Iron gate: know the main features and openings

Choose the gate model to the house may seem a simple thing, but it is not. There are several items that need to be scrutinized before opting for one model or another. One of the first things to think about is with what material the gate will be made. There are several models available in the market, among the most common are iron, wood, steel and aluminum.

The material has advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into account. Therefore, it is important to check the style of the building, how much you can afford with the gate, what maintenance can be done and what kind of opening and space available. It is still necessary to analyze whether the gate will be exposed to the sun or rain. All this will interfere with the choice of the most suitable material.

But in today's post we will talk exclusively about the iron gate and its main characteristics. The main advantage of this type of gate is with regard to price. Iron is a low-cost material and, depending on the model, may be the cheapest option among all materials.

The wide variety of models is another great advantage of iron. The material allows curved drawings, neoclassical style, straight lines for more modern designs or entire plates. This is not the case with materials such as aluminum and wood, which are quite limited at this point. That is, the iron gets one more dot here because it fits in any architectural style.

It is still possible to integrate the iron with other materials such as wood and glass, creating openings and gaps in the gate. The gaps can even be made on the iron plate itself, without the need to use other materials. At this point it is important to analyze if the residents wish to leave the house exposed, which is more advisable in terms of security, or all closed. In this case, privacy is guaranteed, but in return the action of criminals is made easier, as they are not seen.

The iron gate can be painted with enamel paint and this is another advantage of the material, since there are a multitude of color options and you can opt for the one that most fits the design of your home.

Iron is also an excellent choice for those looking for a sturdier material that will bring more safety to the project. Iron gates have high impact resistance, unlike aluminum, for example, which tends to knead with ease.

In terms of maintenance and durability, the iron loses. The material oxidizes very easily and the contact with the water can reduce its useful life due to the rust. Therefore, it requires sanding, treatment and periodic painting to ensure its durability.

Iron Gate Opening Systems

It is important to evaluate the opening system that will be used in the iron gate. Domestic garages need to take into account vehicle measurements and free space for movement.

The most commonly used models are sliding, tilting, winding and hinged models. For small spaces the most indicated opening is hinged, in the traditional old model of opening and closing, similar to a common door. This template can also be used in any project.

Tilting gates are also suitable for areas with little opening, usually these models are automated. Already the runners need free lateral space so that the gate leaf slides unimpeded and without invading the sidewalk of the neighbor. This model is best suited for larger gates.

There is also the option of using the roll-up gate. They have the advantage of occupying almost no space, freeing the garage area for other purposes. However, aesthetically, this model leaves something to be desired.

60 design models with iron gate

Check out now models of houses with iron gates:

Picture 1 - High and majestic iron gate to receive residents and visitors.

Tall and majestic iron gate

Picture 2 - Delicate drawings in the cast iron gate.

Delicate drawings on the iron gate

The simple opening gate was valued by the delicate designs on the iron plate. The black color brought elegance to the gate.

Picture 3 - Social gate of iron allows to visualize the whole interior of the house.

Iron Gate

Security experts recommend that the house gate not be fully enclosed, but preferably like the one in the picture, where you can view the interior of the house.

Picture 4 - Pergolado of iron accompanies the same design leaked from the gate.

Pergolated in the same style as the iron gate

Picture 5 - Gate of iron plate and grids to complete the facade.

Iron gate and railings

The safety of this house was a priority. The iron plate at the gate ensures the protection of the garage, while the grids prevent the entry of strangers into the residence. The climbing plants guarantee a more friendly and not so serious look for the house

Picture 6 - Low and of run, this gate of iron stands out for the originality of its design.

Original iron gate

Image 7 - Brown paint on the iron gate leaves the material closest to the wood.

Brown paint on the iron gate

Picture 8 - Simple iron gate for garage and social entrance.

Single iron gate

Picture 9 - Low gate and all cast shows and highlights the architecture of the house.

Low iron cast-iron gate

Picture 10 - Iron, granite and wood composes the entrance of this house.

Iron, granite and wood on the facade of the house

Image 11 - Set of lights between the window and the gate.

Set of lights between the window and the gate

This house achieved an interesting effect by leaving the gate the same color as the internal lamp shade. The impression is that the gate is leaked and is allowing the passage of light, in the same way as the window

Picture 12 - Black iron gate leaves the entrance of the elegant house.v

Black iron gate

Figure 13 - Updated (and more modern) version of the rolling shutters.

Iron rolling gate

Image 14 - In doubt, invest in an iron gate like the one in the picture: simple and functional.

Simple and functional iron gate

Picture 15 - Small iron gate for garage.

Small iron gate

A relatively simple model, but very functional and aesthetic. The gate also helps to support the pergola that covers the garage area

Picture 16 - In the same tone of the brick.

Iron gate in the same color tone of bricks

Picture 17 - All closed iron gate guarantees the privacy of the residents.

All closed iron gate

Image 18 - Vertical lines form the design of this iron gate.

Iron gate with vertical lines

Image 19 - Iron sliding gate.

Iron sliding gate

Image 20 - Iron gate with mirrored glass.

Iron Gate with Mirrored Glass

Image 21 - Exclusive forms of the iron gates.

Iron gate with exclusive format

Houses of romantic or neoclassical style are valued with arches and rounded shapes, effect possible only on iron gate models

Picture 22 - Modern house with low iron gate.

Modern house with iron gate

Picture 23 - Heavenly blue of the gate converses with the shades of blue and green of the rest of the house.

Heavenly blue on the iron gate

Picture 24 - Iron gate invites to the interior of the house.

Iron gate invites to the interior of the house

Image 25 - Grids and gates guarantee the whole look of this facade.

Grills and iron gate on the facade

Picture 26 - Rust is common in iron gates, so do not neglect maintenance

House with iron gate

Image 27 - Sliding gates need space on the side to move the leaves.

Iron gate sliding

Image 28 - If the proposal is to provide security, two gates may be the solution.

Two iron gates

Picture 29 - Closed plate of iron received a central feature that allows the visualization to the interior of the house and vice versa.

Closed iron plate received a central feature

Image 30 - Cast iron gate can be made in different formats.

Cast iron gate

Picture 31 - Detail in wood at the gate to match the rest of the house.

Detail of wood in the iron gate

Image 32 - Horizontal openings in the iron gate of the garage.

Horizontal opening at the iron gate

Image 33 - Brown bars and gate contrasts with the white walls.

House with iron gate

Image 34 - Colored graffiti on the gate guarantees the urban and jovial tone of the house.

Colorful graphite on the iron gate

Picture 35 - House with view with iron gate.

Zero privacy for anyone sitting in the backyard of this house.

Image 36 - Iron was the material chosen for the gate, railings and bedside of the house.

Iron was the material chosen for the gate

Image 37 - Black is the color of sophistication, including for gates.

Black is the color of sophistication

Image 38 - Main and secondary iron gate, both automatic.

Main and secondary iron gate

Picture 39 - Iron gate, but of clean and delicate appearance.

Iron Gate, but clean and delicate in appearance

Picture 40 - Iron gate with metallic screen, a simple and economical model.

Iron gate with wire mesh

Image 41 - Extensive gates should preferably be sliding open.

Extensive iron gate

Picture 42 - Camouflaged: iron gate in the same color of the wall.

iron gate in the same color as the wall

Picture 43 - It looks like rust, but it's just paint.

It looks rusty, but it's just paint

Image 44 - Wooden slats of the house influence the design of the iron gate.

Iron gate: know the main features and openings

Image 45 - What if the pergolas follow the same model of the gate?

And if the pergolas follow the same model of the gate

Image 46 - Advantage of the iron gate is the possibility of unique and incredible designs, like this one.

Residence with iron gate

Image 47 - Glass covers the spans and openings of the neoclassical iron gate.

Iron gate with glass

Image 48 - Iron and wood: a combination of materials that adds charm and beauty to home.

Iron and wood

Image 49 - Iron door with arabesques.

Iron door with arabesques

Image 50 - If the proposal is to provide security, two gates may be the solution.

Two gates

Image 51 - Under the protection of concrete, the iron gate welcomes the residents.

Iron door in the house

Image 52 - Black iron gate closing the entire facade of the house.

Iron gate: know the main features and openings

Picture 53 - Not to be hidden, the house of classical architecture gained gate and wall leaked.

Iron gate in residence

Image 54 - Iron gate was painted black to follow the same color as the brick.

Iron gate was painted black

Image 55 - One-way iron gate prevents vision into the interior of the house.

Iron gate

Image 56 - Automatic gate brings convenience, security and protection.

Iron gate automatic

Image 57 - Grids and windows make a unique composition.

Grids and windows make a unique composition

Image 58 - Straight lines are best suited for modern style house gates.

Straight lines are best suited for house gates

Image 59 - Black bands create prominence in the whole white gate.

Iron gate: know the main features and openings

Image 60 - Circles and hollow rectangles form the design of this iron gate.

Iron gate: know the main features and openings 1

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