How to Make Paper Flowers: See Tips, Materials and Other Inspirations

Paper flowers can have many uses that go well beyond the decoration of children's parties or spaces for children. They can even serve as home decorations or be given as gifts.

The good news is that you can make various flowers with different types of material. All it takes is to be willing to learn and engage in folding or cutting.

Want to know how to make paper flowers? Check out our tips below:

How to Make Paper Flowers: What You Can Use

How to Make Paper Flowers: What You Can Use

Among the materials used to make paper flowers there are several options that you can use. And the best is that some of them you should always have at home.

Let's find out now which ones?

  • Sulfite (colored or white)
  • Crepe paper
  • Carton
  • Metallic paper
  • Silk paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Coffee filter
  • Paper card

Some of these papers allow you to just fold, while others you need to cut to make your flower.

In addition you will also need:

  • Scissors
  • Stick or stick to make the flower stem
  • Tape or stapler

Paper Flowers You Can Make

Paper Flowers You Can Make

You can make the following flowers using paper:

  • Roses
  • Glass of milk
  • Lily
  • Daisy
  • Giant flowers

The 5 Most Used Techniques

Paper flowers: origami

1. Origami

You can make a red origami lily. For this you will need sulfite paper in the colors brown or green and red. First you must cut two squares with the sulfite sheets of the chosen colors.

Take the paper you chose to make the flower and fold it in half to form a triangle. Fold in the middle just to make a mark and return to the triangle you made first. Then fold the triangle tips upward to make the flower petals.

For the stem begin by folding the paper in the middle, as if to make a triangle. Open the paper again and position the square as if it were a diamond. Fold the tips toward the crease in the center, which you obtained when you made the first fold on the paper. You will have something similar to a kite.

Fold the ends back toward the middle crease again. The underside of the folding should be very thin. Repeat the process at the top. Fold the top of your kite down, but keep a distance of 3 fingers from the bottom. Fold the left side over the right. Pull the smaller tip slightly to the side, it will be the leaf of your stem.

To finalize paste the stem in the flower that you had done previously.

2. Cut out

Paper flowers: cutout

Ideal for making small rose buds. On a cardboard or red sulfite paper draw a spiral. Cut it with the help of a pair of scissors and then wrap this spiral to form the rose bud. To glue use white glue.

The stem can be made from origami with barbecue stick / ice cream.

3. Collage

With the help of a template, draw the petals of a flower on a cardboard or other paper that you want to use. Cut out each one. Cut out a circle of paper to be the center of your flower and glue with the help of white glue or stick.

4. Sanfonado

Paper flowers: folded

Choose the paper you want to make your flowers. Cut out a rectangle and fold in an accordion. Make a fringe on that paper and roll it up. Then wrap green paper in a toothpick. Then wrap the fringe you made with the other paper and you will have your flower.

5. With layers

To make a flower with layers you will need three sheets of colored paper. To make your paper flower more beautiful and interesting, bet in different colors for the papers. You can use paperboard or bond paper.

With the help of a mold, draw two flowers of different size on each sheet and trim. Glue a small flower upon a large flower. Preferably do this with different colors. Expect to dry and drill a hole in the center of the three flowers you will have made.

Put a toothpick, a straw or whatever you choose to be the stem of the flowers. Do it in three. Then tie a bow and put the three flowers together, creating a small bouquet.

Where to use paper flowers

Where To Use Paper Flowers

You can use paper flowers to:

1. Party Decoration

The flowers can be placed in pots, glued to the wall, hanging from the ceiling. It all depends on your creativity.

2. Ornaments

You can also make embellishments to leave in your home or to give away with the paper flowers. For this bet on the barbecue stick to make the stem and place the flowers in a vase or base and styrofoam.

3. Bouquets

You can also make bouquets with paper flowers. To do this, make several of them and tie them with a ribbon loop or wrap with colored tape and finish with the loop.

4. Gift packing

The paper flowers can be placed in the finish of a gift packaging, such as a garnish. For this bet on the origami flowers, for example and stick on the gift packaging.

5. Cards

The idea is similar to that of gift packaging. Or, if you want to bet on the collage flowers and origami, you can turn them into a card with a special message.

6. Flower pots

Take a vase that you would use to plant a normal flower. Fill with pieces of shredded paper, preferably brown. Bet on the flowers with a wooden stem, as is the case with folding and folding. Make several and go putting in the pot.

For extra attachment, place a styrofoam base under the shredded paper and attach the stem of the flowers to it.

7. Cradle mobile

How about leaving the baby's room even more beautiful? Follow the layered flowers step by step, but instead of putting a toothpick or straw to make the stem, thread a string or yarn.

See how easy it is to make paper flowers? Start making your own today and create ornaments and decorations for whatever you want.

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