Kitchen Frames: Learn How to Pick and Decorate with Tips

Have you thought about making a composition of kitchen frames ? This room, usually thought of in its functional form, ends up gaining little attention when the subject is decoration with pictures . But the frames are very attractive decorative elements, because they occupy little space, attract attention and create a different decoration for the space in which they are inserted.

In addition, frame frames, ranging from a simple strip of wood to something more elaborate, and the infinite palette of colors they can have, store from personal photos, advertising photos, posters, maps, illustrations and phrases with typography different. That's why the decoration with pictures, in any room, can be a very simple way to enrich your environment with more personality.

In today's post, we'll give you tips on how to start inserting decorative frames and functional in your kitchen to enhance the decor and make the environment more pleasant and of course with your face!

How to choose: a small frame or a large frame for the kitchen?

All of this will depend on the available space on the wall you have and your style. For those who have a whole free wall, the ideal is to hang a large frame, especially a rectangular one, but a composition with smaller frames can also be made and cover the space in an excellent way.

The ideal is just to have a sense that a space of respite is needed for the frames, be they big or small, with other objects or furniture. If this breath does not exist, the environment may end up looking crowded. It is important to ensure that the chosen frame is of the ideal size on the wall of the room.

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Make your own kitchen pictures

You can set up your own pictures with family photos, create a memory album and place them on the wall or even if you have the photograph or the painting as a hobby or profession, have your works framed and decorate yours as personalized as possible.

The idea is not to be ashamed to put the images and position them creatively. Try to make compositions with various types of images such as personal photos, illustrations, posters, making a miscellany.

Tips on composing and arranging wallboard kitchen sets

The layout and composition forms with frames are the most varied and will depend on your taste and style to suit what you want.

First of all, give a tip to avoid mistakes and regrets: always make your composition on the floor, facing the chosen wall, before starting to pierce or beat nails. Only after deciding where each frame will stay, start hanging.

For those who like a more organized environment and a classic layout, use the idea of ​​four frames of the same size forming a square. It is an option that has no error and ensures the symmetrical harmony and balance for the wall.

For those who want something more cool, but want to guarantee harmony, try to delimit an area like a square or a rectangle and go to fit the pictures in this area. Here they can be of different sizes, but the important thing is that the composition does not leave the boundaries.

Another type of disposition is the one that does not obey specific forms and delimitations. This does not mean that the arrangement has no harmony or balance, on the contrary! But these attributes are not acquired through the total order of the environment. The idea is to make that "orderly mess" sort of a brainstorm. That's why people use more organic ways as a general guideline: the cloud-like layout is super traditional.

Gallery: 60 images with pictures for kitchen

Now that you already have the general tips to put your pictures in the kitchen, take a look at our gallery!

Picture 1 - Starting with a classic picture: blackboard to expose the menu of the day based on the French bistros.

Blackboard / blackboard to display the day's menu

Picture 2 - Pictures for cooking with phrases and motifs related to food.

Kitchen table with phrase related to food

Picture 3 - You can also include photos of yourself or other photographers in your environment.

Photo frame to decorate the kitchen

Picture 4 - A decoration for the kitchen wall themed: mural with super colored spoons.

Super-colored spoons fixed to the wall in frame format

Picture 5 - If you have shelves, you can use them to support comics too.

Frames supported on shelves

Picture 6 - A large frame in the kitchen attracts attention and makes a beautiful composition with the environment.

Highlight the environment with a kitchen frame

Picture 7 - Fruit framed: niches type paintings for the kitchen with fruits of lies.

Fruits on wooden frames

Picture 8 - Apart from the food related motifs, landscapes are great themes for paintings in the kitchen.

Picture of landscapes in the kitchen

Picture 9 - Famous chef phrases to inspire you when it comes to cooking your favorite dishes.

Famous cookery phrases: a good idea

Image 10 - Plants to further temper your food: herbs and comics.

Herbs & Spices

Picture 11 - The comics painted right in the wood are also super charming and give a more rustic air to your kitchen.

Kitchen comics painted directly on wood

Picture 12 - Scrapbook and Warnings: a very high blackboard to write a lot!

Table scrap board and kitchen notices

Picture 13 - Bon Appetit! A greeting to start all your meals in a good mood.

Kitchen table: good appetite!

Picture 14 - For those in love with wine: comic type niche to go putting their corks and filling over the years.

Comics with stoppers for kitchen

Image 15 - Motivational phrases for those who seek inspiration all the time.

Bet on tables with motivational phrases

Picture 16 - Set of pictures for the kitchen positioned asymmetrically.

Black and White Kitchen Frames

Picture 17 - An illustration of your favorite artist can also be placed in the kitchen, especially if you have a conjoined environment.

Frame with illustration of your favorite artist

Picture 18 - Plaquinhas for those who love beer! They can be found in several places.

Kitchen Frames: Learn How to Pick and Decorate with Tips

Picture 19 - And for the coffee addicts too! After all, "coffee is always a good idea".

Table for coffee addicts

Image 20 - Searching different typefaces for framed sentences can open up a whole new universe of options for you.

Frame with phrases and special typography

Picture 21 - The famous soup can Campbell: the product that Andy Warhol painted and spread throughout the world also as a work in his kitchen.

Campbell Tin Frame

Picture 22 - Pictures for cooking: the cuts of meat for those who love barbecues.

Pictures with cuts of meat

Picture 23 - Another blackboard for scraps: this time with wooden border in a more rustic style.

Chalkboard with wooden frame for scrapbooking in the kitchen

Picture 24 - The secret ingredient: a painting to lift the astral of your kitchen.

Special table to lift the astral of the kitchen

Image 25 - The dishes hung on the wall bring tradition and a lot of color in the same environment.

Dishes hung on the wall instead of a traditional frame

Picture 26 - In several languages ​​and with a contemporary typography.

Thank you in several languages ​​on the kitchen board

Image 27 - For your neutral kitchen, a comic may add a little color to the environment.

Add color to the kitchen with a colorful comic

Picture 28 - Phrase in a more urban tone: frame printed in the lambe-lick style.

Urban style stamped board lambe lick

Picture 29 - Another comic for lovers of beer: niche to save the bottle caps already taken.

Niche comic for storing beer bottle caps

Picture 30 - Wooden boards painted as great options to hang in the kitchen.

Special messages painted on wooden boards

Picture 31 - Kitchen Frames: Flowers and plants are great for bringing more nature to your home while decorating.

Kitchen frame with flowers

Picture 32 - Set of pictures for kitchen in a minimalist style for those who appreciate the different types of drink.

Minimalist kitchen frame set

Picture 33 - Pictures for kitchen with the poster of your favorite drink. What about?

Frame with Campari poster

Picture 34 - Pictures for kitchen: on benches facing the wall, it is worth making the look more interesting.

Fun pictures near the kitchen counter

Picture 35 - Comics with geometric and abstract patterns are ideal if your kitchen already has enough information.

Geometric & Abstract Frames

Picture 36 - Another frame for large kitchen with plants.

Table for large kitchen with plants

Image 37 - Kitchen table that plays with the meanings of words.

Kitchen table that plays with the meanings of the dictionary

Picture 38 - Abstract frame for those looking for a more minimalist look even in the kitchen.

Abstract frame for minimalist kitchen

Picture 39 - Kitchen tables: a cup and teapot in contrast of colors for those who only need a cup of tea to relax.

Pictures with pictograms of cup and teapot

Picture 40 - Travel lovers will love: transport maps of various cities in the world framed to decorate their kitchen.

Put the map of your favorite city in the world

Picture 41 - Díptico frame that completes: bicycle too small only for a frame.

Diptych frame with bicycle illustration

Picture 42 - Eating, Praying and Loving: For fans of the book and movie, a triptych with lovely monochrome illustration.

Cooking pictures for movie lovers eat, pray and love

Picture 43 - For a more industrial climate, the pictures with urban motifs stand out.

Table with urban motifs for an industrial style kitchen

Image 44 - To integrate your painting into the environment, choose one that follows the same color palette as the rest of the decoration.

Kitchen table that combines and harmonizes with the decorating style of the environment

Image 45 - Four special comics for those who love to cook and eat.

Four pictures for those who love to cook

Picture 46 - Do it yourself: super fun comic book with colorful cutlery on a printed background.

DIY frame with colorful cutlery

Picture 47 - Picture frame can yes! make a composition with pictures that have the same theme and play with their placement.

Overlapping frames

Image 48 - But first a coffee: a warning for those who only wake up after the first sip of caffeine.

Table for those who can not start the day without good coffee

Picture 49 - In the same environment, frames with different motifs can be combined.

Frames with different patterns can be combined

Picture 50 - A picture on one side with figures.

Side frame with numbers

Picture 51 - Make a composition with several themes combining everything by color.

Different themes combined by color

Picture 52 - Kitchen frame: a frame in the minimal style combines a lot with the most modern industrial kitchens.

Kitchen minimalist frame

Image 53 - Classic composition with four comics of the same size: balance and symmetry in kitchen decoration.

Classic composition with four comics arranged on the wall

Image 54 - In addition to abstract geometry, abstract expressionism with its ink stains draw attention to the kitchen.

Pictures with abstract expressionism

Picture 55 - Work with different types of sizes and orientations in your set of frames.

Different orientation for arranging kitchen frames

Picture 56 - Kitchen tables: positioning the sets at different heights also gives a renewed and leaves the atmosphere more relaxed.

Let the kitchen environment feel more relaxed with pictures

Picture 57 - The shelves for paintings are super trendy and can support several paintings for you to make a very cool composition.

Shelf Kitchen Frames

Image 58 - The side walls of the American kitchen counters are strategic points for positioning your pictures.

Table for American cuisine

Picture 59 - Walls that have smaller widths can also be decorated with pictures of the right size to fill the space.

Right Size Frame on Narrow Kitchen Wall

Image 60 - And the walls that do not get any decoration or closet!

Frame for empty kitchen wall

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