How to organize the room: 33 practical and definitive tips

It is possible that the room is one of the rooms where the mess is more likely to proliferate. This is because it is a room where there is not much movement of people, it is very rare that a visit is invited to enter your room, so the tendency is to neglect some of the housekeeping.

In addition, it is in the bedroom that are concentrated our belongings, clothes, shoes, various items of personal use and keeping so many different things organized really gives a certain work. The good news is that it is possible to leave the room in order in a few steps.

Check out the tips we brought in today's article to leave everything in its proper place without spending hours on it.

How to organize the couple's room

Double bedroom

  1. The first step is to air the environment, so open the windows to let fresh air in.
  2. Arrange the bed as soon as you wake up. Stretch the sheets, stretch the comforter, and flop the pillows.
  3. Set the place of each thing and always keep the objects in the right places. The clothes, the shoes, the cosmetics, the costume jewelry, everything must have its right place.
  4. Have enough hangers for the shirts and items that stay hanging. Avoid overalls and coats, as well as leaving the wardrobe unorganized, can ruin clothes.
  5. Organize the items so that you do not use them on a day-to-day basis stay at the bottom of the shelves and the most used items are within easy reach.
  6. Regularly remove items that you no longer use and refer to donation. When acquiring something new, look for something that can throw away or donate.
  7. Invest in multifunctional furniture that helps in the organization, such as a box with a trunk or beds with niches and drawers where you can keep your bedding and books.
  8. Avoid excess furniture in the room to facilitate movement and prevent buildup of objects. For those with in-room TV's, install it directly on a wall or a panel.
  9. Change bedding regularly (every 15 days, for example) and spray perfumed fabric water to keep smelling freshly washed sheets.
  10. Have pillows on the bed only if you have where to store them and do not have to throw everything on the floor at bedtime.

How to organize children's room

Children's room

  1. Separate the room by "zones": the study area, the sleeping area and the leisure area.
  2. Take out everything that does not belong to the environment and return it to its proper place like glasses, plates, empty bottles, etc.
  3. Get the bed. Let the sheets stretch, fluffy pillows and covered folded.
  4. Separate clothes and remove everything to wash, put jackets and shirts on hangers, arrange the other pieces in the drawers and shelves.
  5. Regularly remove broken toys and those that can be referred for donation.
  6. Arrange the study table. Remove pencils, pens, and other items that are broken or no longer work. Throw away unnecessary papers, organize notebooks and books.
  7. Leave the windows open for air and pass fabric scents on the sheets and pillows.
  8. For children's room or teens multifunctional furniture are even more important. Consider investing in raised beds to take advantage of the space beneath the furniture.
  9. The under-bed can be used to place organizer boxes and baskets that help keep toys and shoes tidy.
  10. Avoid accumulating stuffed animals. They are beautiful and cute, but they accumulate dust and dust mites and can be a poison for allergy sufferers. The cloth dolls should be washed regularly.

How to organize the guest room

Guest room

  1. Avoid turning the guest room into a "mess room" by putting everything you do not want in there.
  2. Put a basket or a trunk to store the bedding. It is important to have a set of sheets, a bedspread, extra pillows and a warm cover.
  3. Make some kits with items your visitors may need such as toiletries, slippers, towels, hair dryer, cell phone charger, plug adapters, headphones, etc.
  4. The functional furniture rule also holds true for the guest bedroom, trundle bed or trundle box helps to organize the least used items or bedding.
  5. Before receiving someone, air the environment well, change the bedding, perfume the environment.
  6. Provide places for guests to keep, or at least organize, their belongings. Some hangers, a macaw or a rack already help. This keeps the mess from getting in the way while the visit lasts.
  7. Make room for a desk so your guest can turn on the laptop and take advantage of the wi-fi network password.
  8. Place organizers or baskets for visitors to place their belongings such as wallets, sunglasses, costume jewelry, watches, etc.
  9. Consider installing a TV

Tidy bed, folded comfort

How to organize the room: 33 practical and definitive tips

  1. There are people who do not clean the bed in the morning, because at night it will be messed up again. We can not say that this line of reasoning is totally wrong, but nothing leaves a room cozier than a tidy bed.
  2. Of course we are not saying that you should pack your bed like the ones we see in decorative magazines with pillows and pillows of various sizes and layers. But it's great to get home after a tiring day and have a sheet stretched on the whim and cuddly and scented pillows waiting for you.
  3. Get into the habit of cleaning your bed daily, this attitude already greatly reduces the mess and gives an air of comfort to those who arrive.
  4. What did you think of today's tips on room organization? As you can see it is possible to keep the dormitories organized by following simple rules on a daily basis. Just invest in small changes in habits and everything works out. How about experimenting? Tell us the results.
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