How to pass social shirt: practical tips and step-by-step

The social shirt is a piece of clothing worn by those who attend more formal events. Despite this, it usually gives a lot of headache, especially when it comes to ironing. Find out today how to pass social fashion shirt correct:

The fabric of the social shirts is usually harder to dismantle and that is why the care of the shirt should be taken from the time of the first wash.

Learn how you can get a social shirt now:

Preparation of the part

  1. Do not overload the machine or wash many pieces together when washing the shirts, the more space the piece has to move the machine, the less chance of getting crushed.
  2. Use fabric softener during washing to help when ironing shirt.
  3. Avoid centrifuging the liners in the machine wash.
  4. After removing the shirt from the machine, shake it to make it smooth.
  5. After washing, let the shirt dry on a hanger, this helps to leave the piece unmarked and less kneaded.
  6. Check the shirt label and see what it says about the type of fabric and the proper temperature for the iron.
  7. See if the piece is really clean. Dirty sweat or stained shirts should not be passed, as this can cause the stain to stick on the garment. If you notice that the shirt is dirty, place it to wash.
  8. Remove the shirts from the clothesline as they are dry and avoid exposing them directly to the sun.
  9. Do you want to pass the piece on the same day as the wash? Collect your shirt still slightly damp as this will help the iron to slip and dismantle the piece better.

Ways to wear a social shirt

How to pass social shirt: steamer / vaporizer

Steam iron

It is best suited for social shirts. It makes it easier to disassemble the piece.

Dry Iron

It can be used to pass shirts, but it will require a little more force when passing the piece and maybe the help of a sprayer with water. The steamer is suitable for parts that are not so kneaded or for finishing.

How to Pass Social Shirt: What You Will Need

How to wear a social shirt: ironing board

  • Iron (normal or steam);
  • Ironing board or a table adapted for this use;
  • A spray with water or water and a little softener;
  • Steamer if you want a better finish;

How to pass easy social step-by-step shirt

To pass your social shirt you should:

1. Start with collar

The shirt collar is the first to be passed. After placing the iron at the ideal temperature indicated on the label, pass the outside and inside of the collar of the shirt. Start from the bottom of the collar, going from the center to the ends.

2. Go to the shoulders of the shirt

How To Pass Social Shirt: Shoulders

With the shirt open, place one side of it on the tip of the ironing board. Pass the iron over the shoulder region and repeat the same process on the other side.

3. Hand fists

Unfold the cuffs and first pass the outside and then the inside of the shirt. Iron the iron around the buttons and never over them. To finish, re-button the handle and go again.

4. Go to the sleeves

How to spend social shirt sleeves

Leave the sleeve of the shirt tightly stretched out on the ironing board. Start at the front of the shirt and finish with the back. You choose whether to move from the wrists to the shoulders of the shirt or shoulders towards the wrists.

5. Pass the front of the shirt

How to pass social shirt: front of shirt

For this task you should leave the shirt unbuttoned and move one side at a time. Stretch the piece on the ironing board and go from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt. On the side that has the buttons, pass the iron between them, never over.

6. Finish with the back of the shirt

How to pass social shirt: shirt back

The back of the shirt is the last part to be passed. Turn the piece and start from the shoulders toward the bottom.

7. Hang the shirt on a hanger

How to wear a social shirt: shirts on hangers

Once finished, place the shirt on a hanger so that it does not get crushed again.

Other important recommendations

There are some important tips that make it easy to wear a social shirt. Are they:

  • To pass cotton social shirts you will have to do a little more pressure with the iron on the fabric. Be careful not to burn the part;
  • If the shirt is too kneaded you can sprinkle some water or products indicated to pass shirt and then pass the iron over;
  • Steam iron facilitates the task of disassembling shirts;
  • While you are passing the piece avoid creases, so you do not have to go through the same region again;
  • Do not forget to move between the buttons;
  • Water sprinkler with a little softener helps to iron the shirts if you use a dry iron;
  • If you are going to use a steamer you should iron the clothes directly on the hanger;
  • The steamer is best suited for clothes that are not so dented. Can be used as a finishing after ironing;
  • The ideal is to first pass the shirt inside out and then turn it on the right side;
  • Never pass soiled shirts, as it is even more difficult to remove the stain;
  • If you notice that after washing the piece remains stained, separate to wash again and soak in soapy water;
  • If the collar of your shirt came with a pick, remove it before ironing;
  • To avoid bending any part of the piece, straighten the shirt on the ironing board before ironing the iron over the top;
  • Iron only in one direction;
  • Spray a little gum, with the help of a sprayer, after you have passed your shirt and put it on a hanger, this helps to keep the piece neat.

Video tutorial to pass social shirt

To see more tips in practice, check out this video that teaches how to pass social shirt:

See how easy it is to wear a social shirt? All you need to do is pay attention to what it says on the part label and take all the care from the wash, so that when it comes to getting the task becomes easier.

Patience is also important at this time saw? So do not rush in time to get your social shirt on!

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