How to Plant Lettuce: Discover 5 Practical Ways and Tips

There is nothing better than eating a fresh lettuce without the addition of pesticides. But for this to happen you need to learn how to plant lettuce in different ways. Check out in our post what care at the time of planting lettuce and how to do it!

What are the precautions when planting lettuce?

Some care is needed when planting lettuce, regardless of soil type. It is important to observe the climate and the luminosity of the place, the type of care with the soil and how the plant needs to be irrigated.


Temperatures between 10º C and 24º C are ideal for growing lettuce. However, it is possible to plant it in mild or even more intense temperatures. But be careful with the high temperatures so the plant does not bloom early.


For the soil, it is best to choose a well-drained area. In this case, the earth must be rich in organic matter, and very fertile. Another point that you need to note is if there is a good availability of hydrogen and with pH of 6 to 7.


Sunlight needs to focus directly on lettuce, but in the hottest hours of the day, you should receive a partial shade. Therefore, it is best to plant the lettuce under a tree or build something to make shade.


You need to water the lettuce foot often. The goal is to keep the soil always moist, but care must be taken not to leave it soggy as this can damage the planting.

How to plant lettuce step by step

Planting lettuce is easier than it looks. However, it is necessary to have some care and cultural treatment to produce with quality. Lettuce has a huge variety of colors, textures and species.

Therefore, the form of cultivation can vary according to the place of planting or type of lettuce. So, follow how you can plant lettuce and grow a healthy and tasty food.

1. In pots

Concept of seed and vase

Planting potted lettuce is the most practical way to grow it indoors. The process is simple, since you only need lettuce seed, know how to choose a good plastic pot and use fertilizer.

Step by step how to plant lettuce in pots

  1. First of all, you need to choose the type of lettuce you want to plant;
  2. Choose a plastic pot that has holes in the bottom;
  3. The goal is to facilitate the flow of water;
  4. Take the vase and add earth inside it;
  5. Leave a space of 2.5 cm between the surface of the soil and the edge of the pot;
  6. Then take the lettuce seeds and throw them into the pot;
  7. Try to leave a space between them to keep them all together in one place;
  8. Then use more soil to cover the seeds;
  9. At the time of watering, it is best to do this every day, for two weeks in a row;
  10. The intention is that with this the seeds germinate faster;
  11. Then the watering process should be done every other day to keep the lettuce always moist;
  12. Then place the lettuce in a well-ventilated place;
  13. Fertilizer should be used once a week to try to increase lettuce production;
  14. When the lettuce is on the point, pick and taste the lettuce planted in your house.

2. In apartment

As the lettuce fits in any environment, you will have no trouble planting lettuce in your apartment. The important thing is to follow some recommendations and step by step that we separate for you.

For this, you will need seed or seedlings of lettuce. Then you should choose a suitable vessel for the location. In addition, you need to use some stones before placing the soil inside the pot and homemade fertilizers.

Step by step how to plant lettuce in apartment

  1. Before planting lettuce it is important to define the location. Give preference to an area that is aerated and that impinges sunlight for a good part of the day;
  2. When choosing the pot, prefer those that already comes with holes underneath to facilitate the flow of water;
  3. The most suitable type of pot is ceramic or plastic;
  4. Before putting the earth into the pot, add a few stones or pieces of wood;
  5. The goal with this is to facilitate the fertilization process;
  6. Then add soil to the pot;
  7. Then make a well in the middle of the earth and place the seedling or lettuce seed;
  8. The lettuce in the apartment needs to be watered every day. If not, water on alternate days;
  9. But do it late in the afternoon, which is the best time to water;
  10. Use coffee grounds, green peels, or crushed eggshells to soak the plant;
  11. Do this weekly;
  12. Now just wait for the correct time to start picking the lettuce;
  13. Generally, it takes around 60 days to arrive at the right time to harvest the lettuce;
  14. It is necessary to cut the plant + or - 2.5 cm from the ground when the lettuce becomes very bulky.

3. On site

Change of lettuce in bed

Who owns a seedbed at home and wants to start planting lettuce, know that this is an excellent cultivation option. In addition to having the opportunity to consume a fresh lettuce, you end up feeding on products without pesticides.

To plant lettuce in a bed, it is necessary to use seeds of lettuce, a good curved spade and plenty of water. The result is really amazing. Check out the step by step how to plant lettuce in the flower bed.

Step by step how to plant lettuce in a patch

  1. To plant lettuce on a bed, you need to open pits 10 cm deep and 8 cm wide;
  2. Then put three seeds together inside each pit;
  3. Then use earth to close all holes;
  4. Wait 15 days to finish the germination process;
  5. At the time of irrigating the plant, leave an interval of one day;
  6. Be careful when irrigating so as not to leave the soil soaked;
  7. Always observe if the plant has insects and fungi;
  8. If you have, remove the pest immediately;
  9. Do this manually;
  10. Wait around 50 days to start picking the lettuce;
  11. To harvest the lettuce, dig around the plant;
  12. Then, pull the lettuce and taste the vegetables.

4. In pet bottle

Concept of PET bottle

To avoid discarding pet bottles in the environment, you can use them to create small gardens. In addition to being a cheap option, the method is great for those who have little space at home.

In this process you will need some shards of tiles or blocks, pet bottles and bidim blanket or just use cloth. In addition, it is necessary to work with substrate, fertilizer and lettuce seeds. Here's how to plant lettuce in bottle pet:

Step by step how to plant lettuce in pet bottle

  1. Cut the pet bottle in half;
  2. Then drill three holes in the bottom of the bottle to facilitate the flow of water;
  3. Then place the shards of tile or block on the bottom of the bottle;
  4. Do this to facilitate drainage;
  5. Then use the bidim blanket or cloth to cover the shards;
  6. Then place earth on top of the blanket;
  7. Then add a layer of substrate;
  8. Mix well;
  9. Add fertilizer and mix more;
  10. Put a layer of earth on top;
  11. Then mix well to break the clods of earth to make it very thin;
  12. Now it's time to put 15 lettuce seeds on the ground;
  13. Bury these seeds gently;
  14. Do this with your fingers;
  15. Then use a layer of substrate to cover everything;
  16. Then water in the morning and in the evening;
  17. Leave the plant in the sun from 08:00 to 11:00;
  18. Wait 15 days to see the seedlings develop;
  19. After 50 days you can already harvest.

5. In hydroponics

How to Plant Lettuce: Discover 5 Practical Ways and Tips

Growing lettuce in hydroponics turns out to be more profitable than the conventional cultivation in the soil. However, the process is not as simple as it is necessary to build the appropriate equipment for this.

You can get ready equipment or make yours using PVC pipes. In addition to the pipes, you will need hoses, water pumps, timer, water tank, among other products.

Step by step how to plant lettuce in hydroponics

  1. Take the PVC pipe and make small holes in it;
  2. The holes need to be aligned and spaced about 15 cm apart;
  3. Then attach the tube to the wall or make a structure that is installed on the floor;
  4. Leave a gap in the pipes to facilitate the flow of water;
  5. Then cover the tubes and set aside;
  6. Now place the pump in the water tank;
  7. Then connect the hose to the pump;
  8. The other end of the hose you put in a hole in the cap of the tubes;
  9. On the other end of the hose insert a second hose to direct the solution to the reservoir;
  10. Then wrap the plants in foam or cotton;
  11. Then place inside the plastic cup with some hole;
  12. Then, fit each glass into the bore of the tubes;
  13. To finish, simply put the nutrient solution in the container and turn on the pump for the system to start working.

If you were curious to know how to plant lettuce, now you know what the process is like. If you want to do this at home, choose the options we share and now prepare a beautiful lettuce garden.

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