How to Paint Refrigerator: Know the Key Methods Step by Step

The refrigerator is one of the main kitchen appliances. After all, it is responsible for keeping foods that require refrigeration up-to-date and ready for consumption.

Although it already comes with a natural painting factory, anyone who has an older refrigerator may notice that the color begins to peel.

Or maybe you want to modernize your kitchen and bet on more vivid tones than the traditional white and gray found in this appliance.

To help you thinking about painting your refrigerator, we have separated some useful and interesting tips, and of course commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of each painting method. Check out:

Methods to Paint Your Refrigerator

Methods to paint refrigerator

There are three very common methods for refrigerator painting. Are they:


It is one of the most practical and economical. Even is ideal for those who need to perform painting in a very small space. The dirt done is much smaller and usually only stays around the refrigerator. Some newspapers already help protect the floor.

The big disadvantage is in the time you will take to paint, as it depends on the size of the brush, and the chance to do a marked painting. It also requires that you paint in one direction only.


It is the most common method of painting refrigerator and the vast majority of people bet on it. However, it is only recommended for those who have an open and airy space to use spray paint. It is fast and practical and the painting becomes more homogeneous, practically without marks.

The major drawback is that you need to protect everything around the refrigerator, since the paint will not only spray on it. Another detail is the spent, you will need several cans of spray paint to paint the entire refrigerator.

Paint roller

A third very practical method to paint the refrigerator is to use the paint roller. The technique follows the idea of ​​the brush, however its ink stroke is much less marked.

You can also bet on varying roll sizes, leaving the larger ones to the sides of the refrigerator and smaller ones for the small details.

It is economical because it uses little paint, but a little more work. Just as in the case of the brush you depend on the size of the roller and it takes longer to do the painting. You'll also need the paint tray to make sure you're not getting too much paint on the roller.

Materials needed for painting

Materials needed to paint refrigerator

To paint your refrigerator you will need:

Spray paint

Ideal for those who have space at home and want to get the job done faster. It will take several cans of spray paint to cover the entire refrigerator.

Epoxy paint

For those who want to paint the refrigerator with a brush or roller.

Synthetic enamel

It also serves for those who want to paint the refrigerator with the help of brush or roll and do not have much space in the house. A small can is usually enough.

Look for solvent-based enamel, not water.

Ink for plastic (if the refrigerator has plastic parts)

The inks suggested above are suitable for metal refrigerators. If yours is made of plastic the ideal is to look for paint for plastic. (The spray can also be used).

Protective goggles

Paints used in refrigerator painting are strong and can irritate the eyes. The ideal is to use the goggles. (They are indispensable for anyone who is going to paint the refrigerator with spray paint).


The mask has the same purpose as the goggles. The inks used are strong and even if you are in an airy environment, it is recommended to wear the mask so that you do not breathe the smell of the paint.


Protecting hands is interesting not only to avoid allergies, but also to make it easier to remove dirt. Most paints used for painting refrigerators are not water based, but solvent based and their removal is more difficult.

Preparation for painting

Preparation for refrigerator painting

Before starting to paint the refrigerator you need to prepare the appliance and the space in which you intend to do this:

Disconnect the refrigerator from the outlet

You should not keep the refrigerator on while painting as there is a risk of a shock.

Empty the cooler

It is best not to leave food inside the refrigerator while painting. Mainly because it will be necessary to open and close the refrigerator. In addition to that the paint may end up picking up on food.

Open windows and doors

The paint used in the painting is strong and therefore it is recommended to keep the space very airy.

Protect the floor and space to be painted

Line the floor with newspaper or old plastic. If you use spray paint it is interesting to protect several places. Thread crepe tape over the rubber of the refrigerator to protect it from the paint.

Clean the surface to be painted

Wipe a piece of detergent with water over the part of the refrigerator you will paint. So it is possible to remove grease and other dirt that has accumulated.


Sand parts of the appliance that are rusty and the part you intend to start painting.

Remove moving parts that are will be painted

If your refrigerator has any part that is removable and will not be painted, remove before starting the painting.

Step by step to paint your refrigerator

Step by step to paint your refrigerator

Using brush

If you plan to use paintbrush to paint your refrigerator, you can bet on epoxy paint or synthetic enamel. Choose the color you want.

Start at one side of the refrigerator and paint evenly. It is recommended to bet on thinner layers, so do not cover yourself to fill the paintbrush. Follow a single direction during painting.

When finished, move to another side of the refrigerator. Leave the top last as you will need to climb a ladder or chair.

Wait to dry and reapply a new coat of paint. It is generally recommended to give two coats of paint.

Using spray paint

This method is the easiest. After protecting parts of the refrigerator (and the house) that should not be painted, put on the mask and goggles.

Then start spraying on the side you want to paint. You will need several cans. Take care to follow the same direction and leave the painting even.

If necessary, pass a second coat of spray. Allow to dry in an airy environment.

Using Paint Roller

To paint your refrigerator with the paint roller, you should follow almost the same steps as those who choose the brush.

However, the ink tray may be useful in this case, rather than watering the roll directly into the can.

Follow a single direction while painting and prefer sponge rollers that will not loose pieces while applying paint.

Use a larger roll for the wider parts of the refrigerator and a smaller one for the details. Wait to dry and then apply a second coat.

To ensure the paint lasts longer, you can finish by applying varnish. This can be done regardless of the chosen dyeing method. But for the varnish it is recommended to apply with a brush.

Now you know how to paint a refrigerator. All techniques are efficient, but have advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that looks better and more practical for you!

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