How to organize the house: 50 ideas to have all the environments clean

Keeping the house in order is the dream of all people. After all, organization spends that extra touch of cleanliness and also helps you find things more easily.

The fact is that to organize the house you have to start in parts, dedicating a few hours to each room of the house to keep everything organized.

Thinking through these daily needs, we've assembled 50 essential tips to every room in your house organized , from the entrance of the house, the kitchen, the bathrooms, bedrooms, the service area and even the home office. Continue browsing:

6 Tips To Keep Your Home's Entry Organized

Entry of a residence

  • 1. Try to sweep the entrance to the house daily , or at least every two days. This avoids the accumulation of dust and other dirt.
  • 2. Have a rug in front of the door , so that you and your visitors make it a habit to clean their feet before entering the house.
  • 3. Bet on a keyring or keyring . So you will always know where your keys are.
  • 4. Have a coat rack near the door to hang coats and raincoats.
  • 5. Leave a slipper or other footwear next to the front door so you take off the shoes you wore while you were out as soon as you entered the house. This tip is also interesting for rainy days, so you do not go wetting the whole house.
  • 6. Have an Umbrella Door . It might be a bucket too. Once you get home after a rainy day, leave your umbrella wet there.

9 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

How to organize the house: 50 ideas to have all the environments clean

  • 7. Keep the sink always free of . The ideal is to create the "dirty-washed" habit to prevent the dishes from accumulating.
  • 8. Keep everything dry . After washing you can even use the dish rack, but take the habit of putting away things later.
  • 9. Clean the cooker whenever you spill something . The longer you take the cleaner the harder it gets to take away the dirt.
  • 10. Store fruits and vegetables in a fruit bowl , if they do not need to stay in the refrigerator.
  • 11. After meals store everything that still has food in the refrigerator . You can take the habit of putting food scraps in plastic pots and then washing dishes and pans that have been used.
  • 12. Organize Kitchen Cabinets , so that what you use often is easy to access and nothing threatens to fall on your head every time you need something.
  • 13. Have a drawer with dividers for storing forks, knives and spoons . Separate knives with pointed tips from the tip and spoons of coffee, dessert and soup. Larger cutlery can be stored in another drawer dedicated especially to them.
  • 14. Store cookware in an organized manner , always the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Also have separate space for metal sleepers, pressure cookers, and frying pans.
  • 15. Clean cabinets and kitchen walls whenever you cook fry . Use a cloth with degreaser.

8 tips to keep rooms organized


  • 16. Keep the wardrobe organized .
  • 17. Get the bed every day after waking up.
  • 18. Open the windows to keep the space well ventilated.
  • 19. Keep jewelry and jewelry in a small plastic drawer. Or leave it inside some box.
  • 20. On the nightstand let only objects you actually use every day, like your cell phone and a book you are reading, for example.
  • 21. Keep clothes and shoes that you are not using.
  • 22. Throw away whatever accumulated junk , such as old note papers and packs of creams, for example.
  • 23. Have a space to store your makeup and other beauty products and keep it in order.

6 tips to make any living room flawless

Organized living room

  • 24. Vacuum or clean the sofa with cloth at least once a week.
  • 26. Only separate the most recent magazines to be left in the magazine rack or on the coffee table. The rest can be thrown away.
  • 27. Remove everything that does not belong to the environment and return it to its proper place. Clothes, blankets, dishes, toys ... Their place is certainly not in the living room.
  • 28. Clean the frames and other elements decorating the room with a dust duster or slightly damp cloth.
  • 29. Wash the window panes at least once a month. Use a cloth with soap and water and a glass cleaner.
  • 30. Pass the vacuum cleaner on the floor or use a damp cloth to clean the floor.

7 Tips to Follow and Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organized


  • 31. Prefer not to keep medicines of continuous use along with first aid items. Leave in the bathroom only band-aids, gauzes, micropore tapes and remedies for cuts, for example.
  • 32. Put the toothbrushes in a toothbrush holder . Ideally, all have a protective cap of the bristles.
  • 33. Leave in the bathroom stall only the shampoos and creams you are using .
  • 34. Store cleaning products of the bathroom inside the sink cabinet.
  • 35. Have a separate space for hygiene products and beauty products.
  • 36. Leave the toilet paper holder always loaded .
  • 37. Replace the face towel at least once a week.

7 Tips to Organize Your Office or Home Office

Home office

  • 38. Throw away all the papers which will no longer be used.
  • 39. Have a bin near you the computer desk and try to empty it every day or whenever it is full.
  • 40. Dust off the computer and the desk with the help of a cloth and a dust mop.
  • 41. Leave the computer desk only with objects that are really important .
  • 42. Have a pen holder .
  • 43. Keep only important things in the drawer. , such as receipts and objects that you will still need.
  • 44. Have a folder or envelope to save the accounts already paid.

6 ideas to keep the laundry area and laundry organized

How to organize the house: 50 ideas to have all the environments clean

  • 45. Do not leave dirty cloths accumulate in the tank.
  • 46. Hang the washed clothes as soon as the machine has finished washing.
  • 47. Take to the laundry room only the clothes that really wash .
  • 48. Have a closet or storage space for cleaning products , such as bleach, fabric softener, stone soap, coconut soap and soap powder.
  • 49. Keep cleaning cloths clean .
  • 50. Save space keeping buckets inside one another.

What do you think of these tips to organize the house? Now you know that this task can be so much easier than you imagined!

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