How to Leave the Smelling House: 18 Tips to Neutralize and Perfume Your Home

There is nothing worse than unwanted odors in the home. And at the same time, there is nothing better than to get home, and besides getting rid of the odor that once bothered you, to feel that delicious scent of perfumed house.

A scented house is synonymous with cleanliness and comfort not only for those who visit the environment, but also for those who live in it. There are certain odors that help balance the mind, the spirit, and restore our energies.

So it is good to invest in small techniques that keep your home always smelling and pleasant. Can not you leave the rooms always fresh and fragrant? So follow our tips today.

1. Cleanliness is essential

Concept of house cleaning

The first step in ensuring an always smelling home is to master cleanliness. There's no use spreading flavorings around the house if it's dirty and messy. And if possible, clean the house daily!

2. Windows

Open window to enter air and sunlight

Start by opening the windows every day, as long as possible, to make the air circulate. On sunny days let the light come in to stop the moisture and get the smell of mildew. If you have larger doors or balcony doors, leave them open for a while.

3. Pets


If you have pets, the care of odors and cleaning should be redoubled. There are specific cleaning products for the areas where your pet circulates and that neutralize the characteristic strong scents of the animals. Regularly wash your pet's blankets, beds and toys, as they are also impregnated with odors. For dogs and cats, use the vacuum cleaner to remove floor hairs, carpets, and sofa.

8 tips to neutralize odors

Bad odors, tips to remove

Baking soda is a very versatile product for cleaning the house and also to neutralize strong odors in several rooms. Check out some tips on how to use this and other homemade products to draw strong smells from the house:

  1. Put some baking soda in the bottom of the dumps, it absorbs the strong odors left by the accumulation of waste. In the absence of baking soda, put some coffee grounds, the result will be as good as.
  2. Use the citrus peels as lemon and orange to draw strong odors from the kitchen. Put the peels to a boil with a little water and then the stench goes away. You can also add cloves and cinnamon to the boil.
  3. If there are smokers in the house, try to clean the lamps with a damp cloth often, as the cigarette smoke sticks to the glass and the heat from the lamp exudes the stench.
  4. Charcoal is also very effective in neutralizing strong odors, if your house is very humid and beats little sun, use it frequently.
  5. Take off the odor of shoes with tea bags, just put a bag inside each bag so that it absorbs moisture and leaves the shoes with a pleasant smell.
  6. If you have cats, try putting some roasted tea in the litter box to counteract the odors.
  7. Baking soda is also excellent for neutralizing strong odors from the refrigerator. Always have a pot or bag punched with baking soda inside it to avoid strong odors.
  8. Vinegar and lemon are powerful to draw strong smells from the kitchen. If you stirred eggs or fish, and the kitchen had that distinctive odor that does not come out, wipe the utensils, countertops and sink with vinegar or lemon juice. The vinegar can be boiled with a little water too.

10 Tips to Make Your Home Always Smell

How to Leave the Smelling House: 18 Tips to Neutralize and Perfume Your Home

  1. Invest in essential oils. Essential oils not only perfume the environment, but also have therapeutic, fungicidal and anti-bacterial action.
  2. In a spray add 500ml of water, eight drops of the essential oil of your choice, mix well and use it to refresh the room, draw strong smells and keep the environment with a pleasant odor.
  3. Put a few drops of vanilla essence on the light bulbs. When they are turned on, the heat will make the scent spread through the environment.
  4. Buy coffee beans, put a handful of them in pots or cups and scatter the house. To potentiate the odor, leave a candle in the middle of the beans and ignite every now and then. The smell of coffee will flood the environment.
  5. Put an artificial plant in the bathroom and put a few drops of scented essence or essential oil every day. Give preference to citrus scents that leave the environment cooler.
  6. Lavender is a great choice for bedding as it helps you relax and makes you sleep better. Try to put the lavender essence in some cotton balls and leave them inside the pillowcases or under the sheets.
  7. Carnation and cinnamon are also products that perfume and balance the spirit. You can make a very strong clove tea and use this water to spray the room or the room. In the case of cinnamon, buy the cinnamon stick and leave some of it scattered on shelves in the cabinets.
  8. When using sprays with essences, always spray in the same place, as the odors become impregnated and increase their efficiency.
  9. Put a scented essence-soaked cotton ball inside the vacuum cleaner. As the appliance is being used, it releases a good smell in the air.
  10. If you have an air humidifier, put a few drops of essential oil in the water reservoir of the appliance so that the perfume is exhaled to the environment.

Environment aromatizer

How to Leave the Smelling House: 18 Tips to Neutralize and Perfume Your Home 1

There are several products for the purpose of flavoring the environments of your home for sale in stores and supermarkets. The diffusers may be the best known and, besides giving a pleasant smell, many of them become an object of decoration.

The most common are those of rods that are soaked in the fragrant solution and are slowly releasing the odor into the environment. There are also heat diffusers where a small candle heats the essential oil and perfumes the room gently.

If you find it difficult to find fragrances and diffusers, know that it is very easy to do at home. What matters is to keep your home always smelling and pleasant!

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