Kitchen Gray: 60+ Models, Designs & Photos Beautiful!

The integrated environments have come to improve the routine of the residents, as it facilitates interaction between them and encourages social interaction. For these reasons, the gray kitchen should be cozy and well decorated according to the needs and space available.

For those who love the minimalist style, it can nude and off white by the versatile gray as it contemplates an immense range of shades, going from lightest to darkest, almost black. Added to this, this tone allows endless interesting possibilities if combined, for example, with tiles, woods and even more vibrant colors.

Another suggestion is to use it in floor coverings (porcelain and tile) as well as in finishes ( burnt cement and apparent concrete). In furniture, gray can appear in any detail of carpentry as in lacquer, formica, mdf or glass. In counters, the silestone and stainless steel make the perfect role for those who like gray, in addition to leaving the environment very modern and elegant.

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If you are looking for a different cuisine that fades from the traditional colors, take the inspiration from our gallery below with 60 incredible suggestions:

Picture 1 - Gray can easily replace white without taking the clean style of the environment

Picture 1

Picture 2 - Choose a color chart that results in tone on tone

Image 2

Picture 3 - Gray supports any type of color combination

Picture 3

Picture 4 - Whether on the floor or furniture, the color fits any type of concept in the decoration

Image 4

Picture 5 - Gray kitchen with central bench

Picture 5

Picture 6 - To take the seriousness of the kitchen opt for inspiring wall coverings

Picture 6

Picture 7 - Elegant combination for those who love a young decor!

Picture 7

Picture 8 - White and gray make the perfect pair in kitchen composition

Image 8

Image 9 - The contrast of materials and finishes are harmonic

Picture 9

Picture 10 - A cool and fun way to insert the gray in the decoration!

Picture 10

Image 11 - The mix of colors happens in a brilliant and harmonious way!

Image 11

Image 12 - The outline used in the woodworking gave more prominence to the kitchen gray

Image 12

Picture 13 - To have no error in the combination of gray cabinets use glass inserts to cover your wall

Picture 13

Picture 14 - The finish of the slatted wood takes more coziness to the kitchen!

Picture 14

Picture 15 - Because it is a neutral color, a vibrant tone is very welcome!

Picture 15

Image 16 - Use the burnt cement on the floor, the walls and countertops to give an industrial touch with style

Picture 16

Picture 17 - To leave the environment lighter, use the intensity of the color lighter in the aerial cabinets and the lower one a little darker pulling for the graphite

Picture 17

Picture 18 - Make a blending color combination for your kitchen: gray and fendi!

Picture 18

Picture 19 - This pair of colors make the kitchen more cozy and comfortable to cook!

Picture 19

Image 20 - The yellow lighting on the floor ensured an even more sophisticated climate

Kitchen Gray: 60+ Models, Designs & Photos Beautiful!

Picture 21 - One way to leave the modern kitchen is to invest in the burnt cement to give important finishes in the kitchen

Picture 21

Image 22 - Smooth the use of black by blending with more neutral tones, such as gray

Picture 22

Picture 23 - The silestone countertop leaves the kitchen more modern and up-to-date!

Picture 23

Picture 24 - Smoothing with shades of gray and red!

Picture 24

Figure 25 - Prioritize the black in the details so that the environment does not get heavy

Image 25

Picture 26 - The finish with painted glass leaves the bright aspect taking a modern and elegant air the kitchen

Image 26

Image 27 - The jovial air takes care of this kitchen!

Image 27

Picture 28 - The utensils in stainless steel take uniformity to the gray bench

Image 28

Picture 29 - With modern design, cabinets with matte coating, leaves the brightness of stainless appliances in evidence!

Picture 29

Picture 30 - The design with central island is modern and the gray evidences the style appearing predominantly in the cabinets

Picture 30

Picture 31 - The gray reinforced the light and airy atmosphere of the kitchen

Picture 31

Picture 32 - The tablet of the wall follows the same tone of the cabinets forming a discreet and modern

Picture 32

Picture 33 - Create an original painting on the kitchen wall!

Picture 33

Image 34 - Hanging pendants carry an extra charm to this kitchen

Image 34

Picture 35 - Make a combination with warm tones, such as yellow and orange, to enhance the style of the kitchen

Picture 35

Image 36 - The finish of burnt cement crosses walls and benches in a soft and neutral way!

Picture 36

Picture 37 - Clean and modern!

Image 37

Picture 38 - The floor tiles highlighted the gray kitchen!

Picture 38

Picture 39 - Monochromatic kitchen

Image 39

Image 40 - Abandon the white and invest in the gray porcelain floor to make the environment more practical and easier to clean

Picture 40

Image 41 - To soften in the gray of the cabinets used glass doors taking balance to the project

Picture 41

Picture 42 - Soft shades of gray make the ambiance of this kitchen

Picture 42

Picture 43 - The lighting reflecting on the floor shows how to have a contemporary design and full of style

Picture 43

Picture 44 - This pair of color is beautiful and leaves the details in the living color giving more intensity to the environment

Picture 44

Picture 45 - Details that make the difference!

Image 45

Picture 46 - The long handle in the black color gave a more elegant finish to the furniture of the kitchen

Picture 46

Picture 47 - For a modern project bet on the combination of gray and yellow

Picture 47

Picture 48 - The kitchen with tiles leaves practicality in cleaning and with the wall in evidence

Image 48

Image 49 - As the shade of gray is darker in the cabinets, the stone bench appears lighter in the kitchen

Picture 49

Picture 50 - Gray kitchen with industrial style

Picture 50

Picture 51 - The integrated environments leave the kitchen as a clean and modern background the living room!

Picture 51

Picture 52 - The gray in this kitchen demarcates more minimalist style!

Picture 52

Picture 53 - The orange is cheerful and in the design it gave more vivacity to the environment!

Picture 53

Picture 54 - The combination of the gray closet with subway flooring on the wall is super high!

Picture 54

Picture 55 - The impartial floor delimits the areas of each environment and is ideal for small kitchens

Picture 55

Picture 56 - For integrated kitchens, how about spreading the gray to other environments?

Picture 56

Image 57 - The soft gray left the composition more beautiful with the touches of wood in the kitchen!

Image 57

Image 58 - Gray can leave the kitchen with a lot of personality and modernity

Image 58

Picture 59 - The colored tiles leave the kitchen with more highlight!

Image 59

Image 60 - For those who do not want to totally abandon the white can use the gray in some decorative details of the kitchen

Image 60

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