Inspirational little closets

Most people dream of having their own closet, and sometimes the lack of space does not allow them to enter such a beautiful room! But there are many ways for you to assemble and decorate a small closet in a practical, modern and creative way.

They can be mounted in place of the closet, an unused room, in short, any available environment can be used with shelves, macaws and drawers to form a small closet . Another tip is to insert it into the room with a shelf forming a room divider.

Before that, the ideal is to measure the space of the room and create a project of how will make the furniture available according to your need. With this you will have the exact dimension that each piece of furniture or accessory should possess.

The shelves are a key item for a small closet. The best location is at the top or bottom of the closet. They must have a reasonable thickness to withstand the weight of clothing and objects. If it is to insert many, the space between each shelf can be of 30 to 40 cm to store the clothes folded.

For more tips on how to assemble your small closet , see below our suggestions:

Picture 1 - A multifunctional mobile to reach up higher leaves the closet more practical.

image (1)

Picture 2 - Less is more! Invest in a minimalist style closet design.

image (1) 1

Picture 3 - The curtains play a great role in hiding the closet in the bedroom.

image (2)

Picture 4 - Enjoy that little corner without use and mount your closet.

image (3)

Picture 5 - Black and white décor leaves any sophisticated closet.

image (4)

Picture 6 - Glass doors to let the closet on display are ideal for small rooms.

image (5)

Picture 7 - Shelves at the top and bottom is always a great way to gain more space for clothes and boxes.

image (6)

Picture 8 - Enjoy the space behind the bed and set up a closet along with a custom design.

image (7)

Picture 9 - Build a space for a shoe rack to make it easier for your day to day life.

image 8)

Picture 10 - For a narrow closet it is nice to hang hooks on the wall to support clothes or accessories.

image (9)

Picture 11 - Shelves is a great way to store shoes or blouses stacked.

image (10)

Picture 12 - How about a closet along with a home office?

image (11)

Picture 13 - The design for a small closet, it takes many drawers to gain space for clothes.

image (12)

Picture 14 - Doors with mirror always give more sensation of amplitude to a small closet.

image (13)

Picture 15 - A closet does not need to have a space delimited by walls, invest in this idea.

image (14)

Picture 16 - A closet built into the bedroom wall is a great way to save space.

image (15)

Picture 17 - An open closet always leaves the room wider.

image (16)

Picture 18 - The best place to insert a mirror is at the bottom of the closet

image (17)

Picture 19 - A low shelf divides the room and leaves the rest of the room visible.

image (18)

Picture 20 - This type of furniture can be flexible and with a variety of layouts for a small closet.

image (19)

Picture 21 - Use the corners of the walls to gain more space.

image (20)

Image 22 - Shelves are always welcome, use the maximum of this element for your closet.

image (21)

Picture 23 - A modern closet for a room with sober colors.

image (22)

Picture 24 - Perfect idea to organize the clothes of your child.

image (23)

Image 25 - If the closet is small invest in a mobile with casters. This one lets you sit down to put on the shoe and save some accessories from your day to day.

image (24)

Picture 26 - And is not that even the space of the window served to support the suitcases?

image (25)

Picture 27 - For those who want a closet with feminine style this is a beautiful decoration with burnt cement, apparent tubing and even a study corner.

image (26)

Picture 28 - A cozy closet with the right choice of wood tone and a rug that gives it an extra charm.

image (27)

Picture 29 - For the drawers invest in this partition.

image (28)

Picture 30 - For those who want a feminine closet put a wallpaper, a mirror with a frame and a chandelier. It's the perfect trio for a charming closet.

image (29)

Picture 31 - Enjoy the space and use the three corners of the wall with cabinet.

image (30)

Image 32 - If you can, make a corridor with both sides of the cabinet.

image (31)

Picture 33 - The closet with L-cupboard always leaves more space for circulation.

image (33)

Image 34 - Super cool this idea with one side closet and the other a panel.

image (34)

Picture 35 - How about coating an entire wall of mirror?

image (35)

Image 36 - Coated wallpaper up to the ceiling left the closet with lots of personality.

image (36)

Picture 37 - This furniture is adjustable, it has fittings for you to assemble of the way and height that you want.

image (37)

Picture 38 - A closet / hallway is not a good thing to do, just do a good carpentry project.

image (38)

Picture 39 - The natural lighting in a small closet makes all the difference.

image (39)

Picture 40 - A bookshelf up to the ceiling to delimit the closet is interesting for large rooms.

image (40)

Image 41 - For those who have few clothes and shoes, this is the perfect and very organized corner.

image (41)

Picture 42 - The shelves suspended at the top are ideal to put clothes that are not used much in the day to day.

image (42)

Picture 43 - In the bottom of the room, a small closet with a great solution.

image (43)

Picture 44 - The small dresser can also fit in your closet.

image (44)

Picture 45 - Wooden panel perfect for attaching accessories!

image (45)

Picture 46 - This hanger is in a format different from the conventional one because it is a little closet extensive.

image (46)

Picture 47 - In the closet for the children always it takes a space to store your favorite objects.

image (47)

Picture 48 - A little corner that seemed to have no solution turned into a beautiful shelf!

image (48)

Image 49 - A different and economical layout for a small closet.

image (49)

Picture 50 - Even a simpler closet has gained a décor with these organizing baskets.

image (50)

Picture 51 - Leave a little corner to organize the accessories!


Image 52 - Functionality and practicality for day to day


Picture 53 - Build a space with closet and dressing table


54. Have you thought about putting your closet behind the bed?


Picture 55 - In the place of the traditional cabinet, choose the wire cabinet with a wallpaper background!


Picture 56 - The built-in closet is good for space.


Image 57 - Turn your closet into a cozy little corner!


Image 58 - The accessories themselves can be part of the closet decoration.


Image 59 - Hiding in a practical and beautiful way!


Image 60 - Small closet with center bench


Image 61 - The mirrored door takes breadth and beauty to the room!


Picture 62 - Closet for children


Picture 63 - Any unused corner can be turning into a good space to assemble a closet


Picture 64 - Insert cabinets in all corners following the rules of circulation and size


Image 65 - Leave the space clean with the use of light colors and much mirror in the environment


Image 66 - A window is always great for bringing natural light into the environment


Picture 67 - Place a partition to separate the spaces and their use


Image 68 - Artificial and well-located lighting makes all the difference in the design of a closet


Picture 69 - The leaked partition better integrates the spaces


Image 70 - Lightweight materials bring modernity to space!


Picture 71 - For small rooms try to organize each corner according to the activities of the owner


Image 72 - Use Recyclable Materials to Build Your Closet


Picture 73 - Comfortable and cozy!


Picture 74 - Closet style corridor


Picture 75 - Place lighting inside the cabinet


Picture 76 - Wallpaper decorate the closet in a practical and cheap way!


Screenshot 77 - Integrated Closet and Home Office


Picture 78 - Small children's closet


Picture 79 - The pouf besides flexible it helps in the day to day.


Picture 80 - Closet well tapped!


Picture 81 - Small and organized!


Image 82 - Hiding the closet in a functional way.


Image 83 - Closet with dressing table.


Image 84 - Closet clean.


Image 85 - Rail illumination helps to focus on the desired points of illumination in the environment.


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