How to unclog sink: know the key step-by-step methods

Do you know how to unclog sink? There are some interesting techniques that promise to eliminate all waste. In some it is necessary to use chemicals, in others it is enough to use simple and practical materials. See right now how to unclog a sink.

Know some methods of how to unclog sink

Using detergent

How to unclog sink: using detergent

If your sink is filled with grease in the plumbing, the best technique to solve the clog is using only hot water mixed with detergent.

  1. Before applying the product, remove any water that is accumulated in the sink;
  2. Then boil 5 liters of water;
  3. Then put detergent into the water;
  4. Now just pour the mixture into the drain.

Using soap powder

How to Unclog Sink: Using Soap Powder

The powdered soap method is also ideal for fat clogging cases. For this, make a mixture of 5 liters of water with a little soap.

  1. First, drain all the water from the sink;
  2. Put powdered soap in the drain until it covers the whole and you only see the soap;
  3. Then you need to put about a quart of hot water on top;
  4. Finally, turn the tap on and wait for the result.

Using wire

How to unclog sink: using wire

Now if the clogging problem is some solid residue, use a wire to unclog the sink. Generally, the result is best when the residue is hair or yarn.

  1. Take 3 wires and cut them to the same size;
  2. Now braid with them;
  3. Then curve the tip of each to form three hooks;
  4. The job is to stick the wire down the drain until it reaches the maximum you can;
  5. Then rotate the wire to try to pull out all the dirt.

Using Rubber Defrost

How to unclog sink: using rubber popper

This is the most common way to unclog a sink. The method is also very practical, since you will only need the plunger.

  1. Put plenty of water in the sink until it covers the rubberized part of the nozzle;
  2. Then place the nozzle over the drain to make very firm movements, but they must be slow;
  3. Do this up and down;
  4. Now you remove the plunger to check if the water has gone down or not;
  5. If you find that the sink is still clogged, repeat the process until you can unclog.

Using Cooking Salt

How to Unclog Sink: Using Cooking Salt

Uses the salt is the simplest method to unclog sinks, as it is difficult for someone not to have the product at home.

  1. You will need a cup of cooking salt and a pair of gloves;
  2. Put on the glove so you do not burn your hands and pour all the contents into the drain;
  3. Then put boiling water on top;
  4. During the water flow, take a cloth and place it on the drain under pressure.

Using baking soda and vinegar

How to unclog sink: using baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda is an excellent cleanser and vinegar is widely used by housewives in daily cleaning. Mixing the two you get a great sink deicer.

Write down the material you will need:

  • 4 cups hot water;
  • ½ cup of vinegar;
  • 1 cup of baking soda.

Take the step by step below:

  1. Empty the entire sink and leave it completely dry;
  2. Then take the baking soda and place it on top of the drain;
  3. Now pour all the vinegar over it;
  4. You will see their reaction to bubbling;
  5. When there is no more bubbling, throw all the hot water on top;
  6. Wait + or - 15 minutes to see if the process has cleared the unclogging.

Using chemical stripper

How to unclog sink: using chemical plunger

If the intent is to use a more aggressive process, you can use chemical detents. They are quite efficient and there are several brands in the market. However, you should seek to use protective equipment before applying it.

  1. To make the process, it is best to follow all the recommendations that are on the packaging of the product;
  2. After you do the procedure, throw plenty of water into the sink to remove any excess product until nothing is left.

Using Caustic Soda

Caustic soda actually cleans sink and tubing, but it is a highly toxic product that can cause illness if not used properly. In addition, the material is very corrosive and being used constantly can damage all pipes. So, only use caustic soda if you are in a very critical situation.

  1. Put on gloves, glasses and boots;
  2. See all manufacturer's instructions;
  3. Take the caustic soda and put in 1 cup;
  4. Then pour the contents into the sink drain;
  5. Afterwards, pour hot water over it;
  6. For the product to react, let stay overnight;
  7. The next day, throw plenty of water into the drain and let the water run until there is no residue.

Using Enzyme Products

A good choice for those who do not want to use toxic products is the product they have in their composition, harmless bacteria and enzymes. These components have the power to break down organic matter from sinks and pipes.

However, read all the information on the packaging before using it. Safety equipment should also be used because although it is not a chemical, you may have some kind of reaction.

  1. When applying the product, you should let it act all the time indicated on the packaging;
  2. Now just pour plenty of hot water to eliminate any residue.

Cleaning the siphon

How to unclog sink: cleaning siphon

Not always the clog is in the sink. Therefore, before using any method, check that the siphon is not blocking the passage of water.

  1. Before checking, place a bowl under the sink. This will cause the water to fall in low, not on the floor of the kitchen or bathroom;
  2. You need to unscrew the siphon;
  3. After removing it, clean it using a mixture of water and detergent;
  4. Rub with a sponge to remove all residue;
  5. When it is clean, just screw it in place.

Using unclogging probe

If you find that the clog is in the wall pipe, the service will be more complicated. However, the process is more effective than the others.

Use the following materials:

  • A screwdriver;
  • An old cloth;
  • A hose that is running on some faucet.

Do as follows:

  1. First wrap the old cloth in the hose. Leave a distance of + or - two hands from the end of the hose;
  2. The siphon attached to the wall must be removed;
  3. Now place the hose in the barrel and fit as far as you can;
  4. Push the old cloth into the barrel. If you have difficulties, use a screwdriver;
  5. But you have to do this without removing the hose. The cloth must make a barrier at the edge of the barrel;
  6. Then, connect the hose;
  7. At this point, you will notice the water pressing into the barrel until it unclogs;
  8. To finish, connect the hose and place the siphon in place.

Using hose

If you notice that the above methods have not resolved, you can pressure a hose to try to eliminate all the rest that is inside the barrel.

  1. Insert a hose into the drain. The hose must be a little smaller than the drain to enter;
  2. Turn the tap on as far as it will go in order for the water to pressure.

Using Coke

How to unclog sink: using Coca-Cola

For those who had no idea, the coca cola is composed of phosphoric acid. This material is so aggressive that it dissolves all the fat it has in the barrel. So it can be an excellent method for unclogging sinks and even toilets.

  1. Use 2 liters of Coke. You can use it normal or even old that will take effect;
  2. Throw all the contents into the sink that is clogged;
  3. Now wait to get down to see if the sink really is unclogged;
  4. Then, make plenty of water to eliminate waste.

Care not to clog the sink

Clogged sink: how to avoid?

Some procedures should be done to prevent the sink from clogging. Check out!

Pay attention to what you play in the drain

Generally, people do not take care when dishwashing. So do not throw away the leftover food. It is these wastes that often end up clogging the sinks. If you want to avoid this, use a sink protector that fills the dirt, so as not to fall directly into the drain.

Beware of coffee grounds

If you are in the habit of using a cloth strainer to make coffee, be careful when you throw the coffee grounds down the drain. Instead, throw in the trash first and then rinse the sieve, since the smear usually clogs the sink.

Beware of hair

Avoid combing your hair and shaving your beard in the sink as they get stuck in the sink drain. This stops the flow of water. When you notice that you have hair in the area, remove it and discard it in the trash.

Learn to Discard Fat Correctly

Oil, grease or any other substance that is oily should not be discarded inside the sink. If you do not know, fat builds up on the walls of the pipe. That way, it will not be long before the sink gets clogged.

You have noticed how important it is to take care to prevent the sink in your home from being clogged constantly. But if this does occur, you already know how to unclog sink in the most appropriate way with our tips.

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