How to organize a children's party: tips for 50 to 100 guests

Even if you are not the person who will prepare your child's birthday, understanding how to organize a children's party is key to properly charging the suppliers chosen to hold this event.

In the same way, if the mother is responsible for all the stages of the birthday, it is essential to learn how to organize a children's party. With that in mind, we have prepared this post stuffed with essential information for this.

Check out now how to select the main services, such as organizing a simple children's party with less than 50 and almost 100 guests and the long awaited first birthday of your child.

How to organize a children's party?

To organize a children's party it is necessary to make a previous planning and to select some services with the maximum of advance. Follow each step:

1. Plan ahead

Planning for children's party

Before you begin to define how your child's party will be, it is important to plan everything that will be needed to carry out the event. So, write a spreadsheet so you do not forget any details.
Put in this worksheet suggestions of themes for the party, some places that you will search for the event, what will be served food and drinks on the menu, the list of guests, what songs will be played, the games, among other subjects.

The worksheet will also serve to put the amount and approximate value of what will be spent with each service. With this information you will have no difficulty making budgets within what is defined.

2. Set the theme of the children's party

How to organize a children's party: theme

With the party planning worksheet in hand, you should begin to set some key points of the party in advance as the theme of the event. Only from this definition will you be able to choose the other services.

What else is on the market is theme for children's parties because of the number of programs for children, cartoons, recurring themes, Disney, among other options that refer to the universe of children.

Among the options are themes like Fazendinha, Disney Princesses, the movie Cars, superheroes like Superman and Spiderman, Chicken Hens, Clowns Patati Patatá, Ladybug and many others.

3. Decide what the menu will look like

Menu for children's party

The party menu should always be set with children in mind and, of course, the rest of the guests. Therefore, you can choose something very varied to suit the tastes of all participants of the event.
Most children's parties wager on snacks, sandwiches, sweets, a few drinks like soft drinks and juices, and cake. If you do not want to serve food for the guests, you can invest in the mini versions of pizzas, snacks and many other options.

Do not forget to set the cake according to the theme of the party. Prefer to serve traditional flavors like dulce de leche and vanilla. Choose in advance who will make the menu or if it is you who will put the hand in the dough, start to prepare some goodies before the party.

4. Choose birthday invitations

Invitation for children's party

When choosing the invitations decide your priority, what you want it to be highlighted. You can opt for arts and colors related to the theme of the party or put the picture of your child drawing attention.
Try to make the invitations in a quality graphic to present to the guests something more presentable. Be sure to specify the correct location address and time information and what to bring.

If necessary, place a detailed map of the party venue with specific references that guide the guests. In some cases, it is worth sending a save the date with the phone number for parents to ask questions.

To make the party more lively you can not give up the jokes or activities that will be distributed to the children. You can either hire a specific company or select the most different jokes to do in the day.

When you hire an animator he should be responsible for the games and games. However, you should review in advance to see if you agree with the suggestions.

A good tip is to hire inflatable toys such as bounce, slide and pool balls. How about investing in face paintings, sculpture of balloons, clowns to cheer adults up as well as magicians?

5. Follow the schedule

Chronogram for children's party

It's no use preparing a spreadsheet with all the planning of the party if you do not follow the schedule indicated initially. The script is precisely for you not to get lost in the middle of so much information.

Depending on the event that will be held, you will need to make numerous visits to suppliers to leave nothing out. In addition, the timeline should serve as the direction for the entire party organization.

Within the timeline create a checklist to confirm all the services you have already closed. Specify those that need adjustments and set deadlines to be finalized. Do not forget to check at the end if everything is ok.

How to organize a simple children's party?

If your financial situation is not good, but you do not want to give up making a party for your child, bet on something simpler. Make a celebration with the people closest to you. See too how to decorate a simple party .

You can choose to have the party at home just by calling a few friends from school, neighborhood and family. To do this, invest in a decoration made by yourself, just search the internet that will find something interesting to present.

Separate the guests according to the rooms of the house. For example, you can leave the children in the yard because it is more spacious for them to play and guests and parents to stay in the room or garage.

For the menu, prepare snacks, savory and hot-dog to serve. Also, use and abuse something healthier like fruit skewers and natural juices. The important thing is to leave the children well served to play.

How to organize a children's party for less than 50 people?

A party with fewer than 50 people should be ideal for inviting only close family members and friends. However, it can not be considered a simple party because there are a number of invited guests.

Depending on where you live, that amount of people should not fit indoors. Therefore, you will need to find a venue for the event that may be the salon of the condo or rent a space close to home.

To the decoration prefer something cleaner or without many details. Materials for this you will find in several specialized stores, just use your creativity and willingness to leave the party beautiful and with the child's face.

As for the menu, serve the mini pizzas, sandwiches, salgadinhos, hot-dog and practical and simple delicacies. For drinking, choose soft drinks and juices. If necessary, see the possibility of offering alcoholic beverages to adults.

How to organize a children's party for an average of 100 people?

A party for 100 people may seem like a lot, but if you add family members, school friends, co-workers, neighbors, and close friends, you'll easily get that amount.

However, you do not have to despair when you are organizing the event, as you will only have to increase the amount of services offered. To work with exact numbers, ask for confirmation from the guests.

Separate the guest list between children and adults to know what to actually serve on the menu. Within this list specify the ages of the children to choose the right toys for them.

From the list you will also have the notion when choosing the best place for your child's party.

Avoid renting a space that leaves people squeezed and prefers a place with free movement.
For decoration, you can invest a little more at the table of candy and cake to make the party very colorful and flashy. But you can hire animators and toys to take care of so many children.

How to organize a 1 year party?

How to organize children's party 1 year

Just like the 15-year-old party, the first birthday is always special for the parents. However, as the child is still too small to decide any detail, the event is much more the face of parents.

Ideally, do not overdo the details so the party does not attract more attention than the birthday boy himself. Choose a child theme appropriate for the child's age as Butterfly Garden, Noah's Ark, Teddy Bear, Cloth Doll, Aviator, among others.

Be very careful about party time, since children at that age usually sleep very early. The ideal is to mark in the afternoon, at most stretching until 19:00 or 20:00.

For the menu, choose the mini snacks, sweets, popcorn, fruits or opt for something healthier such as brown bread rolls, assorted jellies, pots with dried fruits, fruit salad, among others.
Although many children at this age still do not walk, it is important to let your child enjoy the party. Leave it in contact with other children, if they smear and get dirty, because many will not even remember that moment.

By reading this article have you learned how to organize a children's party? So it's time to start preparing one of the most anticipated moments for your child. Do whatever is appropriate to your reality, while still capturing the details.

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