crates

In this project, the wooden crates make up the shelves and cabinets, creating a relaxed and rustic atmosphere.

Image 52 - Simple kitchen in line.

Simple kitchen in line

Picture 53 - Simple kitchen, young and modern.

Simple kitchen, young and modern

To contrast with the black walls and furniture, the option was to use the white in the cabinets. The detail of the stickers, the pendants and the lighting that refers to the industrial pipes leaves this young and modern kitchen.

Picture 54 - Simple kitchen of little curtain.

Simple kitchen of curtain

Remembering the house of the grandmothers, this kitchen bet on the little curtains as a door to the cabinets. The objects on the shelves and on top of the sink leave everything at hand when it comes to cooking. Highlight for the blue coloring wall. Simple, functional and cozy.

Picture 55 - Simple kitchen in L.

Simple kitchen in L

Image 56 - Simple and retro kitchen.

Simple retro kitchen

In addition to the simple look, this kitchen has vintage air.

Contemporary kitchen

Of striking visual, little visual information and constant use of horizontal lines are some of the main characteristics that differentiate a modern kitchen from the others. But it is not only in design that one recognizes a modern kitchen. It is also very functional and brings in the latest technological trends in the market to make life easier for those who use it.

So you will hardly see a stove in such a kitchen. For a long time they have been replaced by cooktops, for example.

Want to see some models?

Image 57 - Blue modern kitchen.

Blue modern kitchen

Image 58 - Modern kitchen suspended.

Contemporary kitchen suspended

Suspended ceiling cabinet and acrylic as the base of the balcony fit
perfectly this kitchen in the modern style.

Image 59 - Kitchen of straight lines and sober color.

Kitchen with straight lines and sober color

Image 60 - Modern kitchen with sofa.

Modern kitchen with sofa

The sobriety of gray coupled with the other elements of the décor leave this super modern kitchen design. Highlight for the sofa that integrates the environment in an unusual way.
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