How to Make Tulip Fabric: Find Out How to Make Step by Step

At tissue's Flowers are used in several things. Whether as an ornament on clothing, a tiara or hair band and even on the objects of home decoration.

The tulips are very beautiful and just as other flowers can be made into fabric, to place where you wish.

Assembling these flowers with fabric is easy enough and you do not need to understand crafts to make one.

Just take home some fabrics, thread, needle and stuffing for teddy bears. So just follow the step by step and ready, your flower will be made.

Let us now show you how to make tulip fabric:

Necessary materials

Materials Needed to Make Fabric Tulip

To make tulips of fabric you will need:

  • Fabrics of various colors;
  • Barbecue sticks;
  • Stuffing for stuffed animals;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Styrofoam balls;
  • Glue for fabric;
  • Green ribbon;
  • Green crepe paper;
  • Green ink;
  • Hot glue;

It is worth commenting that there are several ways to make tulips, so not all materials may be needed, depending on what you find most practical.

In step by step we will show you everything you can use and then it is up to you which material is best for those who have alternatives.

Step by Step to Make Fabric Tulips

Four-point tulip

Four-point tulip

1. Draw a rectangle 12cm x 8cm

In one of the fabrics chosen to make the tulips, draw a rectangle of 12 cm by 8 cm. If you want to make more than one tulip you can streamline and draw the rectangles in various pieces of fabric.

2. Coat or paint the barbecue stick

The barbecue stick will be the stem of your tulip. You can paint it green with the help of acrylic paint or pasting glue and rolling crepe paper around.

Another legal option for the tulip stem is to wrap a green ribbon and finish by gluing only the tip so that the ribbon does not escape.

3. Cut a styrofoam ball in half

This step is interesting to give more support to the tulip and it is not necessary to glue the stem to the flower.

But if you do not have styrofoam balls you can still make your tulips of fabric.

Cut the styrofoam in half and ginger the half-moon barbecue stick you obtained after cutting Styrofoam.

4. Fold in half the rectangle you cut and sew

Fold in half the rectangle you cut and sew

Take one of the rectangles of fabric that were cut and fold in half. Then sew only one side. In case, the two rectangle tips you put together when folding it in half.

The fabric must be inside out.

5. Thread the thread on one of the open sides

The idea is to create a seam that can be pulled later. You just make the outline of one of the circles obtained.

6. Place the barbecue stick

Put the barbecue stick

Take the cylinder you just made. Insert the barbecue stick. The Styrofoam tip (or if you have not used the pointed part of the toothpick) should be close to where you found the contour you made with the seam line.

7. Pull the thread

Pull the thread that you sewed on one side of the fabric cylinder. With this you will create the underside of your flower.

8. Turn the fabric to the right side

Turn the fabric to the right side

Turn the fabric to the right side by pulling toward the tip of the toothpick. If you are using styrofoam, pull your flower until its base meets the straight part of Styrofoam.

Otherwise, leave a space so that you can see the tip of the toothpick.

9. Place filler

Place filler

Fill the inside of your flower with stuffing for teddy bears.

10. On a small border

At the still open end of your flower, make a small border of up to 1cm.

11. Squeeze the flower in the middle

Squeeze the flower in the middle

Sew the middle of your flower. When you squeezed it in the middle you got the union of two sides. Put a little dot there. Then sew the other remaining tips and your tulip will be ready.

12. Place a button or pebble in the center

Put a button or pebble in the center

To finish the flower, apply a bud or pebble of beads in the center of it. You can use hot glue or glue to fabric to keep the stone set.

Extra tip: if you prefer you can make the flower first and glue the toothpick to the end with the help of hot glue. In this case, the pointed part of the barbecue stick will serve to be fixed somewhere.

Closed tulip

Closed tulip

1. Cut out three petals

Cut out three petals

All must be the same size.

2. Sew the sides of the petals

Sew the sides of the petals

Do not forget to join your tips.

3. Fill, and thread the thread in the open

Fill and pass the line in the open

The idea is to allow you to pull that space later, to close the tulip.

4. Prepare the barbecue stick

Prepare the barbecue stick

You can follow the same idea given to the four-pronged tulip.

5. Insert the barbecue stick into the opening of the flower

Snap the barbecue stick into the opening of the flower

After fitting the toothpick, pull the line and close the tulip. To keep the stick fixed apply a little hot glue.

Open tulip

1. Cut out two squares

The two should be the same size.

2. Draw a circle in the middle of one of the squares

After drawing the circle, cut out.

3. Sew the squares

Both must be on the wrong side.

4. Turn to the right side and thread the circle

Turn the fabric to the right side by using the circle of one of the squares to achieve this. Then he made that space.

5. Fill your flower

6. Pull the thread, tape and glue a button or bead on top

7. To finish, insert the barbecue stick into the flower

You can stick the fabric using the tip of the toothpick.

Uses of Fabric Tulip

Uses of Fabric Tulip

The first thing that comes to mind regarding the use of tulip tissue is the creation of a flower of a lie. It is still possible to apply it in several places, such as:

Hats and Bands

Children love flowers and everything that comes full of colors. You can then sew or glue the tulip fabric into a hat or hair band. The children's tiaras can also receive the detail.

In this case it is possible to make only the flower, dispensing its stem.

Decorative objects

The decor of the house can look even more beautiful when using the tulips of fabric. It is then possible to choose whether to use the flower stem or not.

If the idea is to create a vase, the stem made with the barbecue stick is interesting, now if you prefer to decorate a curtain for example, you can only use the tulip itself.


Birthday, baby birth or even wedding. The tulips of fabric also look beautiful when given as souvenirs.

You can then increment the gift for the guests by handing the tulip along with a pot of candy or even a thank you card for the presence. The creativity here is free.


One more cool tip in which you will not need to use the barbecue stick.

After you make the flower you can sew a piece of ribbon and wrap it in a regular ring of keychains.

Can be given as souvenirs or used as embellishments in purses and backpacks or to keep house keys always easy to find!

Bride's Bouquet

Have you ever thought different to use the tulips fabric to create a bridal bouquet. For this is possible. Just follow a pattern of colors and then fasten the stems with a pretty ribbon.

Now you already know how to make tulip fabric, see photos of a few more examples:

Colorful tulips in white vase

Fabric Tulips in Suitcase

Colorful arrangement of fabric tulips

Fabric tulip model

Arrangement on the wall with fabric tulips

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