How to make a ribbon loop: 5 shapes and materials with step by step

The ribbon bows are the perfect finish for various situations. You can use them to give an extra charm to a gift wrap, you can use it as a prop on some garment and even as a decorative item.

And, of course, for those who work with crafts, it is essential to use ties to finalize their products and souvenirs. Still does not know how to make a ribbon bow and increase your gifts or products? We teach you!

How to Make Ribbon Bow

There are several types of decorative ribbons that you can use to put together a neat bow. And not only ribbon is made a loop, you can still combine the ribbons with other props like buttons, beads and pearls.

1. Satin Ribbon Bow

Satin bow

This is perhaps the best-known type of tape in the craft and craft market. Well now you will know of a very interesting detail: most of the satin ribbons are actually made of polyester. They can be found with brightness on only one side or the double face that has brightness on both sides. The simple face is very used for finishes in clothes and packaging. The double face is perfect for making embroidery, gift wrapping and decorative items.

2. Organza Ribbon Bow

How to make a ribbon loop: 5 shapes and materials with step by step

The organza ribbon is made of a very light, delicate and transparent fabric. Usually they are very wide and can be found in plain or decorated colors. It is very easy to work with and gives a sophisticated look to your product. You'll also find versions of organza ribbon with wire trim, metallic edges or satin details. They look great on Christmas ornaments and breakfast baskets.

3. Bow Tie of Gorgorão

How to make a ribbon loop: 5 shapes and materials with step by step 1

The gorgorão is a very resistant material and so it is perfect to use in items that will be very handled, especially in objects aimed at the children's audience. The grosgrain ribbon can be plain or printed in color and looks great on bows for tiaras and tabs or for decorating children's clothing.

4. Ribbon bow with jute

How to make ribbon loop: 5 shapes and materials with step by step 2

Jute is a material made with a very rough fabric and is usually used to decorate recyclable containers, glass bottles, metal cans and jars in general. Whenever you want to give a more rustic air with a farm footprint and open air, use jute and there will be no mistake. To soften slightly the weight of this material, you can use lace, pearls and satin over the jute.

5. Metallic ribbon loop

How to make a ribbon loop: 5 shapes and materials with step by step 3

The metallic strips are made with synthetic materials, they shine a lot and can be found in different thicknesses. This category fits the ribbon that is used a lot to tie the gift bags and finalize packages in general.

Types of Ties and How to Make Ribbon Tie Step by Step

Know now the main types of tie to start making your own:

1. Simple bow

The simple loop is the easiest to make and is also the most common in decorations and gifts. You will have to cut a piece of ribbon large enough to make the lace loops and also leave a certain length for the ends. Locate the middle of the tape, make two laps with the tape that are symmetrical, turn around with one of them forming a knot in the middle. Adjust each lap and also the tips and pull well to finish the loop.

How to make simple ribbon bow with step by step grosgorão

See in practice how to do:

2. Double loop

The double loop, as the name itself says, looks like two overlapping simple loops, but that's not exactly how it's done. You will use 2 pieces of tape, hot glue or silicone glue, needle and thread. Glue the edges of the ribbon together by creating two closed circles, fold in half, join the two ribbons together, and sew in the center by crimping the ribbon to form the loop. Another way to do the double loop is to use the index and middle fingers giving two turns on each finger with the tape and tying in the middle.

How to Make a Traditional Double Layer Bow Tie in Two Layers

Check in practice how to do:

3. Floral Bow

The floral lace is characterized by having many different size turns becoming similar to the petals of a flower. Mount a tape holder with a firm or styrofoam piece of cardboard. You will make a small cut in the cardboard and will fit the tape in this cut as you go around with it. The idea is that the slit in the cardboard is the center of your loop and on each side and the turns of the ribbon will form the "petals" of the flower. When your loop is full, remove the tape from the cradle with care not to loosen and tie the center with a wire or other material that holds the tape firmly. Then just shape your flower and the loop is ready.

How to make a ribbon petal or floral ribbon step by step

4. Chanel Lace

The Chanel lace is very elegant and gives an air of sophistication to your product. In addition to tape, ruler and scissors, you will need double-sided tape. Mount small ribbon rings of different lengths. To make the triple loop, for example, make 3 rings by attaching the ends of the ribbon and position one over the other, from largest to smallest, by gluing with double-sided tape. Finish with a piece of ribbon over all three, but do not scrunch, and if you like, apply a pearl or rhinestone to the center of the loop.

How to make chanel ribbon loop step by step

See in practice how to do:

5. Loop with fork

For those who have a hard time making ties, now it is possible to count on the help of an unusual household utensil: the fork. You will use the fork teeth as a holder, pass the tape forming a V and the part behind it, fit into the middle of the fork teeth. Tie a knot in the ribbon that comes from behind with the smaller piece that was diagonally in front. Pull through the other end and tighten the knot tightly. Now just detach it from the fork and cut off the tips of the tail.

How to make a ribbon bow with fork

Here's how to do it:

Did you like the techniques we present to make different and elegant ribbon ties? No need to be an expert in craftsmanship to make a beautiful finish with a very charming bow, just follow our tips and you will love them all.

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