How to Paint Glass Bottle: Techniques, Types of Paint and Other Tips

The glass bottles yield beautiful decorations. They can be used as vases or even turned into door things.

Of course for this you have to invest in some techniques, to give a different touch to the bottle, as is the case with painting.

So if you are thinking of learning how to paint glass bottles, check out the tips below:

Types of Glass Bottles to Use

Types of glass bottle for painting

You can bet on various types of glass bottles to make handicrafts. From traditional bottles of beer, to wine, olive oil, liquor, soft drinks and preserves.

In this case it is interesting to think about which bottle size is ideal for what you want to do and then choose the best type to paint.

Types of inks

Types of Glass Bottle Ink

The most recommended paint to paint glass bottles is the one that can be applied to glass. It is still possible to use wall paint to paint. The most commonly used types of paint for this type of craft are:

  • Acrylic;
  • Enamel;
  • Spray;
  • Of fabric;
  • Ink-blackboard;
  • Gouache paint;
  • Varnish-stained glass;

Remember that if the idea is to use the bottle as a vase, do not use water-based paints, but those based on oil or enamel, to prevent the bottle from losing paint.

How to Paint Glass Bottle: Painting Techniques

Techniques for painting glass bottles

There are several painting techniques that you can use when painting a glass bottle. Among them are:


For stamping a glass bottle you can use various materials at the time of painting: stencil or transfer to copy a drawing, freehand drawing, crepe tape, elastic ...

Then just paint the area of ​​the drawing with the paint chosen, or in the case of the crepe tape and elastics, paint the entire bottle, wait to dry and remove the tape and elastics.


How to Paint Glass Bottle: Glitter

This technique is quite simple and all you will need is white glue or double sided tape and glitter.

Just apply the glue to the whole glass and pour the glitter or pass the double sided tape and put the glitter on top.

Another tip, for those who want to color the bottle and then make a detail with glitter is to apply the glitter on the bottle before drying the paint.


The craquelê technique is made using a base varnish and a craquelê varnish. Simply paint the glass with the chosen color to be the base and then with the craquelê varnish.


How to paint glass bottle: ombre

It is similar to a gradient and its great highlight is the variation of the color tones, which start lighter and finish darker and vice versa.

To do this you should start by doing the painting with the darker color. Then just add some white paint to lighten the color and repaint. Make as many tones as you want.

Usually the technique is done by painting strips or lines with each of the tones.


The metallic effect is very simple and you can achieve with the help of a spray paint chrome or metallic. Then just apply it on the glass clamshell.


How to Paint Glass Bottle: Frosted

The result is something different and elegant and it is not at all difficult to achieve the matte effect when painting the glass bottles.

All you will need is matte spray paint.


Polka dots also look great on glass bottle painting. To do the technique all you will need - in addition to the ink - is from swabs!

Yes, just use the swabs to make the polka dots in the bottle. Expect to dry one color and then apply other colors until you get the effect you want.

Other tips for painting glass bottles

How to Paint Glass Bottle: Tips

1. Before you start painting

Before painting the glass bottle you must remove the label and leave it to soak to remove any residue of glue.

Water and liquid detergent are great for this job. Then allow the bottle to dry on its own.

The idea is to remove any dirt that is on the glass.

2. Primer

The primer is indispensable for anyone who wants a more uniform painting. You must apply it before passing the chosen ink.

The product makes painting easier and also ensures that the paint fits more easily.

3. Brush

You can use any type of brush when it comes to painting glass bottles. Still it is interesting to invest in those of fine point, size 1 or 2 to paint the corners or small details.

Also try to trim the bristles that are leaving the place and prefer the wooden handle brushes, suitable for artistic painting or handicrafts.

4. Bake the glass to dry the ink

Some glass paints only stick when they are baked. This tip is interesting for those who want to invest in some more complicated drawing, which you may need to erase until you get it right.

Once finished, simply take the bottle to the oven and the paint will then stick on the glass.

5. Turn the ink inside the glass

If the idea is to make a simple painting with a single color of paint, you can paint the inside of the bottle as well.

Simply turn over the amount of paint you believe is necessary to paint the entire glass and turn the bottle over until the paint is completely spread.

For finishing the mouth of the bottle you can use a brush.

6. Finalization

To finish the painting and guarantee that the paint will last a long time without suffering any damage, it is interesting to apply a clear spray varnish.

This tip is not suitable for anyone who wants to give a matte effect to the bottle. For the other techniques this finalization is fully released.

7. Use varnish-stained paint for color effect with transparency

If the idea is to maintain the transparent color of the bottle, so that you can see its interior, when you do the painting bet on the varnish-stained paint, which guarantees this transparent effect.

Just apply on the bottle and give a 24h interval between coats, so that the painting is perfect.

Now you already know how to paint glass bottles! Start today to make your own craft objects using these tips!

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