How to Plant Strawberry: Essential Tips, Care and Where to Plant

Having a fruit plantation at home can be very beneficial to health in two ways: you will have a healthy food at your disposal and may distract your head while working on planting. Strawberries are small fruits and can be planted even in pots, which makes you wonder how to plant strawberries at home.

The task is not as difficult as it sounds and if you live in apartment you can also have your strawberry plantation. Everything depends on your willingness to take care of the fruit from the time of planting the seed until the time of harvest.

Are you curious to know how to plant strawberries with strawberries? Keep reading to find all the tips you need to plant the fruit in your home whether in a pot or in your garden!

Seed or seedling

Strawberry seed or seedling

Who is looking for how to plant strawberry step by step needs to know that there are two ways to start planting this fruit. It is possible to plant its seeds or a seedling. The great difference between the two methods of planting is related to the time of growth of the strawberries.

If you choose to plant the seeds it will take longer for you to harvest the fruits, while the seedlings will soon be giving out strawberries. There are rare cases where people choose seeds. In the vast majority of cases, seedlings are the best alternative, including being more planting practices.

The plant suffers little stress when being transported or changed pot, which is why it pays to bet on seedlings. If you know someone who already plants strawberries, they can ask for a seedling to start planting. Another alternative is to buy molt or a stolon in a plant nursery.

It is worth mentioning that the seedlings are easier to cultivate and require less care than the stolons, even if they are a bit more expensive.

Time of planting and harvesting

Strawberries are found year-round. Still it is recommended to plant them at a specific time if you want to better understand how to plant organic strawberry at home. It is recommended that you grow seedlings or plant seeds in late spring or early summer.

It depends a lot on the climate of the region you live. Those who live in very hot places may need to take advantage of the period between late summer and late autumn. Those who live in regions with colder climates should plant them in warmer times. Between spring and summer.

Once planted, the strawberries can be harvested in two months to two and a half months. You should harvest them when they are ripe, already quite red. Choose the hottest days to make this harvest. Wait 60 to 80 days after planting. If the fruits are not yet ripe, you can wait longer to harvest them.

The fact that they have been planted from seedlings and the climate of the region you live in can interfere with the development time of the plant.


How to Plant Strawberry Vases

Strawberries can be grown in various places. In pots, pet bottles, pvc pipe or in the garden itself. Everything will depend on the space you have available at home.

How to Plant Strawberry in a Vase

If you are wondering how to plant potted strawberries, you need to keep in mind that you need to choose those that are 25cm to 30cm deep. If you are to plant more than one seedling, the pot must be longer, to give the plants a space of 35 cm to 40 cm away.

The vase needs to have holes in the bottom and you can plant the seeds or seedlings in it. When the roots of the plant begin to emerge through the holes in the pot, it is time to move it to a larger space or plant it in the garden.

How to Plant Strawberry in Pet Bottle

For those who want to know how to plant strawberry in a pet bottle, the idea is very similar to that of the pot. First you must cut the bottle, taking out the part where the beak is. It can cut close, to leave the bottle long.

Then drill holes in the bottom of the pet bottle, it will be where your strawberry will eliminate the excess water from the earth and how you will identify that it is time to transport it to the garden or to a large pot.

In that case plant only a seedling or few seeds. If the strawberry starts to expand, cut the seedlings and place in other pet bottles.

How to Plant Strawberry in Pvc Pipe

PVC pipes can also be very useful for anyone who wants to have strawberries at home, so it is worth understanding how to plant strawberry in pvc pipe . The PVC pipe chosen should be 10 cm to 15 cm in diameter. You should also have a smaller diameter barrel, but larger length, that will serve to water your plants.

Drill holes in the smaller barrel with the help of the drill. Give a gap of 1 span closed between each hole. Wrap the barrel in a geotextile and place a cork in the bottom to cover the other exit. Pass duct tape to keep the stopper in place.

Make bigger holes in the PVC pipe, that's where your strawberries will come out. Place the smaller pipe inside the larger one and begin to prepare the earth to receive the strawberry seedlings. The PVC pipe should remain in the upright position and you can plug one of the inlets so that the ground does not escape.

How to Plant Strawberry in the Garden

How to Plant Strawberry in the Garden

To plant strawberries in the garden the ideal is to prepare small flower beds with depth of 30 cm and 80 cm to 1.20 meters in length. It is necessary to keep determined between the rows, so that the beds do not run into each other.

Between the plants, the same space you would use in a vase of greater length: 35 cm to 40 cm away. Plant the seeds or seedlings and prepare the soil to receive them. This space in the garden should receive sunlight, but not constantly. Strawberries should be sunbathing from 6am to 10am each day at most.


The land for growing strawberries needs to be prepared. It is not recommended to use the one you have in your yard. The ideal is to bet on sandy-loamy soil, rich in organic matter and with more acidic pH, the preferred of these fruits.

The soil pH should be between 5.5 and 6.5. For those who are going to plant pots, instead of using the soil, you can only bet on organic compost.


Who wants to know how to plant strawberry with the fruit needs to be aware of the irrigation process. Both strawberries planted from the seed and those that came from the seedlings need to be watered with some frequency.

Strawberries do not like the land to be very soggy or too dry. The ideal is to wet whenever you notice that the soil is starting to dry. The right thing is to water the soil and not the leaves of the plant.

To avoid problems, check once a day how your potting soil is or where you planted. If it feels more dry and sandy, water the strawberry.


While they are developing the strawberry feet will produce new stolons that will result in new seedlings. Unless you have enough room for new strawberries, it is recommended to prune these stolons before they grow and form seedlings.

If you plan to plant new pots, wait for the seedlings and you can transfer them to your new space. Besides, you do not have to worry about pruning your strawberry.

Make cuts and prunings only on weakened or diseased pieces, with fungi for example. If you have not identified these problems cut only when new stolons or seedlings appear.

Care when planting strawberry

How to Plant Strawberry: Essential Tips, Care and Where to Plant

One last item to keep in mind when you are in doubt as to how to plant strawberries at home refers to the care of the strawberry. In addition to watering and pruning, it is important to look at other factors such as:


Strawberries like subtropical and temperate climates. Keep them in an environment that has a temperature ranging from 13ºC to 26ºC. Let them get sun for at least 6 hours a day to ensure this variation.

Winds and rains

The strawberry is quite sensitive to wind and the strongest rains. The ideal is to keep you protected. If indoors, bet in a space that does not catch too much wind, if outside, protect also from the rains.

Remember that this plant does not like soggy soil. The ideal is to cover them with a cover in the period of rains and winds.

The fruit should never touch the soil.

After planting the seedling, cover the top of the soil with peeled or peeled bark, as the soil touches the strawberries and runs the risk of developing fungi. When planted in vases it is normal for them to fall out, avoiding this problem.


When the strawberry seedlings have been planted in the garden, you need to take care of the weeds. Thirty days after planting, it is time to remove these plants that may appear near the strawberry.

See how to plant strawberries at home is easy? Start today to prepare the soil, your pot, pet bottle or PVC pipe to receive the seedling of strawberries! And if you have any extra tips, leave it in the comments!

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