How to Paint Wooden Furniture: Complete Step-by-Step Tips

Recycling, renewing, giving new face to what we already have at home is the best we can do today and not only for a financial issue in times of crisis, but also to avoid overconsumption of consumerism and excessive discards in the environment. Learn how to paint wood furniture:

So if you have some wooden furniture at home that is perfect with regards to the structure, but already got a bit worn on the surface, nothing to throw away, it's time to repaginate your furniture with a good paint.

Want to know how to restore wood furniture giving a new face to the environment without spending too much? So keep an eye on our tips and get inspired.

Materials needed to paint wood furniture

Materials needed to paint wood furniture

  • Wood sandpaper nr 100 and 180;
  • Wood mass to make possible repairs;
  • Preparing wood background (primer);
  • Synthetic enamel or acrylic paint or spray paint;
  • Protective varnish for wood;
  • Foam roll;
  • Soft bristle brush;
  • Soft cloth;
  • Ink mixing container;
  • Cardboard or newspaper to line and protect the place of the painting;
  • Gloves and face shield for personal protection.

Types of paint to paint wooden furniture

Types of paint to paint wooden furniture

Wooden utensils are produced from the earliest days of mankind and they have natural characteristics that can be evidenced or improved according to the type of paint you choose.

1. Synthetic enamel paint

This is the most recommended paint for wood painting, it is usually used on doors, handicrafts, MDF, metal and other surfaces. It is usually one of the best options because of its durability and ease of application. It has a high gloss and lasts for an average of 10 years, but the preparation of the paint requires dilution in the thinner solvent.

2. Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint has an interesting feature that is waterproof and quite resistant to moisture and abrasion, can be found based on water or solvent and sticks well on different types of surface.

3. Acrylic paint

The acrylic paint is water soluble, gives a waterproof finish and is suitable for furniture that is on the outside. You will find several variations of this paint as anti-mold, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus and the price is a little higher than the others.

4. Latex paint

This is the most common paint available on the market. The coverage is good, it is soluble in water, economical and dries very fast. It does not leave a strong smell in the environment, but on the other hand, it is not very resistant so it should be applied to parts that are not close to humid environments.

5. Varnish

Varnish is that product that forms a protective layer on the wood. If you want to maintain the natural look of wood, the ideal option is to apply the clear varnish that will protect the uncolored piece.

How to Paint Wooden Furniture Step by Step

How to Paint Wooden Furniture Step by Step

1. Preparation of the furniture

In order for the finish to be uniform and as beautiful as possible, you must take special care in preparing the furniture for renovation and painting. The first step is to remove the knobs, handles and any other accessory and cover items that can not be painted with crepe tape .. Check if the furniture has defects, holes or unevenness that need to be repaired. For this use the wood dough and a spatula.

Also prepare the place you will use to do the painting. Spread old newspapers or pieces of cardboard on the floor so you support the furniture and do not mess the environment. Leave doors and windows open to circulate the air, or paint in an outdoor area.

2. It's time to sand

Sanding is one of the most important steps in refurbishing a wooden furniture. Yes, it's annoying, but it's necessary. Only with the sandpaper is that the furniture will look perfect for the paint, especially if you had to plug holes and make adjustments with the wood dough. Start with the thicker, medium grain sandpaper and make sure the wear is getting even. Transfer to a finer sandpaper for a more refined finish and wipe dry with a soft damp cloth and then wipe dry. Be sure to wear gloves, face shield, goggles to avoid breathing or bruising.

3. Apply a primer

Many people skip this step, but we consider it fundamental to apply a primer to paint before the paint. The primer will increase the adhesion and durability of the paint in the part. The most indicated is that it is white so as not to interfere with the color of the paint that you will apply on top. Only one primer coat is enough and always respect the drying time as described on the package. To facilitate this step you can use a primer in spray, there are already some brands available in the stores of building materials.

4. It's time to paint

Once you have completed the previous steps, it's time to finally paint your wooden furniture and give new face to it. Prepare the ink as directed by the manufacturer. If you have opted for spray paint, the job is faster and requires less skill. If you have opted for ordinary paint, use the foam roller for larger, straight areas and the brush to cover crafted and carved areas of wood. Try to work with the paintbrush on the paint while it is damp so the cover is even. Give a drying interval of at least 6 hours and apply the second coat.

How to paint without having to sanding the furniture

How to paint without having to sanding the furniture

As we have said before, the most chatty part of renovating a piece of furniture is to sanding the entire piece before applying primer and paint. If you want to skip this step, without compromising the final result of the reform, apply the product known as Stonebeat.

This is a product used in the exterior painting of automobiles to protect the car from the tide or from small impacts, as it creates a rubbery and well resistant layer, so the name Slam of Stone.

It has a very thick texture, is water based and practically has no smell and you will be surprised, but it is black. Do not worry, because the paint covers well. Apply the product with a foam roll over the entire furniture until it covers the entire surface, you may need to apply more than one coat.

If you find that the product is too concentrated, you can dilute at most with 10% water. After finishing the application, allow to dry for at least 4 hours and you can apply the paint. And that's where the magic happens, because the ink perfectly covers the product even though it's black.

You will find Stone Beat in automotive paint shops and the cost is very affordable. It can be applied over varnished parts, but never directly on the wood, it is necessary that there is a layer of paint or primer underneath.

So, were you excited to start renovating the furniture you have at home?

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