How to Organize Small Kitchen: 20 Practical Tips with No Effort

Small rooms are a reality for most residents of large cities. Civil construction projects need to develop habitable areas in increasingly smaller spaces that guarantee practicality without giving up comfort. Learn how to organize a small kitchen:

If you also live in a house or apartment that has small rooms, you will love today's tips on how to organize a kitchen with little space.

20 Tips on How to Organize a Small Kitchen Effortlessly

1. Use shelves

How to organize small kitchen with shelves

The shelves are very versatile and make life easier for those who need to create more space. In the case of the kitchen, you can create more places to organize the objects and spices without having to invest in cabinets. In some cases you can not even put more cabinets in the kitchen, so optimize the vertical spaces and nooks like the doorway and the refrigerator.

2. Invest in planned furniture

How to organize small kitchen with planned furniture

This tip is quite obvious, but it is true. Good planning of the available space in the room will allow you to organize all the items in the best possible way. A well executed planned furniture project will seize every available corner and will present solutions that you would not have thought of.

3. Use and abuse walls

How to organize small kitchen with pegboards

When you can not invest in planned furniture or when the property is rented and you can not make big interferences in the environment, enjoy the spaces of the walls. A good solution is to install magnetized bars to organize the knives, a pegboard panel (pierced eucatex plate attached to the wall) or bars with hooks and wire kits to organize various utensils. Besides practical, the environment is even more beautiful.

4. Get rid of packaging

Small kitchen pantry

With little space available it is necessary to take good advantage of the internal areas of the cabinets. When organizing the pantry, for example, remove the food from the original packaging and arrange everything in glass or clear plastic containers. They make it easier to view and, because they are the same size, are easier to organize on the shelves.

5. Invest in Organizers

Organizers for small kitchen

If your cabinets are tall, invest in wainscoting organizers for kitchen cabinets such as cup holders, bowls and dishes. They give a great help in time to take better advantage of the vertical space of the kitchen cabinets.

6. Pots and Pots

Cookware for small kitchen

The pots are better organized if they were stacked inside one another, from the largest to the smallest. Try to categorize them by utility type. The covers may be in specific holders that fit into the cabinet doors. Plastic pots should follow the same logic, store them without a lid, nesting one inside the other to optimize space. The lids should all fit together in a drawer or into a large pot fit for them.

7. Seasoning jars

Small Seasoning Pots

Seasoning pots are wild items in the kitchen. They help you to maintain not only the organization, since you discard the packs, but they also keep the seasonings fresh for longer. An interesting way to organize the seasoning pots is to invest in a magnetized plate at the bottom of the shelves or fix the caps with parasoup and then thread the pot.

8. Discard unnecessary

Small kitchen cleaning

This is one of the golden rules for those who like everything organized: avoid storing items that you do not need. Broken pots, lost caps, appliances that do not work, cups in excess, just save what you actually use.

9. Prioritize space

Small clean kitchen

The porcelain dinnerware that is only used on special occasions, the pan fondue, the paella that you only use once a year are items that can be stored elsewhere. Prioritize the available space in the cabinets, counter and shelves for everyday items. And leave the most used items in front and the less used ones behind.

10. Hooks

How to organize kitchen with hooks

Another very versatile item to use in organizing items in the kitchen are the hooks. There are many hooks that have a tape on the back and that hold very well on various surfaces. Placed inside the cabinets they help to arrange cleaning items, dish cloths, pull-bags, aprons, gloves and various other items.

11. Install high cabinets

When closing the kitchen furniture design, install overhead ceiling cabinets to increase circulation in the kitchen, so you avoid that claustrophobic feeling when using this room.

12. Think of an integrated environment

Microwave oven

One way to try to increase the space of your kitchen is to integrate it into other environments. In addition, some more compact houses like the studios, already are constructed of this form. In this case you have to be even more careful about the organization, because everything is on display.

13. Kitchen in U-shape

U Kitchen

A good way out of a kitchen project with reduced space is to shape the U-shaped environment. This will give you a great spatial layout and you can install lower and aero cabinets on 3 sides of the room and leaving a good circulation area in the middle.

14. Invest in built-in appliances

Built-in appliances in small kitchen

Another way to enjoy the vertical space of the kitchen and to dispense some furniture is to give preference to some built-in appliances such as stove, refrigerator, electric oven, etc.

15. Use the space above the cabinets

If your cabinets are not attached to the ceiling, use the space above them to organize electronics, food jars, and those items that are not used on a day to day basis. Every place should be used when there is little space.

16. Invest in neutral

Neutral kitchen

To make everything neuter and easier to locate, get rid of colored and dark plastic jars, give preference to jars that are transparent. It may sound silly, but so you'll be able to put everything in the refrigerator or cabinets and gain organization.

17. Place baskets inside the refrigerator

Refrigerators Organizers

Small organizer baskets are a hand on the wheel to keep everything in its proper place. Make it a habit to put some of them inside the refrigerator with the items you usually use together. For example, the cold or inlays are in the same basket, the items used at breakfast like margarine, cream cheese, milk, etc are in another basket and so on.

18. Give preference to glass jars

Glass jars to organize small kitchen

Glass jars are more hygienic, seal better, do not get stale or smudged from products that have been stored in them. When buying pots to organize your kitchen, glass always.

19. Place two bins in the kitchen

Small kitchen bin

One of the dumps will be destined for organic waste such as vegetable and fruit peels and food leftovers and the other for recyclable items like plastic and cans. It's not just an environmental issue, it's about better organizing your waste and taking up less space.

20. Kitchen is only kitchen


Avoid leaving items that do not belong to the kitchen in this environment, so bags, backpacks, notebooks, letters, glasses and other items that have nothing to do with the kitchen should stay in their respective places. If the kitchen is integrated into the living room, then think about adding organization items to place your belongings without it polluting the environment.

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