Kids Room: 70 Amazing Ideas for Decorating with Photos

a kids' room can be a challenge when decorating! This is because children need a special place to sleep, to play, to explore, to express their creativity and to spend their energy (which sometimes seems infinite!).

This is because the room is one of the environments in which the children stay and have a very strong relationship. So he must have their faces and, at the same time, fit for some special care.

One of the styles that can be followed is that of the educator Maria Montessori, who says that the room should be thought for the children and not for the parents. In this way, the Montessorian room prioritizes keeping the furniture and objects of decoration to the height of the child, encouraging the exploration of space as an educational practice.

This is not the only model that can be followed! Currently, the planned furniture stores and designers have many types of super creative ideas that can fit what parents and children want for that space.

At suspended beds are super trendy, in addition to the furniture that couple the study area. The difference is that these furniture can also be thought taking into account the growth of the child!

70 bright ideas of child room decoration

To give you some more ideas and inspirations for you, we've brought you a post with only child rooms that combine creative decor and functionality, whether it's for boys, girls or even shared rooms.

Come on!

Picture 1 - In a minimalist climate and to inspire tranquility, a rosinha very smooth as the protagonist of the nursery.

Soft pink room with minimalist style: a quiet environment

Picture 2 - But if you want a more relaxed look, full of color and joy, be inspired by this mixture.

Colorful child's room

Picture 3 - An option for adventurers and lovers of different types of sports, in a child room decoration super clear and functional.

Clean and functional decoration for extreme sports lovers

Picture 4 - How about leaving the corner table or the bedside and creating a shelf or niche on the side wall to put your most loved items?

Side shelf in child's room

Picture 5 - Room of child for two: much creativity for a different space and super functional with planned furniture.

Children's room (for siblings)

Picture 6 - Bind in light and light colors to keep the atmosphere pleasant at bedtime and playtime.

Child's room with light and light colors

Picture 7 - Filling the personality room: In addition to the swing hanging on the ceiling, your little one can add a touch of it with some designs hanging on the wall.

Child's room with designs hung on the wall

Picture 8 - Concentrate the furniture on one side only with plans to be able to maintain a good play area for the children to play.

Child's room with ample play area

Picture 9 - Another solution for a double child's room: bunk in a different layout and full of colors.

Child's room with bunk bed

Picture 10 - For the lovers of cars and speed: furniture and accessories that can be bought in decoration shops already ready in the theme.

Children's room with cars theme

Details of children's room with Cars theme

Close up on room decor with Cars theme

Picture 11 - Super cute and delicate child's room: Bet on varied cushions and soft quilts for a decoration that will pack your little girl's sleep.

Kids Room: 70 Amazing Ideas for Decorating with Photos

Image 12 - Urban Scouts: The theme of nature and animals is very common, but they always end up being renewed in a creative way.

Child's room with Scout climate

Picture 13 - Another super creative bunk: fully planned and customized environment with stairs, slides and niches for all the stuffed animals.

Child's room with super creative bunk bed

Picture 14 - Children's room montessorian : lower the height of the furniture to be accessible for the child value the right foot too!

Montessorian child's room

Picture 15 - For those who have more space, a classic double child's room with a super different detail: the children's initials above their beds.

Room with children's initials

Picture 16 - Child's room inspired by the European princesses of tales and real life: invest in classic furnishings and accessories.

Child's room inspired by the princesses

Image 17 - Light colors to match any type of print you can choose.

Light colors to match any type of print

Picture 18 - Planned furniture with suspended bed to take advantage of space and to make a corner to study or to practice the favorite hobbies.

Child's room with suspended bed

Picture 19 - Contemporary inspiration: use colorful furniture and keep the walls closer to the window in light colors to draw more light into the environment.

Contemporary child's room

Picture 20 - A completely different bed model: mobile to bed with niche.

Child's room with niche in the furniture

Picture 21 - Do not be afraid to mix colors and prints: a child's room should have the themes, colors and personality of it.

Colorful colors and prints in the room

Picture 22 - Another tip for the child's room in the Montessori style: lower also the height of comics and mirrors hanging on the wall.

Child's room in the Montessori style: also lower the height of comics and mirrors hanging on the wall

Picture 23 - A new bed style for children's room: stacked mattresses for a super comfortable sleep and to call friends!

Child's room with stacked mattresses

Picture 24 - Natural materials: bedside of the different bed with pieces of wood circulating the wall of the bed and table type type tora.

Children's room with natural wood

Picture 25 - A model of bed that is conquering everybody: wooden house.

Wooden house

Image 26 - Tropical, cool and fun decor for a children's room for girls: watermelons drawn on the wall and plush in the bed.

Child's bedroom with tropical decor

Picture 27 - Another bed planned and low: Wooden box with a very interesting cutout for the entrance.

Low bed planned for children's room

Picture 28 - Mixture of colors, a lot of cuteness and delicacy in the child's room: bet on a wall decoration that catches the attention of everyone.

Plenty of cuteness and delicacy in the child's room

Picture 29 - An interesting detail to add in the children's room: special table for those who love to draw!

Special table for those who like to draw and drop their imagination

Picture 30 - Enjoy the Montessori style to work with the height of furniture in space.

Another example of a child's bedroom with Montessorian style

Picture 31 - Montessori child's room in a Scandinavian style: light colors with black details, wood and a lot of tranquility.

Scandinavian / Montessori child's room

Picture 32 - Another theme explored and full of options: children's room with space theme, full of stars and colors.

Child Room with Space Theme

Picture 33 - Planned, creative and full of colors: the right place to sleep, study and have fun.

Planned, creative and colorful room

Picture 34 - Corner of quiet: even children need a special corner to reduce energy and read in a quiet and comfortable space.

Cantinho do calma to encourage reading

Picture 35 - Mixing of off-white tones and darker tones leaves the environment super contemporary and can still be used in a more childish environment.

Mixture of off-white tones in bedroom decor

Picture 36 - Bed planned in plywood with a special space for the pet to sleep together.

Planned bed in plywood

Image 37 - Study area full of color, technology, design and comfort for children's room.

Study area full of color with neon

Picture 38 - Decorate with their favorite themes: be the princesses or the warriors of Star Wars!

Star Wars themed kid's room!

Picture 39 - Mix different types of materials in furniture, decoration and pets for a relaxed and eclectic child's room.

Mix different types of materials in furniture

Picture 40 - Do not be afraid to use color on the wall, on the bed, on the ceiling!

Do not be afraid to use the colors on the wall

Picture 41 - Room of child with super minimalist and contemporary style with a floating bed.

Super minimalist child's room

Picture 42 - Decorate a wall in a special way: the circus theme in this room attracts attention and combines with other decorative elements.

Children's room with circus theme

Picture 43 - Look for wallpapers with patterns that your child is passionate about!

Wallpaper for children's room

Picture 44 - Montessoriano and full of stories to tell! Leave the books at hand so that the child chooses alone the story that will be told in the day.

Montessorian child's room

Picture 45 - Choose one or two colors to be the basis of the room decoration.

One or two colors as decoration base

Picture 46 - For those who have always wanted to have a tree house: floating bed planned in this style oriented to nature.

Planned floating bed

Image 47 - Look for different furniture to also serve as decoration of the environment.

Different furniture for the decoration of the environment

Picture 48 - Do not be afraid to mix textures, prints and patterns on different walls.

Do not be afraid to mix prints and textures

Picture 49 - A child's room in the style princess or ballet dancer: classic furniture and light fabrics.

Princess style room or ballerina

Picture 50 - For a double room of children with different tastes, choose white as a base to combine other styles.

White as a base for the bedroom

Picture 51 - In the clouds: colors in a pastel or off-white poster to bring lightness and transport you to this world of dreams.

Child's room with pastel or off-white tones

Image 52 - Radical fun: a climbing panel on a wooden plate for new adventures.

Climbing panel in child's room

Image 53 - Gray is a color that makes an excellent combination with other light tones.

Light gray with children's room

Picture 54 - Lego Room: a lot of color for those who love to create and build new buildings.

Kids Room: 70 Amazing Ideas for Decorating with Photos

Image 55 - Keep the environment bright and fun with a featured wall with a full pattern of colors.

Well-lit child's room

Picture 56 - A combination of different colors and patterns to prove that there are several ways to compose the decoration of a room.

Different color combination and patterns for children's room

Image 57 - Another idea for those who love to draw: a mega white board, full of colored pens.

Creative idea: whiteboard to draw

Image 58 - Single furniture for bed and children's room desk.

Single bed unit

Picture 59 - Bed in the heights to make room for other activities.

Bed in the heights to free up space

Image 60 - Trend: Invest in shelves to use your objects as decoration and create a more personalized environment.

Shelves for use of decorative objects

Image 61 - Pegboard bench to organize all children's creative and artistic materials.

Countertop with pegboard

Picture 62 - Increase the height of the bed a bit to use the bottom as storage space for toys and other items.

Increase the height of the bed a little

Picture 63 - Indian style reading corner with cushion and cushion super comfortable.

Indian style reading corner

Picture 64 - For those who are always on the heights: two decoration models inspired by the theme planes.

Children's room with airplane theme

Airline style room

Picture 65 - Another ambiance with the bed in the form of house: super cute and comfortable.

Super cute and comfortable toddler room

Picture 66 - Platform with drawers to keep your clothes well organized!

Platform with drawers

Picture 67 - Room based on rosy rosy for girls who love that color!

Room based on rosy rosé

Picture 68 - Dresser-Desk: an option for anyone who wants to store their materials after use.

Chest of drawers

Picture 69 - Child's room B & B not to be afraid to decorate only with these colors.

Children's room black and white

Picture 70 - Three rooms in a single room: suspended bed, reading corner and desk to study.

Three rooms in one

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