How to make Christmas tie: see step-by-step and video tutorials

Christmas ties are a charm and leave any moodier atmosphere at the time of the holiday season. They can be put to the table, to decorate the supper, or to be part of the Christmas decoration as a whole.

The good news is that you do not have to buy the bonds that are already ready - even because some of them are expensive and can result in an extra expense at this time of year. You decorate your home with the help of family members and give that homey and unique touch to your Christmas decor.

In addition to the simpler ties, there are also double and triple. And none of them are as difficult to assemble as they look. Anyone who likes to leave the house full of ornaments will surely love learning the step by step to make Christmas ties.

Check out these tips and create your own embellishments:

Where to use

Where to wear the Christmas tie

You may be wondering where you can use Christmas ties. Many people like to place them on the Christmas tree, to make it more cheerful and festooned with great ties, but this is not the only space in which the ties can stay.

If your tree already has enough decorations, you can use the Christmas ties to decorate the supper table, securing the napkins or the flower arrangement, on the walls of the house and even on the doors of the children's room. The creativity here is free and you decide where to put this decorative item.

Christmas gifts can also gain ties to have a distinctive twist and increase suspense when opening them. So abuse your creativity and make many different embellishments.

Necessary materials

How To Make Christmas Lace Materials Needed

  • Satin ribbon
  • Decorated ribbon
  • Golden wire or cord
  • Woven cloth ribbon
  • Plastic tape
  • Scissors

You choose from the tape options to use. The woven ribbon is more practical for those who do not have much experience in making ties.

The gold cord and the plastic tape are needed in any of the loops, to fasten them. But if you prefer you can replace them with thinner satin ribbons.

How to make Christmas tie step by step

You can make simple, double or triple ties. They all look very beautiful and decorate with all the Christmas decorations. Separate multiple tape sizes, the larger ones can embellish larger spaces, while smaller ones are perfect for small details.

Simple bow

How to make simple loop

Separate a decorated or satin ribbon, the desired width to produce the lace, and a smaller satin ribbon, plastic ribbon or gold cord to secure it.

Cut a piece of tape according to the size you prefer. The larger, the longer the loop. If you've never made a bow before, let's start with 80cm of tape. Fold the ends of the tape in, one on top of the other, pulling the right tip toward the left side and vice versa.

With satin ribbon, wire or gold cord, wrap around the center of your tie, to form. Take several turns to fasten securely, if necessary, tie a knot. If the loop becomes crooked, just give a few light pulls, to leave the two sides balanced.

At the end, cut off any excess wire, ribbon or string, leaving only a small piece that will hold the Christmas tree or other desired location.

Another way to make the tie simple is to start by making a tie with the ribbon and squeezing the rounded part exactly in the middle. Turn it over and use the plastic tape or satin ribbon to tie the middle of the tie. Finalize by straightening the ends, the way you prefer, the important thing is that they are the same size.

A cool tip for tips, which can be used on all ties is cut in V-shape.

Double loop

How to Double Tie

Separate a ribbon, satin or decorated ribbon and thinner satin ribbon, gold cord or plastic tape to attach the double loop.

To make the double loop it will take two pieces of the thickest ribbon, chosen to make the decorative item. It is advisable to use the wire model to make the decoration firmer. Start by cutting the larger piece. It is your choice, according to the size of the loop you wish to make.

Then cut the smaller piece. Ideally, it is equivalent to half the larger tape, to be more balanced. Wrap the larger ribbon as if you were drawing a circle. The ends of the ribbon need to lie one over the other. In the same location, in case.

Put the smaller tape on top, exactly where the ends of the larger tape are. Tighten the circle you created, with the smaller ribbon facing up. Cut a piece of satin ribbon, it needs to be a longer piece, so you can attach the ornament to the Christmas tree or wherever you wish to place it.

Tie it in the middle of your tie and straighten it. Since it is a double loop, one of the parts is inside the other, pull, so that the smaller one appears.

Another way to make the double loop is to touch the two ends of the larger ribbon, as if you were going to make a circle and then tighten the circle in the middle. Repeat the same process with the smaller ribbon and use the gold cord or satin ribbon to attach the middle of your double loop.

Triple loop

How to make triple loop

For the triple loop you will need a thicker tape and a slightly thinner tape. You can bet on different colors, to give a more flashy effect. With the thicker tape repeat the entire process described in the previous topic, to make the double loop.

You can follow it step by step to the end. Ideally, you should follow the first double-loop method that was taught. You should tie the tie with satin or plastic tape.

Take the thinner ribbon and repeat the whole process to make a simple bow. You can use any of the tips to make a simple bow. Tie normally. Finally, take another piece of ribbon or gold wire and tie the two loops together, fastened by the center. So you will have your triple tie.


To make it easier to understand, you'll find two videos from YouTube, from Mom's Amelia and Secret House channels, which teach you how to do the three loop models. So you can read the step by step and then follow the video to see if you can do it right.

In the video of the channel of Mama Amelia's Papo is taught how to make simple loop and double loop, with several models of tape. Youtuber also teaches you how to make loops using a specific product for this task, called Easy Loop.

In the channel Casinha Secreta, Youtuber gives you tips on how to make a double, simple loop and at the end a triple loop with the help of two chair legs. The process becomes more practical. If you find it difficult to follow the tips in the topics above, you can try the way the channel teaches.

Like to learn how to make Christmas ties? Now you can decorate your home and the Christmas tree with this super cute and made by yourself ornament!

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